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ITUNES: MERCH: CD/LP: SPOTIFY: From the album ‘Collide With The Sky’ out now. FOLLOW PIERCE THE VEIL: Head here for tour dates, tickets, and VIP upgrades: LYRICS: Dare me to jump off of this Jersey bridge Ill bet youve never had a Friday night l...!
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Sleeping With Sirens perform an acoustic version of Iris originally by the Goo Goo Dolls from the acoustic EP, If You Were A Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack - available now on Rise Records. Directed by Sam Link Featuring Kellin Quinn, Jesse Lawson, Colby Carpinelli & Grayson Hendren Site: Store: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: http://...!
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Machine Gun Kellys official music video for Swing Life Away Inspired by Rise Against Swing Life Away NEW EP ‘BINGE’ IS OUT NOW!: Machine Gun Kelly’s Bloom is available now! Listen to Bloom Now→ MGK Official Merch: Subscribe to MGK→ Follow Machine Gun Kelly:!
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#AVillain x #KellinQuinn - #OweUNothing 😈 #LongNeck & #WideNeck agree! 😅 Thank you to the amazing team that made this whole project possible! ❤🔥🙌 ***TAG YOUR FRIENDS & SHARE 🙏 📽 Video by: @travistarantino__ 🎼 Produced by: @j3rryparker 🎛 Mastered by: @jacobcardinalmusic INSTAGRAM: @Aaron_Villain...!
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“i luv that u hate me” out now: Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for more. 💜 Mixed by Andreas Koliakoudakis Produced by Diego Vicente Stanger Wolnitzky Video directed by Simon Dunlavey and Story Untold 💜 Lyrics: I love that you hate me ‘Cause this war had begun Since day one I hate how you loved me And how you took so long To move on Why do I always get myself into something I’m not ready for? Why do I make the same mistakes I’v...!
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Just uploading for people who may have missed it. I do not own this all credit to Kellin Quinn. Starts at 1:19...!
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Featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, Until We Get Caught releases brand new single Fading Out. Stream It: Connect with Until We Get Caught!
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idobi Radios @Nick Major chatted with @Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn about the new solo project hes working on, what it was like acting in the upcoming TV series Paradise City and the heavier music Sleeping With Sirens have been writing. Enjoy the chat? Be sure to give the video a like and leave a comment! Who else would you like to see Nick chat with?! Follow Kellin Twitter: Instagram: Follow Nick Twitter: ...!
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iTUNES: MERCH: I pack my bags and say goodbye to my wife for what seems like the millionth time. They said it gets easier, but they lied. She looks at me and says Really baby? I will be just fine, but then she looks away so I dont have to see her cry. And that is when I ask myself; How am I supposed to be everything they expect me to be when I feel so alone, cause I left my heart at home. She needs me, ...!
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Hello to all who are watching this video I send a greeting. Support me subscribing and giving me a like in the video does not cost you anything metal brother. *********************************** Subscribe *********************************** More videos Dani Filth Voice Change: Crish Motionless Voice Change: Mitch Lucker Voice Change: James Harrison Voice Change: h...!
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Kellin Quinn at his finest :) READ PLEASE If you ask me what videos I used, I probably wont have any idea. That goes for songs too. The only music I put in was the intro, the rest is on the video clips....!
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I do not own these videos, just edited them for entertainment purposes only! Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens Featuring Jesse, Jack, Justin, and Gabe as well. enjoy :)...!
Channel Title : Collapse Entertainment Views : 2009851 DisLikes : 274 Published Date :2012-08-22T10:07:21Z Kellin & Jesse for Sleeping with Sirens make a song off the top of their heads....!
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Buy/stream New Empire, Vol. 1 out now! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Web: #HU6 #NewEmpire #HollywoodUndead...!
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(C) I dont own the copyright to any of the featured clips....!
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Wolf in Disguise featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens is the second single off of the It Comes in Waves debut EP, Wolf in Disguise Music Video by RedBlack Films Pre-Order the Wolf in Disguise EP Stream It Comes in Waves on Spotify: Stream It Comes in Waves on Apple Music: Stream It Comes in Waves ...!
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Late truck stop nights......!
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Machine Gun Kelly links with Kellin Quinn & Jesse Lawson (both of Sleeping with Sirens) to record an on the spot acoustic cover of Swing Life Away off of Machine Gun Kellys Black Flag Album at Detroits Warped Tour NEW EP ‘BINGE’ IS OUT NOW!: Machine Gun Kelly’s Bloom is available now! Listen to Bloom Now→ MGK Official Merch: Subscribe to MGK→!
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Kellin Quinn!...!
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Watch my interview with Kellin Quinn HERE: 10 Crazy Facts About Sleeping With Sirens: Get BryanStars Merch HERE: Buy my EP on iTunes: Instagram Facebook Twitter Merch ...!
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Id Rather Be Dumb (feat. Kellin Quinn) by Marlhy Stream / Download: Story and Direction by Marlhy Shot and Edited by Brian Jara || Red Llama Media Connect with Marlhy: Lyrics: I’d rather be dumb  Like a child with a gun Shootin my shot till I get ya I promise I will I promise I...!
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iTUNES: MERCH: Click Here to subscribe: Follow us on Twitter Like us on Facebook: I pack my bags & say goodbye to my wife for what seems like the millionth time. They said it gets easier, but they lied. She looks at me & says really baby, I will be just fine, but then...!
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social media; instagram: @catarinalex95 Tumblr: crazyvans or sylvakataryna...!
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From the new album, ‘Youth Authority,’ out now! Available on iTunes: Exclusive CD w/ 2 bonus tracks only at Best Buy: Red Vinyl LP & more available on their web store: Also on Amazon: Follow Good Charlotte on: Website: Facebook: Twitter:  Instagram: http://smart...!
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► Pre-order the new album Brand New Vision now: -- The official music video for Point Norths new single Into The Dark (Feat. Kellin Quinn) available now on Hopeless Records! Directed by Bryam Castellanos @bryambryam --- Lyrics What’s it like being broken I know that life ain’t fair But you’re the only one who cares And if our pain is shared You know it’s yours I’m holding Cuz if it’s mine to bear I’m not afraid to be repa...!
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iTUNES: MERCH: SUBSCRIBE: Is there a right way for how this goes Youve got your friends And youve got your foes They want a piece of something hot Forget your name like they forgot Aint that something So when I see you crash and burn I criticize your every word Im trying to keep from going insane Aint that the way of this whole damn th...!
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For all the Kellic shippers (who are still) out there... Dont take this too seriously though ;) Songs: King For a Day - Pierce The Veil (beginning), Follow you - Bring Me The Horizon And yeah.. I dont own anything....!
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$ of sleeping with sirens perform Ears to see and eyes to hear live acoustic :)...!
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iTunes: Merch: Click Here to subscribe: Could you check my pulse for me To see if Im alive Cuz every time that I am near you Is the only time I feel alright If there were any way I could think to turn back time Id stay here with you Sometimes I sit and wonder Sometimes I feel like letting go All I know is no one should have to be alone I ...!
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Halflives - Time Bomb (feat. Kellin Quinn) (Official Music Video) Visit our website for tour dates, merch, photos and more! Stream/download Time Bomb: Spotify: iTunes/Apple Music: Deezer: Bandcamp: CDs and merch: Visit us: Facebook: Instagram: Twitte...!
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Kellin and Caleb sing a song about their loves....!
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iTUNES: MERCH: SUBSCRIBE: Met a girl at seventeen Thought she meant the world to me, so I gave her everything, she turned out to be a cheat Said shed been thinking for a long time and she found somebody new Ive been thinking that this whole time Well I never thought youd stay Thats okay I hope he takes your filthy heart and then he thr...!
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#kellinQuinn #sws #concert Greetings Macarons I just wanted to share my experience at the sleeping with sirens summer acoustic chill out concert. It was in Hartford CT in the Webster theatre In no way am I trying to brag, Im so grateful and lucky to be going to concerts. I love having adventures and music is one of my many passions. Its helps me get through tough times and I just want to give my feed back to anyone that cares. Hopefully it will be helpful to them. ◾◽◾◽◾◽◾◽...!
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Watch my interview with Kellin Quinn HERE: 10 Crazy Facts About Sleeping With Sirens: Get BryanStars Merch HERE: Buy my EP on iTunes: Instagram Facebook Twitter Merch ...!
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Audio original: All it took was a nail*: Quiere decir que sólo tomó algo pequeño para que las cosas cambiaran. [Lyrics] [Verse 1: J-Dog] All it took was a nail to bring me down And I know if I fail, Ill be phased out I dont wanna wake up in a world without fate And I refuse to live a life where I know there is no change [Chorus: Danny] Not even God can save me now Ive lived this life so upside down If I could turn back the hands of time ...!
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Bueno aquí una persona especial me pidió este video🌚💚, espero que les haya gustado no olviden suscribirse y darle like, pueden pedir sus canciones no lo duden💥...!
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☾Let your eye-spectacles wonder to this bio section☽ CREDIT: For some reason, the text wouldnt render over the video. So a big shout out to @rosecoloredgyu for the clip at 7:21 and @vegbabey for the clip at 7:32. Stream Sleeping With Sirens latest album How It Feels To Be Lost here: You can locate my whereabouts at: Twitter: Yasminesumman Instagram: Yasminesumman Business inquires: [email protected] __­­­...!
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-Video original: -iTunes de i luv that u hate me: Grupo o artista: Story Untold Álbum: i luv that u hate me - Single Año: 2020 No. de pista: 1 Realmente me siento encantado que últimamente Kellin haya hecho varias colaboraciones con varios grupos. Y como es tradición del canal aquí les traigo esta bella canción, espero que la disfruten tanto como yo. :D Redes sociales: -Página de Facebo...!
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If Im James Dean Youre Audrey Hepburn Acoustic video...!
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Social Media- Patreon- @LayedBakDFR - Instagram- @LayedBakDFR Twitter- @LayedBakDFR [email protected] [email protected]!
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Kellin Quinn funny moments, a legend (puns hehe). Video compilation by me but I dont own any of the videos! Thumbnail made on PicsArt and Phonto! All video creds linked below except TikToks which are on Sleeping With Sirens page on TikTok!!
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Spotify: iTunes: FOLLOW US ► Instagram: ► Twitter: ► Facebook: [email protected] Skyline Leeway feat. Kellin Quinn - Remember (Lyric Video) Mixed and mastered: Diego Teksuo.!
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Listen to the full album: Into the Rest by Avion Roe from the album In Separation, available now Order here: Listen on Spotify: Directed by: Sitcom Soldiers Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:!

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