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Subscribe Here: 8 DIY Rainbow Food vs Real Food Challenge! You are a good mermaid, or bad – It does not matter! Our new mermaid makeup ideas will surely appeal to every girl! Supplies and tools: • Face powder compact • Utility knife • Toothpick • Makeup glitter • Liquid creamy eye shadow • Light clay coral • Plastic fish • Pipecleaners • Seashells • Stones • Hot glue gun • Highl...!
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INSTAGRAM - TWITTER - SNAPCHAT - Promise Phan FACEBOOK - Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie. I could watch it over and over again a million times. The story line is so creative and makes you imagine what life really would be like to live under the ocean. I think thats also when my obessesion with mermaids began . I love Princess Ariel and I wanted to make this video good so I...!
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♡Like and subscribe♡ Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this tutorial! I’m sorry it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded but I have a few more halloween videos ready to upload! Thank you so much for watching! xoxo ♡LETS BE FRIENDS! FOLLOW ME♡ Instagram- RhiannonClaire_ All products used are mentioned in the video ♡ ✖︎Equipment✖︎ Camera- Sony a5100 Edited with- Final Cut Pro Lighting- Natural light + 2 soft box lights...!
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Spanish Version here: Heyooo! :) Hope you guys like this mermaid video! :o) I was reeeally bumped when all the latex and makeup came off with the warm water, but still hope you enjoy it! ▸Thank you so much to Rafa my fav photographer! ▸Beautiful Mermaid fluke by Busselton Mermaids : ▸Wig by Dona Love Hair: http://w...!
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HI YOUTUBE FAMILY ♡ how is everyone? good i hope ! :D sooo since halloween is near im uploading this MERMAID MAKEUP TUTORIAL i did in collab with some friends on instagram this summer, the video got 2 MILLION views on instagram ( THANK YOU GUYS) and a lot of people asked me for a full tutorial here on youtube , so here it is !!! i hope you guys enjoy it ♡ a HUGE hug to yall ♡ MY LAST VIDEO : SOCIAL MEDIA: →Instagram: https://www.instagram...!
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HI SISTERS! For todays video, I wanted to show you guys my take on a glam mermaid! This tutorial is beautiful but also an easy special FX twist for beginners as well! Enjoy and Happy Halloween!! 👕 SHOP THE BRAND NEW SISTERS APPAREL DOWNTOWN COLLECTION, LIVE NOW! » 🎥 PREVIOUS VIDEO » 👕 SISTERS APPAREL » 🛎 Subscribe to my channel to join the sisterhood & hit the notification bell so y...!
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Emma shows you how to do your makeup like a beautiful enchanting mermaid! Waterproof and fit for any princess mermaid to swim in the sea! Be sure to join our Kitty Army! OUR LINKS: YouTube: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Instagram: Noahs Instagram:!
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I hope everyone had a great Halloween this year! I wanted to show you a beautiful Mermaid makeup and costume in todays video for kids. Dressing up as a mermaid is something you can do year round and I LOVED this wig and crown that we found. Mermaids are beautiful and mysterious and some of my favorite looks to create. What do you love about mermaids? Comment down below! XOXO Daya ****Please join my Daya Daily Family! SUBSCRIBE **** Subscribe to my little ...!
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Elle Jimenez, a professional mermaid, shares her entire daily routine—including all the measures she takes to protect her skin, hair and the ocean while diving and performing. From waking up to a full yoga routine to squeezing into a silicon mermaid tail, Elle shows us how busy and fulfilling her days on the job can be. Follow Elle on IG: All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors or contributors. However, when you b...!
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NEW TARTE MERMAID MAKEUP COLLECTION | FULL FACE FIRST IMPRESSIONS Subscribe here: Watch My Last Video: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe For 3 New Videos Every Week! ❤ Places to Find Me Subscribe to my vlog channel: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: KellyStrack Facebook: https://www.faceb...!
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Subscribe Here: 13 DIY Girls Hacks / Incredible Fashion Hacks And DIY Projects: Unicorns, mermaids, fairies... We adore the most diverse magical creatures! And today weve a visiting mermaid and fairy! But they didnt come to us to talk about anything, they staged a real makeup battle! Dont you believe me? Watch this with your own eyes! Supplies and tools: • Thick fabric • Tulle • Scissors • Awl •...!
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— Expand for more info! — Hey babes! Thanks so much for stopping by my channel! Today’s video is a glamorous mermaid makeup tutorial. Its a really easy look perfect for halloween or whenever you wanna channel your inner mermaid :) I made my bra using sequins, shells & pearls that I bought from the craft store! Really easy and you can just get creative with it! ________________________________________ ALL ITEMS I USED CAN BE FOUND HERE: Makeup Brushes (assorted variety) from PATPA...!
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Subscribe Here: 13 Funny Mall Pranks And DIYs: What do you like more – soft magical makeup look with colorful pollen or sea waves cosmetics? Why do we ask this question? Because today were waiting for a new challenge – makeup battle between the mermaid and the butterfly! Lets begin! Supplies and tools: • Makeup palette • Light clay • Acrylic paints • Brushes • Glitter • Eye shadow • Make...!
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I LOVED creating this look for you guys! I liked how this mermaid makeup look turned out, and love that I found the headband at Target for $1 - a pretty low budget/cheap costume so far! I hope you enjoy this tutorial! Products Used: Maybelline Superstay Foundation in 220 ( Too Faced Peach Perfect Setting Powder ( theBalm Cosmetics Brow Pow in Dark Brown ( Beauty Creations Cosmetics Elsa Palette (www.beautycre...!
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Emma pretend play as Disney princess Ariel and dresses up as a mermaid with her new girl toys. Uncle John surprises her with a new princess Ariel makeup table vanity for kids! Before she can play with it Uncle John told her to finish her homework. Uncle John teaches Emma to never tell lies and always be honest to people. Emma needs a new mermaid costume, so they go to Uncle K’s costume shop and buy a new costume for her to wear. Uncle John has a final surprise and it’s a giant pink cardboar...!
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How to make the best REAL Mermaid things for girls and everyone !!! SUBSCRIBE : Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound»!
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This mermaid awaited her love for so long, that barnacles began to grow on her skin as her heart hardened. This makeup tutorial shows you bodypaint and SFX to make your own barnacle encrusted mermaid, for any of your mermaid and under the sea needs. Did the look over a year ago, but wanted to revisit it with actual barnacles ;) Hope you guys enjoyed it, and please subscribe if you haven’t already! Share along if you like it, it helps so much! FOLLOW ME: Instagram: @jordanhanz http://www.insta...!
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This is a true depiction of the art I enjoy doing. Every piece of this tutorial has a deeper meaning to me, illustrating the purpose I have as a makeup artist. The Rainbow Mermaid represents the beauty of the sky and the sea and how beautiful things can meet together and make unity within nature. The design of this mermaid was suggested by my Best Friend Denise, and I believe that god was here with me for this tutorial. Everything happens for reason, and this Rainbow mermaid is here to stay! H...!
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ITS HALLOWEEN SEASON! Throughout October, Ill be uploading videos every Wednesday AND Saturday, featuring fun costume looks for Halloween! Hope you enjoy this fun, glittery mermaid look! Comment below if youd do this for Halloween! Be sure to check my blog for more photos: Full product list below! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE: My other YouTube channels: http:...!
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【Please Subscribe 请订阅qiuqiu YouTube 频道】 【sina weibo】仇仇-qiuqiu 【公共微信号】仇大哥 【ins】qiuqiu1121 看我看我!观看更多精选美妆视频: 【qiuqiu Makeup】 【qiuqiu Beauty Try-On & Review】 【qiuqiu Inspired Makeup Tutorial】 【qiuqiu Hairstyle】 【L-io Makeup】 【meiya Makeup】!
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Subscribe Here: LOL Surprise in Real Life / 11 DIY LOL Christmas Clothes Ideas: Today our acquaintances Mermaids go to school. And they’re not just studying, but competing with whose school supplies are cooler! Who will win is up to you. See our new stationery ideas for the good and dark mermaids, and choose what you like best! Supplies and tools: ...!
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Hi guys! In this makeup destruction video, Im going to be Mixing Makeup Eyeshadow into Clear Slime with matte colored and glitter colored makeup. Ill be mixing and breaking up makeup and eye shadow into two clear slimes and separating the colors out to make a beautiful swirl slime at the end! I hope you enjoy this satisfying special series slime video. Thank you for watching. Love you! 💗 Subscribe and Come Watch these! You will like: Galaxy 🌌 vs 🦄 Unicorn -!
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#ASMR whispered video applying mermaid makeup onto a mannequin head. Lots of makeup sounds, hope it helps you relax 😊✨ ASMR Instagram: Vlog Channel: Etsy: Instagram: Email me for custom videos: [email protected] Equipment: Blue Yeti Microphone: Microphone Covers: The intended audience...!
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Subscribe Here: 10 Cute Hairstyle Ideas For Kids: Good and Bad Mermaid decided to spend this day together! First, a joint breakfast, then a fun walk. Want to find out what Mermaids are doing today after that? Then watch this video just now! Supplies and tools: • Felt • Velvet ribbon • Hot glue gun • Foam paper • Half beads • Sequins • Pho...!
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Subscribe Here: 8 DIY MARVEL School Supplies vs DC School Supplies Challenge / Super Hero School Supplies: Watch our new video for amazing Mermaid and Unicorn makeup miniatures! Supplies and tools • Foam core • Utility knife • Pencil • Half-beads • Superglue • Awl • Acrylic paint • Thick cardboard • Hot glue gun • Mirrored cardboard • Gold cardboard • Velcro • Thick paper • Foa...!
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Subscribe Here: 13 Weird Things to Do When You Are Bored at Home!: A new student is in the class, but she doesn’t look quite ordinary! Yes, this is the real Mermaid! Lets get together a suitable College Supplies for her? Supplies and tools: Bamboo cup with a lid Sequins Hot glue gun Scissors Wireless headphone case Glittery foam paper Stri...!
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Disney The Little Mermaid Ariel and Ursula Makeup Makeover and Halloween Costumes and Toys. Ariel and Ursula makeup tutorial dress up and Halloween Costumes and Surprise toys. Kids Toy corner loves halloween costumes, dress up party, and costume runway show. She also loves new Disney movie The Little Mermaid. She has Ariel and Ursula toys . Cute and funny family video for kids, toddlers and babies. Lilly is Trying costumes mostly from disney store. This video is a good review if you planning ...!
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Thank You for Watching❤︎ Watch in HD!! If you enjoyed this video please like it and give us a thumbs up! ❤︎ 💕 ↓⇣↓⇣↓ MAKEUP DETAILS ↓⇣↓⇣↓ 💕 💕 (Please Note: I use a lot of brushes that are labeled to be used for other areas of the face. There is no rules to makeup and I use brushes that I feel are best suitable for each step and allow me to blend to the best of my ability. Dont be afraid to try different products and brushes for different steps! You can fin...!
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🧜‍♀️✨ Easy Exposed MERMAID Scales Tutorial! ✨🧜‍♀️ Welcome to another video! ✨Thank you so much for being here. Im a believer that there are no coincidences in life, only synchronicities - so if youve landed on this channel, please know that I love and appreciate you to the moon and back! Namaste ❤️ ✨SHOP HERE ✨ 💎WWW.PRETTYCRYSTALS.CO 💎 All crystals shown in the video are available on my shop, Pretty Crystals. Please browse the website or feel free to D...!
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I Hope you guys liked this Makeup Tutorial? 💕 If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: [email protected] PRODUCTS: -White Fundation: Manic Panic N.Y.C Dreamtone -Body Paints: Eulenspiegel -Cine Wax: Kryolan -Spirit Gum: Kryolan -Highlight: Anastasia Glow Kit Sun Dipped -Ears: Ebay -Lenses: EDIT lenses contact ________________________________________­__________________________ LAST YEARS HALLOWEEN: -Demon Moon Elf ☾ Makeup Tutorial!
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Watch my Little Mermaid music video! Join the MerCrew: Heya Starfishes! Without further ado, here is my Ariel inspired makeup tutorial! (from Disneys The Little Mermaid) This just might be my most requested video of all time! Ive been getting requests for this since I started making Ariel inspired cover videos on here years ago! Thanks so much to everyone whos requested it! Although I have done makeup professionally in the past, I am c...!
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Hey guys! Heres another Halloween tutorial for you guys!! I’m obsessed with it I might wear it myself on Halloween hahaha. Let me know your thoughts in the comments :D Wig is from aliexpress!! SONG: strngr and rage logic- escape Soundcloud: Social media: snapchat: @katemanihera Business Enquiries: [email protected] (su...!
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Hi Friends! Todays video is a paid advertisement for Mattel! #Ad I will show you how I became a mermaid using makeup I made with the Mattel BeYouTology kit! I make eyeshadow, highlighter and lip gloss makeup to turn into this beautiful mermaid at home! This mermaid makeup is perfect for Halloween too! This mermaid makeup dress up was so fun to make and I loved getting to be creative with all of the different makeup colors from this fun makeup maker! Check out the Mattel BeYouTology Kit Here: ht...!
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hi babes! heres another halloween look for you guys! i wanted to do something pretty so i chose to do a mermaid! here is what i came up with! give me a thumbs up if you guys liked it! xo ✦-- LETS CONNECT !--✦ ♡INSTAGRAM - @valeriepac ♡HAIR INSTAGRAM- @hairbyvaleriepac ♡TWITTER - @valerie_pac ♡SNAPCHAT [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ✦ B U S I N E S S ✦ for business inquires please contact me at [email protected] ————...!
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HOW TO VOTE: Go to and click the click to vote button under the video of your choice! You can vote THREE times a day per email per person every day until the very end of July 31st. If you havent voted in previous rounds youll need to quickly sign up with an email address! If you want to help the zombae apocalypse move on to the top 6 the best way to do so is to vote every day, three times a day, and hit the share buttons located under your cast vote to show your frien...!
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Mixing MerMaid Makeup,clay,slime,glitter... Into Clear Slime! MerMaidslime Hey guys welcome to Jenny slime! Color series start season 5. With a variety of makeup and beautiful glitters and parts. I will try to show you new, more interesting videos. Thank you. Love me a lot! ★The goal in 500000 subscriber★ Remember to subscribe , like and share! #SLIME#MAKEUPSLIME#jennyslime -----------------★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★---------- Be a friend of my ins...!
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Have you ever seen a real mermaid cosmetics and mermaid make up ? Today I am going to show you how to do it yourself! What about mermaid tail? Best mermaid DIY ideas just for you! SUBSCRIBE : Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound»!
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My amazing friend and Incredible Makeup Artist⇣ Lacey Broughton INSTAGRAM ----------- @LJBEAUTY EMAIL --------------------- [email protected] WEB ------------------------ PROJECT MERMAIDS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BUSINESS INQUIRIES⇣ Hilary Williams-Dunlap [email protected] Emily Tepper [email protected] -----...!
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​​​SUBSCRIBE to my channel for the latest videos ⇒ ​​​Welcome to my enchanted Mermaid Grotto! My name is Aquata, and I love to spend my time singing, stargazing, and searching the ocean for beautiful treasure! Join me as I get ready for the Sparkling Sea Festival! Want to know me more? Come hang out with me: SNAPCHAT: Charisma.Star FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Charis INSTAGRAM: CharismaStar ...!
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Subscribe Here: 23 Sibling Prank Wars! Sister vs Brother Pranks! And again, our familiar magical creatures find out who the coolest of them! Today – with the help of unusual cosmetics! Interesting? Then watch a new video on your favorite channel just now! Supplies and tools: • Old makeup palette • Sparkly foam paper • Modeling knife • Glue • Eyeshadow • Rubbing alcohol • Pipette • Brush ...!
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Diana and Roma visited the Mermaid Boutique in Dubai. The Sea Fairies turned Diana into the Little Mermaid Princess. Diana dresses in the Little Mermaid costume, does makeup and hair style like Ariel Disney Princess. Diana Roma Show - (Diana and Roma english) Kids Diana Show -!
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💌INSTAGRAM: haeni_beauty #인어공주 #에리얼 #Ariel 가발: 렌즈: 아이돌렌즈 시애틀 블루 wig: Lens: Idol lens Seattle Blue music: Artlist yearning by francesco-dandrea Artlist little-white-house by katrina-stone Artlist -------------------------------------------- Product Base: 조성아22 Chosungah 22 조성아TM 슈퍼핏 파워 프루프 스틱파운데...!
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Hey Hey! Welcome back to another another *Movie Magic* tutorial, where we are recreating Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989) with a simple, easy & mermaid Makeup & Hair look! I cant wait to see Halle Bailey as the new live action Little Mermaid! I did a transformation tutorial today as I have yet again another mermaid tail 2017! See the tail I got from fin fun mermaid here: Follow me on instagram as I’ll have another giveaway coming up with the Too Faced Melted Latex! ...!
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SaraBeautyCorner Makeup Hacks! Compilation of Makeup DIY and beauty tricks every girl should know. In this DIY makeup tutorial for beginners life hacks video I show makeup hacks (edible makeup included!) and DIY makeup life hacks for girls, boys, kids, teenagers and family. Perfect DIY makeup life hacks for school and for lazy people as they are so quick and easy. This is a DIY makeup tutorial for beginners who dont have a big makeup collection and makeup organization, but want fun DIY makeup tr...!
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MERMAID MAKEUP TUTORIAL Hey Dolls! I wanted to change up my makeup theme a bit and do something more fun on my channel so I thought Id do a fun Mermaid Makeup tutorial. If you have enjoyed this then please SUBSCRIBE if youre new! I upload every MONDAY and THURSDAY!! PLEASE LIKE! PRODUCTS USED: **GLITTER** - From eBay!! Everything else I have shown above in my video OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: ...!

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