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Oh boy oh boy, here we go. Get comfortable. Get cozy. Not cozy enough? Well youre in luck because heres the video thats going to teach you how to knit the coziest of cozy, the queen of comfort, the reason sheep exist: THE SWEATER. How to knit a sweater is actually easy its almost sickening how not-intimidating it is once you learn the basics, so those are what I cover in this video. Shortcuts! Putting stitches on hold: 4:10 Combining them all together: 11:56 Shaping the shoulders: 22:30 Oth...!
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Knit this super simple garter stitch sweater from start to finish with my beginner tutorial! Youll learn everything you need to know right here, in sizes XS-3XL womens! Written Pattern (& sizing) - Be sure to click subscribe - lets be friends! BLOG: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Google+:!
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Hey, sweetums - have you ever wondered how to knit your first sweater but felt intimidated? Lets do it together! Weve filmed a full video course showing you how to knit your first sweater from start to finish. This is the Creery Pullover by Emily Walton and comes in xs through 5xl. When you purchase this course, you will receive a series of videos. You can watch them at your own pace and you will learn: •How to...!
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Go to my IG to enter in the GIVEAWAY! (CLOSED) FOLLOW ME FOR MORE GIVEAWAYS: Materials I used: Yarn: Needles: Tapestry Needle: Click here to buy the kit: Click here for $12 off the kit! Use code MGMLPCIGK at checkout:!
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Are you ready to knit your very first sweater? Designer Katy Banks takes you through all the key steps to complete your first worsted weight sweater from the Knit Picks book Knits for Everybody. Available here:!
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In this fashion-forward knitting class, learn how to hand-stitch a modern, chunky sweater. Knitting expert and co-founder of Wool and The Gang, Jade Harwood, walks you through completing the pattern they designed exclusively for Good Housekeeping in this step-by-step video. From the pages of the magazine, straight to your closet—Jade teaches you how to knit and join together all of the pieces for your own cozy creation. FREE Downloadable Pattern: #HowToKnit #Knitting #D...!
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Instagram: –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– @erinlizabethw –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Etsy Shop: purchase pattern here –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Vide...!
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ANAASHAH My Ravelry Project Page: Ravelry Pattern Page: RANUNCULUS My Ravelry Project Page: Ravelry Pattern Page: TONNACH My Ravelry Project Page: Ravelry Pattern Page: NAVELL...!
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The history of the Irish Sweater mixed with home grown flavor and an artists life long love of the craft sets the premise for this show clip....!
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Free Knit Pattern: Bernat Velvet yarn: This free knit pattern is the perfect project to add some plush in your closet. Watch along as you go through easy-to-work raglan shaping, plus knit and simple decrease techniques. Make this top-down knit sweater with the gorgeous Bernat Velvet yarn, letting your project shine. #TopDownKnitting #HowToKnitASweater #BernatVelvet How-to video by Mary Beth Temple of Hooked for Life (!
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Hi all! I hope you enjoy this video taking you through the process from undoing a thrifted blanket, to planning, knitting, then unravelling and re-knitting this rib-knit raglan sweater. It isnt a tutorial, or a specifically technical or instructional video, but more a short insight into my process, and the pros and cons of working without a pattern and with thrifted materials. I can do a more in-depth video if anyone is wondering, just reach out! This sweater was really fun to knit, and I alw...!
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Look my friends, I have something exciting to share with you from my, To Do List. Many of you have ask for a step x step sweater knitting series to watch, so I hope that this is what you had in mind. I will be designing several sweaters in this series of tutorials, but we all have to start with Step: 1. Thanks for waiting, and smiles from J. 2020 Legacy Wall Calendar, with artwork by Stephanie Ryan. Music: Audio Library - You...!
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Velvet Slouchy Knit Sweater Pattern For Beginners! This video is Part 1 of a three part series on how to make a knitted sweater.  Part 1 - How to make the front and back sweater panels Part 2 - How to knit the sleeves ( Part 3 - Putting the sweater together ( **Use this video tutorial along with the pattern. You will need to reference the pattern for stitch counts and other important information.** Free pattern:!
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Get started on your Fair Isle Knit Sweater with Marly Bird! The Nomad Fair Isle Knit Pullover tutorial is split into 5 parts. Free Knit Pattern: Follow along to Part One. Click Show More for Part 2. Start watching Part 2: Patons Alpaca Blend yarn: This Sweater pattern is stitched top down, starting at the collar, in order to create a deep Fair Isle yoke, which extends beyond the sleeve separations. It features 2 x 2 r...!
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Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get day-to-day video coverage of what’s going on in China and beyond! Interesting career choice! A man in Guangdong, #China resigned from a multinational corporation and began #knitting sweaters live on social media. He enjoyed watching his mom and neighbors knit in childhood, and is proud to keep this craft fashionable. Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook:!
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My First Knit Sweater KAL Week 1 is a perfect sweater for a beginner knitter. Take this virtual class with Marly Bird as she helps you make your very first beginner knit sweater. This is the spring 2019 knit-along hosted by Marly Bird and sponsored by Red Heart Yarns. The sweater pattern was designed by Marly to be simple, on trend and skill building. Take what you learn in this KAL and make many more sweaters in the future. The knit-along begins April 3, 2019. Each week for 6 weeks one part...!
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Todays video is a crash course in sweaters. I cover everything from styles to materials to basic care and more. Thank you so much for watching xx Audrey Subscribe here for more videos like this: WHAT IM WEARING White Sweater: Everlane White Shirt: Brooks Brothers Small Gold Hoops: Stone & Strand Signet Ring: Ruffs Signet Ring Thin Gold Stacking Ring: GLDN Bracelet: Gifted from Mejuri & I love it! http...!
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How to make a DIY knit sweater? Hi everyone. I knitted an oversized, drop shoulder sweater/dress with turtleneck, and in this video Im showing the process. You can find all the measurements I used in the video. This was the first ever sweater that Ive knitted, and Im so pleased with it. I hope it will inspire you to make your own one! V neck sweater video : Instagram: @rosycurio My English is not perfect, please forgive my mistakes. :) If you enjoyed this vid...!
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Learn how to knit your first sweater. This beginner tutorial step by step series will show you every thing you need to knit a sweater . FREE PATTERN HERE You will need Yarn for your size 5mm circular needles ( 40 + 80 cm ) 4.5mm circular needles (40 + 80 cm for rib ) 5mm DPNs ( short circular or you can magic loop with longer ones ) for arms. 4 stitch markers 17st x 22 rows = 10cm x 10cm if you have more stitches try going up a needle ...!
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Hi there yarniacs! I really hope you enjoy making this awesome sweater! Its such a fun make and works up rather quickly which is ALWAYS a good thing! Below Ive linked the blog pattern, the purchasable PDF and the tools I mentioned in the video. Be sure to like & subscribe to this channel & follow me on social media! BLOG LINK: BUYABLE PATTERN: CIRCULA...!
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How to knit a Sweater for Children, step by step (part 1) By Clydknits.With english subtitles. For Simple Sweater With Needle 9mm : 1-For Newborn Around 10 inches ( 54 to 60 stitches we need to cast on) 2-For Toddler Around 14 inches (80 stitches we need to cast on) 3-For 5 to 6 years Around 16 to 17 inches ( 95 to 100 stitches we need to cast on) These Sizes are not exact ,because every person have different size.Always Take Measurements According Of A Person or Kid You Want To Make Sweat...!
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Part 1: The Beginning This is a full 12 part tutorial on how to Knit Your Own “Man’s Sweater.” and CUSTOMIZE its size. If you’ve never made a sweater before, that’s ok. As long as you know how to do basic knitting, you will be able to make this sweater; as I go in detail what to do for each step and how to do it. Tools: 1 Pair of 5 mm (UK 6- USA 8) Knitting Needles 1 Pair of 4mm (UK8USA6) Knitting Needles, Cable Needle and Stitch Holders Part 1 will give you an introduction on what t...!
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i knit sweaters, i can knit the fuk outta big nice sweater...!
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Hey, Lovely! How are you on this fine and fabulous day? We have a new style video for you. I hope you enjoy it! BLOG POST for specifics on what Im showing in the video - check this out if you have any questions: Im tickled as a pickle to announce our newest sweater pattern: Falling Stars Fairisle Pullover An intermediate top-down in the round knitted sweater pattern design. Gorgeous! PATTERN: https://ww...!
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Hola [email protected] [email protected] en este bonito video les muestro como realize este sencillo suéter a punto derecho para todas las edades con agujas circulares. Muy practico y en tendencia .. espero les guste ! Canal creado para principiantes y avanzadas en el tejido de crochet y dos agujas, dyi de todo tipo de ropa tejida en tendencia. Créditos imagenes: @lamanualidades instagram: @uosoylamanualidades...!
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Links for free patterns and much more right here: Raglan sweater for adults: and:!
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Super Easy Basic Raglan Sweater! If you know all the calculations, you will be able to knit all kind of sizes!! Magic Loop Video ➡ Abbreviations K=KNIT P=PURL R=ROW M=MARKER BEG=BEGINNING PM=PLACE THE MARKER SM=SLIDE THE MARKER NR=NECK ROW IR=INCREASING ROW SSK=SLIP SLIP KNIT K2TOG=KNIT 2 TOGETHER Calculations 1. Raise the back of your neck Whole STS / 2 = X ----------- in my case: 120 / 2 = 60 X / how many rows you want to increase = Y ----------- in my case 6...!
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How to knit a cardigan with Yarnspirations free Adult V-Neck Cardigan pattern. Pattern - Yarn - Part Two - For more free crochet and knit patterns and video tutorials, visit my website! Into Knitting too? You may want to check out my knitting patterns too.!
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I love knitting sweaters so today I am going to try on all of my hand knit sweaters! I’m sharing as much info on each sweater as I can including basic pattern designer, type of yarn for the knit sweater, how the yarn is wearing and if I would knit the design or use the yarn again. Find me on Instagram as @Kendra_makes Find my hand dyed fiber and self striping yarn: ALL THE SWEATERS IN THE VIDEO: Effortless Cardigan- Hannah Fettig!
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Learn How to knit front open sweater | GENTS SWEATER Knitting Part 1 with written instructions. Happy Knitting. #howtoknitsweater #gentssweater #knitsweaterformen Good luck ! Dont Forget To Subscribe For More Knitting Help. And Press Bell Icon To Receive Every Video. About : Clydknits is all about knitting stitch patterns,abbreviations, knitting techniques, & all knowledge about knitting ,knitting baby boots,sweaters, how to make bows and pom poms and many more. Facebook Page : https://www.fa...!
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This video is about Knitting a sweater in less than 24 hours. It is a VLOG style video and is meant to document all the stages of the knit. Here is the pattern I used: All music is Royalty free....!
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Learn How to knit a Sweater for Children, step by step part 1 | Front open sweater With english subtitles. About : Clydknits is all about knitting stitch patterns,abbreviations, knitting techniques, & all knowledge about knitting ,knitting baby boots,sweaters, how to make bows and pom poms and many more. Facebook Page : Baby headband : 2 X 2 RIBBING : 1 x 1 rib border ...!
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In this tutorial, youll learn how to knit a basic sweater for children, step by step. An easy pattern, great for beginners, knitted with straight needles. First, well knit the back and the front, they identical; then the sleeves (min 14:51). Written pattern and pictures: How to block and sew up the sweater: V-Neck Baby Cardigan: Learn how to...!
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Link to pattern:!
Channel Title : ExpressionFiberArts Views : 195454 DisLikes : 170 Published Date :2020-04-24T10:40:39Z
Hey, beautiful! We have a magical cardigan pattern for you today: Enchanted! This knit shrug-style pattern can be downloaded here: -Crochet version (Wonder) is here: Wonder Cardigan - -We used our Enchanted Hues sparkle dk yarn set to make this but any 4 skeins of Dk will work - youll need about 1000 yards. -We are a small com...!
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Click: to learn more about Marly Birds online class, Curvy Knits: Plus-Size Knitting! Follow Craftsy Around the Web! About Curvy Knits: ---------------------------- Have you ever spent time and yarn money to knit a sweater that you never wear because it stretched, or feels funny, or makes you look massive? Designer and plus-size lady Marly Bird feels y...!
Channel Title : Heaven Lee Views : 1516 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-10-09T15:58:03Z
My Knit Sweater Collection! All my favourite comfy sweaters in one video! Sweaters & Where I Got Them From: Black & Grey Cardigan- Value Village or Garage White & Grey Cardigan- Value Village Zebra Knit Sweater/Shirt- Value Village Dark Blue/Green Jumbo Knit Sweater- Value Village Grey & Black Knit Sweater- My Grandpas sweater White & Blue Sweater- My Grandpas sweater Long Dark Grey Sweater- Value Village White Knit Sweater- Value Village Brown Knit Sweater- My Grandpas sweater Be sure to s...!
Channel Title : Marly Bird Views : 14321 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2019-04-17T17:08:58Z
Join Marly for a LIVE Q&A for week 3 of the My First Sweater Knit-along. For one hour she will answer your questions about the sweater and demonstrate how to bind off and how to add a lifeline. Get full sweater details here: 🌟 SUBSCRIBE so you can stay up to date with all my new videos. 🥰 Share your project with me on social media! #MarlyBird. 🧶 NEW Chic Sheep by Ma...!
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Here is the link to the downloadable pattern: Enjoy! This is an advanced knitting project. We have other videos you should start with if you are brand new to knitting....!
Channel Title : Just Be Crafty Views : 7755 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-08-20T11:45:00Z
Knit Sweater Tutorial for Beginners! In this video you will learn how to assemble the Velvet Slouchy V-Neck Sweater! This video is Part 3 of a three part series on how to make a knitted sweater. Part 1 - How to make the front and back sweater panels ( Part 2 - How to knit the sleeves ( Part 3 - THIS POST! Assembly **Use this video tutorial along with the pattern. You will need to reference the pattern for stitch counts and other i...!
Channel Title : CLYDKNITS & Zivas World Views : 12582 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2019-10-24T17:17:54Z
Learn to knit This Ribbed Sweater for Gents with english instructions . Happy Knitting. About : Clydknits is all about knitting stitch patterns,abbreviations, knitting techniques, & all knowledge about knitting ,knitting baby boots,sweaters, how to make bows and pom poms and many more. Buy Needles : Facebook Page : How to cast on stitches :!
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Here is a demonstration of How to knit the Aran sweater front and back Part 2 How to knit Aran Sweater Part 1 Sleeves. How to cast on tubular/ Hazir Lastik örgüsü How to cast on stitches Purled on ( this is how I cast on ) Please, check out my other tutorials and dont forget to like, subscribe share them with your friends and family. ♥ ♥ ETSY SHOP https://...!
Channel Title : Beginners LUCKraft Views : 7708 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2020-01-11T03:45:36Z
Hello Everyone! I knitted this sweater before Christmas, but it took a long time to finish editing! This is very basic top down sweater with cable knitting on the sleeves! Here comes Written Pattern with a time. 00:04:55 Cast On: Multiple of 12 // I made 96 00:05:31 RIB: (K1, P1) until your desire length X 2 if you want to do the double neck RIB I made about 3 00:06:59 DOUBLE NECK RIB FOLD IN HALF INWARD (RS), pick up the bottom of st, and K2TOG or P2TOG 00:11:29 RIB EDGE RE R1: ALL KNIT ...!
Channel Title : So Woolly Views : 633089 DisLikes : 274 Published Date :2018-07-26T10:44:26Z
This is a 3 video series to show you how to knit a newborn cardigan, step by step, from the top down. On Part 1 youll learn how to cast on, garter stitch, stockinette stitch, the raglan increases, and how to make a button hole. Written Free Pattern: Part 2: Part 3: Learn how to knit quickly complete series:!
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MORE VIDEO TUTORIALS HERE: This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to loom knit a dog sweater or coat using a 41 peg loom and thick yarn for knitting needles 7 - 8 (US 10.5). In this tutorial you will learn: - How to cast on - How to e-wrap knit & purl - How to work in flat panel - How to work the back part and the chest part directly attached to the neck part (no sewing needed) For more information:!

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