Iris Folding

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I used to have a link here to a website that free iris folding paper and designs but it is no longer available. Here are some others but if you do a Google search for Iris folding patterns or paper you will find other sites like this one: or this one: There are many more, you can also find free printable patterned paper if you Google it. Music:Kevin Mcleod/!
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Iris folding is an attractive paper craft technique used in card making, scrapbooking and other projects. The craft person folds a variety of colored papers to form a shape. This video demonstrates making a Halloween card with iris folding....!
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Learn how to iris fold with these step-by-step iris folding instructions. PLUS download my FREE iris folding patterns to practice your new-found card making skills! GET THE FREE WATERING CAN IRIS FOLDING PATTERN: Full written iris folding instructions available at the link above....!
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Hello everyone.. Learn how to create this amazing design with iris folding & make something creative for your special ones birthday... Iris folding is a simple paper-folding technique & the Color-coordinated strips of folded paper are taped into place over a pattern, creating a spiraling design that resembles the iris of an eye or camera. Originally, Crafters would cut their strips from envelopes with patterned interiors, but now it is common to use papers such as wrapping and origami paper/...!
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mon mail : [email protected] le groupe facebook pour un soutien via UTIP degusta box : -5€ pour vous : inlovearts ( code promo : G-5725) divers partenariats via hivency merci d avoir pris le temps de regarder ma video ! a bientot...!
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tecnica de Iris folding, una tecnica sencilla y muy vistosa!1 spero que os guste!!! Facebook : instagram: #suadmimanualidades E-mail: [email protected]!
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Crafts and literature at the Germantown Community Library...!
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Learn how to design a template to use on any iris fold project. This video guides you step by step through the process. There is no complicated measuring involved. Be sure to check out to find some projects made with this template....!
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Drôle de nom pour un effet superbe Iris folding petit tuto Bon visionnage A très bientôt Noubliez pas de menvoyer par mail si vous le souhaitez vos créations [email protected] Biz nath 😘😘😘...!
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For details supplies and the free templates:!
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Materiel action...!
Channel Title : Annies Crafts Views : 49258 DisLikes : 16 Published Date :2013-10-03T15:24:26Z -- Learn how to make cards that look impressively complicated but are actually easy! The card featured in this tutorial is a Christmas card, but you can use the iris-folding paper-craft technique to make any kind of card you want. This free tutorial is a supplemental video for the CardMaker Kit-of-the-Month Club kit. If youre not a member of the CardMaker Kit-of-the-Month Club youre missing out. Join today and start receiving fun card-making ideas and paper-craf...!
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Hi, as requested by some of the gals on Project Life Card Swap Group on Facebook! Hope this helps! Its really NOT hard, so GO FOR IT! Thumbs if you found this helpful! Leave me a comment with questions or feedback. Check out the Handmade project life card swaps on PLCS group on facebook and their website!
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Le iris-folding est tout simplement des bandes de papiers pliées en deux que lon va disposer dune certaine manière suivant un gabarit. Vous pouvez trouver toutes sortes de gabarits sur internet mais également créer les votres comme vous pouvez voir dans la vidéo. ----------CONTACT---------- Insta : Tym MilAm Mail : [email protected]!
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Today I will show you fast and easy way to make Valentines Day card with heart by using iris folding technique. This video contains ENGLISH SUBTITLES (as all of my videos). On PC you can turn them on by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of YouTube player. On mobile phone you can turn them on by clicking 3 dots in the top right corner of video. My translation is not perfect, but I hope that it will be helpful. --- Needed items: - Pencil - Ruler - Scissors - Paper knife - Thick p...!
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Hey Everyone! I hope you guys are safe where you are. I hope you like this card I made. I felt like I rushed through it a tad so if you have any questions or comments please leave it down below. Here is the playlist to the other craft videos. Here is the link to the website with the iris folding shapes. Thanks for watching and Ill see you in the next video! Love, D...!
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Learn the traditional art of iris folding in the fun and easy video! We will use foil candy wrappers from but you can use any scraps of paper you like! More details on my blog: Music credit (if music is present in video) Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0!
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Hi everyone.. This video is about how to make Christmas special Iris Folding Greeting card in ornament shape with step by step procedure. Please Subscribe to Shivani Creations Iris folding is a paper craft technique that involves folding strips of colored paper in such a way to form a design. The center of the design forms an iris shape reminiscent of the iris diaphragm of a camera lens. CHRISTMAS DECOR/DIY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS/CHRISTMAS DECOR AND GIF...!
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Ne bougez plus... clic clac cest dans la boite!! Petite technique de liris folding, donc comme un objectif dappareil photo, Très simple à faire!!! bon visionnage! Nhésitez pas à vous abonner cest gratuit et ça fait plaisir! ;o) [email protected] pour une demande ou autre: [email protected] Merci et à bientôt! Bonne journée!! Titre: Another Happy Ukulele Song Auteur: Alex Nekita Source: Licence: ...!
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Hey you guys! I hope everyone is well where yall are. This video was 21 minutes when I finished so I had to cut and also speed up here and there! I hope it wasnt too choppy. I enjoyed making this and will try out some other shapes! Let me know what you guys thought down below. Thanks for stopping by! Love, D...!
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Bonjour, vous avez différents patrons avec des thèmes différents en tapant sur Pinterest : iris folding pattern[]=iris%7Cautocomplete%7C3&term_meta[]=folding%7Cautocomplete%7C3&term_meta[]=pattern%7Cautocomplete%7C3 sur mon blog, vous pouvez retrouver mes exemples!
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Iris Folding Demo...!
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Te invito a realizar una encuadernación muy divertida en donde utilizarás mucho de tu creatividad; diversos papeles, técnicas de decoración que dan ese toque especial a tus libretas y sobre todo lograrás una excelente apertura con ayuda de las escartivanas, que es un añadido de papel a los cuadernillos del libro. Si te interesan tutoriales de Encuadernación y cartotecnia te invito que visites mi página: en donde tenemos disponibles los sigu...!
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This is a paper crafting tutorial demonstrating the use of traditional Iris Folding technique using paper instead of fabric....!
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In questo video vi mostro come decorare i vostri progetti con la tecnica delliris folding. Vi lascio il link della mia cartella in pinterest dove troverete molti modelli da scaricare!
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Bonjour bonjour !!! Liris Folding vous connaissez ? Et bien voilà la dernière technique que je viens dapprendre 😅 Petite présentation de mes quelques sujets tests pour découvrir cette technique. Un tuto ça vous dit ? On se lance ? Nhésitez pas à commenter, liker et vous abonner 😉 Rendez-vous sur Facebook Bisous à tous !!! 💋💋💋...!
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This is a little twist to Irisn folding - try using ribbon instead of paper strips. Its fast and fun. For more details, hop on over to my blog post and you too can see it.!
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Visitors are welcome, please sign in and say, Hi. We would love to get to know a new Crafty Friend. Iris folding is much easier than it looks. In this fn LIVE Streaming class, Debbie will walk you through the fundamentals of Iris folding and we will make three beautiful Christmas cards. You will have all of the materials necessary for assembly (except adhesives) and you will have a sturdy and reusable Iris Folding template that can be used for years to come! Click Here for a work-along class k...!
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A tutorial showing how to create an Iris Folded effect using dies. I go through each step including how to create your own template to fit the die cut....!
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Learn how to make a round iris folding project with a square template. Yup, a square peg in a round hole. It is made using the Iris folding method. This card is a two for one project as there in an up-cycle project on the inside. So what is iris folding? It is a technique that creates a spiraling inward effect and is reminiscent of the aperture iris on a camera. Iris folding projects are worked on the back side of an opening of a piece of cardstock. Strips of folded paper are laid down in a p...!
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Confiram no meu blog como fazer essa técnica com a minha video aula + vários exemplos de trabalhos prontos + vários gabaritos prontos para serem postos em prática!!
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Today I will show you fast and easy way to make Easter greeting card by using iris folding technique. I have 4 new templates for you. This video contains ENGLISH SUBTITLES (as all of my videos). On PC you can turn them on by clicking on the button in the bottom right corner of YouTube player. On mobile phone you can turn them on by clicking 3 dots in the top right corner of video. My translation is not perfect, but I hope that it will be helpful. --- Needed items: - Glue - Pencil - Ruler - Sci...!
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Una técnica hermosa y con pocos materiales muy fácil de hacer queda muy bien, aquí el paso a paso , también te dejare los moldes en mi pagina de face para que puedas hacerlo:!
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Finally i edited this viideo and am able to post it online Long overdue Love my work? Ring the bell...!
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My Etsy shop can be found here: Support me on Patreon here; My Facebook Group is here: Follow me on Instagram here: Want some real inspiration and a good laugh now and then? Check out Peter Draws:!
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En este video explico cómo hacer un corazón con plantilla, según la técnica iris folding. Si deseas saber más sobre esta técnica visita mi página de Facebook: En este otro enlace puedes descargar plantillas para esta técnica:!bdEDDLIK!u3QmvaIe7u-dZtozrKST0w...!
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An adorable owl card with an iris folding technique sure to wow!...!
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Learn how to make this beautiful Iris Folded Hot Air Balloon. For more ideas, please visit!
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Learn the simple art of Iris Folding beginning with the basic triangle or three layer pattern....!
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How to make an iris heart Created using Video Star:!

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