Ice Photography

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HOLAA! Today I am freezing stuff... well more specifically cool home ice photography ideas that You have to try! These photography ideas are absolutely Amazing! Ice just adds a completely new element to your photos and you can do it from the comfort of your own home! I cant believe how these photos turned out. They are some of the coolest photos Ive ever taken in my life... seriously. But instead of huge lights and commercial cameras, we are doing our own little home product shoot from my livin...!
Channel Title : Crafty Panda Views : 44814632 DisLikes : 43844 Published Date :2019-06-05T08:50:21Z
Looking for inspiration for your new profile picture? Look no further! Youve come to the right place! Discover how to spice up your party photos with a soapy bubble session or take your friends out for a fun group rainbow bridge photo. Learn a new mind twisting perspective by simply using a glass of water, or take it even further by going “under ice”. And if you feel lazy, just jump under the sheets for a quick dreamy look. Stay tuned for all that and much more! If you enjoyed this video, ...!
Channel Title : Rudy Visuals Views : 2833 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2020-03-31T06:29:26Z
#stayathome #icephotography #tutorial During these difficult times, we know that being stuck at home can be really frustrating for photographers. Luckily there are plenty of creative things you can do at home with your camera. So heres an easy and fun project you can try at home: Ice Photography! With or without a macro lens, you can get some really creative and cool results putting things in ice and using them as your subjects. Give it a try and stay safe and stay smart everyone! FOLLOW US:...!
Channel Title : PHOTIGY Views : 9879 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2019-08-30T22:00:12Z
In this HOW TO MAKE DIY FAKE ICE tutorial Alex Koloskov are giving you his genius tricks on making fake ice cheap using Encapso K. The results are crystal clear and you will never buy fake ice again. He will also show you how to use it as props during a beverage photography photoshoot. Feel free to ask any question and we will answer them! 0:20 High Quality Acrylic Ice 0:56 Usage Of Fake Ice In Beverage Photography 1:12 Encapso K 1:54 Shooting Coffee Cocktail Full article on Photigy blog: ht...!
Channel Title : 5-Minute Crafts FAMILY Views : 43840 DisLikes : 60 Published Date :2020-03-16T06:15:00Z
Timestamps 00:09 Using ice cubes for photo 01:10 Photo with ordinary things 02:40 Lighting hack 03:40 Internet VS Reality 05:06 Easy ways to pose like a pro 06:38 Great photo ideas for a new Instagram post This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety and reliability. Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. It is the viewers responsibili...!
Channel Title : AutistiVision Views : 4740 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2013-09-30T22:22:07Z
Macro photography of clear ice...!
Channel Title : Allen Mowery Views : 53371 DisLikes : 30 Published Date :2015-07-17T18:05:35Z
Have you ever found yourself needing to use ice cubes for a photo shoot but didnt want to mess with the real thing? Now you can CREATE YOUR OWN! Materials: - Clear craft beads - $2 - Aluminum foil - $2 (or less) - Object to form your foil around - Free Allen Mowery is a Pennsylvania-based commercial and editorial photographer specializing in small business marketing and brand awareness. See more at:!
Channel Title : Hayden Pedersen Views : 362343 DisLikes : 207 Published Date :2019-09-13T09:30:01Z
Gday moit. In todays vlog well be shredding it up doing some high speed ice skating photography!! LESSS GET IT! Ft. northborders, 7th era and Limonfan (: If you want to support me as a creator, maybe consider checking the products on my website: My Presets: Merch: If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them in the comments below and Ill get b...!
Channel Title : Adorama Views : 9730 DisLikes : 14 Published Date :2020-02-20T15:00:19Z Mark Wallace continues his series on failing forward, the process of learning new things by taking on difficult photoshoots. In this episode, Marks plans to shoot the Milky Way dont go as planned, and he has to change his plans quickly. He gets help from his friend, Ayleen Martinez, and ends up photographing a glacier in Patagonia. Ayleen Martinez @ayleen_al_limite Products Used: Leica M10 Mirrorless Digital Rangefinder Ca...!
Channel Title : The Slanted Lens Views : 86887 DisLikes : 31 Published Date :2016-04-14T22:00:04Z
Sign up for my lighting on location photography workshop today! Hi this is Jay P. Morgan. Today on The Slanted Lens we’re going to show you how to light glass and then photograph ice splashing into a cup of water. Well be using a laser trigger from MIOPS. Let’s hope nothing gets broken. Theres a trick to glass photography because its really more about the light you see through the glass, versus the light you put on it. Watch and let me know what you learned, and any tip...!
Channel Title : Landscape Photography iQ Views : 2790 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-08-19T17:00:01Z
If you have been wondering what is HDR photography and how can I use it, in this video Tom Mackie explains the techniques behind how he created this fascinating image in an ice cave. Rather than just provide an HDR photography tutorial, this video explains when and why you might use this landscape photography technique and the benefits it offers. Tom also discusses tips on the HDR photography software he uses, his exposure settings and aperture settings, all in a real world scenario to capture...!
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Fun photography taking photos using ice as a subject....!
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Di video kali ini, gw ngebahas Mengambil foto es krim dengan konsep dark food photography Sedikit riskan, ketika foto es krim. Kenapa? Tonton videonya yaa =============================================================================== Yuk, berteman sama gw! Subscribe: Follow gw di Insta: Website: =========================================================...!
Channel Title : B&H Photo Video Views : 6832 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2020-01-28T17:00:06Z
Using the Sony a9 II and FE 400mm f/2.8 lens, Sony Artisan and sports photographer Jean Fruth photographs Montclair State Universitys ice hockey team showcasing the cameras strengths for sports photography. More about Jean Fruth: More #AdventureWeek Gear used: Sony Alpha a9 II Mirrorless Digital Camera Sony FE 400mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens Sony FE 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSS Lens http://...!
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Contest link: Instagram: My Camera Gear: Twitter: Facebook:!
Channel Title : Daniel Norton Photographer Views : 7472 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2018-05-20T22:00:00Z
Join me behind the scenes as I test some high quality artificial ice cubes in a simple shot of a whiskey drink. Be sure to follow me on Facebook And Instagram To see some of the finished shots...!
Channel Title : Sun Gallery Photography Views : 4681 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2018-08-02T18:42:50Z
Experience the magical blue waters of Ice Lake in the beautiful San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Join landscape photographer Lewis Carlyle on an expedition to capture the perfect image of this stunning location....!
Channel Title : Jared Polin Views : 36662 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2010-05-27T03:33:38Z
In part one we go over your basic settings and why faster glass is imperative. Be sure to check out the series on how to take better outdoor sports pictures. Please subscribe and remember if you have any questions you can Skype me at jaredpolin for free....!
Channel Title : Jared Polin Views : 47865 DisLikes : 26 Published Date :2012-01-09T15:00:00Z How to take ice hockey photos. Ice hockey is one of the hardest sports in my mind to try and photography. It was my first passion as a photographer and though many photographers tried to steer me clear of shooting it, I stuck with it and felt like I got as close to mastering it as possible. There are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration when you are shooting ice hockey. You have to think about the basics like what should my ISO...!
Channel Title : fototripper Views : 25575 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2019-02-16T18:00:02Z
My last two shoots in Banff were pure magic. A fascinating ice cave in the dead of night and a totally unforgettable sunset. San Josef Bay Workshop Date Change: We were just notified of road closures on our original dates so the dates have been changed to June 15,16 and 17. Thanks for watching Gavin Hardcastle - Fototripper Thoms Channel: Adams Channel ...!
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💻 Download my EASY LEARN ADOBE LIGHTROOM Video Course ➡️ Do you want to photograph a frozen soap bubble in winter? Adventure Photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj shows you how you can get great photos of freezing soap bubbles in winter. FACEBOOK ➡️ INSTAGRAM: ➡️ 🌍WEBSITE : ➡️ 🇩🇪GERMAN WORKSHOPS AND COURSES: ➡️ T-SHIRTS: ➡️...!
Channel Title : EXPOSED Wildlife Conservancy Views : 124126 DisLikes : 33 Published Date :2017-04-06T17:11:38Z
Join John for an epic start to Season 2 of EXPOSED as he journeys north to the Arctic Circle on the adventure of a lifetime to photograph ice grizzlies in Canada’s spectacular Yukon....!
Channel Title : FreeGafo Views : 8198 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2017-12-27T07:40:41Z
Hey Guys in this video will show you how to shoot with dry ice. How to prepare for the shoot, choosing the outfits, my light setup, camera setting and at the end of the video will tell you how much everything costed me. ======== Outfits Links ======== 1. Corsets: a. - b. - 2. Tulle Skirts: a. - b. - 3. Necklace: a. -!
Channel Title : Kim Grant Views : 9045 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2018-02-22T17:30:01Z
Episode 3 from the Isle of Skye series. Join me as I photograph sunrise at Sligachan and come into a spot of bother when faced with icy ground. Follow me on social media: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: All music from Epidemic sound: The Adventure Begins Sons and Daughters (instrumental Version) Unspeakable Joy Highland Swing...!
Channel Title : Chorley Photographic Society Views : 1256 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2018-03-15T18:00:00Z
Will Stead uses High Speed Sync to photograph an ice filled whisky glass. High Speed Sync enables the camera to shoot at shutter speeds above the normal sync speed of around 1/250th of a second and in this tutorial enables you to light a subject using speed lights in a normally lit room. More about High Speed Sync for your camera: - Canon: - Nikon: - Sony: Equipment used in this video: - Photography Camera: Nikon D850 ...!
Channel Title : 부부달콤 Views : 1860 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-03-09T11:56:04Z
Ive made ice cream that doesnt melt even if I touch it with my hands. It is also a food styling technique that is commonly used in ice cream TV commercials and photography. Be sure not to melt margarine; just use it as it is. And, if you put starch syrup in the finished dough, it becomes sherbet ice cream. If you liked this video, please subscribe my channel~! :) * Ingredients : - sugar powder 385g - margarine 85g - gel food coloring (pink) ==================================== 손으로 만...!
Channel Title : Andy Mumford Views : 5213 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2020-07-12T15:51:12Z
This is the second video from my trip to Iceland this year. This part was filmed in the some lesser known ice caves in the Highlands, and a shipwreck on the south coast. Like my previous videos I go through the thought process behind some of the images and explain some of the locations. If you’d like to join me for a landscape photography workshop in Italy or Iceland next year I’ll be co-leading groups there in 2021. Check my website for more information!
Channel Title : Paul Hammett Views : 804 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-03-07T17:30:00Z
In this video, a friend and I ski to and explore an ice cave under a glacier. Some challenging light but an amazing place to take photos. #photography #ice #icecave #glacier #landscapephotography #zermatt #switzerland #Matterhorn #alps #AlpineClarity #nikon #d850...!
Channel Title : Panoptic Chopsticks Views : 449 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2019-02-08T22:54:58Z
Brittany the Chopstick Girl is creating portraits in the snow at the Midway Ice Castle! Learn a few tips on how to edit difficult snow images. Shell talk about using the Temp and Tint tool in Lightroom as well as ways to perfect your images by just going to the kitchen. Shell also discuss why scouting your location is so important. In this video, well not only show you stunning images from the midway Ice castle but give you some solid tips for your own snow sessions. We talk about scouting yo...!
Channel Title : Red Bull Views : 30926 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2019-03-27T19:00:02Z
Photographer Christian Pondella shoots Red Bull athlete Will Gadd climbing in Greenlands giant ice caverns. ► Find out more about the journey here: In the remote, icy wilderness on the Greenland ice cap, a gaping hole marked the spot where climber Will Gadd and his support crew and film team would descend into the unknown. Christian Pondella has been shooting adventures with Gadd for nearly 20 years – but this one took things to a different level....!
Channel Title : B&H Photo Video Views : 3398 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2020-07-31T15:00:04Z
We show you how to make fake ice cream, how to style your food photography, how to set up your lighting and how to edit your photos. Whether you are a food blogger or are looking to start commercial photography, this in-depth tutorial is for you! If you share your photos, tag us and use #BHPhoto! - - - Similar tutorials you’ll enjoy - How to Make A Recipe Video for Social Media: https://bhp...!
Channel Title : Jared Polin Views : 62309 DisLikes : 33 Published Date :2012-10-22T02:22:33Z Click Here to see the full res imahes Click Here to pick up the FroKnowsPhoto Beginner Guide. When I first started shooting photos ICE Hockey was my main passion. I would sit around my tv with an empty film camera just snapping away at the action as it unfolded on the tv. Being that the NHL is currently on strike the only ice hockey in town to go photograph is the local minor league team, the Trenton Tita...!
Channel Title : Jared Polin Views : 17292 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2010-06-03T19:06:32Z Here in part two I talk about your white balance settings, what type of auto focus you should be using and where you should be shooting from. Be sure to check out the series on how to take better outdoor sports pictures. Click here to view that series. Please subscribe and remember if you have any questions you can Skype me at jaredpolin for free....!
Channel Title : Rachel Lerch Views : 4306 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2018-12-16T18:00:06Z
Snow, ice, waterfalls and woodlands… definitely a Canadian photography landscape! This time the challenge is to use only a prime lens, and to stay safe on the icy cliffs above the waterfall. You are invited!! Join John Haswell and I on this challenge by submitting your photos to #lpoyprime on instagram. 2 winners to be announced! Join me as I hike and explore after a snowfall, talking compositions, camera settings and how to use a 50mm prime lens - discussing both advantages and disadvantages...!
Channel Title : Westcott Lighting Views : 19718 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2016-05-13T15:00:20Z
Gear Used: Ice Light 2 - In part 10 of this Ice Light Master Series, world-renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis demonstrates a wide variety of Ice Light 2 lighting setups for stunning, classic portraits on-location. The Ice Light 2 is the second generation portable LED light source for filmmakers and photographers. This compact yet powerful light source weighs a mere 20 ounces and packs a punch with an impressive 1740 lumen output...!
Channel Title : Ivory Mix Views : 18430 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2016-07-18T05:26:42Z
Learn how to create fake ice cream for food photography with creative director and brand photographer, Kayla Butler, from!
Channel Title : Fadi Hage Views : 433 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-02-25T19:09:45Z
This week I am exploring a new park in Quebec named Parc National Mont Megantic. I am staying 2 nights in a EXP Cabin Mars here in the park, looking to explore and take some photographs. The conditions pretty icy on the trails and I was ill prepared for the conditions, so I ended up in search of ice in the river, looking to photograph a simple long exposure photograph and it turned out beautiful and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for watching, Peace. Please Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe t...!
Channel Title : Robert Revill Views : 1453 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2017-03-10T22:42:01Z
Channel Title : Alex Strohl Views : 4940 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-02-23T00:00:01Z
A day of ice climbing in Montana. Together with Whitefish Vertical Adventures, we send it up a frozen waterfall. Follow me on: Directed by Tucker MacDonald Produced by Graham McDonald Music by p l u k o from the new album sixteen Featuring Tracks: no, no yet d r i f t asleep (ft. MOONZz)...!
Channel Title : BorrowLenses Views : 11887 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2016-07-26T21:32:11Z
Sadie Fortin, a freelenace automotive photographer who daylights as a BorrowLenses Receiving Specialist, shares the tools of her trade to light her subjects on a budget and on the go as she creates successful light painted photos. Westcott Ice Light 2: Learn more about painting with light on our blog: • Intro to Light Painting:!
Channel Title : CAPTAIN DRONE Views : 1100 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2016-02-19T03:08:45Z
Aerial photography filmed with a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Video footage from high above. Taken by a drone flying over the Ottawa River just before sunset. Filmed with a DJI Phantom...!
Channel Title : Aussie English Views : 2942 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2018-10-09T07:18:14Z
Get my FREE ebook guide to learning Australian English: Learn English with the FREE Aussie English Podcast here: My names Pete and Im the host of the Aussie English Podcast, a podcast dedicated to teaching people Australian English. Many of my students, listeners, and viewers, arrive in Australia, Down Under, with a solid level in English, but they some times find it hard to order food in English naturally, the way that English ...!
Channel Title : Westcott Lighting Views : 6823 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2016-05-18T13:41:19Z
Gear Used: Ice Light 2 - In part 13 of this Ice Light Master Series, world-renowned wedding photographer Jerry Ghionis demonstrates a wide variety of Ice Light 2 lighting setups for stunning, classic portraits on-location. The Ice Light 2 is the second generation portable LED light source for filmmakers and photographers. This compact yet powerful light source weighs a mere 20 ounces and packs a punch with an impressive 1740 lumen output...!
Channel Title : DJ ICE Dancesport Music Views : 94145 DisLikes : 14 Published Date :2020-04-21T10:00:28Z
This track is available in our Very Latin 2. You can get it in CD and MP3 (album) download. Visit to buy this album. Special thanks to Alen Imamovic for the competition video Subscribe & enjoy the music! ► Facebook ► Official Website ► Soundcloud ► Twitter!
Channel Title : Fadi Hage Views : 730 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2019-01-23T18:46:27Z
Today I head out during a snowstorm to photograph a national park in Quebec called Hautes-Gorges-De-La-Rivière-Malbaie. It is the first time this park opens in the winter season, which provided very nice landscape photography opportunities. Something new that even myself could never find in Quebec until now. I ended up photographing black clear ice over the frozen river in this amazing valley. Despite being super windy and cold, I am so happy that I took the time to stay here for 2 nights in an...!

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