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🔥 Check out more awesome videos : Facebook : ViralBe.Official Instagram : ViralBe.Official While they make great pets and companions today, dogs have a much longer history of serving more utilitarian purposes. And one of the most important purposes throughout both dog and human history was to function as hunting partners. Nowadays, hunting is more sport than necessity, but which were and are the best Breeds for the Hunting ? , In th...!
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Watch more videos ► Description: Hunter and hunting pet is a pairing that seems nearly as old as the survival sport itself. After all, who would argue with a little help out there in the bush?  Its believed that humans and dogs have been hunting together since the beginning of canine domestication, long before the age of agriculture. In this video, we are counting down our top picks on Top 10 Hunting Dog Breeds! Watch our other videos ~ TOP 10 EXPENSIVE DOG ...!
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Protecting crops from a destructive invasive species and keeping dogs safe with Souther Cross Cut Gear. 19 hogs in four hunts, working some young dogs with Team Southern Cross. For a hog hunter there is nothing better than seeing it click for a pup. Some learn the ropes quick, while others test your patience every step of the way, but in the end there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a pup mature into a fine tuned hog dog. #TeamSouthernCross Southern Cross Cut Gear #SotuhernCrossCutG...!
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This video isnt for the faint of heart, this video shows everything that goes into hunting pigs down here in Texas with Hog Dogs. We were hunting with @Centex_hunting and guiding @BuckObsessionTv for their TV show on the pursuit channel so be sure to tune in. Hooky with Sloane by Bird Creek Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Music provided by FreeMusic109!
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Waterfowl hunters know the bond between a duck hunting dog and their handler. For outsiders, it doesnt take long to see it. Hundreds of hours of retriever training go into a polished waterfowl dog and it takes Teamwork to pick up that duck or goose. Many waterfowl hunters, whether new to the sport or a seasoned veteran, will say watching a dog work is their favorite part of a duck hunt. Theres nothing like hearing a handler use their whistle, seeing the retriever stop, and get sent by hand signa...!
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Kentucky Afield host Tim Farmer heads to Harrison County with Al Stakelin and Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Commissioner Gregory Johnson for an exciting rabbit hunt. Al has great dogs that have us on the bunnies all morning!...!
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Hi there! Awesome Animals here again! You know that dogs are not only good friends. For centuries the have been helping people in different spheres of life. For example, in hunting. Nowadays it is very popular hobby too and people try to find the ideal companion for that. So now, I want to show you 10 best hunters among dogs. Let`s go! Subscribe for more: 📺 Enjoy videos from this top! Watch and subscribe:!
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Amazing experience with these dogs I cant wait to do it again!!
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Check out our Facebook We also have a Instagram @Thompsonoutdoors2016...!
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-~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Got Caught With My Pants Down Twice!! But Still Killed Two Does! (Kill Shot) 2019|| -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...!
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Welcome to another vlog filmed in real-time straight off the bat. Its the day after a successful hunt and I am generally in good humor after a good result. 27-year-old Patrick has been having problems to get his dog Trig going and last night Trig once again missed out on being on this fat sow by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Welcome to my channel. You can find all the contact info below etc. Patreon - See all the exclusive hunting videos and contribute to my work with taking youn...!
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Guy Eastman is bow hunting big cats! Mountain lion hunting means hunting with dogs. Trained dogs are used to track down and trap a cougar. Bowhunting an angry lion is a serious challenge when its cornered 30 feet up in a tree. Its cats vs. dogs in this heart-pounding hunt video. These are Dans recommendations for more adventure hunting. Watch one of these videos next: WORLD RECORD Class MARCO POLO Ram: ELK HUNTING with GRIZZLY BEARS! Public Land DIY: https://you...!
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COYOTE HUNTING-- Watching through my dogs eyes getting all up close and personal with a mad growling male coyote...!
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In 2015, rhino poaching in Africa reach a twenty year high. Now more than ever it is vital to protect the animals of Africa from poachers. In this Kenya Expedition, the team meets the bloodhounds that are used by Lewas anti-poaching forces to find out just how powerful their sense of smell can be! Subscribe: Our Kenya Expedition: More from Lewa:!
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COYOTE HUNTING!! Zeus and Thor working a triple. One is a mouthy Female that wouldnt shut her trap till the SAVAGE 223 slapped it shut. Froze them in their tracks!!!...!
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Music and SFX: (30day free trial) Hunting Leash Bungie Leash The Dogo Argentino is an amazing and versatile hunting dog. Its origins are obviously in South America, Argentina to be exact but it has proven to be an effective hunter world wide. The Dogo is a catch dog that pursues and subdues large game. From boar to mountain lion the breed is highly effective. Miguel Arias of Warrior Dogo is a hunte...!
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To buy my book, hat, or T-shirt follow this link... If you would like to help support my channel another way, this is a link to my Patreon account. My Instagram- Matthews Mink Manor In this video my mink Iki ska, Iki sabe, Bear, Piranha, and Rio clean up a bunch of rats with the help of my bull lurcher Boss (1/4 pit...!
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Barton Ramsey breeds, trains and hunts labs nearly 365 days a year, but he’ll be the first to tell you, “The dogs enhance my life more often than I do anything for them.”...!
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LANGUAGE WARNING! This is raw, unedited video. Please excuse any inappropriate language. Hog hunting in the swamps of South Florida with Southern Cross Cut Gear.!
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120 Hunting dogs being fed at Cheverny, France! Amazing! Follow me on Twitter @NicholeCarlson On at my Blog: Facebook:!
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Duck hunting dogs are hardworking and obedient. But Sam likes to work on her own terms. Keep watching YETI Presents: Subscribe to the YETI YouTube Channel to be the first to see our new videos: Directors: Ryan Heffernan, Grayson Schaffer Camera: Nick Kelley Editor: Kahlil Hudson Executive Producer: Scott Ballew / Taylor Johns Music: Doug Major Phantom Operator: Drew Lauer Learn about the YETI Story:!
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Hog hunting with dogs in Louisiana! This video is of a quick hunt hunt where we bayed and caught a small boar hog. Enjoy!...!
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Hunting challenges vid here. As embarrassing as it is I feel it is important to share some of my own stuff ups with my own hunting dogs. I hope some of my own mistakes help you dog owners not come undone as I have in the past. I have some regrets and could have done better by my dogs. Dogs are a mans best friend but sometimes I wonder if man is really a dogs best friend. Clay Welcome to my channel. You can find all the contact info below etc. Patreon - See all...!
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I am sharing this video of my hunting dog BO having an episode. Either a Hypoglycemic Attack or a Heat Stroke. Hoping that it saves someones pet. This was a scary experience and very hard to watch. If it was Heat Stroke: There are so many ways to prevent this. It can happen fast. Just seconds before this BO was hunting Rooster Pheasants just fine. He showed some signs of fatigue such as Heavy Panting. But nothing I have not seen from him before. It was a 70 degree day and cloudy. A day you typ...!
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Originally, dogs were domesticated by humans primarily to help out with hunting. Here are the 10 best hunting dogs that are most commonly working with hunters today. Full 30 hunting dog breeds list: Subscribe for more: Even back in the medieval times, canines used to go alongside hunters on horseback to hunt wildlife, and there are many writings that point to dogs being original hunters. Today, hunting with dogs by your side is n...!
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This is the unedited first 5 minutes of a 7:24 video published on YouTube by coyote hunters operating out of Santa Barbara County, California. California Doggers published the video on December 24, 2019 and in the comments are references to selling and training dogs to attack coyotes like the dogs in this video. Reference is also made to it being legal to use dogs to hunt coyotes, but nowhere in Californias Department of Fish & Wildlife hunting regulations is their an allowance for dog-fighting...!
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The Mississippi Squirrelmen come up to my home state of Illinois for a northern invasion. Squirrel hunting with dogs is their business and business is good!...!
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A film on a leopard hunt starting at 3h00 in the morning. Leopard tracked by blue tick hounds from the Theunis Botha Big Game hounds kennels. Included in the hound pack is one Dogo Argentino....!
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this is rabbit #hunting in Pakistan 2019. it was outstanding hunting chase race between three greyhounds and one wild rabbit. rabbit (bunny) won this battle from #huntingdogs like a boss. Do subscribe us for more new #wildanimals videos. #wildlife #bunnyvideos #shikaar #dogvsdog #khargoshkashikar2019 #shikarinpakistan2019 #greyhoundvshare Follow Greyhound Coursin...!
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Pheasant Hunting with 3 year old male German Shorthaired Pointer. Filmed with GoPro Hero 3. Music: Kevin MacLeod - Undaunted...!
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Coyote hunting with dogs, Called in 3 black coyotes....!
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HOPE YOU LOVE THOSE ITEMS FOR YOU HUNTING DOG, JUST CHECK IT OUT 1► Dog Training Whistle - Ultrasonic Pet Whistle Training Tool Silent Bark Control for Dogs. ●●CHECK OUT ON AMAZON - 2► Hunting Dog Training Pack - Strong Bumpers - Retrieving Dummies - Lanyard - Work/Training Whistle - Durable Throw Rope Dummy ●●CHECK OUT ON AMAZON - 3► Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker – Lightweight and Waterproof Dog Tracking Device ●●CHECK OUT ...!
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This is my Dogo Argentino, Raven, that I have been training since she was a 10 week old puppy. I have several videos that show me working her on a leash and teaching basic commands. Everything has gone great and this video shows her seeing a hog bayed by two cur dogs for the first time. She was unsure at first, but quickly caught on and in no time was catching the wild hog by the ear. Enjoy and make sure to like and subscribe to this channel....!
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Big Mistake When Python Catch Hunting Dog - Animal Fight Back Compilation Python vs Alligator Python vs Crocodile Python vs Dog Please Subscribe, Like, and comment on this video! :) Thank You! ► See More Videos! TOP 10 Largest Dog Breeds You Will Want to Own Woman Caught Snake Trying to Eat Her Dog Unbelievable Giant Animals Caught on Camera .................!
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Hunting dog training starts early and even if youre dog is too young to retrieve, theres still plenty of training you can do. At this stage, its about exploring and beginning to introduce concepts that will be used down the road. Exploration walks and hunt games help puppies begin to develop and learn the skills required to become a hunting dog. More retriever training videos ---► For more information on Brookstone Kennels Performance Gundogs -!
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The 805 Hunt Pack back at it with a clean solo catch by Toes the brindle Catahoula. Toes made a 900 yard chase and stopped this yote long enough for the rest of us to get there. Dozer the tan Blackmouth Cur bulldozed his way right into the fight and gave Toes the assist while Chloe stood her ground mostly baying but playing an important roll of keeping the yote boxed in. The dispatch of this yote was really messy we later realized what happened was these Sig HT 243 rounds are light exploding ti...!
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We had an all out, action packed day with a lot of hard running.The dogs did their job pushing these nice bucks out and allowing the standers to get a good clean safe shoot. And even though I didnt kill a deer it was just as exciting as if I did just by watching it all unfold and the dog work. We had a lot of good fellowship and the kids definitely enjoyed their selfs that made it a successful hunt. Business inquiries and product reviews @: [email protected] -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watc...!
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TOP 10 BEST HUNTING DOG BREEDS IN THE WORLD! So heres my complete list of the top 10 dog breeds for hunting in the world! Who will be #1... lets find out! Check out our online store - Get 25% off your first dog food bag and 10% off every bag after that when you subscribe! Free UK Delivery on all orders! MY FREE DOG TRAINING COURSE - MY PERFECT PUPPY COURSE - Follow us on Instagram -!
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If youve been around dog training and duck hunting long enough, youve heard of a gunshy dog. With the proper introduction, it can be prevented. See how to properly introduce your Labrador in this weeks retriever training video. For more information on Brookstone Kennels Performance Gundogs - ****More Retriever Training Videos**** ►Circle Memory Drill Pt. 1 - ►Circle Memory Drill Pt. 2 - ►Retriever Training in Water - http:...!
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Video ufficiale di Petrha, prima traccia dellEP Out To Hunt Musica: The Hunting Dogs, special guest: Jan Sturiale - chitarra elettrica e basso elettrico Regia: Cristian Natoli Ballerini: Chiara Pasqualini, Alessio Pieniz D.O.P: Debora Vrizzi Montaggio: Matteo Serman Progetto grafico: Giovanni Di Natale Elettricista: Fabio Cresseri Trucco: Valentina Chiarion...!
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Get DUX gear here: Follow us on Instagram: My dad and I decided to take out Dazey out for a little evening pheasant hunt here in SD! We went to a little piece of public land pretty close to our house to hun the last hour of sunset. My dad and I both ended up with 1 bird each. I hope you guys enjoyed todays video and dont forget to Like, Comment and SUB!!!...!
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Imprinting and Early Puppy Development. Jason looks at puppy socialization and a timeline for training. Published by Bird Dogs Afield....!
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Its pretty graphic but you can actually hear the raccoons neck snap a few times...!

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