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This time Im talkin my favorite anime, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and my path to getting it - and to getting here. Also Neon Genesis Evangelion is in there somewhere as well. Inside peoples hearts is a deep, dark, terrifying hole. This becomes a new tunnel. PATREON: TWITTER: DISCORD: From Nightly with love....!
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Gurren Lagann is Coming Back! Its coming back in a Limited Edition DVD Box Set as well as a Complete Blu-ray Disc Set (Import). Pre-order you copy today! Get the Full Details at Limited Edition DVD Box Set Release date: 5/14/13 Complte Blu-ray Disc Set (Import) Release Date: 6/26/13...!
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Tekking101s Charity Fundraiser: The Most Misunderstood Anime Character – Kamina from Gurren Lagann In this video I explain why Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is one of the most misunderstood characters in Anime, and why the philosophical dimensions of Gurren Lagann are essential for fully appreciating the series as a whole. JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER FOR THE LATEST UPDATES: SUPPORT US...!
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I hate mecha, mecha is lame. Unless... ahaha ;) ✦Discord: ✪Patreon: ♫ Music Used ♫ -Watch the anime lmao caught you lacking Gurren Lagann is such a dank epic anime to review and analyze fr. Kamina and Simon are cool but I like looking at Yoko Littner ahaha. anyway ttgl is an anime about mechas and the anti spiral and stuff. if you want the best mecha robot anime, i am going to review gurren lagann didnt you hear me the firs...!
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PATREON: DISCORD: REDDIT: FACEBOOK: GRAND LINE REVIEW (Second channel): Teespring: Twitter: Music: - Epic by Bensound ( - Far and ...!
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Help me: Webmoney: Z182465088873...!
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Scene taken from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Movie: Gurren-hen...!
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Simons rebirth!...!
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Did you know about that time a bunch of the people at ADV who were involved with the original Evangelion Dub were working on a dub of Gurren Lagann? Lets take a gander shall we? Crunchyroll 14-Day Trial ► For full Anime Reviews, go here. ► ► Support me on Patreon: ► Follow me on Twitter: #Anime #Discussion #GurrenLa...!
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This was 10 References To Gurren Lagann Hidden In Other Works! If you enjoyed this video id appreciate if it you could tap dat like button, and subscribe for future videos!. Also, if you have any ideas for any top 10s leave me a comment down below, i make top 10s on just about anything! ▶︎BECOME MY PATRON: ▶︎SIMPLYGROUCH MERCH!: ▶︎Second Channel:!
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Chouginga / Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann Transformation Movie Version....!
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Since the uploading of my first video was a success, I thought Id do this, as well, as this is one of my favorite parts of the series. Again, Ive searched through YouTube and all I was able to find was a Benny Hill version of it, and I laughed. Still, I took it into my own hands to provide the actual audio. You know what happens: Kittan secures his spot in the Hall of Manly Fame with this beautiful display of his own Giga Drill Breaker attack, destroying the Death Spiral machine. His sacri...!
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My reaction to episode 8 of Gurren Lagann. Im still unable to process what just happened. Patreon: Twitter:!
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when hes loading the fucking shells with that music man...!
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Libera me from Hell - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Rap: Tarantula (from Hi-Timez) Operetta: Kasahara Yuri Lyrics: Tarantula/Traditional Music & Arrangement: Iwasaki Taku By popular demand, heres a link to the raw ^^!
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The Epic Death of Kittan from Gurren Lagann. If you like this video please feel free to like and subscribe guys!...!
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in this video we cover facts, information and trivia on the anime Gurren Laggan, we cover information on gainex, animplex, kamina, simon, yoko, gunmen, lord genone and the music & more. Theory: Song: DESIGN BY HUMANS CLOTHING: 10% DISCOUNT CODE: ABD Follow us on Twitter to keep upto date!: Please give us a Like on Facebook :) ...!
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A Glass Reflection Anime Review of Gurren Lagann Originally Released: August 10th 2013 Watch Gurren Lagann on Crunchyroll: Free Trial of Crunchyrolls Premium Services: Explanation of the Rating System: If you enjoyed it, please Like / Favorite / Subscribe / Post a comment and all of that jazz! Twitter: http://ww...!
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Basic Plot Summary....!
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My reaction to episode 26 and 27 of Gurren Lagann. Patreon: Twitter:!
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I do not own any of this content. Copyright goes to respected creators....!
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Gurren Lagann es un anime que no deja indiferente a nadie, eso sí, es muchas veces infravalorado por distintos motivos. Gurren Lagann trata la historia de Kamina y Simón, dos jóvenes que viven en un mundo donde la humanidad se encuentra bajo tierra y es perseguida por unos Mecha (llamados Ganmen) cuando se intentan acercar a la superficie, con esta breve descripción es difícil entender el por qué no se le valora como merece pero el motivo es que es una serie llena de acción, mechas y uno...!
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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann análisis opinión y curiosidades tengen toppa gurren lagann es una serie de anime creada por Hiroyuki Imaishi en el estudio de anime Gainax el mismo de evangelion la historia nos cuenta un futuro donde la tierra esta dominada por el rey espiral lord genome el cual obliga a los humanos a vivir en aldeas subterráneas, ahí es donde aparece simon y kamina para descubrir que hay mas allá. Como bien saben estuvimos siguiendo este anime en mi canal de twitch donde rea...!
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Its pretty good, right? ►Best Anime Ever - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (Part 2) [Reuploaded because PONYCANYON are fuckwits who love to shit where they eat. Crippled original version is here if you care to see it:] Talk at me here: Patreon - Facebook - Twitter - Credits: ----------------------------------------­------- Video: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Ten...!
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Bandai vs ADV...!
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This is a collection of all the eyecatch art from the anime Gurren Lagann. An eyecatch is a short clip shown before and after a commercial break. The song is Rap wa Otoko no Tamashii da! by Iwasaki Taku from the same anime....!
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I loved this scene, I like the series more in japanese. But this one sounds pretty epic in english....!
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Anime review de TTGL o Reseña anime de Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann . Por supuesto sin Spoiler y con un nivel de Epiquismo del 200%!!! Apoya a mis canales en Patreon: Gracias! Disfruta del mejor anime full HD en: Aplicación Lolweapon : Mis redes y correo Youtube: Youtube: Youtube:!
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-Парни, задержите этих уродов, а Симоном я сам займусь! А ну живо открыл, Симон! И приготовь зубы! -А? Братан-н. -Сосредоточился? Мой кулак всегда тебе поможет прийти в себя. Ха. Соломки не подстелю, а в остальном помогу чем угодно. Главное верь в себя! Верь в мою веру в тебя, Симо...!
Channel Title : X Power Views : 219424 DisLikes : 189 Published Date :2015-12-12T15:01:23Z
All transformations of the titular mecha in the Gurren Lagann anime and movie. NOTE:I do not claim any of the footage to be mine....!
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Hoy hablaremos de Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann y mi vínculo con el Anime. • Twitter - • Instagram - • Facebook - __ Gurren Lagann o TTGL es un anime que en su momento fue muy revolucionario, ya que en un principio pintaba que sería el típico Mecha dónde los combates se llevaban el foco de atención, sin embargo, a medida que avanzaba la serie vimos que había muchísimo más que esto, ...!
Channel Title : AniplexUS Views : 49411 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2017-08-13T01:00:01Z
Aniplex of America teamed up with Otakon to celebrate beloved smash-hit mech anime Gurren Laganns 10th Anniversary! We have worked with the English dub cast of Gurren Lagann to bring fans a special message from the voice actors that brought the series to life in English. This video was played at the Gurren Lagann 10th Anniversary Event at Otakon 2017, with ADR DIrector Tony Oliver and voice actors Michelle Ruff (Yoko) and Kyle Hebert (Kamina) in attendance. Watch as the cast recounts their exper...!
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SPOTIFY, ITUNES, AMAZON ▶️ Full English Opening Cover of Sorairo Days by Natewantstobattle. Full English dub cover of Sorairo Days is the 1st opening music theme song (OP) from anime “Gurren Lagann.” Gurren Lagann anime is a Japanese mecha anime television series animated by Gainax and co-produced by Aniplex and Konami. SUBSCRIBE ► MERCH ► find Nathan on... Twitter ►!
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Final battle between the team Dai-Gurren and Anti-Spirals. SPOILER ► Final scenes of the movie Lagann hen © Song ~ No Scared © Author ~ One Ok Rock...!
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¡Ahora es vuestro turno! Comentad aquí abajo qué anime quieres que aparezca en el siguiente episodio y vota el vídeo para mantener la serie viva :D 21 días viendo Steins Gate : Compro aquí mis juegos : Twitter : Instagram : Canal Secundario : Web de posters y camisetas (ANIME) : http://www.personaliza....!
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Gurren Lagann OST Disc 2 - 22 - “Libera Me” From Hell...!
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Whats wrong Simon? Did you lose it...? Your drill? The second half of Moles are Mere Moles, Right! since most would miss the incredibly beautiful part of the track that plays in the most profound scene of Gurren Lagann....!
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SOUTENEZ-MOI GRATUITEMENT SUR UTIP : SABONNER : Facebook : Originellement publiée en septembre 2014 sur le site Wakanim. #ParlonsVF...!
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Aujourdhui on parle de Gurren Lagann, un animé juste énorme ! 🌟 Vidéo précédente : ️🎶 Musique dintro : Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST - Sorairo Days ( ️🎶 Musique de fond : Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST - Sorairo Days ( Pense à activer les notifications en cliquant sur la cloche grise si tu es déjà abonné. 🔔 ► My anime list (MAL) : ► TWITTER : ...!

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