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10 Best Louis Vuitton Handbag Purchases To Make! These would make your best first louis vuittion purchase or some really excellent Louis Vuitton handbags to think about buying to grow a classic and well-versed collection! These are the 10 Best Louis Vuitton Handbag Purchases To Make due to resale factor, popularity, demand, and longevity! Hope this is helpful! Join the glam fam and Subscribe to my youtube channel HERE: Sign up for my newsletter to be notified about desig...!
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Hi everybody Hope you are all well! Here is another collection vid of mine for 2019! LVVVVVV my fav luxe brand! Plz let me know which lv bags are your most and least used bags from your collection! Xoxo cc —WHAT I AM WEARING———————————————————————— Blouse ON SALE!!! (XS, PINK BRIDE) Lipstick (LOST CHERRY) EARRINGS Layered necklaces (D...!
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5 Best Bags To Start Your Luxury Louis Vuitton Collection/Soufeel Jewelry Review Let’s Connect On Instagram: LVLUXDELIGHT Contact Email: [email protected] Hi! :) “Thank You” For Taking Time Out Of Your Day To Watch ! I Am Excited To Show You What Bags I Believe Are The Best To Start Your “Luxury Louis Vuitton Collection”! My Picks Are: Louis Vuitton Neverfull ( With Pouch ) Louis Vuitton Neo Noe Louis Vuitton Favorite Louis Vuitton Speedy ( Bandouliere ) Louis Vuitton Al...!
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Welcome back to my channel. In this video I will be covering the LV NEVERFULL MM bag in this video. It is such a beautiful classic and comes with a matching pouch. This is a very handy every day bag and fits quite a bit. I definitely think this bag is worth its value and much more. Watch the video to find out more information! Here are the timestamps of my video if you are looking for quick information: Intro: 0:00 (covers model, size, and price) Pros: 0:54 What Fits in the Bag: 3:23 Cons: 4:...!
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↓ OPEN THIS FOR MORE INFO ↓ This video is all about THE BEST Louis Vuitton handbags! I think these are the most classic, iconic and best designs of Louis Vuitton through the years. There are obviously many more I could include…but I’ve narrowed down the options for people looking to expand their Louis Vuitton collection! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE: (2-3 videos per week!) ------------------------------------ LOUIS VUITTON ADDICTED FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www...!
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Thanks for watching Bloungemakeup!!! YouTube Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: WHATS IN MY BAG (2019) / LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY BANDOULIERE 30 + CURRENT MOST WORN SUMMER HANDBAGS Products mentioned: LOUIS VUITTON SPEEDY BANDOULIERE 30 - DAMIER AZUR C...!
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((CLICK SHOW MORE FOR EVERYTHING MENTIONED)) earrings dress (LOVE) (m) lip color (in warm beige) gloss (in white russian) mascara eyeshadow in Bette (my lashes are natural. here is the serum I swear by) belt, bags mentioned: palm springs mini graceful mm speedy 35 speedy 30 bandoliere neverfull gm ke...!
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#Handbag #whatsinmybag Hair I’m wearing: My nails, I did them myself! Follow me on Instagram: @meshamodel #handbags...!
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Hi Everyone! In this video I vlog me buying my first Louis Vuitton bag. Watch the video to see my experience with monograming and which bag I bought! Follow Me: TikTok: Kiki_Holly Insta: Kikiholly Twitter: Kiki_holly Email: [email protected] #LouisVuittonShoppingVlog...!
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#LouisVuitton #Handbags #LV Hi loves! I wanted to share my LV collection because I love collecting designer bags! please do not take offense to this video it is just meant for fun. Also tell me if you make it to 6:58 of this video, isnt she so cute?! Thanks for watching, have a great day xx Louis Vuitton bags- Key pouch- Favorite MM- Wallet-https:...!
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▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ .+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+.+­.+.+.+.+.+ ♡WHEN I AM NOT HERE, I AM HERE ☆ ----- Connect with me ----- ☆ ☆彡My Instagram ► ☆彡My Pinterest ► ☆彡My Facebook ► ☆彡My Twitter ► ☆彡My Email ► [email protected] ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬...!
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👇🏽 OPEN FOR ALL LINKS 👇🏽 Today I am sharing 5 Things You NEED To Know BEFORE Buying A LOUIS VUITTON Bag WATCH MY LAST VIDEO HERE➤ SUBSCRIBE HERE ➤ ★ WHAT IM WEARING ★ Top- Earrings- Miranda Frye Hermes Bracelet- ★ MY MAKEUP LOOK ★ Moisturizer- Sunscreen- Amazing!...!
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Todays video features a list of some of the best value for money Louis Vuitton handbags for starting your designer handbag collection. Ive included the prices of all pieces in Hong Kong dollar and listed items from least to most expensive. For the Louis Vuitton on the go tote I was unable to find the price online (which is why I didnt include the price of that in this video). #louisvuitton #lv #designerhandbagcollection // OTHER LOUIS VUITTON VIDEOS TO WATCH! ○ Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouli...!
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Join me as I reveal my most recent purchase from Louis Vuitton and share my first impressions. I hope you enjoy and please stay safe! Poi and Hun: Gucci Unboxing Video: Find me at: Instagram: Email: [email protected] Amazon Storefront: Disclaimer: This video is not endorsed by any of the brands I mentioned. I have included some affiliate links in the descr...!
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Louis Vuitton Handbag Collection 2020! Instagram: LVLUXDELIGHT Email: [email protected] Hi Everyone! My Thoughts And Prayers Go Out To Everyone During This Difficult Time In History ( Corona Virus ) I Am Excited To Present To You My Louis Vuitton Handbag Collection For The Year 2020! Toward The End Of My Video, I Do Speak On The Topic Of Keeping God First Place And Why Its So Important To Implement That Into Our Daily Lives. If Interested In Receiving 20% Off A Zoomoni Organizer, P...!
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This is probably the most requested video. Luxury Handbag Haul. I decided to do LV seperately because there were more than I remembered. Louis Vuittons are classic and are always a good way to ease into the luxury market. They are good investments and never go out of style. Hope you enjoy this haul and next up will be Chanel :) Some of my favorite places to purchase used authentic bags are Fashionphile and The Real Real Names of bags below vvvvvvv...!
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Hi, this is my current Louis Vuitton handbag collection. I do not have a huge collection but I love every LV handbag I own. I talked about each handbag and why I like it. I also talked about the LV classic pieces and what I recomend buying from Louis Vuitton. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Dont forget to like, comment, and subscribe xoxo!! I love designer handbags. If you are the same, then lets be friends! ❤️Louis Vuitton Bags Mentioned❤️: Louis Vuitton Alma ...!
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♡ OPEN ME ♡ Subscribe Here: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Diana Instagram: Vlog Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Snapchat: DianaChantel ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ Products Mentioned: LOADING..... Louis Vuitton Pochette metis http://go....!
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Hi friends! I hope you enjoy this Louis Vuitton unboxing - I finally got my hands on my dream bag and I could not be more excited to open it! Be sure to check out my Instagram for future styling and outfit ideas! 💖 #LouisVuitton #LouisVuittonUnboxing2020...!
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Whats your favorite out of the 3 LV mini bags that I purchased in Portugal? Monogram🆚Damier Ebene? Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and comment down below! 💗SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week! 💗FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: @33lovechanel 💗2020 LV Unboxing (Part 2) Louis Vuitton New Design💗 💗Massive Louis Vuitton Unboxing (Part 1) 💗Unboxing Chanel 20C Pearl Flap Bag🖤 https://you...!
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Yep, Im here to tell you why you SHOULDNT buy the Louis Vuitton Neverfull - there are so many great things about this bag, but also some not-so-great things that you need to consider before making this bag yours...ENJOY! ★ WHAT IM WEARING ★ Im generally a UK10/US6, size 27/28 in jeans, size 39 in shoes. Virgil Abloh X Nike Collab T-Shirt - I bought a Small (similar), (exact) Bike Shorts - Earrings - (similar)!
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Round 2 attempt at blogging. Were getting better......kinda lol We learn about the company What Goes Around and search the items at Dillards! Dont forget to like and subscribe! INSTAGRAM: @aligreen13 @johnjames94 WEBSITE:!
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ONE OF THE HOTTEST BAGS OF THE SEASON HAS DROPPED…and I just had to get it…the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires. As soon as I saw the bag, I texted my LV SA and got it pre-ordered, this bag is so me, I can’t get over it. Everything about this bag is in the video but if you have any questions leave them in the comments. Enjoy! *WORLDWIDE OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE OF THE BAG AS OF POSTING THIS VIDEO IS 27TH SEPT* ★ SHOPPING LINKS **★ Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette Accessoires - UK...!
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Join me in this video to explore my entire Louis Vuitton Collection! Which one of these luxury designer handbags is your favourite LV bag? Do you love the Louis Vuitton Alma and Speedy as much as I do? Or how about the limited edition Louis Vuitton Artsy with the python handle? The Louis Vuitton Cannes and Victoire are favourites of mine - plus, Im a big fan of the LV vernis leather that the Pasadena and Mirada come in! Let me know which LV bags you own and if you prefer the Louis Vuitton Monog...!
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OPEN ME!!!! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: LEO_LION_LV My Jewelry & Apparel Website: Allure Collection: Free Crystal Barrett with any jewelry purchase while supplies last. One per customer. Allure Unicorn pink pearl pouch with any jewelry purchase while supplies last. One per order/customer. Blinging on a Budget INSTAGRAM: LEO_LION_LV @leo_lion_lv Post your pictures on Leos Instagram page: #leo_lion_lv #leolionlv #S...!
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MY ENTIRE CHANEL COLLECTION: JOIN Patreon for EXTRA + Exclusive Content: 📸 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: 💰HOW I SAVE UP TO 20% ON ALMOST EVERYTHING PLACES TO FIND ME: IG: Snap: hollyannaeree Facebook: Twitter: Patreon for EXTRA...!
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Hello Loves! Inserting a fashion video today!:) Wanted to talk about my thoughts on the LV CROISETTE DAMIER EBENE BAG that I got around a year and a half ago. My most used bag of all time! Ive been getting so many requests on it so here it is! If you want my unboxing/first impressions video , i will link it below: Unboxing video: Lets connect: Instragram: @denmichsuperfox blog: music by: ( Just follow- particular hou...!
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Today we are talking the Top 7 SMARTEST Louis Vuitton Purchases To Make *Are YOU Smart Enough To Own These? Do you think any of these belong in my STUPID purchases list I made a few weeks back?Is there something on this list you think I missed out? Give me all your thoughts in the comments and lets chat ♥ What Im wearing: Denim jacket T shirt Jewellery: Necklaces Bracelets http://bit....!
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Louis Vuitton HANDBAG COLLECTION 2020 - RANKED BEST TO WORST Hello My Loves, Thank you so much for taking the time to view my Louis Vuitton HANDBAG COLLECTION 2020 - RANKED BEST TO WORST. A lot of you messaged me on instagram asking if I would do an updated Louis Vuitton handbag collection so I thought I would do that for you today. I would be more than happy to also do a Louis Vuitton SLG collection as well if you guys want to see that. Like usual, all Louis Vuitton items mentioned in this ...!
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***Watch in 1080p HD*** Social Media Handles: *Instagram: MonsieurAshley *Facebook Group Page: BMWA5H *Twitter: BMWA5H *SnapChat: BMWA5H Tag me: #MonsieurAshley Thanks for watching! LINKS for direct purchases: Baby Wipes: (Needs to be those ones) Tom Ford Glasses: Music: Track: Fareoh - Under Water [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: Free Download / Stream:!
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Im comparing a fake Speedy 25 to an authentic Louis Vuitton Speedy 25. Find out the difference and how to be your own authenticator when buying pre-loved! Looking for more FAKE vs REAL? FAKE vs REAL, Louis Vuitton Pochette in Monogram FAKE vs REAL, Louis Vuitton Handbag Straps Poshmark is NOT a scam!!! Why I will continue to shop on Poshmark, despite having received this fake.!
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Welcome back! Sharing a requested bag collection + mini review video featuring some of my favourites including the Chloe Tess Small Bag, Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, Alma BB, Cuyana and Everlane options. Stay in touch on Instagram to follow along my style adventure Bushfire donations and Depop Find my depop store here I will be donating all proceeds to a selected bushfire charity. All details will be updated on In...!
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Thanks For Watching! Like And Subscribe! Drop a Comment! Contact: [email protected] Music: Disclaimer: I do not endorse or promote the buying and selling of counterfeit items....!
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#xofrancescafox #francescafox Open Me for all the details xoxo Contact me! Instagram @xoFrancescaFox LUXURY VIDEOS: LIGHT LUXURY | Affordable Fashion: VLOGS | Maison Fox: MAKEUP TUTORIALS:!
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Hi Everyone, thanks for stopping by. This video is an update on my recent Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 multicolor handbag and how I was able to make it more functional bag by attaching a shoulder strap. I will also give modshots to show how beautiful the speedy in multicolor. If you are interested to see my funny unboxing, the link to the video is below. Have a wonderful day ☺️ LOUIS VUITTON Unboxing | Collectors Bag!
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Hi Everyone, heres a video of Whats in my Bag , and its the LV RIVERSIDE bag!!! Hope you Like and subscribe!! Xoxo Marilyn...!
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This is my entire handbag Louis Vuitton (LV) handbag collection. Bags Mentioned: Pochette Metis Pochette Accessoires Trouville Deauville (Monogram) Deauville (Datier Ebene) Cartouchiere GM Neverfull MM Sac Plat Speedy 25 Louis Vuitton Authenticator: Sac Plat Bag Organizer: Social Media: Instagram: Poshmark: Trad...!
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This video shows how easy it is to spot an authentic LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull bag. 5 Easy-To-Spot features = 5 fingers of yours on a REAL authentic LOUIS VUITTON Neverfull bag instead of a fake! 1. Stitching 2. Pocket size 3. Date code (CORRECTION: in the video I said that the two outer numbers are the year and the two inner numbers are the day. This is incorrect. The 2nd and 4th numbers are the year and the 1st and 3rd numbers are the day of that year.) 4. Monogram LV placement 5. Patina. (Hai...!
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SUBSCRIBE ♡ Come see what I keep in my favorite Louis Vuitton bag that I use on a daily basis! Louis Vuitton Montaigne BB (monogram) PRE-LOVED OPTIONS: Other sites I like are FashionFile & Tradesy & Rue La La but they are sold out currently SUNGLASSES: GOOD GIRL LOTION/PERFUME SET: FIRST...!
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Louis vuitton outdoor messenger bag review LV handbags men crossbody online discount handbags yupoo review haul amazon dupes designer bag dhgate unboxing Doron collection replica Any question,just feel free to contact me by following email: [email protected] Subscribe and like!Thank you!...!
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↓OPEN ME PLEASE↓ Louis Vuitton Handbag collection 2018! :) Hi everyone! Thank you so much for watching my Louis Vuitton handbag collection 2018! Handbag collection videos are my favourite to watch so I thought I’d file one. I absolutely love Louis Vuitton handbags as they are so durable and timeless. I hope you find my Louis Vuitton handbag collection video helpful if you are building up your collection as well. Also, let me know what you think of the Capucines bag and whether you think ...!
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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::OPEN ME PLEASE::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hi Everyone! Todays video is one of my most highly requested ones so Im happy to finally share with you all my ENTIRE Louis Vuitton collection. I will also be showing quick mod shots on what each bag looks like on me - for reference I am 164cm tall approx 55. Thank you so much for watching and I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions pls ask in the comments! xx Mel Would love if you join my YT f...!
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I hope everyone is staying safe and at home as much as possible. Hopefully this video serves as a nice temporary distraction. I am sharing my new LV from the newly launched Escale collection. 🌸🌸 Please click on the SUBSCRIBE button & hit the 🛎 to receive a notification every time I upload a new video. I appreciate your support so much! All opinions are my own and all items purchased with my own $$$$. 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 Come check out my IG:!

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