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Hi friends! So excited to finally be sharing with you my makeup kit as well as what Ive been doing to condense and organize it. I hope you found this video helpful! If you want to find all the links to the bags/pouches/containers, find me on Instagram and I will have swipe up links for everything on my story highlight called makeup kit. I appreciate all of you guys! Thanks for stopping by and watching my channel. Let me know if you have any questions and ...!
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Hi guys! In todays video I want to show you the affordable staples + basics that I keep in my MUA kit! I know building a kit can be expensive, so here are some of my favorite budget friendly options :) Keep in mind that this is not my whole kit - just some necessities & things that I highly recommend you have, too! Thank you so much for watching! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Let me know what videos you guys would want to see next! Enjoy xo. ——————————————...!
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Hi everyone!! Here is my updated kit video! The bags that I use, the small containers, and so much more are saved in my Amazon Storefront! Link is below! I hope you all enjoyed this and if you have any questions ask away in the comments below :) Amazon Storefront Link: Contact: [email protected] Follow me on Instagram: @kristenfiori Disclaimer - This video is not sponsored. Some links may be affil...!
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Train set : Follow me on IG: @Rxseskull @Roseemua...!
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1:37 - Brushes Minimal Makeup Artist Kit *Behind The Scenes & More on Instagram - ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️Timeline/Products Listed Below ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ *Please note, this was filmed before the coronavirus outbreak. Check out Sarah from Beauty Bespoken - Check out the rest of our playlist/videos I mentioned! How To Start A Bridal Business - Sian Richards London - https://youtu...!
Channel Title : Makeup By Jen Views : 12412 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2020-02-11T18:00:11Z
CHANNEL DONATIONS ♥️ Thank you all 😘♥️ 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ Hey my YouTube family 🤗 as always welcome back to my channel & if you’re new welcome to this beauty makeup loving family💗 In todays video, i show you guys what i have in my freelance bridal makeup artist kit. The lighting I use to travel to clients & the camera that I use to take client pictures! I’m very mi...!
Channel Title : Julie Ruby Views : 450 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-07-06T23:42:55Z
Todays video is going over my makeup kit essentials! I figured I would do a more informative video on what products or tools that you need to have in your kit if you are just starting off as a makeup artist, or youre just addicted to makeup kit videos like I am! Hope you guys enjoy :) Ive been getting a lot of questions about the brush belt that I carry with me and this is the Amazon link:!
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Its difficult building your first makeup kit. Let me help you with this video and also a link to where you can find a few of the items I mentioned via Amazon! Amazon link: 🔆🔆🔆LIGHTING🔆🔆🔆 Use code Tatiana to get 15% off of any purchase at I record each video with their Diva ll ring light and I travel with their 12 inch ring light to do makeup on my clients...!
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SAM THIS IS RIDICULOUSLY LONG, SKIP AHEAD... Kit Basics: 0:31 Hygiene: 11:58 Q+A: 24:20 Thank you again to the best of the best, Tray Lai! You can find her here... IG: IMDB:!
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Hi Guys! I get asked about which foundations/concealer brands and colors I use so I decided to film a video showing it! keep in touch @_KikiAdams ----------------------------------------------------- FOUNDATIONS MAC Studio fix fluid *NW58 *NW 55 *NW48 *NC50 *NC55 *NC44.5 *NC45 *C8 NW15 NC60 NW43 NW50 NC58 NC46 NC41 NARS RADIANCE *MACAO *NEW CALDONIA *CADIZ *IGACU ARUBA NARS SHEER GLOW SANTA FE BARCELONA PUNJAB FIJI BLACK OPAL *AU CHOCOLAT *HAZELNUT *WALNUT *TOPAZ *CAROB JUST GET ALL SHA...!
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Channel Title : Julie Ruby Views : 4674 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2020-05-25T20:19:54Z
Hey everyone, Im Julie and I am a freelance makeup artist based out of the Fort Wayne, IN area! I hope you enjoy seeing whats in my makeup kit and if you are a fellow freelance artist, I would love to know what your favorite products are in your kit! Also, let me know if you have any questions about any products that I carry :) Amazon Products mentioned: Individual Makeup Remover Wipes - Spray Bottle...!
Channel Title : danna selene Views : 93155 DisLikes : 39 Published Date :2018-03-20T17:10:14Z #makeupartistkit #zucaproartist #freelance Hi guys! I am a freelance makeup artist and a beauty influencer! I know theres so much information out here for tips on your kits! Please let me know if you have any questions! Thank you! Things I buy for my kit from Amazon- Lashes- Mascara Wands- Graftobian Foundation Palettes- Airspun Translucent Powder- Small Makeup Organizer- https://...!
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Hello! Im Julie and I am a freelance artist here to share my tips, tricks, and tutorials! Since a lot of my subscribers are makeup artists themselves, I wanted to create a series where I go over my makeup artist tips for the beginners or people that just want to up their game a little! If you have any questions or video requests for the future, leave those in the comments down below! :) CONNECT WITH ME: Instagram: @jm_artistry Email: [email protected]!
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Here is my professional freelance makeup kit video! I hope youve enjoyed watching and found some products you might like and want to add to your kit. The makeup bags that I use and so much more are saved in my Amazon Storefront! Link is below! I hope you all enjoyed this and if you have any questions ask away in the comments below :) Makeup Links: Makeup Chair: Ring light: Zuca Pro Case: Zuca Pouch:!
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Take a peek inside my PRO MAKEUP KIT 2020! I decided to revise it and downsize it. Now more than ever its crucial we work in new hygienic ways. LINKS: DIY MAGNETIC PALETTE FREE RATE NEGOTIATION PDF SHOP: Clear Round Stackable Containers (for loose powders) 3.4 OZ Travel Bottles 100 ML Clear Spray Bottles Water Proof Silicone Mat 20 P...!
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Hello loves, ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for popping onto my channel, and watching me ramble on about my kit! I hope you found it useful and if theres any other videos related to my kit or being a freelance makeup artist Im more than happy to film them! See below all products mentioned in the video - none of the links are affiliated OBVS😂 PRODUCTS MENTIONED: SUITCASE - MYKITCO. CANVAS BAG - https...!
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What I carry in my KIT as a FREELANCE MAKEUP ARTIST - MY BASIC FREELANCE KIT: Today Im showing you the essentials and basics I carry inside my kit (ZUCA backpack) as a freelance makeup artist! I breakdown each category and explain why and how I use some of my favorite client products. I share some of my tips, as well as affordable options if you are a beginner. Thanks for watching! Make sure to give the video a Thumbs Up, SUBSCRIBE, and Turn your Post Notifications ON! xx ► Subscribe here: ht...!
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OPEN ME ................ DONT FORGET Subscribe, like, comment !! ☆《 If you would like to support me on my journey/dream to become a full time youtuber and continue to create content, you are welcome to donate to my cashapp anything would be so gratefully appreciated $aveo7711 》☆ Follow me on instagram Follow me on twitter Add me on snapchat alexisoliva16 EBATES Get a $10 bonus for shopping through my link...!
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Hey loves! I wish this video was better but I currently do not have any access to my suite which i will talk about in a future video! Below is a breakdown of the shades i have in my kit! Also i would like to start offering webinars that go in further detail! They would be affordable! let me know if this is something you guys would be interested in! To purchase my masterclass just send $10 to either my venmo or paypal account and include your info in the description for me to send the private li...!
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Hi guys! I promised Id Bring more makeup related videos this year so to kick things off, heres whats in my kit! Any other freelance MUAs out there? Lets chat in the comments below! Travel Case Concealers!
Channel Title : Muaanais Views : 7646 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2020-02-26T18:04:19Z
here’s a look inside my MUA freelance kit 💞 you guys have been asking for this video so I hope you all enjoy! Keep in mind the kit does vary from day to day depending on what the client wants. Link for disposable spoolies and lip applicators: Link for clientele cape: Link for kit:!
Channel Title : Kat García Views : 8758 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2020-01-13T23:02:19Z
Welcome back and happy new year! Today I finally get to give you guys an update of what is in my pro MUA makeup kit and show you what I use to glam up my clients 😍 Train case: Ring light:!
Channel Title : Isabella Dulac Views : 2970 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-03-21T23:19:28Z
I hope you guys enjoyed this video! Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have💗 Amazon List ⬇️!
Channel Title : Bellas Beauty Views : 6359 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2019-07-30T22:11:21Z
Details Zuca Bag Bag Inserts XXL Palette Amazon Music Social @bellamerlot_ @beatbybelladotcom @themerlotcollectionco Shop E...!
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*CLICK DOWN FOR MORE INFO* Subscribe For More: GET FREE KIT CHECKLISTS & BEAUTY TOOLS HERE: INSIDE THE FACE KIT: -Face Bag by Rownyeon Travel Makeup Bag (similar here -Lancome Absolue Rich cream -Nudestix Nudies -Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tints in Sunny and Poppy!
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Instagram: vanmakeupnyc website: Products XL Makeup Case: Patagonia MLC Backpack (What I carry the makeup case with) : Collapsable Trash Can: Muji Cream Bottle: 18ml foundation bottle: Powder Case (Fit 6): Cocoon Grid IT (Touchup palette): Cotton Pads: Small Jewel case: https://amzn...!
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This video and contents of my kit in this video no longer reflect my current hygiene practices and standards. If you are a makeup artist and would like more information on infection prevention and control, you can check out my online course: ‘Infection Prevention and Control for Makeup Artists’ Rownyeon Travel Makeup Bag (Large Size) Backpack (40L) Zuca (Hair Kit) https://am...!
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Hello & thank you for clicking on this video! Following my video How to become a Makeup Artist I wanted to do a series of more in depth videos on different things like how to start your makeup kit, product recommendations, how to build clients, etc. Watch my How to become a makeup artist video here - You can purchase all of the products mentioned in this video below: Morphe 35G Bronze Goals Palette -!
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Black Lives Matter Recommended links: Stay informed, donate, elevate black voices _______________________ Hi! My name is Carson - I’m a professional MUA based in Los Angeles who’s enthusiastic about safer beauty products! IG @commedecarson Clean product recommendations: @nontoxicglow _______________________ *some* PRODUCTS MENTIONED: * These links are affiliated, which means ...!
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Welcome Back to my channel Y’all! 🖤 if your new here please support ya girl and subscribe. Here is my attempt at a weekly vlog lol if your interested to see more thumbs up the video so I know you like this content. I’m sure I’ll get better at vlogging in the moment! Lol. In this vlog I will be showing you all my makeup artist & hair kit must haves as I restock. Be sure to leave all requests down below or through IG Love y’all!! See y’all ok the next video!! Remember to add ...!
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This is my freelance makeup artist kit this video shows you all the beauty products that every makeup artist must have in their train case, I hope this helps out all of the beginner makeup artists and the professional makeup artists! ::MAIL:: P.O. Box 1168 DeKalb, IL 60115 ::POSHMARK:: & ::MERCARI:: Account here are the links! My Poshmark is simply @carriedejong Mercari Everything you need to know is listed below ! ○PLEASE SUBSCRIBE so you never miss ...!
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Please watch: WARNING. YOURE BEING LIED TO. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Do you really need every MAC eyeshadow to be a good makeup artist? 20 gel eyeliners? 30 different coloured blushers? Here is my professional working makeup kit. As you can see, its tiny! But it contains everything you need to get the job done. Remember i pack my makeup kit based around the style of looks i create. If youre working in theatre you would pack a different kit. But please reme...!
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What’s up everybody this is my pro mua kit & also my vanity tour / makeup studio tour !! Don’t forget to click that like button & subscribe! Also comment down below if you want to see how we built my vanity !! 💕 Ig : Paintedbyasia Personal ig: Made_inasiaaa...!
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Connect with me :) Snapchat: kuwmona Twitter: Instagram: Email (for business inquiries only): [email protected] The MAC travel case I have: keepingupwithmona, mona sangha, make up, kit, makeup, kit, freelance artist, vancouver, indian vlogger, punjabi vlogger, indian bridal makeup, indian beauty guru...!
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Makeup Kit for Make-up Artist - Relavel 3 Layer Multi-Functional Professional Makeup Train Case Behind The Scenes & More on Instagram - Products I Mentioned: Amazon Relavel 3 layer Case $48.98 - Tutorials I Mentioned: Fiona Stiles Sheer Contour Palette - Color Theory Mistakes - How To Choose A Brow Product - Set Up A MUA Station - Gifts For A Make-up Artist -...!
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I have been trying to do more beginner friendly videos because Ive noticed a couple of people wanted to know how to really build a makeup kit if your a makeup artist or not so here it is! If you have any questions let me know in the comments below! _ MAKEUP CASES MENTIONED SONGMICS ON AMAZON Product links:​ ​,​​ for makeup list ( __________________________________________ S U B S C R I B E! https:...!
Channel Title : Artistry By Carmela Views : 106 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-06-21T17:30:00Z
#makeupkit helloooo my beautiful people, here is a video that I thought could be very helpful for any makeup artist or someone looking to become one. With these tips that Ive learned over the years you can take them and build your own. Essentially a more efficient and more professional looking kit. ___________________________________________________________________________ I will be consistently posting every Thursday and Sunday, with new raw content about all things beauty related 💋💋 I ...!
Channel Title : Tanya Cheban Views : 32713 DisLikes : 19 Published Date :2019-05-20T21:45:21Z
Today I’m showing you what I bring along in my freelance makeup kit! I bring what I need without overpacking, if you have any tips you’d like to share with me - leave them in the comments! Thanks for watching! Ring Light: Makeup Chair: Traincase from Sephora Large Tote from Nordstrom Rack Clear Bag from Walmart Vide...!
Channel Title : solitasolis Views : 5327 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2017-01-13T13:00:30Z
hello everyone! thank you for watching my video. i hope this helps you out. so far i have been converting to minimalism in many areas of my life and i can honestly say that i really love it. i have cleaned out/sold/donated so many of my belongings. minimalism has also helped me with my spending and saving habits. i use the term minimalism very loosely. i still love having my collections of things and all my books! i love colors and pictures on my walls and little toys on my desk. i have just sta...!
Channel Title : Love Lola Views : 173136 DisLikes : 80 Published Date :2017-08-24T23:38:56Z
Hi Lovelies, Ive since updated Whats in my Makeup Kit and have finally had time to film it! I hope this is helpful to any beginners or up and coming makeup artists! My Beginners Makeup Kit- Aura Brush Belt Review- I studied at ‘The Makeup School’ In Ponsonby their shop is ... ♥ Social Media ♥ -Instagram- -Facebook- -Blog- htt...!
Channel Title : missmai27 Views : 1249 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-05-22T12:15:00Z
Hi lovelies, Ive been getting requests here and on Instagram to do an updated whats in my kit? video so here goes : ) Ive added some super important upgrades to my safety routine in light of the corona/covid-19 pandemic as even though Im sure everyone is careful with hygiene, its more important than ever! Happy Friday everyone and I hope you like it, Sanni xx Instagram: My Pinterest: http:/...!
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Thanks so much for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe!xx Products Mentioned: - My Kit Co Travel Buddy: - My Kit Co Bags: - My Kit Co Towel: - Morphe Metal Palette: - Amazon Mascara Wands: - Scissors: - Tweezers:!
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Your kit will be the biggest expense and investment when you are beginning your career as a makeup artist. I discuss a few tips and things to consider if you are trying to find ways to inexpensively build your kit when you are first starting out. Check out Camera Ready Cosmetics to explore brands that provide high quality products for pro MUAs at a lower cost. Brands to look out for: RCMA, Ben Nye, Graftobian, LaFemme & Mehron. Also check the section on pre-made m...!
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Welcome back! Today I’ll be showing you what’s inside my professional makeup artist kit! I hope you all enjoy this video and if you have any questions please leave them below. [email protected] Twitter [email protected] Facebook- Whit Howard/Splitwhit Email- [email protected] Snapchat-splitwhit Website- Zuca Bag Kemier bag (cheaper dupe for Zuca)!

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