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During our recent trip to Austin, TX for the filming of our Darksiders documentary, we took some extra time to sit down with Joe Madureira to tell his personal journey from developing comics to video games. Support future docs and Gameumentary content on Patreon: Follow Gameumentary For More! Website: Facebook: Twitter:!
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Lets take a look at Joe MAD! follow Joe here: please check out my patreon for over 400 other videos and uploads...$1 will get you FULL access to everything from inking demos, penciling and perspective lessons, anatomy, comic storytelling, comic reviews you wont find anywhere else..and more.!
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The creative director for Darksiders II sits down and draws a sketch of Death while explaining his creative process....!
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An action packed first issue of The Ultimates 3 issue #1 by Joe Mad! all original pencil edition. Video by: Me [email protected] (email for commissions and all art related requests)!
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As we approach a decade of adventures with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Jake takes a look at back at why and how the franchise was able to set itself apart from its contemporaries. Narration: Jake Theriault Music: Free Music Archive (Alte Herren - KieLoKaz) Join our Community Discord: Check out our channel: Subpixel Twitter: Jakes Twitter:!
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Support this channel on Patreon : Shirts, Prints and More : HQ version of the final image available here : My brushes : Instagram : Twitter : Discord : deviantArt : Artstation : https://ww...!
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Joe Madureira » Inhuman # 3 COVER...!
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VZA UPLOADED A VIDEO OF ME PENCILING AND INKING TODAY: enjoy and please follow Joe here! Patreon: Instagram:!
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En éste video trato de copiar/emular los estilos de artistas tan importantes y mis favoritos en el área del cómic. Además, continúa la oportunidad de poder ganarte un DIBUJO ORIGINAL GRAAAAAAAATIS!!!!!! sí... ¿Pero cómo? Fácil, suscríbete a este canal que por cada 100 suscribtores nuevos sorteo un dibujo realizado por mi. Tambien puedes enviarme tu dibujo a [email protected] que podría salir en un próximo video. Y recuerda... Sácale punta, al lápiz!!!!...!
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Joe Madureira Pencil Artwork! Wow!...!
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Inking session over Joe Madureiras Avenging Spider-Man (Marvel Comics). You can see the inked finish result in my DA gallery (liks below) Dont forget to leave a comment, and check out my gallery on DeviantArt. music: Shearer - Run Enemy...!
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Photo Credit at 7:35 - Luigi Novi In this episode weve got: Kim Jung Gi, Joe Madureira, Stjepan Sejic, Todd McFarlane, J Scott Campbell, Takehiko Inoue, Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth. (As well as Colour work from Ferran Daniels, Edgar Delgado and Christian Lichtner) Here is the playlist to all four episodes (and all future episodes) in this series!:!
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During E3 2016 Joe Madureira and his brother Steve Madureira were invited to present their game Battle Chasers NightWar via a Twitch stream hosted by Ezekiel_III and MANvsGAME...!
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Ruined King announcement trailer + a short appearance of Joe Madureira (Joe Mad!) at The Game Awards 2019 where he is invited to say a few words about the announcement of the Ruined King: A League of Legends Story made by Airship Syndicate in collaboration with Riot Forge....!
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PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR BRAINS MELTED BY THE AWESOMENESS IN THIS VIDEO!!! enjoy!! please check out my patreon for over 400 other videos and uploads...$1 will get you FULL access to everything from inking demos, penciling and perspective lessons, anatomy, comic storytelling, comic reviews you wont find anywhere else..and more.!
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Joe Madureira » Inhuman # 3 cover part 4...!
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During our trip to Austin, TX for our Darksiders documentary, we took the time to speak with Joe Madureira about his personal journey from creating comic books to working in the games industry. The full side feature releases on February 13th. Support future docs and Gameumentary content on Patreon: Follow Gameumentary For More! Website: Facebook: Twitter:!
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CONQUE Humberto Ramos Joe Madureira J. scott Campbell...!
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A video of Joe Madureira at MCM London Comic Con 2016 sketching Garrison while talking about his upcoming game Battle Chasers NightWar (Airship Syndicate)...!
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#spiderman #drawing #art Quick 40 min sketch on A2 canvas of joe mads spiderman....!
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Con este video inicio una serie dedicada a conocer el trabajo de los grandes artistas y escritores del mundo de las historietas. Si tienes alguna petición o sugerencia déjamela saber en los comentarios....!
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Neil and Stu are joined by special guest Lucy James for a discussion on the long overdue Wonder Woman movie. Not everyone has been swept up in the hype. We also interview comic book legend Joe Madureira about his forthcoming Battle Chasers: Nightwar game, before Lucy and Neil face off in Wonder Woman-themed quiz, Lasso of Truth or Dare. 00:00 - Intro 03:18 - Wonder Woman 39:12 - Battle Chasers: Nightwar / Joe Madureira interview 49:07 - Lasso of Truth or Dare 01:03:18 - Outro + #PodernFami...!
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The creative director for Darksiders II talks about his history in comics and the founding of Vigil Games....!
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Confiram nossa entrevista com Joe Madureira sobre Darksiders Genesis. Madureira é o diretor criativo do jogo. We interviewed Joe Madureira, Creative Director of Darksiders Genesis, check it out. Inscreva-se no canal: Youtube oficial do site Canal voltado para o mundo Gamer. Se inscreva para acompanhar programas, reviews, gameplays, videocasts, streams e todo tipo de material gamer feito por gamers apaixonados!...!
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GR editor Lorenzo Veloria interviews Creative Director Joe Madureira about the upcoming Darksiders II....!
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Darksiders 3 has just been announced and is being made by Gunfire Games and published by THQ Nordic. If you havent played Darksiders 2 or 3 do yourself a favor and do so as soon as possible! Joe Madureira is a comic book artist and started the game company VIgil Games. After THQ went bankrupt the future of the Darksiders game was quesionable but now that it is being made the question everyone is asking is what involvement does Joe have in this game? Check out my video where I answer that ver...!
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i know another Joe mad piece but hey he is to fun to ink...!
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Don´t forget to Subscribe! Pencils/Lineart by Joe Madureira The amazing, the awesome, the EPIC Joe Madureira is without exception my favorite comic book writer/artist. And because I love his style and characters so much I decided to tribute some videos drawing and painting them. In this video you can watch me digitally ink the Spider-Man and Wolverine from the Savage Wolverine series. Real time: 1,5 hours Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6 Tablet: Waco...!
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Joe Madureira: 2012: Battle Chasers Anthology (comic)...!
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⚡Ofertas Relâmpago de hoje na Amazon: 👉Compre BATTLE CHASERS na Amazon: 👉Pré-venda CAPA PRETA: No vídeo de hoje do Comix Zone, falamos sobre Battle Chasers, uma série de fantasia escrita e desenhada por Joe Madureira no final dos anos 1990, recentemente republicada pela editora Image Comics. — O Comix Zone é o mais completo canal sobre quadrinhos do YouTube. Diretamente de Montreal, no Canadá, Thiago Ferr...!
Channel Title : ARTS Views : 2567 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2016-05-12T14:03:39Z X X (c) ARTS...!
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A discussion about the inception of the Darksiders universe and where it’s headed next. This panel will coincide with the E3 2019 unveil of a brand new Darksiders game that takes the franchise in a fresh direction. This is a panel discussion about the art and business of creating and maintaining an action adventure franchise rich in-game and corporate lore. Subscribe For More Live at E3 ► Follow Geoff on Twitter ► Watch YouTub...!
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For sale on eBay!
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follow joe here: my patreon: my instagram:!
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Darksiders - Joe Madureira Interview...!
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Practicando y practicando, en este caso el entintado, basado en el sketch del gran artista Joe Madureira (Portada Onslaught Reborn). Para más imágenes puedes visitar: Si te gusta el video dale ME GUSTA y SUSCRIBETE....!
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Joe Madureira at E3 sketching. I didnt make this video, it was from the joemadfan site but when I saw the videos of Jim Lee, Leinil Yu, etc on here sketching, I felt Joe Mads should be on here too!...!
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Joe Mad is my hero. Full stop. Taking a shot at coloring some of his classic lineart was a blast. And Christopher Cants stream invaded mine about halfway through so that was chaotic and fun also. Thank you for watching! Music is all by Proleter off of his 2018 album Bubbles. I highly recommend giving it a listen!
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Drawing tight line work can be a hard task. Watch me work on getting tight line work on this Shinobi (PS2) pinup, while I tell you my tips on how to make that task an easier one. If you are interested in signing up for Ghost Citys 5x5 contest go here, Its not too late: Intro Music by Ketsa...!
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Fortsetzung des Video-Interviews mit Joe Madureira, Game-Designer bei Vigil Entertainment. Joe gibt Ihnen einen Einblick in die Entstehung der wichtigsten Charaktere von Darksiders und welche besondere Herausforderungen das Team bei ihrer Entwicklung lösen musste. Darksiders versetzt Sie ab 08.01.2010 auf der PlayStation 3 und Xbox 360 in die Rolle eines der vier Reiter der Apokalpyse. Doch das Ende der Zeit ist zu Beginn des Spiels bereits angebrochen; die Menschheit bereits verloren. Ihre...!
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YouTube review taken from, get the game now from If you play games then head to Gamesweasel TV for free games reviews, new games release dates, developer interviews and news of the best games of 2015. We give you the hottest gaming news, playthroughs and honest video gam...!
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Thanks for watching! For more If you want to see more videos like this one please support the channel by liking this video and subscribing...!
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