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Tell your boyfriend if he says hes got beef That Im a vegetarian and i aint ******* scared of him Edens channel: INSTAGRAM TWITTER PATREON YOUNOW SNAPCHAT elisea_e MERCH -----------------------------------------------------------------...!
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Need a one-stop shop to buy both a limited-edition Funko Pop and merch from a rock band that peaked before you were born? Boy, do we have the store for you! This is EVERY HOT TOPIC EVER. Punch that bell icon so youll know when we add a new episode! CAST Ian Hecox // Courtney Miller // Damien Haas // Shayne Topp // Olivia Sui // https://www.instagram...!
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HOT TOPIC / HOT TOPIC HAUL / HOT TOPIC 2019 / CLOTHING HAUL Hello friends, and welcome back! Its been a little while since I uploaded because ive been travelling overseas, and this video is the first of many hauls to come! I was staying in Waikiki, Hawaii, and headed to Hot Topic to pick up a bunch of clothes and other cool accessories to show you. I loved their range of graphic tees, bags, patches and pins, and found some really great items. I also have a Forever 21 Haul, Walmart Haul, Bra...!
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Makeup tutorial for this is up on my channel now! Im thinking a concert lookbook next....?? Instagram @kittysnack Snapchat - Katiesacc OUTFIT 1 Fishnets from Lovers Boots from Fred Meyer Shorts from Unionbay Sweater from Hot Topic Huf beanie from Zumiez OUTFIT 2 Broken promises shirt from zumiez mesh long sleeve from Target Fishnets Platform boots from Hot Topic Belt from Hot topic Pant chain from forever 21 OUTFIT 3 Old ADTR shirt Deluth longsleeve Westwood mom jeans from Forever 21 Boots ...!
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🌺Hello everyone!!🌺 Ive been shopping a lot... Online, obviously! And as you may know, I love Hot Topic. I love that I can find something for almost any of my fandoms from Harry Potter to Disney to Sailor Moon. And I love their accessories! Im once again trying to get into wearing more jewelry, and I love the cute pieces that I find at Hot Topic. Im not the expensive jewelry type. Im the cat earring and cheap disney necklace type... 🌼Instagram: theziyascholz 🌼Snapchat: theziyascholz ...!
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Hey guys! In this video, I will walk you through how I build 3 outfits based entirely on Disney & Disney Pixar clothes available at ya local Hot Topic. I wish I could make an outfit for every single Disney / Pixar movie bc they are all treasures but today we focus on The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Toy Story. Outfit links and discount codes below!~ THE LITTLE MERMAID OUTFIT: Tie Dye Ariel Muscle Top: Ariel Pink Shortalls: Little Mermaid ...!
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hey guys! This is my huge Hot Topic haul, including clothes and jewelry. Sometimes you can find that perfect something, and other times you find A LOT of perfect somethings! _____________________________ dont forget to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE also, let me know in the comments which item was your favorite and if you want more clothing hauls like this Keep up with me daily Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat - flawlessLKC ______________...!
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Thank you for watching! Back to school clothing haul :) Schools coming soon and i am so not ready loll. how are yall feeling about school? Also dont forget to check of My friend Roses Videos @RedRoseZahler and our together channel @CurlyFryFactory and our band channel @Sharks On The Moon (some covers and og songs coming soon!) Instagram: TheMusiccBox...!
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NEWEST VIDEO: How I Went From Black Hair to White Hair - Transformation Video & Progress Click here to see how it turned out: --~-- MERCH: MY BLOG: You are awesome.!
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You asked for it, so here it is! My Hot Topic Haul :D Hope you guys enjoy, let me know if youd like a review on the Beetlejuice palette. Jack Skellington earrings: Red Glitter Skull Shirt: For more looks and makeup art, follow me! Instagr...!
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Thanks again to Pop-Tarts Toaster Pastries for partnering with us to bring you More On Smosh Week. Select Pop-Tarts flavors now have More Frosting! Forever 21 - whether its squeezing into the perfect dress, shirts that try too hard to be trendy, or more, this is Every Forever 21 Ever! CAST Ian Hecox Noah Grossman Keith Leak Jr. Courtney Miller Olivia Sui Shayne Topp CREW Directed by Ryan Todd Written by Monica Vasandani, Cole Hersch, Sarah Whittle, Courtney Miller, Ia...!
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LOL HI ANGELS! TIME TO BREAK OUT THE CHAINS AND JET BLACK CLOTHING - WERE BEING GOTH TODAY! You know I LOVE to shop, and Im always trying fun challenges like shopping in the mens section or the senior citizen section for a twist on my favorite hobby. And today, since I am the ultimate girly girl - I thought it would be funny to do a sort of opposite shopping style swap and try to go on a LA shopping haul adventure IN THE GOTH SECTION! So here is me, looking for pink clothes and ...!
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Hope you enjoy this little haul video~ Songs: Kids in the Dark (8 Bit Cover)- All Time Low Find me elsewhere: Insta: @the_bella_boo Tumblr: Twitter: @mayb_a_murderer...!
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Colby’s Video: Frank’s Video: Colby’s Channel: Frank’s Channel: HOT TOPIC HAUL 2018! FT. COLBY BROCK AND CRANKTHATFRANK. MY LAST VIDEO: So, today Frank decided to take his two new emo trainees to his hometown (is in the dark). The beautiful land of Hot Topic. We went and s...!
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Hey guys! I went out shopping and got a TON of star wars clothing, toys, and other really cool stuff! Let me know which is your favorite :) lets see if we can hit 20 likes on this video! And share this video with your friends because it really helps me out a lot when you share my videos :) hey! I might even give you a shoutout if you share my videos on any social media like say (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?) using the hashtag #inquisitormaster so I can see it!! Being active on my account w...!
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We check out Hot Topic. An amazing store for all your nerdy pop culture needs. This store is at Altamonte Mall just north of Orlando. Come join us... Living the Dream 😀 If you like our videos, give us a thumbs up & subscribe for more. 👍🏻 Thanks for watching… 🐦 TWITTER: 👍🏻 FACEBOOK: 📷 INSTAGRAM: ✉️ EMAIL: [email protected] 👕👚WEAR OUR SHIR...!
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I hope you guys enjoyed this haul/try on video! Let me know if you want a Killstar one!! Items shown in video: Hot Topic: TYPE O NEGATIVE BLOODY KISSES T-SHIRT: PURPLE CELESTIAL GIRLS TIE-FRONT WOVEN BUTTON-UP: DollsKill: NATURAL MAGIC BABY TEE:!
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Hello, lovelies! I reeeeeeeally wish that the freaking romper had worked out! Dammit! Its alright. But, dont even try buying junior sized jeans if youre plus sized. IT. DOES. NOT. WORK. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ASKZIYA: [email protected] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WHAT I BOUGHT Honeydukes Romper Bla...!
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Hot Topic is amazing so I thought I would make a haul video showing you guys some clothes and items I recently got from there! Hope you guys enjoy :3 Subscribe to see more videos! :3 Check out my merch! TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: SNAPCHAT: eugeniac MUSICAL.LY: eugeniacooney YOUNOW:!
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Hope you enjoyed this video? WIll you be buying any of the pieces mentioned and if so which one? My Dolls Kill Wishlist: ______________________________________________ Where to find me! ☆ Instagram: @heavenlygl00m Personal Depop: emilyr0set ___________________________________________ Shop me and my sisters brand Instagram: @dressupangelz Depop: @dressupangelz _______...!
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NEWEST VIDEO: How I Went From Black Hair to White Hair - Transformation Video & Progress Click here to see how it turned out: --~-- This video was NOT sponsored -- I bought this stuff and just thought it would be cool to show you since I like never buy stuff. Join the Hair Jordan Army: You are awesome. http://www.1Hai...!
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Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel activewear, and more from Hot Topic! SUPER affordable gym clothes, but are they a hit or miss??? Thanks so much for watching! Feel free to leave me any other questions you might have below and dont forget to subscribe before you leave (: ♡ ♡ ♡ Connect with me: INSTAGRAM Instagram: @HopeScopeOfficial Leo’s Instagram: @LeoScopeOfficial SNAPCHAT @HopeWhitney TWITTER @HopeScopeTweets INQUIRIES [email protected]!
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Hello, lovelies! OMFG. I cant believe I forgot to post this video! I film a ton of videos, and Ive been losing track of them lately, but Im trying to stay on top of them as much as possible. This here is a haul that I did from Hot Topic over a month ago. Luckily, as of today, they still have all the clothes that I bought in stock. The coffee mug is gone, though! So sorry about that! Thank you for watching! Dont forget to thumbs up, comment, and subscribe! :) ~~~~~WHAT I GOT~~~~~ --Harry Potter ...!
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Hey guys! I ordered several fun Disney shirts from the ShopDisney and Hot Topic websites about a month ago. I try them all on in this video! Thank you so much for watching! All of the items are linked below: Mickey shirt Purple button down is no longer available. 😕 You Had Me at Walt Disney World!
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hardest ive laughed in a bit, go give em some love. @HotTopic Subscribe ► Merch ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Instagram ► Snapchat ► realjacksfilms YouNow ► Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my YouTube channel where I like to make fun of everything because Im too scared to confront reali...!
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Find me on Instagram Thinkpinkdaze...!
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IM sorry about the low quality idk whats up with that? My Depop Shop: Shops Bought From: Korn Shirt: Itabag: Listen Flavor Hoodie:!
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I know Im a little late, but heres the video of my back to school clothes. I did quite a bit of shopping at Hot Topic and JcPenney this year. I no longer shop at Justice since I pretty much grew out of most of their styles and sizes. Be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe! New friends are always welcome! :) SOCIAL MEDIA -------------------------------------------------- Be sure to subscribe: Like me on Facebook: Follow...!
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Sorry this is being posted later than expected! Ive been crazy busy with a last minute summer vacation trip with my best friend and trying to get everything ready for this school year. The first couple weeks are always kind of crazy. I am super excited for this school year!!!! What grade are you guys going into? Any special classes or after school activities? To shop or find out more about Justice, click here: To shop or find out more about Hot Topic, click her...!
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Make sure you click that thumbs up & dont forget to subscribe so you dont miss part 2 where I show more awesome goodies from Dolls kill, Hot Topic, Forever 21, Billabong, SUGAR THRILLZ , some random shops (& even some cute pastels finds from Walmart XD) This is my first trending topic video so wish me luck! Like I said in the video I bought a lot of this stuff with birthday money so I dont shop like this every day... although I do shop a lot.. lol. If I were to include everything shown it would ...!
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Today I show you the Hot Topic exclusive Eleven dorbz, Barbie Hello Kitty Little twin Stars clothing pack and open some Monster High Mystery Minis Enjoy!!! Eleven Dorbz: Hello Kitty Clothes: WalMart MH Mystery Minis Series 1: -----------------...!
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which outfit was your favorite? if you want to follow and support me i have twitter and instagram Twitter: Instagram: Art isntagram:!
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Hey everyone, in this video I show you guys on some of my recent purchases from Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic. Comment down below and tell me which item was your favorite! I purchased my stuff in person but here is one of the items online. *HALF SKULL SHIRT Editor/Videographer: MUSIC Creepy Hallow By Alexander Nakarada https://f...!
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Hope everyone is still doing good and taking care....!
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Hi Im Stephanie and Im 15 ☻ ♡ Thanks for watching ! Please comment, like, and subscribe ☼ ♡ My Links ♕ Instagram → Twitter → ♡ I love all my stephybears ❥ ♡ I film with my iPhone 6 plus and edit with the iMovie app  ♡ Please leave your hate comments to yourself ☓ ♡ This video was not sponsored ✓...!
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Sorry for the lack of videos, Ive been having technical issues and lack of inspiration lately. So, heres a little haul of now. I hope you all enjoy!...!
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Sorry I could not edit the video so if there are some parts that were supposed to be out,I am sorry....!
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Needed to get a new dress for something formal I have to do very soon so my boyfriend and I went to the mall and he helped me pick out some clothes that I wanted/needed! Don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up or leave a comment down below. PLEASE make sure to hit the subscribe button and bell to get notified!! Love you guys!❤️ Social Media: Facebook - Alexcia Cegelski Instagram - sweetpea_623 Smule - Alexcia623 Wattpad - Alexcia LeAnn Snapchat - Lexci98...!
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It’s finally festival season! I should’ve uploaded this video earlier but anyways it’s here and that’s all that matters! Here are five quick and simple clothing hacks that you can do under 5 min! These are perfect for those festival go-ers who haven’t finalized their outfits yet (me included lol). Comment down below which one was your favorite! Subscribe to join the Rosebud fam! WATCH MORE DIY - Fashion, Home Decor, Thrift Fix // FASHI...!
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I filmed this several weeks ago and didnt edit it until last night - can you tell its that busy chunk of time before graduation? Enter my giveaway (closes May 31st): Find me on: Instagram: Twitter: Goodreads: Tumblr: Nerdy Instagram: For...!
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