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Islamic fashion is becoming more popular around the world and famous international brands are taking notice of the growing market. CCTV’s Natalie Carney has the story. Subscribe to us on Youtube: Download for IOS: Download for Android: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Go...!
Channel Title : AFP News Agency Views : 17590 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2016-09-30T01:10:57Z
The debate over the Burkini has put Islamic fashion in the spotlight - but covering up doesnt have to mean crimping on style, with Istanbul angling to be the worlds capital when it comes to modest Muslim fashionistas...!
Channel Title : CNBC International TV Views : 18269 DisLikes : 14 Published Date :2014-12-12T16:01:27Z
Meet the fashion brand for Islamic women - Kerim Ture, founder of Modanisa, discusses why he started the company making clothes designed for Muslim women and how he plans to take advantage of the ecommerce boom. Subscribe to CNBC International: From top CEOs and companies, to entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Yousef Gamal El-Din and Hadley Gamble profile the men and women shaping the Middle Easts global ambitions. Access: Middle East airs on CNBC’s networks across Euro...!
Channel Title : AFP News Agency Views : 85753 DisLikes : 44 Published Date :2009-10-03T16:35:47Z
From bathing suits to wedding gowns,the Islamic fashion fair taking place in Istanbul has an array of styles for buyers and shoppers throughout the Muslim world. Duration: 01:54...!
Channel Title : Global Fashion Workshop Views : 1455 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2018-07-29T17:00:06Z
This is Paukshte Fashion Workshop. Today we are in Kazan, at Islamic clothes fashion show. We will shoot the whole show, I really want you to see it. Enjoy he show! My name is Paukshte Irina. Subscribe to my channel, write comments and share the videos! Thank you!...!
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AP FILE - Recent 1. Wide of Tehran, capital city of Iran AP Television News - 17 July 2006 2. Various of women on city streets 3. Police officers in the street 4. Woman fixing her headscarf 5. Police officers in the street 6. SOUNDBITE (Farsi) Mahaya Sakhariyan, Tehran resident: In my opinion if people were given more freedom first it would have been better than the present situation and the government had not to impose restrictions on peoples dress-code. 7. Various of models gettin...!
Channel Title : Roundtable Views : 1364 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2019-08-27T19:25:20Z
It started as a one-off niche collections to target the wealthy Muslim buyer. Now Islamic fashion is going global—as top designers court the Muslim consumer. This is Roundtable. Joining us at the Roundtable is Mariah Idrissi, who hit the headlines, as the first hijab-wearing model in a mainstream fashion campaign; Alia Khan - Chairwoman of Islamic Fashion Design Council; Menswear designer Kevin Turton and ethical fashion journalist Hanan Abdel-Khalek. Roundtable is a discussion programme wi...!
Channel Title : CNA Insider Views : 15434 DisLikes : 22 Published Date :2016-06-30T11:49:42Z
Indonesia is home to the worlds largest Muslim population but does it have the means to become the global Islamic fashion capital?...!
Channel Title : BBC Radio 1 Views : 520812 DisLikes : 549 Published Date :2015-08-09T15:00:00Z
Ex-Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts and Muslim style vlogger Nabiilabee explore what modest fashion is for young Muslim women who want to be fashionable and follow their faith....!
Channel Title : Ruptly Views : 9836 DisLikes : Published Date :2018-02-18T05:46:04Z
Londons second ever Modest Fashion Week hit the catwalks in the UK capital on Saturday. More than 40 brands from emerging designers and international brands will be showcasing their collections on the runway at Victoria House. The week aims to give a space to brands that cater for Muslim and modestly dressed women and has been set up by UK-based e-commerce modest fashion company Haute Elan. Subscribe to our channel! Video ID: 20180218-008 Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly....!
Channel Title : SHUKR Islamic Clothing Views : 19018 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2018-09-09T12:27:26Z
Join British Muslim convert Anas Sillwood as he introduces you to the women and men behind SHUKR Islamic clothing, a leading online destination for contemporary modest fashion made with ethics and love....!
Channel Title : Nadira037 Views : 8966 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2014-01-22T16:00:04Z
Quick video about USA Islamic Fashion Week. In shaa Allah I will se you ladies there! :-) Website | Evenbrite | Facebook | Instagram | Email | [email protected] Modestly Defined Fashion Council of America | Thank you so much for watching! If you enjoyed this video please...!
Channel Title : Muslim Fashion Festival Views : 37861 DisLikes : 33 Published Date :2018-05-03T07:33:40Z
ISLAMIC Fashion Institute (IFI) merupakan sekolah mode muslim pertama di dunia. IFI berdiri atas prakarsa ibu Irna Mutiara, ibu Nuniek Mawardi, dan Bpk, Deden Siswato dengan tujuan melahirkan para designer muslim yang bukan saja dapat menguasai pasar dunia busama muslim tetapi juga menjalankan kaidah-kaidah busana muslim. IFI dipimpin oleh Direktur Ibu Hanny. IFI tidak hanya membekali pada lulusannya dengan teknik mendesain tetapi juga dengan berbagai wawasan termasuk bagaimana mengelola cara-ca...!
Channel Title : Al Sharq Youth الشرق الشبابي Views : 145 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2018-02-19T21:44:59Z
This session took place at Al Sharq Youth Annual Conference 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey. The conference brought together 800 active and passionate youth from all over the world including young academics, entrepreneurs, innovators and youth leaders, providing them with a platform to address the most prominent issues in the Al sharq region and the world. Please contact [email protected] if you have any inquiries. Follow us & get updated: Website: Facebook: https:/...!
Channel Title : The Japan Foundation国際交流基金 Views : 40 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-02-13T03:09:23Z
INNOVATIVE CITY FORUM 2019 The Japan Foundation Asia Center Session “Innovative City Forum 2019 was held on November 19-20, 2019 as an international forum where experts from Japan and abroad gather to discuss the future of cities, including Tokyo, with the theme of drawing the future of cities and lifestyles. On Day 2 of the forum, speakers made presentations at the Asia Center Session entitled Reverse IDEA – Searching for New Coordinate Axes from Asian Dynamism. The speakers presented a w...!
Channel Title : Forbes Middle East Views : 204 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-03-05T09:32:18Z
Alia Khan, founder and chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council, is facilitating support and funding for designers in the modest fashion space. Having set up the council in 2015 when she found that there was a distinct lack of help for players in the Islamic fashion space, in January she launched a $100 million fund to help the industry spread its message worldwide....!
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SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST EXHIBITIONS, NEWS, INTERVIEWS AND HAPPENINGS INSIDE THE ART GALLERY OF NSW. For information visit Facebook: Twitter: Google +: CELEBRITY TALK in association with Silk Ikats of Central Asia. Susan Carland in conversation with Helen Grasswill, producer from ABC-TVs Australian Story. Su...!
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ORLANDO, Florida—It wasn’t a typical weekend scene at the Fashion Square Mall in central Florida. A DJ blasted loud belly dance music as fashionably dressed muslim women in hijabs took red carpet selfies and got free makeovers to celebrate the grand opening of Verona, the first Islamic fashion store to open in a major U.S. […] This video was produced by YT ...!
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Asalamalaikum flowers... Today I am back with another hijab tutorial... The most requested one.. Which is of Bridal Hijab.. The hijab used in this video is from @thread_for_your_head This is insta online store. You can search them on Instagram And you can also find mee on Instagram with same name @Hijab_with_sabha or @sabha.a1991 Hope you like my video and if you really did then dont forget to Like, comment and also subscribe to my channel... And yes dont forget to share with your ...!
Channel Title : MAD Talks Views : 392 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-02-05T14:17:34Z
Alia Khan is the Chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council, an organization established for the development of the Islamic fashion and design industry worldwide. IFDC aligns itself with established and budding mainstream as well as Islamic fashion and design brands, government organizations, institutions, corporations, global conferences, events, fashion weeks, and publications to ensure a powerful, sustainable and supportive presence that will lead its talent to the global marketplac...!
Channel Title : Smithsonian Folklife Views : 2568 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2013-07-04T18:58:39Z
Designer Lubna Muhammad creates clothing fashions for Muslim women. She presented examples of her work at the Will to Adorn program during the 2013 Smithsonian Folklife Festival. Videography by: Brandon Callahan and Karen Kasmauski Edited by: Jillian Reagan [Catalog No. CFV10548; Copyright 2013 Smithsonian Institution]...!
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Brought to you by Muslim Central. Subscribe to our Channel stay updated. -- OUR CHANNEL NO Ads NO Music NO Inappropriate Imagery -- HELP SPREAD THE WORD: Like, Favourite and Share our Videos -- SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TELEGRAM: ----- PROJECTS Muslim Central is a Re...!
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Fashion Show Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2011 at Central Park Mall...!
Channel Title : Jakarta Fashion Week Views : 430 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-10-26T07:28:51Z
Welcome to the twelfth celebration of Jakarta Fashion Week. We are showcasing more than 268 designers with more than 75 shows throughout 22 - 28 October 2019 in Senayan City Jakarta. Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 is supported by: Senayan City, Lazada, Make Over, Wardah, L’Oreal Professionel, UBS Gold, Tinkerlust, Matahari Department Store, Daliatex, Danone Aqua, Strongbow, Epson, KFC, Aqua Japan Seagram’s Vodka, Imperial Black, Sweet Escape, RSGM YARSI, CBN Fiber, Caffino, Artisan Pro, Century ...!
Channel Title : SHUKR Islamic Clothing Views : 902 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2018-09-09T14:29:12Z
Join British Muslim convert Anas Sillwood as he introduces you to the women and men behind SHUKR Islamic clothing, a leading online destination for contemporary modest fashion made with ethics and love. Click here to watch the full video:!
Channel Title : CNN Indonesia Views : 1048 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2018-06-10T21:30:00Z
Dunia fesyen Indonesia kian berkembang dalam mode busana muslim. Bagi anda yang tertarik dengan fesyen Islami, anda bisa mendalaminya di Islamic Fashion Institute , sekolah fesyen muslim pertama di Indonesia. Ikuti berita terbaru di tahun 2018 dengan kemasan internasional berbahasa Indonesia, dan jangan ketinggalan breaking news 2018 dengan berita terakhir dan live report CNN Indonesia di dan channel CNN Indonesia di Transvision. Dalam tahun politik dan Pilkada 20...!
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Channel Title : Hijab with Sabha Views : 265907 DisLikes : 309 Published Date :2018-07-24T14:11:48Z
Asalamalaikum everyone. Today I am back with another hijab tutorial..This hijab style is based for parties and functions.. Hope you gonna like this Video.. And if you really did then dont forget to like, comment And share my video with your family and friends. And also subscribe to my YouTube channel.. And If you guys have any query or suggestions do tell mee on my Instagram account link given below ...!
Channel Title : Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Views : 1461 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2010-11-08T10:29:06Z
The Muslim-majority Russian republic of Tatarstan recently hosted its first Islamic Fashion Week. The show of styles by young designers across the Islamic world attracted many Tatar spectators -- and some criticism from the Muslim establishment....!
Channel Title : Hijab with Sabha Views : 113313 DisLikes : 122 Published Date :2018-10-18T13:38:00Z
Channel Title : HIJUP Views : 98648 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2015-06-18T13:14:47Z Subscribe: is the first & largest Islamic fashion e-commerce. We sell fashion apparel especially for Muslim women in particular ranging from clothing, hijab/headscarf, accessories, and more. Shop here: This Youtube channel is one of program under Be Fabulous with HijUp! ​​​ Keywords: Hijab, Beauty, Beautiful, cantik, how to, woman, muslimah, tutorial, wanita cantik, girl...!
Channel Title : womenofmalaysia Views : 5688 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2011-11-27T17:58:12Z
The annual Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) flagship event in Kuala Lumpur presented the theme Oriental Charm at its week-long fashion extravaganza from the 14th to 18th of November 2011 at JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur. Visit the link below for full article: Visit Women of Malaysias ezine site here:!
Channel Title : Astro Awani Views : 380 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2016-12-14T02:07:13Z
Islamic Fashion Festival yang diadakan di Istana Budaya Kuala Lumpur. Sila layari untuk berita selanjutnya. Visit for more news. Astro AWANI LIVE Subscibe to NJOI AWANI Follow us on Website Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram!
Channel Title : Serambi on TV Views : 467 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-04-21T14:07:00Z
SERAMBITV.COM, BANDA ACEH - Pagelaran Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF) 2019, menjadi hajatan fesyen tahunan terbesar di Aceh. Even yang digelar Dinas Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata (Disbudpar) Aceh dan Pemko Banda Aceh ini Mengangkat tema Street fashion.Salah satu agenda dari kegiatan ini adalah bazar busana yang digelar selama tiga hari (19-21/4/2019) di Taman Bustanussalatin (Taman Sari), Banda Aceh. Puluhan stan dengan mengusung brand ternama tampil disini.Beberapa brand yang hadir memamfaatkan momo...!
Channel Title : Humas Aceh Views : 107 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-03-08T09:18:40Z
Tim Dokumentasi Video Humas dan Protokol Pemerintah Aceh 2020. Kunjungi website Biro Humas Pemerintah Aceh:!
Channel Title : Urban TV Uganda Views : 391 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2016-06-24T15:16:36Z
The home of Fashion and Trends, today we look at Islamic Fashion Tips and Businesses trends....!
Channel Title : Cz Amazigh Views : 73502 DisLikes : Published Date :2010-09-09T21:10:18Z
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Sila layari untuk berita selanjutnya Visit for more news Astro AWANI LIVE Subscibe to YouTube Astro Follow us on Website Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram!
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اجمل فساتين سهرة للمحجبات 💐 اتمني تعجبكم التصميمات لمساعدة محبات الخياطة وليست للبيع -------------------------------- للإشتراك في قناتي اضغطي هنا!
Channel Title : BBC News عربي Views : 2887 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2013-04-03T19:07:37Z
للموضة والازياء دور كبير في الحياة اليومية . ولكن البعض يعتقد ان الحجاب او الثياب الاسلامية قد تمنع المسلمات من اتباع آخر صيحات الموضة. الامر الذي دفع مجموعة من النساء المسلمات في لوس انجلس الى اقامة عرض ازياء اسلامي سنوي للترويج لازياء فيها اناقة من نوع مختلف. تتابعون في هذه...!
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Islam and fashion in Ghana #ameyawtv #womeninhijab #glitzafrica follow us on social media @ameyawtv...!
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Opening Speech Prof. Dr. KH. Didin Hafidhuddin. Sambutan DP MUI Pusat DR. H. Anwar Abbas,MM, M.Ag (Sekretaris Jenderal MUI Pusat) Keynote Speaker Seminar Nasional: Prof. Dr. KH Ma’ruf Amin (Wakil Presiden Republik Indonesia) Tema: Mengembangkan Potensi Ekonomi Islamic Fashion di Masa Pandemi Sesi Foto (virtual) Islamic Fashion Show Sesi 1: Tema: Dakwah Walisongo untuk Diplomasi Global 1. Dr. KH. Agus Maftuh Abegebriel (Dubes RI untuk Kerajaan Arab Saudi & Wakil Tetap Indonesia Untuk OKI Tema:...!
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