Hakama Trousers

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This is a way to tie a hakama. No assertion of being the way is made. Learn more about Japanese swordsmanship here: https://sojokan.org...!
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Pattern + Videotutorial here: https://etsy.me/2WkdzfP Consigue el patrón + vídeo tutorial aquí: https://etsy.me/2WkdzfP ♥ ♥MÚSICA Present by https://www.soundcloud.com/ikson Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/MJ-1TmvOvpI...!
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This video was promised 2 weeks ago, you finally get it today: my mompe DIY! I had so much fun sewing this and the outcome was a little satisfaction for me. Look out for my mompe outfits on Instagram! As the video was too long already, I had to keep it short. If there are some steps unclear, please message me on Instagram or Twitter and well find a way to deal with your problems. Other videos in this Hakama Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1mkA5g_zgE&list=PLIkLAbocFokM_LtD9fHG8tCUeKx...!
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©Kaika http://thecosplaychronicles.net Pop over to the blog for the template =) http://thecosplaychronicles.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-to-cosplay-making-hakama-simple-way.html Apologies for any pronunciation problem if I had any ;P And I know I sound super cheesy in some parts but ah well.... ENJOY! ****************************************­********************* ::: Find me! ::: Cosplay Blog: http://thecosplaychronicles.net Personal blog: http://elpheal.blogspot.com Twitter: https://twitte...!
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This video will show you how to put on a hakama step by step. It will show you how to adjust the nagajuban and kimono and how to tie tie obi for hakama. Find also out which kimono is appropriate for hakama and what hakama size is the right one for you. Have so much fun in your hakama!! Detailed explanation of how to put on a nagajuban: https://youtu.be/UG5zqtvZ89g Detailed explanation of how to put on a kimono: https://youtu.be/c2Ly0RpaSX8 Check out other videos of this hakama series:...!
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Wahhh!!! Hakama is now FINISHED! YEY! that completed the first part. next vid will pretty much be all skip beat! Thank you for following the project all these times guys! I know its Long as heck. but i rather put all together in one vid and go work on projects instead of sitting at my computer editing the vids...!
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There are many ways for men to tie hakama. First, the obi is tied in a special knot (an under-hakama knot) at the rear. Starting with the front, the ties are brought around the waist and crossed over the top of the knot of the obi. The ties are brought to the front and crossed below the waist, then tied at the back, under the knot of the obi. The hakama-dome is then tucked behind the obi, the koshi-ita is adjusted, and the rear ties brought to the front and tied in a variety of ways. The most fo...!
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Sewing + DIY Tuck Pleated Wide Leg Pants/Palazzo Pants/Trousers Thank you so much for watching\♥︎/ If you enjoyed please leave a LIKE , SHARE this video👍 and Please subscribe to my channel for more videos💓☺️🙏 Have a lovely day( ´◡` )❃・゚ Step by Step Tutorial ✂️ How to Make Palazzo Pants✨ DIY Costura ♡ タックプリーツ ワイドレッグパンツの作り方 ✂️ ☟Sewing + DIY side slant pockets☟ https://goo.gl/EYL6RP Tumblr : http://whateverbeb...!
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Hakama pants for my autumn winter season 2019-2020. Designer pants....!
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How to wear New Style Samura pants Present by: http://www.thaiclothingstore.com/ Blogger: http://thaiclothingstore.blogspot.com/2015/06/how-to-wear-new-style-samura-pants.html New Style Samurai pants was design to modern and Easy to wear. The New Samurai pants was inspired from the Japan Samurai pants in the part. Now, We change them to modern by use the material in Thailand, such as, Hmong fabric, Chiangmai Cotton, to mix and design. Every Samurai pants is Unique style ,because Hmong fabr...!
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There are some subtle details about wearing a hakama that could make a difference in how it fits and how it looks. To know how to wear a hakama properly, you need to know how to wear a hakama with an obi, as in iaido. Heres a link to a video about how to tie a kaku obi: http://bit.ly/1Kf64NQ Standard dojo etiquette disclaimer: If your sensei tells you to do it a different way, please follow the instruction of your sensei....!
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http://martialartsmesa.com How to fold a Hakama. Hakama are the pleated pants we wear when training. While there are many ways to fold a Hakama our Deshi and Assitant Instructor Mario Villa shows and demonstrates one of the ways we do this in the Dojo. http://martialartsmesa.com...!
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Heres the direct links to each method: First method (front folded into the belt): 0:33 Second method (more traditional): 3:24 Third method (front strap over the koshiita): 5:40 In our first How To video, we will explain 3 different ways of putting on and tying a Hakama for Aikido. Those 3 methods could also be applied in some ways to Iaido, Kendo and of course, any Jujutsu-like art that uses a classic Judo type black belt. Those methods are, however, not suitable for wearing a Hakama at a for...!
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how to japanese streetwear (not just bape lmao) INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/christianvui TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/christianvuiYT EMAIL: [email protected] THE CASUAL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnnSPut3diQI4BtrraKpsnA NEW VIDEOS EVERY SATURDAY : 9 AM EST / / 6AM PST Thanks for watching! Leave a comment on what you wanna see more of bc I read all of them. Bet. Stay lit. Respect Women....!
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➳ Palazzo Pants Pattern: http://goo.gl/rwka2Z ➳ Direct Purchase: https://sowl.co/sjz9P ----------------------------- ➳ FIND US AT ∇ INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/q2han ∇ FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/q2han ∇ BLOG: http://q2hans.blogspot.com ∇ TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/q2han ∇ TUMBLR: http://q2han.tumblr.com ----------------------------- ➳ Music: http://bit.ly/1rIVgAZ -----------------------------...!
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Why are kimono so inconvenient? And what are kimono trousers? This little historical overview over “hakama” shall answer your questions and show that Japanese were actually aware of how inconvenient kimono are. And also show you, how they wore kimono trousers to make a work life possible. More about historical kimono and the Emperors coronation gown: https://youtu.be/BQbxcLbIf5o How to Put on a Momohiki: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATrY94yRSoY Watch other videos of this series! Vide...!
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In this video, we demonstrate how we tie up hakama pants. There are several ways to do so - we share our commonly used method. Be sure to secure hakama neatly and relatively tightly so it stays in place during practice. Osu! Stay tuned to learn how to fold the hakama and other How To videos! What would you like to see? Meet the team: Co-Founder, Video Editor @spring_martialspirit https://www.instagram.com/spring_martialspirit/?hl=en Stay in touch with us on our other social platforms: ...!
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【SAMURAI ZOROYE】 [SAMURAI-ZOROYE] is a basic three-piece set of 〈HAKAMA〉, 〈DOUGI〉 and 〈OBI〉. You can enjoy functional and authentic Samurai style. Able to wear in a short time, simple to care and fully sensible, and also, hardly loose shape. It also has a function to fasten the bottom edge of 〈HAKAMA〉 like NINJA. Everything you need is included so it is the best item as starter set. [SAMURAI-ZOROYE] is well accepted by, heavy user who spend every day with wearing [SAMURAI-Z...!
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折り紙のやっこさんのはかまの簡単な折り方、作り方を紹介します。 子供も簡単に折り紙でやっこさんのはかまを折ることができます。 This video shows an instruction on how to fold an origami hakama(trousers). This is a very simple model and it is perfect for all beginners and kids. ▼niceno1折り紙サイト 折り紙の簡単な折り方 http://origami1.net/ niceno1...!
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HITOIKI(こう吉)オリジナル野袴『チノばかま』のはき方の動画です。 基本的には袴と同じはき方です。 ご参考にどうぞ。 洋服にも和服にも合わせられる新感覚野袴。 綿ポリの丈夫なチノクロス生地で製作しており、ご家庭で洗濯も可能です。 ジーンズ感覚でご愛用ください。 なお、チノばかまはネットショップにて販売中です。 詳しくはWEBで。 ●HITOIKI by こう吉ネッ...!
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My Hakama are comfortable and stylish, dont be jealous. - Dontain...!
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As I con-crunch my way into Momo-Con, enjoy this time-lapse/hyper-lapse of my hakama skirt creation. I made it for a group cosplay. P.S. CMV wasn’t possible at JABEcon, I will try again at Momo, don’t you fear! ^-^ If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up - it lets YouTube know this video is worth watching! ❤︎ FB - fb.com/sashainlights Insta - @inlightscreations Twitter - @sashainlights Music: Popdance by Bensound (http:\bensound.com) “8bit Dungeon Level - Video Class...!
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Instructional video from www.thaicraftwarehouse.com on how to tie Thailand Wrap Fisherman Pants. Gold print pairs: http://www.thaicraftwarehouse.com/tcwProduct.php?fashid=24757 http://www.thaicraftwarehouse.com/tcwProduct.php?fashid=23722 http://www.thaicraftwarehouse.com/tcwProduct.php?fashid=23721 http://www.thaicraftwarehouse.com/tcwProduct.php?fashid=23718 http://www.thaicraftwarehouse.com/tcwProduct.php?fashid=23717 http://www.thaicraftwarehouse.com/tcwProduct.php?fashid=23716 http://www....!
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Hi everyone! Today we demonstrate how to fold up your hakama pants. Folding them well and neatly is important in maintaining the pleats. Besides maintaining the aesthetic of your hakama pants, folding is an important part of the practice - taking your time to make the fold beautiful. OSU! How to Put On Hakama Pants: https://youtu.be/hjLulL2sR2Q Find us on Insta! Martial Spirit: https://www.instagram.com/martial_spirit/?hl=en Melbourne Aikido: https://www.instagram.com/melbourneaikido/?h...!
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The details of properly wearing the hakama, traditional clothing of a samurai swordsman....!
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Senpai Oscar Mistula, 5th Dan shows you how its done ;) http://www.aikidoaus.com.au...!
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Aquí enseño como hacer un pantalón hakama partiendo del patrón base de pantalón Mi canal Gamer: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX46NlimE6qScMGFV2J26yw Mis redes sociales (estan compartidas con mi canal de Hime Rokoko y Darkiria Games, mi otro canal) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hime.rokoko/?hl=es Twitter: https://twitter.com/HimeRokoko...!
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Some fun shots from downtown Chi-Town. Luke with his Hakama pants and some good buddies from the Chicago community....!
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I bought a pair of regular dress trousers, slim down the waist and turn them into a pair of plus fours. Interested in a vintage menswear sewing book? You can pre-order one here: https://vintagebursche.de/produkt/pre-order-sewing-vintage-menswear-international-edition/?lang=en If youd like to know where I buy my stuff, check my list of shops and brands here: http://vintagebursche.de/shops-and-brands You might also check out the English version of my blog: https://vintagebursche.de/?lang=en You...!
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針と糸を使わず、オビツ11用袴を2種類作りました! I didnt use needles and threads and made 2 kinds of HAKAMA(Japanese Kimono pants) for Obitsu11! 巫女装束や狩衣に応用して下さい。 Please apply it to shrine maiden costumes and Kariginu(Japanese ancient Kimono). トップスは【浴衣】を参照してね☆ Please tops is refer to 【Yukata】 ☆ 【基礎編/Fundamentals】 狩衣/Japanese ancient hunting costume https://youtu.be/olLm2UMF5MU 袴/Japan...!
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Explaining how to wear hakama for a formal situation such as wedding and ceremony. My kimono shop: http://wkimono.tokyo/shop_category.php?lang=eng&src=ytb...!
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Support The Kendo Show, and help us produce better quality episodes more frequently - https://www.patreon.com/thekendoshow In this episode of The Kendo Show, host Andy Fisher takes us through the basics of how to wear the uniform for Kendo - the Kendogi and Hakama. Dont forget to check out KendoStar for the best in Japanese Kendo equipment, designed for Kendoka around the world! www.kendostar.com...!
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IM SO SORRY for the long arsh video. HAHAHA! But this is TIME CRUNCHING PROJECTS! hahaha. again. bare with me here. XD gotta get it done by next thursday~~~~...!
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SUBSCRIBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFF4Q8RlfNq45cPDUwE8QA?sub_confirmation=1 This is the third video of our product presentation series that we aim to be as educational as possible, so you can compare and choose your equipment more easily. For this third one, we are guiding you through how to choose your Aikido Hakama ! Our advice is Aikido oriented but applies to any martial art with rolling and falling ukemi techniques in which a Hakama is worn. --- PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO --- K...!
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Hello! Thank you for watching! This video, part 1, will show how I made Sesshomarus kimono, hakamapants and belt. Materials used: Bistrech - stoff og stil (white and red) *no strech micro sateng - stoff og stil (yellow and purple) visoflix - stoff og still (iron on dobble sided glue) iron on fabric stiffener - stoff og stil fabric glue rubber band I live in Norway, fabric name may be different in other countries. Please not comment on my English unless its really wrong, its a learning p...!
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Ryan Hayashi, JKA (Japan Karate Association) Shotokan Karate Instructor, explains how to wear a Hakama. This was filmed on Sensei Hayashis Samsung at Hayashi Dojo in Mannheim, Germany. These video lessons are a learning tool for his students....!
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Video tutorial sobre como hacer un hakama en 10 pasos. Ideal para cosplays de samurai, miko o bleach.. etc Fuente: http://hana-zone.blogspot.com.es/2011/09/guia-tutorial-como-hacer-un-hakama-en.html Si tienes dudas, necesitas ayuda con tu cosplay: Deja un comentario =D...!
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袴を折り紙で作りました。The hakama was made from origami. ▼「やっこさん」Yakkosan  http://youtu.be/_F4Q6J1hgW4 Designed by traditional ▼他にもいろいろな折り紙の折り方を紹介しています。 My Origami Channel ●YouTube http://www.youtube.com/user/gunoiejapan ●Google+ https://plus.google.com/+gunoiejapan ●Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gunoiejapan ●Twitter https://twitter.com/gunoiejapan ▼チャンネル登録はコチラ!Subscribe!...!
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Zaman darlığından obiyi sarmakla uğraşmadım. Sevgiler ❤️ https://www.instagram.com/niluferin_koleksiyonu/ Müzik: Finding Movement Müzisyen: Kevin MacLeod Lisans: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/...!
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réaliser un hakama en pliage papier origami...!
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Instagram: @ivtejada This isnt in any way extensive and I know I am missing a few silloutes but this is my basic guide to how to dress with the Yohji aesthetic. As always If I missed anything or have any questions just let me know in the comments. The proxy service I use: zenmarket.jp Check the following instagrams for more inspo: hues_fukuoka ryuunen groundy syte_yohjiyamamoto...!
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Luego de doblarlo adecuadamente se procede a ordenar las tiras de tal forma que cuando se desate no forme ningún nudo....!
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Edoten Japanese Samurai Hakama Uniform Buy here(Amazon.com) https://www.amazon.com/Edoten-Japanese-Samurai-Hakama-Uniform/dp/B01LZ2C7UM/...!
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This is the first off 5 to 6 how to tutorials. I hope this will help you a lot. If you have any questions, dont be shy and just ask....!

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