Horse Show Clothes

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Hope you guys found this video helpful for any upcoming shows! Thanks so much for all the support! xoxo Codes MaeLort&Co: EquPrep HorseTreatery: EQPREP10 C4: IJTG6789 Sox Trot: ISAJULIE Lord Leather Care ( ): EQPREP Business inquiries: [email protected] Follow Our Instagram Snapchat @isa_c @jujubean9080 Twitter!
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Instead of doing a haul on all of the show stuff I acquired the past month, I decided to do a little series on open breed horse shows. What you will need: Hat Top Breeches Chaps Belt Boots Links: Twitter: equifever Instagram: equifever15 equifever Email for business inquiries: [email protected]!
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Thank god this video is finally done, yeeet You guys are the first to know - new stuff is coming at the end of the month! A huge thank you to my sponsors! -Equestrian Instagram -Instagram -Second Channel -Unhorsey Chan...!
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Instead of doing a haul on all of the show stuff I acquired the past month, I decided to do a little series on open breed horse shows. What you will need: Helmet Bow net Collared shirt Stock pin Jacket Breeches Tall boots/ half chaps and jodhpurs Belt (I forgot to mention) Links: Twitter: equifever Instagram: equifever15 equifever Email for business inquiries: [email protected]!
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Hi everyone! Heres a haul of some show items Ive purchased over the past month or so. More to come hopefully! In this video: Competition Shirt: Foal Equestrian Show Jacket: Grand Prix Jacket Gloves: SSG Belt: Noble Outfitters Instagram: MyEquineAddiction Twitter: @theequineaddict @myequineaddiction...!
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Learn step by step how to bling show clothes with video instructions walking you through. Time for you to shine in the horse show ring! Read full instructions at!
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A full length breakdown into ECEs closet and what to pack for a three day away show!...!
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Having started showing horses when she was just five years old, 2016 Christian County CEO alumnus Jessica Winters already knew that she loved dressing for success along the way. Today with her business – DKJ Designs – Jessica designs custom, unique, quality horse show jackets for performers in all walks of life. She has turned her real-life hobby into a highly profitable venture as she puts herself through college with her business and continues to grow and showcase her work all across the c...!
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Schneiders has everything you need to prepare for a successful show season! Shop our collection of Western show apparel as well as tack and other necessities at!...!
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When showing a horse, both the horse and the rider should appear clean, tidy and professional in order to impress the judges. Dress properly for a horse show with advice from an experienced trainer in this video on riding and jumping horses....!
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link to the USEF rulebook: links to my favorite show clothes: helmets: charles owen ayr8: samshield shadowmatt: hairnet: shirts: smartpak white w/ navy stitching:!
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Welcome to Horse Haven TV! Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoyed :) Products mentioned in this video: Breeches: Show Shirt: Stock Tie: Show Jacket: ...!
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Im getting married and need to sell all of my show clothes. Prices are negotiable. Make an offer. contact Kellie at [email protected]!
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I am showing the show clothes that I use for English. A couple years ago, I watched some other YouTubers that have inspired me to try riding and I instantly fell in love with it! I had always liked horses when a was really young and I am so thankful I do now! I hope you guys enjoy....!
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Hey guys, hope you enjoyed this video :) Sorry Ive been MIA a bit, I was in Berlin so couldnt post! ~Mazzzz...!
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Sew Your Own Show Clothes Princess Seamed Western Show Jacket Volume 4 With Pegg Johnson 810.346.2305 [email protected] Produced By Pulse Media Productions...!
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So the show was on Saturday. Sorry I had no time to upload it because my mom was like hurry up and get to bed you have to wake up at 5! Sorry bout that guys!! Anyway I hope you enjoyed!! :-)...!
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Hello everyone! I just thought Id share my ENTIRE jumping horse show experience. Packing actually wasnt that bad, but I think its always good to see what other people bring in case Im forgetting anything so ENJOY & SUBSCRIBE! ---------------------- show boots: ariat show shirt: ---------------------- - Hug your horse - Work hard - Dream big Instagram: @wildhorselibbie #horseshowessentials #packingforahorseshow #horseshowvlog...!
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Schneiders has everything you need to prepare for a successful show season! Shop our collection of English show apparel as well as tack and other necessities at!...!
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After many requests, I have made a video showing you guys my Equestrian competition wardrobe. I show you all my jodpurs, shirts, jackets, hats, boots, gloves etc. Hope you enjoy :D!
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Schneiders Saddlery has everything you need to outfit your child for their first horse show. In this video we discuss: ∙Helmets and hair ∙Show shirts and hunt coats ∙Jodhpurs ∙Garters and paddock boots ∙Gloves For more information about Schneiders, visit To view the products featured in this video, visit!
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this video is really embarrassing and im probably going to upload an updated one in march 2014 ~kate...!
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special thanks to Stirrups Clothing Company for sending me this amazing show backpack! ✮✮✮✮ proudly sponsored by: poloz r us visit to view all of the amazing products available and use code “PRURL” for 10% off your order ♡ herd of zebras visit to view all of the unique equestrian clothing and accessories available to embrace our individuality and show your stripes ♡ ✮✮✮✮ proud to represent: the ponyapp visit the ponyapp on the app sto...!
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▼▼▼Hey friends watch in HD!! ▼▼▼ ▼▼▼Dont let youtube kill my quality▼▼▼ ★Products Mentioned: Jour Matte Anti Blemish Primer Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer Lancome Teint Idole Foundation Tart Shape Tape RCMA No Color Powder Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder Tart Blush in Exposed Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade Urban Decay Primer Potion Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Intense Black Loreal Voluminous Carbon ...!
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Hope you guys liked this video! Remember to like and subscribe! ~ instagram: @thedressagedonkey tumblr: @baymareenthusiant...!
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ladies small pleasure jacket for sale. all swarovski crystals, used one season. excellent condition.$600.00 check out my website at or my face book Set Apart Show Apparel. This jacket is now sold....!
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Since the comments are turned off if you would like to comment go to our tiktok @the.bethanys whenever we post a yt vid we post a tiktok abt it so just find the tiktok that goes with the yt vid you wanna comment on and comment there...!
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If you are new to our channel Welcome! Here are some links to other social media accounts so you can stay in the loop! ~~~~~~ -Equestrian Prep Clothing: -Stirrups Clothing Company: -Cheyennes Instagram: -Horse Show Life Channel: I DO NOT OWN ANY MUSIC OR SOUND EFFECTS USED IN THIS VIDEO. ~~~~~~ Cheyenne Is an Ambassador fo...!
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Count how many times my cat meowed! lol Comment below you answer!...!
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Instructional video from on what to wear for equitation horse showing Disclaimer: Yes, the model is having a glass of wine. She is over 21. If you do not approve, you do not have to watch....!
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My western apparel..... Let me know if you have any questions or video requests!...!
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First video! I know very shabby but they will get better (i hope) A little info My horse is called Indy she is 5 years old and 14.2 hh we are going into the intro b dressage next month Next year we hope to go to jumping shows I am 15 years old I live in England Hope You Enjoyyyyy!!...!
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People often comment and send me emails regarding the position reviews and equitation tips for hunter riders. • Here is a collection of position review videos - If you would like to have your position reviewed please put a comment below with your request! It would also help if you would let us know if you are riding hunter, jumper, dressage or eventing. Wed love to hear from you. • Go right here to subscribe - • Check out the latest video...!
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Please like & subscribe if you enjoyed this vlog!! Me and Soph went to Ingatestone today for some horse shopping!! I was a bit underwhelmed but Soph got a new show jacket (goodbye wages) so Im glad we went!! Quiz was also awesome today, hes not really in work as I work full time so its hard to ride after work during the winter but he was super calm today. I introduced some polework after around 5 months off jumping and he slowly started to get the hang of it! Quiz is quite a dramatic horse- e...!
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Sorry this is so late!! I was a bit flat out with the 3DE this week, and not going to lie I havent double checked the editing in this so im a ltl stressed eeeee oops Brands of this clothing in order! - Helmet - Navy leather look Charles Owen Top - Tommy Hilfiger striped v-neck Belt - Hahndorf leather maker Breeches - Pikeur Boots - Ariat Challenge Field boot Gloves - Roeckl Helmet - Brown leather look Charles Owen Top - Lulu Lemon Belt - Horse feathers gifts...!
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Riding Warehouse crew members Sarah and Maddy share how to dress for the Hunter/Jumper show ring. Sarah offers tips that ensure your show outfit will be proper per show rules and stand the test of time with classic, traditional attire to save you money. Love the look? Shop Riding Warehouse below: Ariat Heritage Field Boots Equine Couture Coolmax Champion Breeches!
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This 12th scale clothes dryer or clothes horse is a really quick and easy project that I think you’ll enjoy making. My new book ‘Making Dolls’ House Miniatures in 1/12th Scale’, as well as my first two books, are available to order from Amazon – just follow the links below: UK: USA: To see more of...!
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Sew Your Own Show Clothes Applique And Rhinestone Techniques Volume 3 With Pegg Johnson 810.346.2305 [email protected] Produced By Pulse Media Productions...!
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Stefanie Mazer, W.E.F, Horse Show, Pony Show, Hunter Jumper, Walk Trot, Equestrian, Rules, Pony, Horse,...!
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Hello everyone! We are back from Arizona and I have many videos to edit but here is your first sneak peak into our time in Tuscon. Sorry some of the iphone videos got a little choppy, it was the phone transfer, not my editors. Anyways, enjoy and stay tuned for week one at the horse show :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are curious what Ginger and I have been up to, follow my equestrian instagram for daily upda...!

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