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Hey guys! I decided to test out a new camera and just made a random short video. I hope you guys like it! At the end i forgot to erase one clip so sorry about that. Please subscribe...!
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Whittany and Brittany are so, like, bored! Watch the Biskits sing about the things they like to do when theyre bored! For More Littlest Pet Shop: Subscribe to the Littlest Pet Shop Channel: Official Littlest Pet Shop Website: Official Hasbro Channel: Official Littlest Pet Shop App: Shop Littlest Pet Shop Toys:!
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Bella Adams isnt your typical, outgoing, happy-go-lucky teen. She has hoped that her summer would include watching Pawflix alone by herself, being in her room, and not really going anywhere where she would be seen by lots of people. Thats because she is homeschooled, and has social anxiety. Unsurprisingly, Bellas parents are hoping she can make some friends by sending her to a summer camp with 10 other teenagers there, including boys. Stay tuned for Season 1, Episode 2! ********** LETS CON...!
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Today we are opening tons of Littlest Pet Shop packs including: Lucky Dozen, Crystal Collection, Cosmic Collection, and tons of other series 3 pets. Each have their own unique style and colors. #lps #littlestpetshop #littlestpetshopseries3 Toy Caboodle is a safe and family-friendly kid channel for people of all ages. Come take a look around at our sweet channel and subscribe if you wish to see more. -Stay Sweet ☆☆ Toy Caboodles Other Social Media Accounts ☆☆ Twitter: https://twitter.c...!
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Check out the cutest animals from Littlest Pet Shop! These family packs come with mom, dad and little babies! Check out the tiny newborns! So sweet! I hope you enjoy this LPS haul cookie fans! FREE Subscription Never miss a video! Click here : ◕‿◕ ◕‿◕ You rock cookie fans! Ill see you in my next video! - Cookie Swirl C...!
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🔵 Littlest Petshop với phiên bản blind box, hộp bất ngờ, bên trong có chứa 1 bạn pet nhỏ nhắn xinh xắn, 1 charm, và 1 căn nhà nhỏ thiết kế riêng cho từng bạn thú cưng. Thêm một dòng đồ chơi sưu tập với ý tưởng thật hay đến từ thương hiệu Hasbro nổi tiếng của Mỹ. Có 24 set nhân vật khác nhau để chúng ta có thể sưu tập. Nhân vật yêu thích trong tập này của các bạn là gì, hãy để lại co...!
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Всем 👋 вы на канале #LpsCatiCat Меня зовут Катя, я из России ( г. Н. Новгород) Я коллекционер оригинальных Lps и также снимаю разные сюжеты, фильмы с ними.🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♀️Сегодня я собрала сборник анекдотов ; непутёвые смешные школьники, истории и моменты из школьной жизни 🏫 #lps #littl...!
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DRUGI KANAŁ FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM SNAP: glampaula KOSZULKI ASK SNAP glampaula INSTAGRAM PAMIĘTAJCIE! Bardzo doceniam Wasze wsparcie! Każdy komentarz, opinia i ocena jest dla mnie ważna! KONTAKT: [email protected]!
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Přečti popisek a dostaneš imaginární sušenku Zac má svoji první návštevu s Abby, ta ale nadšená není. Za Missandei mezitím příjde Melissa, která se rozhodla odjet pryč, teď když má od Zaca pokoj. Stav Missandei se zhoršuje a po rozhovoru s Deliouh se rozhodne zmizet ihned z města. Dokáže ji Sawyer přesvědčit, aby zůstala? A co na její odchod řekne Zac? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tohle je poslední díl příběhu Rodina. ...!
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Here is something a little different from my usual! Today Im going to be showing you the popular cat and dog LPS in real life! SEND FAN MAIL: MLP Fever Unit 1558 109 Vernon House Friar Lane Nottingham NG1 6DQ UK Please like, comment, share, and subscribe. Thank you, Cleo x LINKS: Etsy Store: Website: Instagram: MUSIC ATTRIBUTION: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative ...!
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Приветики! На моём канале есть множество видео! Если понравился этот видос, то советую посмотреть и другие) А также можешь подписаться, и сразу станешь стейликом!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 🔥 Lps продажа ~ ❤️ Продажа интересных товаров, канцелярия и многое дру...!
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~✿❀ ⋆☆❤CLICK ME!❤☆⋆ ❀✿~ LPSLoverQAs instagram - ~✿❀ ⋆☆❤FOLLOW ME!❤☆⋆ ❀✿~ Instagram - Discord - Etsy - Tik Tok - Merch - Animation Channel - Vlog Channel -!
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Слайм Сэм и его подруга Сью обожают милых зверят из серии Littlest Pet Shop. Они распаковали уже много животных, но не планируют останавливаться. Носить героев Littlest Pet Shop в качестве украшений? Конечно! Сью хочет собрать всю коллекцию этих симпатичных колечек! В каждой упаковке кол...!
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Brooke Hayes mom is out for the weekend. Naturally, this means that Brookes throwing the party of the century and anyone whos someone is going to be there. But it isnt going to be all about dancing and drinking punch. Brooke and the other Barbies have a plan to take Savannah Reed down once and for all – and things arent going to be pretty. Speaking of Savannah, what are her and her friends up to? Theyve been planning something for the party... and chances are its going to mean a huge change. W...!
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Thanks for watching! Season 2 is here! Remember to subscribe and click the bell! NEW EPISODES come out EVERY Wednesday! The Film Club members are ready to start their junior year! Bullies are gone, opportunities arise, and they are ready to win state this year! Everything is going to be great!... well, at least they thought... Merch: My Face Channel: My eBay:!
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Bu videomda minişlerle ikokulun ilk gününü çektim. İyi seyirler♡ -Kanalımıza abone olursanız çok sevinirim. (Abone olmak ücretsiz.) Hemen abone olabilmek için» -Ayrıca bizi, sosyal medya hesaplarımızdan da takip edebilirsiniz! ·İnstagram» ·Twitter» ·Facebook» ·Dailymotion» -Diğer kanallarımıza da bakabilirsiniz⤵︎ Minişler Cupcake Tv!
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Anna and Elsa are sisters and the best of friends. Elsa was born with magical ice powers and she loves to make Anna happy by making an indoor winter wonderland. But one night, when they are playing, Elsa strikes Anna in the head with her ice powers! What will happen to Anna? ==================================================== Hey guys! This is the first LPS Frozen episode! I hope you enjoy!!!...!
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Custom SPIKE THE PUPPY LPS || Littlest Pet Shop + My Little Pony by MandaPanda Toy Collector This is the coolest mashup, Littlest Pet Shop + My Little Pony! Meet Spike the Puppy! ITEMS USED TO MAKE CUSTOM: LPS Cocker Spaniel (PURCHASED ON EBAY FOR $16.00) no longer available in stores Thin Leather Cord Silver Jump Rings: PAINTS: Americana Sour Apple Americana Festive Green Folkart Light Green (no name on bottle) Folkart Perfect Purple Folkart Princess Purple Facbook P...!
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Cześć ! :-)))...!
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❥ LIKE THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO? TRY EPIDEMIC SOUND FREE: (affiliate link*) As of December 28th 2018, I have officially collected LPS for exactly 10 years! This is definitely worth celebrating with an updated collection tour! MY PREVIOUS COLLECTION VIDEO: What camera do I use? This is it ➜ (affiliate link) What lighting do I use? This is it ➜ (affiliate l...!
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♦ AVERTISSEMENT ♦ Cette série et les futurs épisodes traitent dun trouble du comportement alimentaire. Certains passages peuvent être délicats pour certaines personnes, et sont déconseillés pour les + jeunes. • Alice se pose de plus en plus de questions : est-elle trop grosse, combien de calories dans une pomme, comment Agathe fait-elle pour être si belle et si mince même en mangeant tout ce qu’elle veut… Et elle commence doucement à se mettre en danger, inconsciemment. Pourta...!
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~✿❀ ⋆☆❤CLICK ME!❤☆⋆ ❀✿~ Here is a new skit for you guys! I hope you enjoy! ~✿❀ ⋆☆❤FOLLOW ME!❤☆⋆ ❀✿~ Instagram - Discord - Etsy - Animation Channel - Vlog Channel - Twitter - Facebook - Business Email - ...!
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15 tatil bitiyor, ama Hilal okula gitmek istemiyor. Okula gitmemek için bazı yollara başvuruyor. Acaba başvurduğu yollar sonucunda neler oluyor? Merak ediyorsanız videomun tamamını izleyebilirsiniz… Kanalımıza abone olmayıda unutmayın, bu arada aşağıdaki hesaplardan da bizi takip edebililirsiniz. Bu videoda kullandığım arka plan müziği ‘’Claudio The Worm’’ youutube müzik kitaplığından bulabilirisiniz. 🐾İnstagram Hesabımız (YENİ) ; https://www.instagram....!
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Yes... yes I know... I have no other ideas for the title.... Hope you enjoy this video anyways :) Listen to your parents to! :)...!
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Přečti popisek a dostaneš imaginární sušenku Co se stane, když se náš herec rozhodne stát youtuberem, zvlášť když né všem se to líbí...? --------------------------------------------------------------------- Dnešní video je víceméně parodií (nejsem si jistá jak jinak to nazvat) na seriál od Disney Pixar Autogrotesky: Burákovy povídačky. V tomto seriálu v každém díle vypráví Burák svému kamarádovi Blesku McQueenovi různé historky, o kterých tvrdí, že tam...!
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Друзья!! Вместе с вами мы придумали, сняли и посмотрели уже четыре серии удивительных приключений петов!!! История началась с полета в Париж! А сейчас ребята в своем родном городе находят новых друзей и учатся всяким необычным штуковинам! Так следующей серии петы отправятся...!
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Moikka ystävät, tällä kertaa minun äiti valmisti Lps faaneilla littlest pet shop bigger surprise oranssin kassin. Suomennettuna littlest pet shop isompi yllätys kassi. Kassin sisällä on yllätyksiä joita minä en tiedä,koska äitini on laittanut ne sinne. Sen verran hän paljasti että siellä on uusimpia pet shoppeja jotka on julkaistu tänä vuonna 2019. Avaamme tämän isomman yllätys kassin teidän kanssa tässä videossa ja jännityksellä katsotaan minkälaisia pet shoppeja Hasb...!
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Niia, severní část Pilny, 1992 Příběh vyprávějící o vztahu dvou sourozenců a jejich okolí. Janis, 16ti letá obyčejná holka, nechce vyhledávat moc konfliktů, přeje si pouze spokojeně žít se svým bratrem, ovšem postupně zjišťuje, že je to čím dál tím horší. Jejího bratra - Elliota, kryje jeho matka, která nenávidí svou nevlastní dceru Janis. Společně s Elliotem se ji snaží vyhnat ze společného bytu. Oba sourozenci mají společného otce, který se k ...!
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In perfect order - W idealnym porządku. Odcinek jest po części upamiętnieniem serialu. Wspomnienia Rozy, są zbyt mocne, by dziewczyna zrezygnowała ze wszystkiego. Wyjaśniła swoim nowym towarzyszom skąd pochodzi i kim jest, lecz było oczywiście ciężko. Na szczęście Roza udowodniła to przepędzając jednego zombie słowem Bożym. Zaraz po tym, uświadomiła sobie istotną rzecz. Miłość może wszystko, miłość jest najsilniejsza. Pobiegła w stronę polan i tam odprawiła rytua...!
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Ahoj všichni, když jsem začínala na YOUTUBE sledovat videa s LPS, tak se mi moc líbily jakékoliv Rozmazlené a vždycky jsem si chtěla nějakou natočit :D ... tak tady je ta moje :D Hezkou zábavu. LPS Verča...!
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Bu bölümde “Okullar Arası Bilgi Yarışmasına” katılacak kızlarımızın yarışmadan önce neler yaptığını ve yarışmayı göreceksiniz. Aleyna, sınıftaki tüm öğrenciler, hatta annesi bile Eylül’e sürekli ders çalışmasını söyleyince Eylül pişman olacak. Aleyna ise ohh anca telefonuyla oyunlar oynasın. Deniz zaten yarışmayı kazanmamaları için elinden geleni yapacağını söylemişti. Durum böyleyken acaba kazanabilecekler mi? Bu sorunun cevabı için vid...!
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- Francis a Dolce přijíždí do střední Pilny, ovšem netuší, co všechno na ně čeká. / Tohle je jeden z mých největších projektů vůbec. Doufám, že se vám bude líbit. :) INSTAGRAM: lpseveline...!
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Russell, Sunil e Vinnie. Conheça os meninos do Littlest Pet Shop! Inscreva-se no canal de Littlest Pet Shop para ficar por dentro dos novos vídeos: Visite nosso site e saiba tudo sobre Littlest Pet Shop:!
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♡‘’Eylül ve ailesi yeni bir mahalleye taşınıyor. Eylül, herkesin korktuğu -okul müdürünün kızı- Aleyna’ya karşı çıkıyor ve Aleyna’nın düşmanı oluyor… Bu yüzden okulda Eylül’ü zor anlar bekliyor.. O da diğer öğrenciler gibi Aleyna’ya boyun mu eğecek? Yoksa hep hakkını mı isteyecek?’’ Okul Maceraları Serisini izlemeye devam edin! ♡Tüm bölümleri izlemek istiyorsanız↙︎ ♡Ücretsiz Abone Olabilmek İçin↙︎ htt...!
Channel Title : SugarPetShops Views : 93179 DisLikes : 122 Published Date :2019-01-12T08:00:04Z
Tämänpäiväisessä videossa avataan joululahjani! Mikä petseistä oli suosikkisi? Itse en osaa valita, pidin kaikista niin paljon. Joulussa tärkeintä oli kuitenkin läheiset ihmiset - he ovat se lahjoista parhain! Instagram: SugarPetShops...!
Channel Title : SugarPetShops Views : 243229 DisLikes : 169 Published Date :2015-12-07T17:16:28Z
- LISÄTIETOA, AVAA - Hei kaikki joulun innokkaat odottelijat! Tässä videossa näytämme teille yhden tavan valmistaa joulupaketteja petseille, tai miksei vaikka muillekin pienille otuksille. Toivottavasti sait inspiraatiota tai hieman joulumieltä! VINKKEJÄ: -Askarrellessa tulin siihen tulokseen, että liima olisi teippiä parempi vaihtoehto, etenkin jos askartelussa käytettävä paperi on paksua. Teippiä on vaikeampi saada siististi paikoilleen, ja sitä täytyy käyttää paljon. Neste...!
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♦ AVERTISSEMENT ♦ Cette série et les futurs épisodes traitent dun trouble du comportement alimentaire. Certains passages peuvent être délicats pour certaines personnes, et sont déconseillés pour les + jeunes. • La sentence est tombée, Alice est admise à l’hôpital. Malheureusement, tout ne se passera pas comme prévu, Alice donnant du fil à retordre au docteur Nelson et à sa voisine de chambre. Ce séjour à l’hôpital est-il réellement une solution, ou bien Alice ne fait-el...!
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Tassuliina03:n kisaan. 1~kierros Toivottavasti ei jäisi viimeiseksi kierrokseksi. ~ Magnumin pitäisi pitää synttärit. Mutta hänen isoveli, Hannu aikoo pilata ne, että voisi rauhassa pitää omat pelijuhlansa. Janika626...!
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W rolach głównych: chłopaki z LPS! Aby uzyskać więcej Littlest Pet Shop: Zapisz się do Littlest Pet Shop Channel: Dziennik Littlest Pet Shop Strona internetowa: Dziennik Hasbro Kanał: Dziennik Littlest Pet Shop App: Shop Littlest Pet Shop zabawki:!
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Bananapetshopsin kisaan ~ (1-Kierros) Toivottavasti tykkäät :) ~ Kristalli-nimisen pupun sisko on prinsessa eikä huomioi oikeaa perhettään ollenkaan. Hänen takiaan Kristalli perheineen asuvat kujalla ilman rahaa. Kristalli keksii suunnitelman jonka avulla hänestä tulee prinsessa siskonsa tilalle. Faline joutuu kujalle asumaan, mutta Kristalli ei halua olla paha siskolleen. Ja en tiedä minkään kecinmcleodin musiikkien nimiä, mitä tässä videossa kuulette. Janika626...!

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