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The rituals of everyday life in a Goddess Permaculture cottage and woodland sanctuary in the West of Ireland...Books, Calendars, Maps and Bumper Stickers from the Bealtaine Cottage Press supports the Bealtaine Project across social media, as well as supporting local employment here in the West of Ireland: To learn more, visit: where you can find almost ten years of material and over 15,000...!
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Irish cottages and gardens. Video with pictures and original music....!
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A quick visit to a derelict cottage on 0.8 of an acre near Doon, Co. Limerick. Selling right now for €30,000. Have your say below! Would you take on this forgotten home and bring it back to life? Visit the best of my handpicked properties at: Or sign up to my weekly email digest to see all the others bargains i find for under €100k:!
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The cottage where Lord Michael and I stayed during our visit to Ireland....!
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For those of you who have wondered how the day begins at Bealtaine Cottage and the daily work that goes on behind the scenes... Books, Calendars, Maps and Bumper Stickers from the Bealtaine Cottage Press helps to support the Bealtaine Project across social media, as well as supporting local employment here in the West of Ireland: To learn more, visit: where you can find almost ten years of...!
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Take a tour around my hundred-year-old derelict stone cottage in the west of Ireland. GoFundMe: Patreon: Instagram:!
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A video of the week in which we acquired the keys to our Mayo cottage and set about exploring the whole property. Backing music - The Green and Red of Mayo and Clare Island by The Saw Doctors....!
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A compact stone barn in the Irish countryside is now a sumptuous holiday cottage perfect for romantic escapes. The current owner converted the barn, now named Crows’ Hermitage, and has been using it as a vacation rental. It is located behind his house in the hamlet of Ardcath, less than an hour’s drive north of Dublin. The original barn was a two-storey structure, but with low ceilings on both levels. The limited interior height was further reduced by the need to build a new insulated floor...!
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ello & welcome :) my name is hayley, if you like this video please give it a thumbs up & subscribe for more! disclaimer - this video was filmed before COVID - 19 lockdown. I would like to express my condolences to the lives that have been taken & their families, as a result of this pandemic. --------- instagram : @hayley.365 & @myhealthyhippo...!
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This mud (cob) cottage is on the map of 1836... This video consists of pictures taken during renovation process which lasted 3 years and also included the outbuildings and extension works - watch here Blog-diary of this self-build:!
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Take a look at the beginning stage of renovating our Irish cottage. We are amateurs, finding our way and researching as we go along. If you are an old hand at this, feel free to comment with tips and suggestions. The Irish man you hear talking on his phone is actually the previous owner. A lovely, lovely man with a heart of gold. His family has been in the cottage since it was built in the 1800s. He grew up in it and tells us tales of sleeping in the hag (also known as the outshot or Calleach) a...!
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Documentary I produced for the BBC in 1992 that has proven to be very popular from its first broadcast, and continues to attract interest from across the world in 2020. Margaret Gallagher from Belcoo, County Fermanagh, N. Ireland, enjoys her rural lifestyle, living without modern amenities. This was shot on 16mm film. It reached one million views by June 2019 without any advertising and those numbers continue to climb in 2020. Fantastic! Many thanks to all viewers and especially those who have...!
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These Irish Thatched cottages are getting more difficult to find and as i was driving, i spotted this Abandoned cottage so i took the oppertunity to film it. These Thatched cottages are part of Irish History which may soon be lost in our modern world....!
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A walk around the inside of an old Irish cottage...!
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This is my introduction video to An Irish Cottage In The Woods. Please be patient with both me and my equipment, Im new to this and am having to do it on my phone currently. If you are interested in following/liking my page on Facebook (the original home to An Irish Cottage In The Woods) please follow the link: Also dont forget to subscribe (and click the notification bell) so you can keep up-...!
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OIrish Cottage is an Aesthetic Realms Of Eirinn journey of the Irish cottage Various Artist collage....!
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“Here grew willows and alders, their trunks twisted like giants’ sinews. Around them bark lichen bloomed blue-white in the darkness. It felt like a good place, where there was old magic.” ~ Duncan Harper Bealtaine Cottage is an Ark for Nature in these Times of Destruction. The Bealtaine Project was created as an act of devotion to Mother Earth, innovating Goddess Permaculture in its 13 year evolution from monoculture wasteland to Eden. These videos will continue to be posted, free from a...!
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Various private initiatives contribute to the liveability of rural areas in European countries. ‘Jack’s Old Cottage’ is a practical example from County Mayo in Ireland.The documentary ‘tells’ the specific story of this initiative, and provides answers to the questions why, how, for who, and what. It ends with an interview, and with the opinion of an Irish economic expert. The documentary is meant for education,and information. The documentary is filmed in High Definition on location in...!
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Yah has blessed us with an old cottage that needs to be renovated. We are praying and hoping to finish this around 2-3 months time. Stay tuned....!
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DISCOUNT CODE: Get $5 off your first box using MAUI: $45/month + $10.50 shipping to the US The best of Ireland’s small artisan producers delivered directly to your door. OCEANISTA GIVEAWAY: FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: Thanks for watching! Please like, subscribe, and introduce yourself in the comments below. DISCOUNT CODES: LIFESTYLE * 180 Degree Box – 15% off your first box using LOVE15: https://www...!
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In this video I talk about the diy renovations that we are planning on our little Irish cottage. Its really an old granary, that is 300 years old and has long been neglected. The floors have succumbed to borer beetles and looks like its made of swiss cheese on account of all the holes in the floorboards. The doors and window need to be replaced with something more modern, and everything needs to be sealed off from the weather and frost....!
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As I walked the driveway this Thursday morning, a solution to what appeared to be a problem area of the gravel driveway popped into my head! Bealtaine Cottage is funded by the Bealtaine Cottage ads, no grants, just you! Purchasing a Calendar, Book or Map keeps the lights on, the stove warm and the camera rolling: Be a patron for as little as €1 per month... Donations...!
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The cottage at Altavra Homestead has been unoccupied for some years, so nature has taken over somewhat, with everywhere being pretty overgrown. It was a bit of a battle to even get to the front door, so I thought it was a good idea to start the process of clearing the way. On the west side of the cottage, the main culprit is *Lonicera Nitida (variously known as Poor Mans Box, Box Leaf Honeysuckle, Poor Mans Honeysuckle... take your pick!) which has really taken over. Time to take action... *Lo...!
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Irish Self Catering Holiday Cottage Rentals in Mamore County Donegal Ireland...!
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This week I am showing you around my master bedroom in my Irish cottage style home. I love romantic cottage style decor and I have upcycled and recycled a lot of old pieces of furniture using chalk paint and satinwood paint to get that cottage farmhouse look. Come follow me: Blog: Instagram:@daintydressdiaries Facebook: @daintydressdiaries Snapchat: daintydiaries Thank you so much for your continued support on my Blog and Youtube channel, I always read through the com...!
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Followers of the Way Y’shua (Jesus) walked this earth in the hope of walking with Him in white HalleluYaH praise Abba Father for His goodness...!
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refurbishing begun in 2003 continues each retirement approaches....!
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GoFundMe: Patreon: Instagram:!
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We take a look at interior of the house as we take out dividing walls and survey the stonework. #home #house #architecture #video...!
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This watercolour was painted on a live stream from twitch TV/watercolour my way Why not join me every morning at 10 am. UK time...!
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Channel Title : Altavra Homestead Views : 1320 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-01-30T00:15:09Z
A first look around & tour of the Altavra Homestead - a derelict Irish cottage with land in rural Co. Leitrim, shot during the summer 2019. Along a private lane, the 4 room cottage, outbuildings and just under 2.5 acres of land has been empty for years, leaving it in dire need of restoration and some general TLC. The first video of what I hope will be many charting the successes and failures (its a steep learning curve...!) along the way. This marks the beginning of the cottage renovation, wh...!
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***Un clic et un abonnement font toujours plaisir ;) et même un commentaire !*** Rooh, par ici les détails  Bonjour ! Aujourd’hui, c’est une petite vidéo très différente…. Car sort, ce dimanche, mon 6e roman : The Irish Cottage… Je vous propose un FAQ sur mon roman… Merci aux primo-lecteurs (même à celui qui me harcèle sur les personnages  !) Si vous voulez l’acheter ici (et fin février sur toutes les plateformes de vente en ligne et en librairies) : https://w...!
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a quick run around the inside of this traditional Irish Cottage set on a cliff edge in the hills of Donegal...!
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Still havent finishedl working on my site: This site will be covering all scales of model making from doll houses to what ever and supplying resin kits and components My eBay shop or page has been renamed as Magolansmodelworkshop. So thank you and I hope to see you again, please feel free to subscribe and leave comments. Theres plenty of vids to come. Bye bye...!
Channel Title : Andrew Lynch Views : 2295 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2011-12-02T12:46:07Z
Cottage Creations are high quality hand crafted turf peat burners. Our cottages use turf peat incense logs, manufactured from real Irish turf peat, to bring the smells and scents of traditional rural Ireland to life. Our handmade turf peat incense burners are an ideal gift and can easily be bought online....!
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Hey guys, In this video Im building a cozy Irish Cottage. Have fun :) Download it here: Enjoy, leave a comment and subscribe, if you like :) Twitter - or @LemonyYt Gallery User ID - Lemony87 Music: The 126ers - Water Lily...!
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A quick tour around the gardens of a derelict Irish cottage....!
Channel Title : Darragh Delaney Views : 18023 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2011-09-08T19:41:55Z
This is a first in a series of videos on a project I have taken on to restore a 100 year old Irish cottage. Not sure at this stage if it can be fully saved....!
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This was inspired from my trip to Ireland over the summer. I went backpacking in Europe and the UK with two lovely friends, and Ireland was definitely a special place. Time this painting actually took: ~8 hours Social media: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!
Channel Title : Eamon Walsh DIY Views : 62234 DisLikes : 79 Published Date :2015-11-25T17:35:53Z
The video shows an old Irish cottage and barn being converted and extended into a modern home. The pictures are taken over a one year period ( the length of time the project took me ) and show the process from start to finish from different sides. Thanks for looking....!
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Being unable to get on with things at the moment due to the current world situation is frustrating, but whilst I was last at the homestead, I took a little tour of the main part of the land - which is what Im doing here (Filmed in Feb 2020) With the whole homestead being just under 3 acres in total, this field area is the bulk of the land - about 1.8 acres - and has lots of potential... but is going to take some work! Lots of plans and ideas, but this is just a first walk around the field to se...!
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Learn how to make an Irish Shepherds Pie! - Visit for the ingredients, more recipe information, and over 675 additional original video recipes! I hope you enjoy this Irish Shepherds Pie recipe!...!
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Its heartwarming to know that the videos, website and all that makes up Bealtaine Cottage across social media is not simply appreciated, but shared and supported by you. Heres how... The Book: A Cottage and Three Acres Book 2: In Search of the Goddess Rising The Magical, Mythical Map!

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