Jet Age

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The glamour of transatlantic air travel is highlighted in 6 1/2 Magic Hours, a 1958 film produced by Pam Am to promote their Jet Clipper service from New York to Europe, which featured service and cuisine modeled after Maxims of Paris. A gem of mid-century advertising preserved in the Prelinger Archives.!
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A Visnews/Focus in education co-production. Visnews Ltd. 1987 Pacific Arts Video, 1989...!
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Wow, have things changed! Explores a large metropolitan jet airport, from the traffic control tower to the baggage-processing center. Shows glimpses of hundreds of people on the job. We digitized and uploaded this film from the A/V Geeks 16mm Archive. Email us at [email protected] if you have questions about the footage and are interested in using it in your project....!
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Maestro Vladimir Cosmas Bossalexandre....!
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Provided to YouTube by Nettwerk Records Jet Age · Ladytron 604 ℗ 2011 Nettwerk Productions Producer: Lance Thomas Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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Part -2 The age of Eastern and rise of Air Florida Part -3 The coming of American Dominance This first part of this 3 part series places heavy focus on two of original powerhouses at MIA budding jet age, Pan Am and National Airlines. Pan Am dominated the gateway to Latin and South America with flights to every capital down south and flighting every aircraft in the fleet from MIA. Miami based National Airlines had it’s main base of operations here. National’s very cool logo, the Sun King,...!
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The Bell XP-59A Airacomet was the first American jet aircraft. The XP-59A was intended to be a jet fighter, but it was still slower than the best conventional airplanes at the time. Instead, the XP-59A was used to teach fighter pilots how to fly a jet. These jets were Americas first step into the jet age. Credits: Archival footage - Bell Helicopter Textron via Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum...!
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Support Our Channel : “Design For Survival” is a black-and-white educational film from the Atomic Age telling the viewer of advancements in air travel. Produced for the Aircraft Industry Association by Arthur Lodge Productions, the late 1950s film opens with various aircraft in flight including the NB-36H Nuclear Test Aircraft (NTA) bomber aircraft equipped with a nuclear reactor (a test bed for the time when, the narrator assures us, nuclear aircraft w...!
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From Disneyland to Life magazine, the jet plane not only defined a new age at a critical moment in the mid-20th century, it allowed people to imagine themselves living in the future. In her new book Jet Age Aesthetic: the Glamour of Media in Motion, Vanessa Schwartz, professor of art and art history at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, argues that the jet created an aesthetic that circulated on the ground below, represented in realms as diverse as airport architecture, th...!
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1951 GM Le Sabre Legendary automotive designer Harley Earl had a compulsion to outdo his rivals. Influenced by the dawn of the jet age, and more specifically by the North American Aviation F-86 Sabre fighter, Earl envisioned a car that would blend aircraft styling and functionality with more traditional automotive design. 1955 Lincoln Futura A concept car promoted by Fords Lincoln brand, designed by Fords Bill Schmidt and John Najjar, and hand-built by Ghia in Turin, Italy — at a cost of $25...!
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Click to subscribe! Explores a large metropolitan jet airport (Los Angeles), from the traffic control tower to the baggage-processing center. Shows glimpses of hundreds of people on the job. Revised edition of The Airport Producer: Encyclopedia Britannica Films Courtesy: Prelinger Archives The most viewed aviation channel on YouTube. #AIRBOYD #AvGeek...!
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The Jet Age performs live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 8, 2012. Songs: Hey, Captain I Want To Touch You Again I Want You I Wont Forget Host: Cheryl Waters Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen and Jordan Salazar Editing: Patrick Gateley!
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This week, the guys at Little Wars TV review Check Your 6! Jet Age, a 2010 set of rules published by Skirmish Campaigns for air combat from Korea to the modern era. We score rules based on five categories, then offer a final total score at the end. Visit us at to see how other members of our club scored the rules. We also encourage anyone who has played this rule set to leave your own review here in the comments!...!
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Here Is The Video For WONDERLAND From JAOT. Done By Jet Age Himself; This Record Is On The 5th Echelon Release....!
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Directed by Sherman Price, The Wonderful Jet World of Pan American dates to 1959, as Pan Ams jet fleet began a new era in global transportation. As the narrator states: In the beginning, man’s world was no larger than his eye could see, the far side of the earth was a mystery to him. But slowly man ventures out across the seas, and to all continents. By the beginning of our century, most of the world was on the map. But for ordinary man who wishes to see farther places, time was the enemy. At...!
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This is the second music video for Washington D.C.-based rock group, The Jet Age. You can check out their music and info at and!
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This music video for Ladytron was commisioned by Neumu. Building on the narrative in the track, we follow our characters through their travels and added a back story to create a more dramatic arc, resulting in something a little more twisted....!
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“Airport in the Jet Age” is a 1960s color film that explores a large metropolitan jet airport, primarily featuring United DC-8 Jet Mainliners. While not an exceptional film by any means, it is notable for containing views of LAX World Airport when it was brand new, relatively small (compared to todays version) and still used isolated terminals and with the theme building standing alone at its core. The film opens with a comparison of a book with an airport and how both can take people to pl...!
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It`s glorious, well worth the wait. Buy it if you can. Download for free @theSuper3 or Track List: 01. Warping Walls 0:00 02. Special K (Wombats) 3:13 03. Desert n The Dark (JAOT Dub) (feat. the Stepkids) 7:10 04. ON! 10:57 05. Juney Jones (feat. Mac Miller and Speak) 13:15 06. Panic on Pluto (Interlude) produced by SBTRKT and Matt Martians 14:44 07. Not So Scary (feat. Kilo Kish) 18:45 08. Love In Water 22:32 09. Lily Pads 26:08 10. A Place Where Lovers Go (feat. Jesse Boykins II...!
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it could be 🎧 Stream & Download: 🍡 Music by Jet Age of Tomorrow: © 5th Echelon Jet Repair Co. There is music for every mood. 777 posts new music weekly for you to discover talented artists and your next favorite tracks: ✓ Subscribe to our channel: ✓ Our record label: ✓ Our esports club: ✓ Submit your own track(s): [email protected]!
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Love In The Purple Forest by The Jet Age Of Tomorrow from the album Journey To The 5th Echelon...!
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Off the awesome Voyager LP, available for free at . Wolf Gang, bitch. Fuck Steve Harvey....!
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Considered the first airport of the jet age, Los Angeles International Airport is a prime symbol of L.A.s drive to become one of the globes most vital gateways. A decade of planning was required before the initial phase of construction was completed in 1961, anchored by the iconic, gravity-defying arches of the Theme Building. The airports experimental scheme was the earliest of its kind to use a satellite terminal system, in which passengers walked from airline ticketing areas through undergrou...!
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No Sponsor! Except myself... or more accurately, you! To help support me continue to create videos, you can do so here... Patreon (Monthly) - PayPayl (One Time Donations) - Discord - Amazon Prime 30 Free Trial - Microphone I use = Video Editor = Military Aircraft Models = Military Strategy Book = https:/...!
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Ladytron - 2001 - Jet Age...!
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A small competition of classic airliners with quite an authentic jet age feeling. Locations: Hong Kong - Kai Tak, Paris - Charles de Gaulle, London - Gatwick, Rio de Janeiro - Antônio Carlos Jobim, Frankfurt/Main; Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 17 Plus...!
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Canción de Ladytron Jet Age, - 604 (2001) Lyric she caught her flight at 10am and checked her face at Amsterdam oh, its just what its like when youre only seen at night she left her love somewhere at home and now shes dancing on her own to the kind of disco sound that makes her glad hes not around shes looking at you so maybe youre looking too do you want to be her or dont you? of course you do but would she be you? he doesnt dance as good as she why dont you save a seat fo...!
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Track 16: Asia (Ft. Mike G) - The Jet Age Of Tomorrow Jellyfish Mentality LP I do not own the rights to this video nor the audio, only for viewing pleasure....!
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Just a random little video of Tu-95 nuking a airbase, got more special stuff than this coming up, stay tuned!...!
Channel Title : mr. kobie Views : 4658 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2012-09-15T16:57:26Z Not my cleanest beat but I like the chords and rhythms so, its getting uploaded lol Tyler, The Creator Type Beat Tyler, The Creator Type Beat Tyler, The Creator Type Beat Tyler, The Creator Type Beat Jet Age Of Tomorrow Type Beat Domo23 Wolf Instrumental...!
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Today we go for a walk around the Jet Age museum of Gloucestershire aviation near Gloucestershire Airport....!
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Provided to YouTube by DistroKid The Long Way Home (feat. Syd) · The Jet Age of Tomorrow Gods Poop or Clouds? ℗ 5th Echelon Jet Repair Co. Released on: 2017-09-15 Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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Download link: New Album: Beats of Paradise II : Spaceghostpurrp 2.7.5 Raider Klan / The Jet Age Of tomorrow Type Beat (Prod. NBbeats) For a lease or exclusive, send a message to [email protected]!
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I have no idea if this is from an actual other track, but I do not believe it is. Had to be upload. D/L:!
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Want to support this channel and help us preserve old films? Visit Browse our products on Amazon: Produced by Cate & McGlone, United Airlines presents this 1950’s era, color movie called, Flying Colors. The film attempts to reassure the public about air travel by showing the maintenance procedures followed by United on its new DC-7 Mainliners. It was made just prior to the debut of the jet powered Boeing 707, which is discussed at ...!
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Joining Forces veterans visit the Jet Age Museum in Gloucestershire. It was an opportunity to socialise and share stories. A chance to commemorate those who died in service to their country. Read more: Joining Forces is an Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust-supported project to support veterans (anyone who has completed at least one day of military service born before 1950). Joining Forces Gloucester provides support with a range of social activities for lonely or isolated...!
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Provided to YouTube by Parlophone Norway Jet Age · Kåre & The Cavemen Jet Age ℗ 1997 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by EMI Music Norway AS Percussion: Anders Møller Mixer: Avril Mackintosh Engineer & Mixer, Masterer: Avril Mackintosh Bass: Dag F. Gravem Masterer: Geoff Pesche Guitar: Knut Schreiner Producer: Kåre And The Cavemen Drums: Kåre Joao Pedersen Engineer: Nathalie Heath Engineer & Mixer: Nathalie Heath Recorder: Pål Klaastad Composer: Kåre And The Cavemen ...!
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The Jet Age Of Tomorrow - Dust Off (ft. Hodgy Beats & Mike G) -Video Upload powered by!
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Subscribe for more free dope hip hop songs(: Download- listen to The Jellyfish Mentality full album in this playlist- The Jet Age Of Tomorrow - Special K (Wombat) - The Jellyfish Mentality The Jet Age Of Tomorrow - Special K (Wombat) - The Jellyfish Mentality The Jet Age Of Tomorrow - Special K (Wombat) ...!
Channel Title : The Jet Age of Tomorrow - Topic Views : 5623 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-09-14T11:36:20Z
Provided to YouTube by DistroKid 1 A.M · The Jet Age of Tomorrow Gods Poop or Clouds? ℗ 5th Echelon Jet Repair Co. Released on: 2017-09-15 Auto-generated by YouTube....!
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The Jet Age Museum at Gloucestershire Airport is an amazing place to go. There is loads to see there and for the spotters it brings a new spotting place. The Jet Age Museum is some where to take you family for a great day out, its is Open weekends 10-4pm. Music credit -- Its Time-Imagine Dragons (Instrumental) DelusiveMusics Thanks for looking and have a great day! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Description Jet Age Museum is a me...!
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Although best known for designing the homes of celebrities like Lucille Ball and Frank Sinatra, the pioneering African-American architect Paul Revere Williams also contributed to some of the city’s most recognizable civic structures — all while confronting racial barriers. The following changes were made to the original episode: The statement about Mr. Williams’ adoption was removed. The statement about Mr. Williams’ self- awareness of his racial identity was removed. The statement abou...!
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SUPER 3 goes EUROPA on this bonus track...!
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From the Pyramid Vritra x OFT collab, Scopolomine (unreleased and scrapped songs)....!
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Experience the Jet Age Museums Avro Vulcan B2 bomber XM569 cockpit with this 360-video tour! Narrated by former Vulcan pilots Pete Branthwaite and Tony Pearson, you can discover the sights and sounds of this iconic aircraft with this short introductory tour. You can enjoy the full 360-degree immersive imagery by clicking and dragging the video with your mouse, or by moving your handheld device, and we recommend watching in full 4K, while listening through headphones for the full immersive ex...!

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