Mexican Folk Art

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Make some beautiful Mexican tin folk art for your home with aluminum flashing from the hardware store! AMERICANA MULTI-SURFACE SATIN PAINT: E-6000 GLUE: FLOWER CABOCHONS: LINK TO IMAGES & PATTERN: Want more ideas? Check out and join me here: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: GRAB...!
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National Museum of Mexican Art Come to The National Museum of Mexican Art, where you can immerse yourself in the richness of authentic Mexican art and culture right here in Chicago. Whatever your background, youll connect to this museum on a very personal level. We showcase 3,000 years of creativity from both sides of the border, connecting museum visitors to the diversity of Mexican culture. Youll find us in Chicagos Pilsen neighborhood. Here, in the hear...!
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Mexican Folk Art | Symmetrical Floral Designs using Markers Inspired by the beautiful symmetrical floral designs found in Mexican Folk Art, this lesson uses the simplest of materials, but the end result is anything but simple! The secret ingredient to this lesson is using a folding and tracing technique for creating symmetrical balance that is simple to teach and your students will love. Top that off with some bright, punchy colors and you have a lesson that is sure to delight your students wh...!
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Brightly coloured folk art crafted in a remote Mexican town can sell for thousands of dollars. Months can be spent creating the fantastical wooden creatures, called the Alebrijes. Al Jazeeras Latin America Editor Lucia Newman reports from Oaxaca. - Subscribe to our channel: - Follow us on Twitter: - Find us on Facebook: - Check our website:!
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Learn how to create these Valentines Day crafts inspired by Mexican folk art. You can find the supplies and tutorial on the Kit Kraft blog at: Music: Rhodesia, Rauchus, Lightning on a Blue Sky and Gimme Five by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:!
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Mexico has a colorful, rich tradition of paper mache folk art. The tradition is kept alive by Carlos Arredondo.!
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How to draw and paint MEXICAN FOLK ART | STEP BY STEP | TADA-DADA Art Club Mexican handcrafts and folk art is a complex collection of items made with various materials and intended for utilitarian, decorative or other purposes. Some of the items produced by hand in this country include ceramics, wall hangings, vases, furniture, textiles and much more.[1] In Mexico, both crafts created for utilitarian purposes and folk art are collectively known as “artesanía” as both have a similar histor...!
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This video is featured in the Traditions Retold: Mexican Nativity Scenes exhibit running September 15, 2010 — September 18, 2011...!
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United Art and Education Original Art Project: Use air dry clay, a few modeling tools and acrylic paints to create a Mexican folk art bird! To view and purchase project materials, follow this link:!
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Inauguración de The Desert Gypsy/Mexican Folk Art en El Paso, Tx. Cristina Eustace & Dianna Maria Williams Arte y Folclor Mexicano directamente de las manos de nuestros artesanos de cada rincón de México! Ahora en El Paso, Texas 3800 N Mesa, D-4...!
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Frida Kahlo Mexican Art Unit Grade 1...!
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Frida Kahlo Mexican Art Unit Kindergarten...!
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Frida Kahlo Mexican Art Unit Grade 3...!
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Mexican folk art birds are colourful and made with various creative designs and patterns inside them.they are easy to make and a treat to colour . So try your hand in making these lovely folk art birds...!
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A massive, luxurious, silk-bound compilation of Mexico’s incredible wealth of folk art and craft Edited with introduction by Cándida Fernández de Calderón. Foreword by Ernesto Torres Cantú. Mexico accounts for one of the richest and most diverse folk arts in the world. The artisans´ mastery in different materials such as clay, wood, stone, textiles, metals, leather and plant fibers reflects an aura of genius and creativity that has been passed down by previous generations highlighting the...!
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Learn how to draw a Mexican Folk Art Bird and Flower design...!
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In Mexico, folk art is as varied as it is popular. However, its one artist thats setting himself apart by breaking past serious adversity, and breaking past the mold. CGTNs Alasdair Baverstock filed this report from the state of Oaxaca in the countrys deep south. Theyre visions of mythical creatures, rural childhood and indigenous women, sculpted from clay and signed JGA. There are letters on each artwork, JGA, standing for Jose Garcia Antonio. Theres one thing that sets this Mexican folk ...!
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Original lesson by Painted Paper Art!
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Como Cada Mañana es un programa matutino con información fresca, novedosa y entretenida. Se transmite de lunes a viernes de 9 am a 12 pm en Tijuana, Tecate, Rosarito y Ensenada a través del canal Utv 157 del sistema de cable, por radio para la región a través de Uniradio 1470 AM La voz de la gente y para el mundo a través del portal de noticias #1 en Baja California en la sección de televisión en vivo....!
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This is a silent flip through of the Mexican Folk Art - Creative Haven coloring book....!
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Mexican folk art fish sculpture wall decor using air dry clay and acrylic paints/wall decor ideas...!
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Demonstration of how to create Mexican Folk Art Mirrors for classroom use. Source:!
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How To Paint Folk Art Designs Without a Stencil | Folk Art Painting Demo with Country Chic Paint | In this video well demonstrate a very simple trick to painting stunning, intricate folk artwork by hand, without using a stencil! Enjoy the tutorial! Please leave any comments or questions below. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Click below to SUBSCRIBE for more videos:!
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This is a video aimed at revealing to mostly Hispanic kids, many of whose parents came from Oaxaca, some aspects of Oaxacan culture -- houses in cities, cooking methods, meals, native costumes, the Guelaguetza dance festival, the Day of the Dead with its skull face painting and wide use of humorous and point-making skeletons and reverential visits to cemeteries, and, finally, the folk-art figures, both of animals and monsters, of paper maché or carved wood called alebrijes. The slide show uses ...!
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Make a Sacred Heart Shadow Box (AKA - Nicho Box) with dollar store frames, buttons and beads! DecoArt Paints: E6000 Plus: MY AMAZON STORE: Want more ideas? Join me here! BLOG: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: GRAB MY BOOKS HERE: The Officia...!
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This video was created to teach children about a form of Mexican folk art, hojalata or tin art. Included at that the end of the video are instructions on how to emboss your own Aztec Sun into a copper foil square. Supplies needed: copper (or another color) foil squares (available at: White printer paper Pencil Newspaper...!
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Carmen and Dave from visit Casa de los Venados, is a private home with more than 3,000 Mexican art works on show. Read the full blog post here: From the blog: Impressive doesn’t even cut it. Dave and I didn’t really have too much of an idea of what Mexican folk art was like before we went. I was thinking Day of the Dead, brightly coloured paintings of skeletons – that kind of thing – but I was seriously wowed by what was on dis...!
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Brightly colored wood carved creatures from the Oaxaca Folk Art exhibit at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D. C....!
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Inspired by Mexican Folk Art, create this fun garden display with removable felt flowers. Use it on a tabletop or hang it on the fence or a wall in the garden. Read more, more photos: ——— S U P P L I E S ——— • Sizzix Big Shot Machine Only (White & Gray)  —— • Sizzix Bigz Flower Layers #2  —— • Sizzix Flower Layers #4  ——  http://...!
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This is different coming from me but this was my Mothers Day gift to my mom. I hope you guys enjoy the progress of the painting! This style is called Mexican Folk Art To shop: Subscribe for more videos! Support me on Facebook! Follow me on Instagram! Last video: Killercats - Tell Me (feat. Alex...!
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Ladies Painting Morning with Sana Asad This painting is made by Erica Manetta....!
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Frida Kahlo Mexican Art Unit Grade 5...!
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Mexican Folk Art - Corazon (Inspired) This video is my interpretation of Corazon Mexican Folk Art and was inspired by Designer/Artist Mark Montano of Youtube’s “Make your Mark!” Here is the link to his video: Materials you’ll need - 12 x 12 scrapbook paper (optional: double-sided) Download heart image here: Cardboard (i.e. cereal box) Gesso or white acrylic paint Variety of acrylic paints Colors used in this video: Cra...!
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Decorate your tree with beautiful Mexican folk art inspired ornaments using re•design with Prima silicone molds! Subscribe to Make Your Mark: HERES WHAT I USED: re•design with Prima Molds: Americana Acrylic Paint: DecoArt Matte Metallics: Allure Metallic: Tracy Moreau Stencil: Additional Supplies: Glue Gun Cardboard School Glue Want more ideas? Join me here!...!
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In Mexico City, an annual tradition this time of year includes a parade that pays homage to Mexican folk art sculptures depicting fantastical creatures. CCTV America’s Franc Contreras reports....!
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The online store features fine quality Oaxacan woodcarvings, tin ornaments, Mexican pottery and authentic Day of the Dead figures. Take a look at some of our beautiful made-by-hand artwork from southern Mexico. We are based in Boston, MA and we buy directly from the artists in Oaxaca and Puebla states. Through our website, we sell fine Mexican craftsmanship to admirers and collectors worldwide....!
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This week I take you guys to mexico and show you some of my favorite kinds of mexican folk art that I buy to resell. Mexico has great antiques and folk art!...!
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View this beautiful piece and much more at!
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View this piece and many more at!
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View this piece and many more at!

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