Military Deployment

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Good day, This is part of my journey here in Iraq. I am a 88M Motor Transport Operator who has been blessed with the opportunity to deploy with III Corps to Iraq. These past few weeks have been epic to say the least. I hope you can take something from my videos. I hope you can visualize the journey. Thank you for giving me a small platform to put it on. Thank you for listening, always allowing me to be me, and thank you for supporting me. SSG Desmond Cassell 00:00/00:29 - INTRO 00:29/01:13- F...!
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Just a little compilation of clips thrown together with not a single creative bone in my body. Just enjoy some of what we got to experience while overseas....!
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Welcome To The CeeGang! The CeeFam! Just Call me Corey, or CeeWill. I Appreciate All Of You Who Came Visit The Channel! We Started Off With A V6 Challenger, Now We Have An Octane Red Charger RT 2019!! A LOT OF MODS COMING! Follow My Social Media As Well! Instagram: CeeWill23Vlogs Snapchat: CeexWill23 Facebook: Cee Will ****SPONSORSHIP*** Lighting Trendz - Use Code CWILLIS20 = 20% OFF ALL PURCHASES!!...!
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What its like to be in the US Infantry | deployed Help me get this channel more exposure. Comment below on videos you all would like to see next. Follow on IG @official_enlisted_ghost...!
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Yesterday afternoon, Defense Secretary James Mattis and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson went to Capitol Hill to ask for an extension of the Authorization for Use of Military Force, the law that allows the U.S. to continue to wage wars against those responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Meanwhile, more than 4,000 US troops will be deploying to Afghanistan this Fall, as the conflict enters its 17th year. The US already has around 8,500 troops on the ground in the region, but this new effort is a bid...!
Channel Title : CBS This Morning Views : 21906 DisLikes : 120 Published Date :2020-01-07T13:33:42Z
The Pentagon is sending more than 3,000 additional soldiers to the Middle East to protect against any revenge attacks from Iran. Chip Reid spoke with two women who just saw their husbands sent to the region. Watch CBS This Morning HERE: Download the CBS News app on iOS HERE: Download the CBS News app on Android HERE: Like CBS This Morning on Facebook HERE: Follow CBS This Morning on Twitter HERE: http:...!
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Paratroopers from 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division prepare equipment and board aircraft bound for the U.S. Central Command theater of operations at Fort Bragg, N.C. on January 5, 2020. his deployment is a precautionary action taken to respond to increased threat levels against U.S. personnel and facilities. The Devil Brigade is the nucleus of the U.S. Immediate Response Force, capable of rapidly deploying anywhere in the world in response to a variety of contingency operations. -...!
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What to expect/tips on your first ARMY deployment Pt .1 Finally got around to making this quick video, enjoy. Part 2 is also live. Leave questions/comments below....!
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US Army Infantry Combat | Deployed The Other Deployment!!! Follow on IG @official_enlisted_ghost...!
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♡ Make sure you watch in HD!! HOLY SMOKES, the day is FINALLY here!! My husband is home!! I thank god for this journey and for making our marriage stronger through every single struggle we went through. You are worth every mile in between us. Welcome home ♡ SHOP MY MILITARY MERCH HERE: SHOP MY BEAUTY MERCH: ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Im so glad you decided to watch my video! Leave...!
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This is how it feels to be thousands of miles away from the ones you love. Show the person you love that is far away that you are missing them, thinking about them with a touch of a lamp! We have now partnered up with Friendship Lamps and with a purchase of their lamps through our Affiliate Link, we can get a small kick-back that helps fund our future films. Check out the unique Long Distance Lamp using our affiliate link here: Instagram:!
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Instagram Increase Your Pull-Ups USAF Deployment Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) Deployment Gym Tour Deployment Dorm Tour Military Police Duty Belt Setup Security Forces PROS & CONS!
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Soldiers from the North Carolina Army National Guard, 105th Military Police Battalion stand guard in downtown Raleigh on May 31, 2020. Approximately 450 Guardsmen have been mobilized here due to civil unrest. The Guard will support local authorities and help safeguard the lives and property of North Carolinians and the ability for individuals to exercise their civil rights to protest peacefully. Film Credits: Video by Sgt. Marcel Pugh, North Carolina National Guard...!
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Sorry this video took so long to get uploaded... I found it hard to sit down and edit this without crying lol. Thank you for all of the support! Dont forget to subscribe to see what I do while Michael is gone!!!!...!
Channel Title : The Telegraph Views : 961655 DisLikes : 795 Published Date :2020-01-02T20:55:21Z
President Donald Trump has ordered about 750 U.S. soldiers deployed to the Middle East with about 3,000 more preparing for possible deployment in the next several days Get the latest headlines: and are websites of The Telegraph, the UKs best-selling quality daily newspaper providing news and analysis on UK and world events, business, sport, lifestyle and culture....!
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Traveling to Europe Subscribe to my channel: West Point Vlogs: Hey everyone! Thanks for tuning in. Its been awhile since I have put out an actual vlog. Heres a little recap of the first day (day zero) of my Army deployment to Europe. Im experimenting with my video/audio techniques in this video. Its very raw and you will hear pretty much just sound from the footage itself. I think its more immersive and allows you to feel like youre actually there wit...!
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Instagram Deployment Gym Tour Deployment Dorm Tour Military Police Duty Belt Setup Security Forces PROS & CONS Air Force Pros & Cons!
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Instagram Twitter @itstybuggy Snapchat @RealTarik...!
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This video features two infantry Soldiers (Pfc. Jay Bennett and Pfc. Frank Franco) in a guard tower, talking about the best and worst day in their deployment. They also talk about their job as an infantry Solider and their reason for joining. The video is mixed with footage from fire fights with Taliban at Horn of Panjwai....!
Channel Title : PBS NewsHour Views : 44348 DisLikes : 34 Published Date :2020-03-19T22:54:35Z
The U.S. military is gearing up to fight the novel coronavirus, which is spreading rapidly across the U.S. Plans include deployment of hospital ships as overflow for hospitals, allocation of critical medical supplies and research in military labs on development of treatment and a vaccine. Judy Woodruff speaks with Defense Secretary Mark Esper about these efforts and keeping service members safe. Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: Find more from PBS NewsHour a...!
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Hey guys welcome back to my channel. This is how i get ready for work and how i start my days here while im deployed in Korea. Thanks for watching be sure to like comment and subscribe. Also remember my 2k giveaway is coming up. More information to follow in my next video ❣️ How i define my curls: Snapchat: vivid_love [email protected]!
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This was one of the first videos I put together of our journey from the States to Afghanistan. Its a long process in and out of country. 01-03June2013 Sat-Mon The morning at home disappeared in the blink of an eye. Annalise and the girls drove me to the COF for 12pm and hung out till about 2pm. All the other families were there too. Some people were very emotional, but there were no tears for us, so that made it easier. Aliza is still not feeling well, so was clingy and whiny and Ella was fo...!
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The lavish lifestyle that soldiers enjoy on deployment! Keep up with me and ask your questions on my social medias! Instagram: Snapchat: pwillyoutube...!
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This was the welcome home ceremony for my husbands 9 month deployment. This was the longest 9 months of my life and I am so happy to have him HOME SAFE! I hope you all enjoy the video! Be sure to subscribe to follow our journey! Have any questions? Leave them in the comments below! Dont forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos! CAMERA: canon g7x mark ii Affiliate Links (shop this vlog) CANON G7X MARK II: MAKEUP MIRROR WITH LIGHTS: TRIPO...!
Channel Title : ABC News (Australia) Views : 131788 DisLikes : 142 Published Date :2020-06-02T01:17:27Z
More National Guard troops have been deployed on the streets of Washington DC, with Donald Trump vowing to use heavily armed soldiers to dominate the streets in a press conference held against the backdrop of continuing protests across America. Read more here: For more from ABC News, click here: You can watch more ABC News content on iview: Subscribe to us on YouTube:...!
Channel Title : CBC News: The National Views : 241653 DisLikes : 1704 Published Date :2020-06-02T02:47:31Z
U.S. President Donald Trump deployed hundreds of National Guard troops to Washington to break up protests and threatened to deploy them elsewhere after earlier calling state governors “weak” in a conference call. »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: Voice your opinion and connect with us online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | htt...!
Channel Title : USA TODAY Views : 61697 DisLikes : 16 Published Date :2015-04-13T01:51:39Z
A special program called KUDO (Kids Understanding Deployment Operations) helps military kids understand what their parents go through during deployment. **************** Humankind: Amazing moments that give us hope ➤ Humankind: Stories worth sharing ➤ Just the FAQs ➤ Animalkind ➤ The Wall ➤!
Channel Title : News 19 WLTX Views : 60390 DisLikes : 27 Published Date :2019-07-07T14:40:04Z
Soldiers with the South Carolina Army National Guard said goodbye to their families on Saturday before being deployed overseas. Theyre members of the 751st Combat Sustainment Support Battalion....!
Channel Title : ARIRANG NEWS Views : 146088 DisLikes : 138 Published Date :2020-05-30T09:55:13Z
미국 폭력시위 격화에 국방부, 육군헌병 투입 준비 The Pentagon has ordered U.S. Military Police to prepare for deployment to Minneapolis as protests over the highly-publicized death of an African American man are intensifying. Soldiers in North Carolina and New York were told to be ready to deploy within four hours. This follows President Donald Trumps request to Defense Secretary Mark Esper for military options in handling the riots. Civil unrest has been growing across th...!
Channel Title : Christopher Chaos Views : 155480 DisLikes : 100 Published Date :2018-08-16T17:59:55Z
If you get deployed to a combat zone there are rules. You dont get the kind of freedom you have when you are just doing your normal duty with your unit. So Ive gathered up 5 things that you cant do when you are in a combat zone in the Army. * Keep in mind that the content in this video is intended for a general understanding of the topic. Im a US army veteran with over 10 years in the Army but some information in this video may not be included for time purposes. Always make sure to seek out a...!
Channel Title : Al Jazeera English Views : 173784 DisLikes : 115 Published Date :2020-01-02T15:44:40Z
Turkeys parliament has approved a bill to deploy troops to Libya in support of the embattled United Nations-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA), paving the way for increased military cooperation despite criticism from opposition legislators. Parliament Speaker Mustafa Sentop said on Thursday that the legislation passed with a 325-184 vote. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: https://www...!
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British Infantry Soldier Packs For an Operation Deployment! Hello welcome to my channel, my name is Smudge i am a Sergeant within the Infantry and have served for 15 Years. I have served within countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Jamaica, Kenya, Belize, Canada to name a few. I stream daily taking live QnAs and i also have Special Guest on ranging from Infantry soldiers to Engineers ect. I also Review Military Kit and civilian kit within its class. Instagram -!
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WHAT TRULY HAPPENS DURING ARMY DEPLOYMENT? / MILITARY DEPLOYMENT? what the heck happened during deployment? Army deployment stories and experiences from military families. I support every Military Family Please support Mrs. Riveras social media and let them know Archiezzle sent you ;) ✅✅ Need more information? Fill this out! ✅✅ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS ...!
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For more than 10 years, Sesame Street has motivated military families to talk, listen, and connect as they cope with challenging transitions. Today, Sesame is proud to serve children, ages 2-5, and their families with Sesame Street for Military Families, an online hub providing multi-media resources to tackle the ups and downs of military life and celebrate the communitys incredible resilience. Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization. The Workshop...!
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Make sure you watch in HD!! Here you go! LIST OF VIDEOS MENTIONED: Military Q+A #1: Relationship Video: House Tour: Best Shampoos: CONNECT WITH ME - Snapchat: cammie919 Insta: Twitter: Facebook:!
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Link to the flowchart I am talking about: Connect with me! If you ever want to talk, the best way to contact me is through INSTAGRAM! (@beccafaye) This is the first of a series of videos I will be making from my perspective of my husbands first deployment. This video is about the emotions that spouses typically feel throughout a deployment and the first 3 stages that are typically gone through All opinions are my own and of my own experience...!
Channel Title : CNBC Television Views : 857 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-02-20T22:19:53Z
If you’re a service member, receiving notice of a military deployment will most likely conjure up a range of emotions, the last of which is concern over your personal finances. But it shouldn’t be. Being mobilized can present unique financial challenges, and you want your family to be prepared in case unexpected expenses arise, says certified financial planner Tara Falcone. The founder of ReisUp, whose mission it is to level the financial playing field through education so everyone has a fa...!
Channel Title : Bloomberg Markets and Finance Views : 52410 DisLikes : 227 Published Date :2020-06-02T09:19:11Z
Jun.02 -- Former U.K. Ambassador to the United States Peter Westmacott discusses the ongoing protests in the U.S. and the president’s proposed use of the military to quell the uprising. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open.”...!
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After 7 long months, were finally united in San Diego. Thank you to our amazing friends Daniel & Shelby for the photos and video they put together! Check them out! Daniel: @_daniel.robinson_ / Shelby: @shelbyalisha / ↓↓↓ THERES MORE ↓↓↓ . . . . . We would love to hear from you guys! :) PO Box #892215 Temecula, CA 92589 . . . . . Business Inquiries: [email protected] . . . . . SHOP OUR GEAR via our affiliate link ...!
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Instagram Security Forces PROS & CONS Air Force Pros & Cons U.S. Air Force Deployment Dorm Tour 15 Things You Should Bring To The Deployment Deployment Self Haircut!
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Part of military readiness is being able to deploy armory and weapons quickly and efficiently in an emergency. These TRICON shipping containers are outfitted with weapons storage racks and cabinets to safely and quickly deploy weapons. Weapon racks and cabinets are secured into place to ensure your weapons and gear will arrive in the condition they were shipped in. These TRICON shipping containers include all types of racks for weapons including M4, M16, optics, M9, pistols, ammunition, tactica...!
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All The Gear I Received AT CIF For An Upcoming Rotation! Follow And Ask Questions On My Instagram! Keep up with me on Snapchat! @pwillyoutube...!
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Kwesi Pratt ‘Fights’ Sefa Kayi, Others Over Military Deployment PLEASE NOTE: Unauthorized upload of this video unto any YouTube channel is prohibited. Copyright Despite Media Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Read more news @ #despitemedia #ghananews #ghanapolitics #ghanacelebrities...!

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