Holiday Classrooms

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Cavemen didnt teach their children how to hunt mammoths in a classroom, so why are classrooms necessary to education today? George Greenbury explores the future of education and ways we can use online education to address global educational inequalities. Adapting online education to be more engaging and social ensures a future where online learning can provide high quality education for all. George Greenbury is a Fulbright Scholar, Teach First Ambassador, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts....!
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Get your life together with the Nifty Organization Journal: Here is what youll need! MATERIALS Powdered donuts Small clear treat bags Black paper Black marker Orange marker Baking sheet Pretzels Chocolate-covered caramel candy Red chocolate candy Small tubs of play dough Cardstock Candy canes Hot glue gun Small red pom poms Small googly eyes Brown pipe cleaners Pocket hand sanitizer INSTRUCTIONS 1. Donut Snowmen Put 3 donuts into each treat bag, stacking them on top of each ot...!
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Well, it is time to get back to school! In this video, I take you on the extreme makeover journey of organizing the 3rd-grade classroom. As a professional organizer, this project gave me so much joy. I was excited to share tips on how to organize a cluttered classroom. This video is sponsored by iDESIGN Check out iDesign on Instagram: Clear bins: Dotted Bins(Grey): Dotted Bins (Teal):!
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Visit for teacher resources. Sister site of Digitally Delivered Ebooks to accommodate the most cost effective classrooms for the entire planet. The Site is expanding to include curriculum for preschool, kindergarten, first grade and 2nd Grade. Includes File Folder Games, Calendar Cover-Ups, Flash Cards, Themed Curriculum, tools for the alphabet, numbers, counting, colors, shapes, letters, patterning, digraphs, homo...!
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Holidare #6 You voted to see a crazy relay of fantastic stunts. In case you missed them: Holidare #1: Holidare #2: Holidare #3: Holidare #4: Holidare #5: Baltimore-based advertising agency, Planit (, launches another crazy holiday promotion in an effort ...!
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Subscribe Here: 10 Funny Unicorn And Granny Pranks / Prank Wars!: Do you like to chew buble gum at the lesson? We like it too! But the teacher doesnt like, when the students eat or chew something at the school! What to do? To invent new tricks, how to sneak food into class, of course! Supplies and tools: • Tape dispenser • Acrylic paint • Hubba Bubba • Paper • Empty glue stick container • Gela...!
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Nancie discovered a love of books while bedridden with rheumatic fever as a child. She teaches English as a writing-reading workshop, an innovation she first described in her book ‘In The Middle’, now in its third edition (its first two editions sold half a million copies). In her workshop, students choose the subjects they write about and the books they read: an average of 20 pieces of publishable writing and 40 books each year. They experience a volume of practice and the expert response t...!
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We are the Parkview Panthers of San Jose, CA. And we show the world our excellent behavior at school. If you are an elementary school teacher and want to use the video to influence behavior in your classroom: 1) First time - play the video for students in its entirety without interruption. Play it loud. 2) Play it a second time while pausing to discuss and analyze the behaviors of the students and teachers in the video. 3) Replay this video often for better results. The more that students see t...!
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Noah Kim is a 15-year old sophomore at Maggie Walker Governors school who is passionate about the ongoing debate among politicians on education reform. He is an advocate for teacher excellence and is confident that, as a student, he is in a better position to address education reform than most politicians who havent been in school for a very long time. If our countrys education system is going to improve, Noah asserts, it wont be through standardized test scores or nationally mandated benchmarks...!
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On November 30, 2016 the authors of NAEYC’s newest publication, Nurturing Creativity: An Essential Mindset for Young Children’s Learning, hosted a webinar on inspiring creative thinking across all areas of learning in the classroom. Watch this video for lesser-known facts on the impact of creativity in early childhood education, as well as insightful details on the book! You can purchase the book here: Learn more about our upcoming webinar...!
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The Envrionment Secretary George Eustice has said in spite of the sunny bank holiday, it is vitally important to abide by the current restrictions and stay at home. (Subscribe: He also has announced a 16 million pound fund to support frontline food charities. He is joined by Medical Director of NHS England Professor Stephen Powis. ----------------------- Follow us on Instagram -!
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Todays classroom is much more than inside of the actual classroom. Using Edmodo teachers have the ability to create a virtual classroom to engage with students, provide resources, administer quizzes and most importantly create a collaborative learning environment that prepares students for the 21st century globally connected workforce. Join us in covering the basics and some more advanced uses of Edmodo and how you can create a virtual classroom today! For more resources, visit!
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Get an introduction to the fundamentals for marketing and public relations in this clip from Ryan Holidays CreativeLive course: Getting free media attention is a powerful and often misunderstood communication tool. Media strategist and best-selling author Ryan Holiday teaches artists and entrepreneurs how to create smart, savvy and provocative PR campaigns. Take your business to the next level wi...!
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This 2011 film by Emmy Award-winning producer Lawrence Klein tackles the huge issue of motivating students to achieve mastery in the science, engineering, and technology areas most likely to prepare them for productive, high-paying jobs. Five Massachusetts high school teachers inspire their students by bringing engineering design challenges into STEM curricula at five very different public schools -- an urban arts academy, a regional voc-tech institute, a special-needs school, a factory-town hi...!
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There are reports that North Koreas leader is in grave danger after undergoing heart surgery, and was absent from an important national holiday. Subscribe: Get more breaking news at: Join Nine News for the latest in news and events that affect you in your local city, as well as news from across Australia and the world. Follow Nine News on Facebook: Follow Nine News on Twitter: Follow Nin...!
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As teachers across the country turn to laptops and iPads as education tools, one school in Silicon Valley, Calif., has actually banned computers. Priya David Clemens reports on why The Waldorf School of the Peninsula has gone low-tech....!
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Teams On Air - Ep: 58 - Delanda Coleman is joined by Michael W. Lam, Program Manager for Microsoft Teams, where they showcase the Microsoft Teams experiences in education. Learn how the Omaha Public Schools use Microsoft teams to achieve their 4-Cs: communication, collaboration, critical thinking skills, and creativity, making it a hub for team work for teachers and students, both in and out of the classroom. Michael also demonstrates how Microsoft Teams is a part of Microsofts vision in th...!
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Welcome to my 2016-2017 Third Grade Classroom Tour! In this video, I walk you through the setup and details of my 3rd grade classroom. Check out the links below to get some of these materials for your own elementary classroom. Enjoy! :) DIY CRATE SEATS: TEACHERS PAY TEACHERS (TPT): Labels: Word Jar:!
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Make your classroom a favorite among your students with these ideas from the coolest teachers ever! Check out these teacher resources we love! (edited) Subscribe to BuzzFeed Nifty: About Nifty: The official Nifty YouTube channel that shares creative money-saving h...!
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|| EXPAND TO SEE MORE || Hi Friends! In this video, you will take a tour of my second grade classroom! This is my fifth year of teaching and my third classroom. I LOVED teaching 2nd grade! I hope you enjoy my 2017-2018 end-of-year classroom tour! :) Also, be sure to watch until the end so you know why this is my last classroom tour! Follow me on my other channel for MORE (link below)! :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...!
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Subscribe now for more! Head teacher Stephen Drew and Director of New Schools Network Toby Young, debate if students should have to do homework during their school breaks. Broadcast on 22/08/2017 Like, follow and subscribe to Good Morning Britain! The Good Morning Britain YouTube channel delivers you the news that you’re waking up to in the morning. From exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in politics and showbiz to heartwarming human interest stories ...!
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Host - Dr. Lemuel Watson, Professor of Education, USC Exec. Director - Center for Innovation in Higher Education Over the last two decades, some of our schools have struggled with recruiting, retaining, and supporting teachers. Throughout this program, we will hear from from superintendents, deans of education, teachers, and students who will share their perspectives about best practices for supporting and enhancing teacher satisfaction in South Carolina.!
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We want to help prevent learning disruptions while school is out by offering families, educators, schools, and districts a 50% discount on all our membership plans: We Wish You a Merry Christmas! Singing Christmas songs is a holiday tradition enjoyed by many. Teach your students this traditional Christmas carol and they will be ready to share Christmas cheer with friends and family. While the song, We Wish You a Merry Christmas originate in the 16th century, carolers toda...!
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This week & next, teachers & students around Australia are all heading back to school to kick off another year. For the first time in 7 years, I wont be starting the year off as a teacher & I have some mixed emotions about that. Its a daunting & exciting time for teachers as they head back into the school year. After 6 long weeks off, youll find theres the buzz in staff rooms across the country as teachers share holiday stories and begin planning & preparing for classes. On the other side o...!
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Fiji – One of the world’s most unspoiled beach destinations, with the friendliest people; it won’t disappoint paradise seekers! When ready, browse vacation packages to Fiji: Any #Fiji #tour will highlight its magnificent, unspoiled waters and lush landscapes. While on #vacation here, go snorkeling, swimming, diving, and sailing on turquoise waters. If you’d rather stay on dry land, you can zipline through rainforests or ex...!
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Whats the best way to give instructions? Join Sian and Dan to find out! Badly given instructions can completely undermine and ruin an interesting, engaging or fun activity. If you have time beforehand, plan what you want to say. Aim to keep your language as short and simple as possible and grade it for your class level. You wouldnt instruct an elementary student in the same way as an intermediate or advanced student. Think What is the minimum amount of information they need to know to be able ...!
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This fall, international students in the US face unusual challenges. This webinar will address the range of challenges: travel-related, immigration-related, admission-related, linguistic, cultural, political. How might this reality affect international students in your classroom? Participants will discuss these constraints and w ays to support international students in managing them in the UofSC classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Register for Center for Teaching Excellence events and works...!
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Enjoy the video? Subscribe! ► ◄ -------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome, ladies & gentlemen, to your new high security prison cells, fitted with the latest and greatest technologies designed to keep you from ever even thinking about the possibility of freedom, enjoy your stay. Prison Architect is a video game by the British software company Introversion Software and is currently available, for purchase, on steam. ------------------...!
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Find slides and resources for this webinar at Research has shown that all students and especially those receiving special education who follow a carefully crafted transition plan are more likely to achieve post-secondary success. Helping professionals can craft these plans, but many may not be aware of the various resources available to ensure students’ successful transition. One of the main resources available to parents/guardians and...!
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In order to support the long-term teaching and learning of Dari and Persian, the San Diego State University Research Foundation developed curricula (10 in each language) and lesson plans (200 in each language) for five courses in Dari and Persian at the Novice-Mid to Intermediate-High levels in all four modalities (e.g., listening, speaking, reading, and writing). The 2016 model STARTALK curricula and lesson plan template were used to develop materials based on the STARTALK-endorsed principles a...!
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The webinar offers ideas and exemplifies ways in which best practices in language teaching can be transferred to online teaching, both during and between virtual lessons. Presenter: Simona Petrescu Slides: Find out how else we can support your teaching:!
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We all feel like we need a break from the Coronavirus, but going on holiday during a pandemic is far from straightforward. That is, if its even possible. With travel restrictions that differ in almost every country, is it okay to jet off with the family? And where do you even go? The rules are quickly changing depending on where you decide to go, as the pandemic has changed everything we know and understand about tourism and the travel industry. Join host Collette Prince for all of this and mor...!
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More from Inside Edition: The California gunman who killed four people and wounded two schoolchildren earlier this week had killed his wife and buried her under the floorboards of their home before the shooting spree, according to police. The body of Kevin Neals wife was found in his Rancho Tehama Reserve home a day after the shootings, Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston said at a news conference Wednesday. Authoritie...!
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For adults, winter break can mean letting your good habits slip a bit, while for kids it can mean forgetting all they knew about expectations and routines. Taking some time after a break to re-learn the rituals that keep things running smoothly can mean happier kids and a healthier you. Heres how....!
Channel Title : RT UK Views : 424 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-05-29T16:05:14Z
Schools may be opening this Monday - but that doesnt mean kids will be there! Zeenat Matin explains why she is just one of a larger group of parents refusing to send their kids to school on June 1st. RT UK is a channel based in London covering British news and politics, protests and interviews with people who make a difference. SUBSCRIBE: FOLLOW ON INSTA: FOLLOW ON TWITTER: LIKE ON FACEBOOK: http://f...!
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(20 Jul 2020) FOR CLEAN VERSION SEE STORY NUMBER: apus140035 When students in Greenville, South Carolina return to school on August 24th, the environment will look much different. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, student class sizes will be reduced to comply with CDC guidelines. Desks have been spaced apart and students and teachers will be required to wear masks when theyre unable to stay six feet apart. In an elementary classroom we have so many different strategies that we need to commun...!
Channel Title : WKBT TV Views : 7211 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2009-05-20T14:17:02Z
Beginning next fall, La Crosses Central High School will become only the eleventh school in Wisconsin to offer an all girls and an all boys class. In the second part of our Assignment Education special report, well take a look at why Central is giving this program a try....!
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The Royal Navy faced no serious challenger until the rise of the German Kaisers High Seas Fleet around the turn of the 20th century. With no potential foe to keep them sharp, British naval commanders fell into all manner of bad habits. In particular, they took to choreographing fleet movements in minute detail—denying ship captains the liberty to act independently in battle. In short, they sapped initiative from the British fleet, leaving it ill-equipped for the chaos of combat at Jutland (191...!
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Crayons to Classrooms, Living Word Church and Mosaic Church are to thank for supplying these DPS students with everything they need for the 2019-2020 school year. “The Kiser area was hit hard in the Memorial Day tornadoes,” said Donna McCoy, Neighborhood Site Coordinator for Kiser. “Crayons to Classrooms reached out because they knew a lot of Kiser families were impacted and they wanted to help.” Crayons to Classrooms donated the items in partnership with Living Word Church and Mosaic...!
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Hello Lovelies! In this video, I share with you whats in my Teacher Bag - everything from my planner, to makeup, to a journal, and some odds and ends! Enjoy! :) XOXO, A Classroom Diva...!
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Here we are in Professor Snapes potion room, what would you like to make? Polyjuice Potion? Love Potion, or the amazing Liquid Luck? Better get to your seats because class is about to begin! **CLICK TO VIEW MORE** Severus Snape, Potion Master at Hogwarts School, is one of the bravest people from Harry Potter series. Despite their differences, Harry was greatly inspired by him. What about you? ----- #HarryPotter #Hogwarts #Snape ----------- Animation and Sound Design by ASMR Rooms. ♡ PA...!

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