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The code is “YM1201”, which could offer 12% discount Pre-International Lolita Day&Easter sale: April 19 - April 25 sale 20% Sale discount and my discount can not be used at the same time! Dress: As I know, devilinspired website sells chinese brands lolita dresses. Lolita dresses are original designs from popular brands. The dress in this video from br...!
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After waiting for months, having things cancelled and receiving the wrong size, I think I will be looking for another TaoBao reseller in the future. But some of the things in there are great! Belle Langue Code OP: Link to buy it from me: Mint JSK: Unlock so much more content and free stuff by ...!
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Back when I was in high school I used to be a daily lolita, but college and post-college were pretty rough years for me and I gradually fell out of it. Recently, now that my health (especially mental health) has been a little bit steadier Ive been feeling inspired to experiment with my style more and Ive found myself really missing lolita fashion! This is the first lolita dress I have attempted to make in over five years and it was honestly a bit of a journey! Music: Cola Flavored by Public P...!
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Thank you sponsor This is the wig I wore in this video: ----------------------------------------­--- Help support my lolita content For extra content and previews Tip Jar- ----------------------------------------­-- Never buy lolita from Walmart Places to buy lolita fashion • Closet Child - https:...!
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♡ Hey guys! Heres a review video for my new budget friendly lolita dress ^^ I bought this dress from a website called Bodyline I am usually a size small 6 to 8 (in New Zealand) this dress I bought was in size Medium. It fits nicely so I would recommend sizing up when buying from this site. ⟣ More lolita content ⟣ Makeup tutorials, reviews/try ons and lolita meet up vlogs ⟣ lolita FAQ ⟣ http://lolita-t...!
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Hello! I am back! Heres my creation process on a major thrift flip I did on a three pieces of old clothing that I turned into a fancy lolita dress. This is my entry for a contest on a local sewing group and I tried my best to work within the limitations / guidelines of not using any new material except for the fasteners like garters and zippers. Ive been upcycling since I was 14 but I can say that this is the best of my upcycled works so far. This is my first DIY video and first time that I d...!
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Basic sewing skills of how to sew Lolita dress for beginners: Sewing note of first part of the dress, start at 0:08 The first part of the dress: Easy/fast way to sew ruffles(2 types) on a skirt/dress without gathering and using ruffle foot How to Make Lolita Bow:!
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♡ Hey guys! Heres a review video for my new budget friendly creepy cute lolita dress ^^ I bought almost a full coordinate to attend a Halloween meet up we had. Yes its November now but I had a pretty rough time recently and didnt feel like sharing.. buuuut its a super cute coord at a super reasonable price so now that I am feeling more myself I wanted to share it with you! ⟣ More lolita content ⟣ Makeup tutorials, reviews/try ons and lolita meet up vlogs!
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Another project done really am looking forward in shooting this set would blond or black suit the color of the hair? comment down below. I enjoy making this because yes tons of raffles + white is one of my favorite color. I really enjoy this simple set sweet theme dress. For now I have other design to finish I am aiming to do all DIY for those vlogs since some people actually are interested in the process of making the dresses. Hope you enjoy this tutorial and see you all next time. Another Epis...!
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♡Hey guys! Im super excited to share this huge haul video and my new strawberry coord with you 🥰 I adore the colour red and strawberries so its about time I got them in my wardrobe! ♡ Find me on IG ⟣ More lolita content ⟣ Makeup tutorials, reviews/try ons and lolita meet up vlogs (✿˵◕ ɜ◕˵) .。・:*:・Product links!!・:*:・。. All these items are from Taobao. You will need a shopping service to shop with them a...!
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How do you put together a lolita fashion coordinate? I am here to help! ~hopefully~ fashion is hard, and everything I know about putting a lolita coordinate together I learned over years of trial and error. We all went through an Ita faze... dont worry about it! If your new to lolita and want to start putting some outfits together, give some of these things a try! ~I hope you find it helpful!~ Music : Please give this video a like, share and a comment if you liked ...!
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Hello everyone! I hope you enjoy this tutorial! I used about 2 yards of cotton fabric. Let me know if you have any questions and if I should put more information about how to make this dress on my blog :) If you make anything Id love to see it! (tag me on Instagram or anything) Links: Instagram: Blogspot:!
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**MOTE** I forgot to mention in the video that when you are cutting out pieces, If your using a border print fabric, follow all the directional arrows for the grain line thats indicated. If your using a repeating pattern like I am, follow the grain lines for the lining on all pieces. Hello!! You asked and I sewed! Here is the dress tutorial for the Simplicity 8444 pattern. I think its a beautiful dress and a great pattern. There still are a few tweaks that I want to mention in a later video, bu...!
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Y’all I came up with the idea for this haul knowing damn well I was going to get some bootleg ass, Party City quality dresses. While I could honestly roast them, pick at them, or shame the seamstresses like a snobby asshole, I chose to look at them positively and friendly :3.What I find charming about people reviewing rip offs of $300 bride gowns, prom dresses, etc from WISH videos is when they are actually nice and appreciative about it, despite most products being obviously garbage. So that...!
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Thank you to Skillshare for sponsoring this video! The first 500 people to use this link will get a 2 month free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: I thought itd be fun to take you along with me on my little photoshoot in Tokyo! My Instagram: PayPal if u feeling extra nice 2day: EQUIPMENT: Camera - Mic - Music: Rainbows Kevin MacLeod ( ...!
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I am unboxing with you the biggest lolita purchase I have ever made. There are tons of lolita dresses, shoes, accessories and petticoats from various TaoBao brands. 0:00 introduction 6:05 ordering details (cost, delivery time,...) 9:19 opening the box Heres the list of what I bought: Diamond Sweet Lolita Spot Original Japanese Girl Lovely Lace Cross Dress [hand] sleeve black cross bow Gothic Black hemp all-match sleeves Lolita Dress ...!
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Royal Vegas Retreat - November 20-22 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Early bird tickets will be sold starting on March 14, 2020 at 12:00PST. Regular tickets will be sold starting June 13, 2020 at 12:00PST. Pretty Princess Club - Instagram - Twitter - ----------------------------------------­--- Help support my lolita content For extra content a...!
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Hello! This is the second lolita dress i made and the first sewing tutorial =) Sorry if the directions arent clear but i hope it still helped! Thank you for viewing :) Materials: 1 yard of black fabric 1 yard of white fabric and 1 yard of lace fabric or you can just use actual lace How to Make a Basic Bodice Pattern from existing clothes: I do not own the music just the video!!~ Music: The song is no longer Sonic the hedgehog- Green Hill Top!...!
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Hej lovelies! So its been like a century since my last lolita onlineshop review so here is a review about :) I hope you enjoy ♥ _____ My FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: Suethcide TWITTER: @Suethcide _____ What NOT to say to a LOLITA: SELF CONFIDENCE: ___ My adress: Postfach 61 06 07 60386 Frankfurt Germany ♥Write me ♥ _____ Intro: Laurin Horschig | Youtube: BrokenHealthbar ♥ Musi...!
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Hello! Welcome back to the final video for the Simplicity 8444 sewing pattern! I feel pretty accomplished for getting through an entire pattern with multiple garments like this pattern has. I would say this underskirt was probably the easiest piece to make. It is very versatile and it would be fun to make this is different colors and patterns and seeing it pop from under your dress. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial/small series and I will continue to do more in the future! Ariana Where Black...!
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My apologies if I look exhausted in this video, I’ve been walking around with a heavy heart and it’s emotionally draining. I hope everyone is doing well. Even in a divided world it is important that we stand together in solidarity to defeat evil and unjust ideologies. Please do your part by researching what charities and local community programs you can participate in to assist the Black Lives Matter Movement. But in case you need some quick advice: Donate: https://www.blacklivesmatter...!
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I realised after filming this that I was trying to be a bit quite because Ouby was asleep next door so sorry if you cant hear some parts! Also the skirt is a bit higher on one side because I put it on in a rush...!
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I ordered a full lolita coordinate from AliExpress. Is it ita? It is a replica? Do I recommend buying lolita fashion from AliExpress? Dress: (I do recommend this shop for dresses and accessories) White socks: (I do recommend this shop for dresses and accessories) Wig: (I do recommend this shop for wigs) Necklace: (I do recommend t...!
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❤️ Amazon shop(over 400 cute items): ❤️ Support me: ❤️ My Etsy Store: ❤️ My Cameo(Book me to make customized video only for you): ❤️ My 2nd channel:!
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Lets unbox 5 dresses and tons of accessories. We have Angelic Pretty, Axes Femmes, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Aliexpress, Lace Market, Porcelain Doll and some things that I bought from my friends. Aliexpress dress: Please note that some of the links above are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase after clicking on the link. Would you like to get gifts in your mailbox every months...!
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Another Project this time Gothic theme, will do this vlog daily I hope I can keep it up tune in for more. I might also update and vlog my costume making process. SORRY IF I USED DIFFERENT COLOR OF THREAD IN THE EDGING, i dot have stock of black and so the reason why I did. For those who wanted to see the dress when worn you can check this link of the official shoot of this project dress. - . ▀▀ █░...!
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♡ Hey guys, I made I mistake. This dress I bought is a stolen design, The original brand is called Vcastle, They have beautiful designs that are still very affordable for how stunning they are! here is the link for this design 💖 Please do not support stolen art because thats what replicas are. If I had properly searched Ta...!
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Music is from Final Fantasy Game - To Zanarkand extendend ;) A liiiiiitle more about my next projects: Instagram: I do have etsy now:( shop is under construction)!
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Since I do not fit in the To Alice dress I decided to do a giveaway. Watch the whole video to learn to to enter to win this lolita dress. Please consider supporting me on Patreon: Follow me: Instagram: Twitter: My Lace Market sales: My Businesses: Fluffy Tori (Lolita dresses and Kawaii accessories): Spiri...!
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How I use elastic thread: How to make Lolita bow Background music: Imagination Forest Credit: Website: Official Facebook: devianArt: Instagram: Twitter : Google: LinkedIn: Yumi ...!
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Hey friends!! Im SO happy with this video!! I cant thank Bodyline enough for sending me these products to review and make content with! Im VERY much new to actually wearing Lolita fashion even though Ive been a fan of it since I first saw it in middle school, so Im really excited to finally start adding some Lolita pieces into my wardrobe and starting to wear it myself! I hope you guys liked this video and let me know if youd like to see more Lolita fashion content from me as I delve deeper into...!
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Software used: DAZ Studio 4.9 CLO3D Blender 2.78 Photoshop CC 2015 P3D Charlotte HD for Genesis 3 Female Kawaii Poses and Expressions for Aiko 7 and Genesis 3 Female Office Pumps Tinkerbell Hair Fabric Factory: Realistic Texturing - Iray Shader Presets!
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This is my dress and clothing haul from Tokyo. I bought a lot of everyday wear, mostly Axes Femme. And some big brand dresses from Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Metamorphose Temps de Filles and Innocent World. I am also selling a few pieces that don’t fit, so don’t forget to check out my Lace Market Sales. Please consider supporting me on Patreon: Follow me: Facebook: Instagram: https://www.inst...!
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Link of base part of lolita dress: Or you could use this method: Sewing note of first part of the dress, start at 0:08 The first part of the dress: Easy/fast way to sew ruffles(2 types) on a skirt/dress without gathering and using ruffle foot How to Make Lol...!
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Hello there thank you so much for watching, if you wanted to see the dresses official photoshowcase you can check this link -!
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This is my review of a lolita jsk I received for free from Devilinspired. I was not paid to make this video and my review on the dress and overall service are honest because I keeps it real. The JSK I received is by the brand ZHIJINYUAN and the print is called Fairy Tales. I got size L-XL in the light blue colorway. I will be posting a complete coord with this JSK on my Instagram so be sure to follow me Devilinspired Website: http://www.devilins...!
Channel Title : Claire Max Views : 9129 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-07-02T23:54:18Z
I love doing unboxings (probably because I love shopping) and this dress is SO gorgeous! Many thanks to the kind and lovely people at DevilInspired, and thank YOU for watching! You can find these items and more at!...!
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Hello Everyone!! I FINALLY got up my first tutorial of the year!! I really love a lot of the styles from Atelier Boz, so when I saw a pattern in my stash that was extremely similar, I just had to figure out how to put one together! Its been a while since Ive made my own modifications/patterns so it was definitely a bit challenging getting back into it. I ended up adding waist ties, sleeve cuffs, a more dramatic collar and a strip of trim at the ...!
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My haul contains a JSK (Strawberry Bunny by Souffle Song), 3 blouses, tights, headbows and a 3-way bag. Here’s the link to the items I bought and my review: Bow clips Review: super cute clips, perfect color. Chiffon blouses: Review: its free size but so big and has a good elastic. It will fit anyone, plus size...!
Channel Title : Oaishe Views : 3242 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-07-29T22:30:53Z
Hey guys! Heres the website: where to get the dress: The petticoat: (the fabric is actually organdy, not organza) You can use the coupon code oai11OFF for 11% off :) Check out my instagram for more pictures! Thank you to my friend Mahataz for recording me in the outfit! Her Instagram: Music:!
Channel Title : Rainbow Redwood Views : 16741 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2015-07-30T17:00:00Z
This is a video request by Amaris Joseph who wanted to see me make a Lolita dress from start to finish. I went about this process with out a solid plan so there were some bumps toward the end but it came out looking beautiful and I love it! I forgot to mention that I also made my flower crown and other hair accessories.!
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Hi guys! Currently buried in organizing duties for this years Lace Up - A Lolita Fashion mini convention in Manila. Crunched this video to release my late birthday giveaway. lol Also testing how I like non voice over type of sew-with-me videos. I think its calmer to watch? Or idk maybe its just me because doing the voice over is such a tedious task loool. Let me know what you think! Giveaway ends on October 2 and will be done via random raffle. Open for Philippine residents only! You can supp...!
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Opening a dress from Its from IchigoMiko (The sub-brand of Strawberry Witch), its called Purple Delusion or Hydrangea in Space. Its not very clear :S Heres the link to the OP I got: And heres to buy the belt: The Classical Puppet petticoat:!
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In this video i will be testing and unboxing a full coord from Aliexpress! I will review all the items that come along, share the price and the links in case you want to snatch something for yourself! :D Links to all the items: THE BLOUSE THE TIGHTS!

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