Lamborghini Gallardo

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We have a 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo, combined with the performance, looks and price.. this is an unbeatable FIRST supercar! Subscribe to Wills channel! CAMERA EQUIPMENT I USE: (These are affiliate links that I get a minor kickback from IF you were to buy any of the items below) Main Vlogging Camera: Sony A6400 Sony 10-18mm lens: Sony AX53 Handycam (4K) Sony AX33...!
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WHAT ITS LIKE TO DRIVE A 2004 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO STRAIGHT PIPED 6 SPEED MANUAL *POV DRIVE* In this video I drove my 2004 LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO STRAIGHT PIPED 6 SPEED MANUAL in POV, as well as, some other amazing shots of the lambo. Plus, I gave my personal feedback / review. This is an amazing car! Hope you enjoy the video and more to come!! Thanks #VV NEW MERCH: Shoutouts to all fans who buy more than 4 items on the store! SUBSCRIBE TO VEHICLE VIRGINS ►!
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2012 Lamborghini Gallardo. Jay does a side-by-side comparison of the LP 570-4 and the LP 550-2 with Andrew Romanowski from the Lamborghini Club America. » Subscribe: » Visit the Official Site: THE BEST OF JAY LENOS GARAGE » Exclusive First Looks: » Ultra Rare Supercars: » Jays Book Club: JAY LENOS GARAGE ON SOCIAL Follow Jay:!
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Win the McLaren 570s here:!
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Jeremy test drives the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder around the Top Gear test track. Subscribe for more awesome Top Gear videos: Top Gear YouTube channel: website: Top Gear Facebook: Top Gear Twitter: This is a commercial channel from BBC Studios. Service & Feedback!
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Follow Us on Instragram! @VehicleVirgins Like us on Facebook! The Gallardo was my childhood dream car. It been my phone background since the iphone 3g, my bedroom wall poster for many years and always held a special place in my heart. I’ve wanted to review the gallardo since Vehicle Virgins was started in 2011. I spent countless hours imagining the driving dynamics, the insane sound and exotic persona. Today is an extremely special day, because this is ...!
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Is The Lamborghini Gallardo The Cheapest Supercar? Lets review the Lamborghini Galardo and let you know what this supercar is all about. Its not every day you get to see someone walk through a Lamborghini Galardo, rev the engine, and also take you for a drive. Here is the Lamborghini Gallardo driving experience, and what its like to own one of the cheapest supercars on the market today. We are always looking for supercars and supercar products to test, drive, and review, so if you would like...!
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After searching for months, I finally found the Lamborghini Gallardo Ive been looking for! Finished in Arancio Borealis, it only has 9,500 miles and it is a one owner car!...!
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This is a detailed walkaround and review of a 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo with the gated manual! Outstanding car that is in excellent shape. The Lamborghini Gallardo is an awesome affordable supercar at the time now on the used market. Lets see why its so cool! Rather then being equipped with the E-Gear transmission, this Gallardo is rare with the 6 speed gated manual shifter! Check out Foreign Cars Charlotte for your next exotic car! Vlog/Action Camera: - S...!
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I finally bought my dream supercar! I bought a Lamborghini Gallardo at the age of just 17 years old. This is a huge day for me and Im happy to share it with you. I will make future videos outlining operating costs, mods, exhaust, etc. Enjoy! Subscribe to JR Garage for more videos: JR Garage Store: Instagram: Follow us on Snapchat: @JRGarageYoutube Follow us on Twitter:!
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Today I decided to take the 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo for a spin. This car has an agressive 5.0L v10 motor that pushed out 500+ horsepower. In this video you can hear the exhaust revs and downshifts as I cut thru gears. Also I review the feeling of this Lambo Gallardo vs. Huracan and other exotic cars as I test drive in Bergen County NJ. Camera - Go Pro Hero 7 If you like this video check out some of my other videos: Flyin...!
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Yes, you read the title correctly, I am considering buying my first Lamborghini! Shocking I know given what Ive said about their cars over the years but Im always up for trying something new. If I am going to do it, there is only one car that I think I would consider... the mk1 Gallardo Superleggera. With huge thanks to The Supercar Rooms, in this video I get behind one of the best examples currently on offer. Subscribe to STG: Be part of my podcast by becoming a Patr...!
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-Filmed with the Sony FDRX3000 4K Action Camera -Audio recorded with Roland CS-10EM Binaural Mics -Zoom H2n recorder Full List of Video Equipment: Patreon: Instagram: Facebook: The audio in this video was recorded with in-ear binaural microphones. With headphones or earbuds on, youll fee...!
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Lambo V10 Battle! Which sounds better? The first gen 5.0 or the upgraded 5.2 ? Let us know in the comment section below!...!
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No video de hoje aqui nos estados unidos foi diferenciado, aluguei uma Lamborghini em Miami Beach, para gravar e dar umas voltas, esse não foi o unico video... então se preparem que vem mais por ai =D Meu site: ------- Contato Divulgações, Eventos e Parcerias [email protected] Instagram: @MAIKIMORAES...!
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SUSCRIBETE PARA VER MAS VIDEOS : + Canal de Negocios : + Canal de Mansiones y Casas Millonarias : + Canal de Autos y Tuning El Garaje de DOM: La compra de mi nuevo exótico en México no fue lo...!
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LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO LP550-2, um lambo v10, motor central, v10, 550 cvs e tração traseira. Agressivo seria uma delicadeza lara definir esse carro, que está à venda na PIROVANI IMPORT. - DELLA VIA PNEUS: - PITSTOPSHOP, PREPARADORA E OFICINA PREMIUM: - OSTEN BMW: - CALTABIANO JAGUAR, LAND ROVER, MINI E MERCEDES: - LAUDO CAUTELAR E TRANSFERÊNCIA NA SUPERVISÃO:!
Channel Title : smotraTV Views : 4677547 DisLikes : 3887 Published Date :2012-10-25T08:07:22Z - Заходи на сайт! - Вступай в группу! - Эрик Давидыч 6-й выпуск программы тест-драйв от Давидыча. Тестируем Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Оставляйте отклики, что нравится, что не нравится - будем стараться и улучшать качество передачи....!
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LAMBORGHINI AVENTADOR YENİ ARABA !! videomuz sonunda sizlerle arkadaşlar. Araba yarışı havasında ki bu vlog çok eğlenceli geçti.. Daha önceden de lamborghini huracan performante kullanmıştım ama bu tamamen farklı bir sürüş deneyimiydi. hem lamborghini incelemesi ve lamborghini aventador top speed , hemde sürüş zevki yaşamış olduk. lamborghini exhaust sound yani lambo egzoz sesini de bi o kadar keyifle dinlemiş olduk. İlerleyen günlerde lambo vs gtr videoları da gelecek...!
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Subscribe! - I jump onboard a friends customized and insanely loud Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 fitted with a Tubi Style straight pipes exhaust. Turn up the volume!! Facebook: Instagram: @Marchettino Twitter:!
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Arkadaşlar merhaba, bu hafta 1.2 Milyon TL’ye Süper Araba, Lamborghini Gallardo’yu çetik. İyi seyirler. Çekim & Kurgu : Eray Topluoğlu Abone Olun; Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Müzik Epidemic Sound: #lamborghini #gallardo #dogankabak...!
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******************************* SEE ME MORE HERE: Oppa 💛Instagram : 💛Fanpage : 💛Facebook : 💛Twitter: Ajumma ❤️Instagram : ❤️Fanpage : ❤️Facebook : ❤️Twitter: https://twit...!
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#Lamborghini #Gallardo đầu tiên cập bến về Việt Nam vào năm 2007, tạo nên một cơn “địa chấn” thật sự cho thị trường ô tô trong nước lúc bấy giờ với giá bán cao ngất ngưỡng cùng thiết kế ấn tượng của một chiếc siêu xe. #CarPassion.!
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Lamborghini is one of the hottest car brands of all time which is why we decided to make this video on the Lamborghini Gallardo to show you how easily you can actually afford one. If youve been looking to buy your own or you just simply enjoy supercars, this video is for you. This lambo is a Gallardo LP-560 in matte pearl white. Lambos are not just for millionaires, you can actually buy one of these for under $1,000 a month! At Exotic Car Hacks we like to consider this a cheap lambo that can be...!
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Розыгрыш ЛАМБЫ здесь: Трек-лист: По вопросам рекламы и сотрудничества: [email protected] Группа ВК: Второй канал: Инстаграм: При поддержке: #ilingshow...!
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Ever wondered how to operate and drive a Lamborghini Gallardo with their famous E-Gear Transmission? Well, in this video we show you exactly how to operate the E-Gear and how to properly drive it using my 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo in the beautiful Verde Ithica Green color. Let me know if you have questions or if you would like more videos like this. Please like and subscribe! MY FULL ONLINE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT COURSE: SUBSCRIBE TO REAL ESTATE 101: https:...!
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Lamborghini Gallardo/Ламборгини Гайярдо. Лиса Рулит. Миша Прыгунов: Прокат автомобилей: Я в Инстаграм: Смотрите мой проект на YouTube, комментируйте и оценивайте! ********************** Мой канал представляет увлекательные ролики автомобильной т...!
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Epic Lamborghini Gallardo compilation!...!
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In Depth Tour Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 (2013) - Indonesia...!
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Enter to win the McLaren 570s Here: LP560 Gallardo For Sale:!
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Restoration Abandoned Lamborghini Gallardo Model Car #Repair #Abandoned #Car...!
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Canal de Games: Canal do Caio: ♦ Redes Sociais: Snapchat: dudukof Instagram: @EduKof Twitter: @EduKof ♦ Contato Comercial: [email protected] ♦ ChipArt Sociais: MEU COMPUTADOR: Canal: Facebook: #EduKof #Breakmen...!
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Car Trek Ep 1 - Car Trek Ep 2 - @Hoovies Garage Car Trek entry - A tour of Eds garage - Eds dream manual Lambo for free - Ed teamed up with AutoTempest (, @Tavarish, & @Hoovies Garage to see who could buy the coolest car for the price of the new Chevrolet C8 Corvette. He really swung for the fences with this flood titl...!
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Als Matthias Malmedie im Internet den zum Offroad-Monster umgebauten Lamborghini Gallardo entdeckt, will er eines unbedingt wissen: Kann der tatsächlich im Gelände fahren oder ist das ein reines Showauto? In einer Abraumhalde findet er es heraus... Komplette Folgen GRIP bei TV NOW: Alle Infos zur Sendung: GRIP bei Facebook: GRIP bei YouTube abonnieren: http://w...!
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Что за день?! Начался он с заезда на LAMBORGHINI GALLARDO ( V10 5.0, 520 л.с. ), а затем с моим другом Тимофеем Мозговым ( баскетболист NBA ) мы ПОПЫТАЛИСЬ протестить URUS за 22 МЛН, но НЕТ, с ростом в 217 см для Тимохи это оказалось проблематично…) ТАКОЕ НУЖНО ВИДЕТЬ!) Скорее включайте видео и получит...!
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место проживания и Комментарии тут правообладатель производство ОООТВпро Медиа Lamborghini Gallardo суперкар, жесткий, нервный и недосягаемый, как косяк гусей за над демаркационной зоной. Lamborghini Gallardo достоин каждый. Подписывайтесь на наш канал и получа...!
Channel Title : TheSmokingTire Views : 272277 DisLikes : 80 Published Date :2016-06-09T15:51:15Z
This 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo is one of the cleanest examples Ive seen in a long time. Its been modified with JRZ Shocks, lightweight wheels, an aftermarket exhaust and some interior bits, and most importantly, converted to RWD....!
Channel Title : Shmee150 Views : 319669 DisLikes : 100 Published Date :2015-11-03T18:00:03Z
There are cars with crazy exhausts, and then there is the system from ARMYTRIX installed on SupercarsofLondon Pauls Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Bicolore. Having required a complete engine out installation to change everything from the manifolds to backbox, when the valves are set to open this thing makes an insane sound! Close the valves, and its back to being peaceful. Paul and I jump into the Lambo and go for a short drive, discussing the car in general before hearing the amazing sounds off ...!
Channel Title : Supercars of Mike Views : 82213 DisLikes : 82 Published Date :2017-07-01T18:00:01Z
Hoy probamos el Lamborghini Gallardo, una auténtica bestia italiana. Simplemente BRUTAL !! - Mi Facebook: - Mi Twitter: - Google +: - Mi Instagram: - Nuestro Blog: - Colaboradores:!
Channel Title : SOL - Supercars of London Views : 658788 DisLikes : 577 Published Date :2015-12-26T17:00:01Z
Hey Guys, This is a video of average running costs I have experienced whilst owning my Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. Since buying this car, SB Race Engineering, Armytrix, Michelin, DUB Customs and GAD Tuning have all helped make this Lamborghini Dream possible! Plus you guys of course! You are all amazing and thank you all so much for the love and support! Im continually working on bigger and better content:):) Follow me on TWITTER: Follow me on INSTAGRAM: htt...!
Channel Title : MrKesavaraj Views : 21686 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2015-04-05T10:32:24Z
Lamborghini on streets of Singapore... Ultimate Drive out of MBS... enjoyed......!
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Lamborghini Gallardo un toro scatenato dotato di trazione integrale. Guarda altri video su!
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Subscibe to Socal Exotics below! Late night race in Mexico! —Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Superleggera - VF Supercharged/ IPE Exhaust —Lamborghini Aventador SV LP750 - Tuned / Kreissieg Exhaust Comment below who you think won!!! Please hit the subscribe button! Thank you all for the support, comments and likes! Your feedback is much appreciated! All revenue from this account goes to increasing quality and purchasin...!
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วันนี้ @Car Culture Thailand ก็ได้มาเยี่ยมเยือน #YumaMotors อีกครั้ง และได้ลองรีวิว รถเด็ดประจำโชว์รูมของเค้า นั่นก็คือ #Lamborghini ตัวแรงจากปี 2012 นั่นก็คือ Gallardo Performante Spyder 570-4 ที่มาพร้อมสีส้มจี้ดจ้าด Arancio Orange หากใครร...!

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