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With a new house, a blank slate and no storage these cabinets are the perfect budget, time, and aesthetic friendly option. This is a cheap and easy DIY project that anyone can do to solve your garage storage needs. These are not Newage but they kinda look like them. We go through the process of sanding, painting, and installing these kitchen style cabinets in the garage. These cabinets were purchased at Lowes although Home Depot has a similar option. I used one 24” corner, two 24”, one 15...!
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Full Color Digital Plans Available HERE - We finally tackle the biggest project in the shop - the cabinet wall! This video is the start of that journey and represents the first of many in this series. We build the cabinet carcasses that make up the upper cabinets of this custom build. The upper cabinets will serve as simple (much needed) storage for the shop but also ties into the lower cabinets which will incorporate dust collection, tons of drawers, and a miter saw ...!
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Get the Plans: This video sponsored by Skillshare. For a FREE 2 month trial go to: Build these 5 Garage Shop Cabinets to get the ultimate DIY storage solution for your workshop or garage. Mix and match base cabinets, wall cabinets, and a tool storage hutch to get custom garage organization. Full build plans available through the link above. #woodworking #garagecabinets #shopcabinets #organization BLOG: https://fix...!
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Hello Everyone, today I am reviewing the NewAge Bold 3.0 garage cabinets that I have owned for 3 months. Please comment below with any questions and I will try my best to answer you. I am not affiliated with NewAge this is a purchase I made and wanted to let you guys know how they perform and some pros and cons that I have experienced. Instagram NewAge Bold 3.0 12 Piece in Gray NewAge Bold 3.0 Cabinets In Red https://am...!
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This storage shelf solution can be made as easy as putting up some 2x4s or as complicated as building large shop cabinets. I like the way that the storage cabinets came out in the end, and as the video explains I enclosed everything to keep the shop sawdust off of everything we store. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hinges and guide can be found here (affiliate link): Wanna help...!
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You can buy it here Under cabinet lights. But, in the cabinet link above it now now comes with some as well. You can use my Tesla referral link for 6 months free Supercharging when buying ANY tesla. You can also get a 5-year extended warranty on solar panels. @locobooff...!
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Costco is sold out! Get them on Amazon here Save $5000 on Garage Cabinets! NewAge Bold 3.0 Series. MY $40,000 DREAM GARAGE Pt. 11.2 During my final stages of my Dream Garage Build I realized I needed more garage cabinets.... So I wanted to take the opportunity so do myself a favor and maybe help you guys out... When looking at setting up my garage I was first going to go with New Age Cabinet that are sold at Costco but ended up going for Sonic Cabinet which are 6x the...!
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Shot some video while working on this project, and while incomplete on many technical aspects, it gives a pretty good general overview of how one can do this yourself, rather than simply go for those flimsy and cheaply made storage cabinets you can buy at the big box stores and assemble yourself. In time, those type of cabinets will cause headaches(I know, Ive owned some) when the elements of time and use takes their toll on them, and when putting several together in one limited area they may ...!
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We’re going to transform an open wall in the garage to a wall full of storage cabinets. We have 6 cabinet units that are 12 inches deep, 30 inches tall and 36 inches wide. We also have one tall unit that is 16 inches wide and 20 inches deep. All of these cabinets will be suspended from the wall including the tall unit. The owners already determined what kind of layout they wanted so my first task was to locate studs to be able to screw the cabinets into. You always hope for studs to be on 16 i...!
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Quick review of my husky cabinets, I got from the home depo going over some of the install and some of the features they have and some of the flaws. I still have a lot to do to get organized but this is a great start let me know what you think. Ive added the link to the unboxing of the cabinets at the end of the video....!
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Get the Plans: I’m continuing my shop storage overhaul with DIY Garage Cabinets that match the wall cabinets I made late last year. These base cabinets have modular storage options and are made from sturdy ¾” plywood. You can learn how to build these shop cabinets and customize them to meet your needs. Full build plans available through the link above. #woodworking #storage #organization ➤Thank you to Kreg Tool:!
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Making a Tall Storage Cabinet SUBSCRIBE to my channel: Follow along as I add some much needed shop storage to my workshop. This DIY storage cabinet will hold all my safety gear in one place safe from airborne duct! STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS FOR THIS BUILD: TOOLS I USED: DISCLAIMER – As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. WHITESIDE PLYWOOD ROUTER BITS:!
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I order my Garage cabinets from NewAge Product and Start painting my walls. By the time I finish painting my Walls, I receive my cabinets. I install wifi plug and than workshop lights. After, I install my garage cabinets, Slatwall, worktop and Led Lights for my Worktop. I face a few minor problems but nothing major. T5 Led Single Fixture Lights (pack of 10) Kasa Wifi Smart 2 Outlet: Milwaukee Impact Driver: Milwaukee Hole...!
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bought these May 1 and received them on May 12 freight delivery in perfect condiotion. price was $1499 originally $1699!
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🔴 CHECK THE BEST Garage Storage Cabinets 2020 - TOP 6 : 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 ☑️ 1. NewAge Products Bold Series 3.0 7-Piece Set : 2 Piece Set : 6-Piece Set : 6 Piece Set 50485 : https:/...!
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So all in all I spent about $225 on these cabinets and I think they came out great. About 12-14 hours worth of work went into these....!
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Adding cabinets to a workshop can be a very good idea. Much like a kitchen, installing cabinets gives you the ability to store tools and materials that you use within arms length, yet hidden away from view. Ikea happens to have an excellent line of cabinets that are very configurable and allow you to custom install a kitchen, but in this case we will use them to install a garage / shop workspace. In this video I show you step by step how to build an ikea cabinet kitchen / fab lab. 🔊 Want m...!
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Overhauling my garage/workshop, yall! Decided I like cabinets better than shelves, so whats a girl to do? Oh yeah, convert them. It was about 95 degrees with a heat index of over 100 when I did this. CRAZY HOT! The full post is available on my blog. Yall know what to do! 😉 Questions and comments are always welcome! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BLOG - IG - https:/...!
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Part 3 of the garage build covers installing New Age Pro garage cabinets. it takes a while to level and line up everything but the results are well worth the effort. the cabinets are decent quality and can hold a significant amount of weight....!
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Thank you so much for tuning into my video! These cabinets made my life easier for storing things in my garage, and for $70, they were totally worth it! They are high quality, and they are a great option compared to other brands. Cabinet Link:!
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We have extremely limited space in our garage so we built some garage cabinets but we used inexpensive plywood and wish to show you that even beginners can build their own custom cabinets with little to no experience ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Products Used In The Making Of This Video: Tools ■ DEWALT Double Edge Pull Saw ■ Rigid circular saw ■ Dewalt Table Saw ■ Kreg...!
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How to Build Garage Cabinets Learn how to build garage cabinets that will eliminate clutter and improve your garages appearance. Subscribe to see more great DIY and Fish Tank videos: Follow my Social Media: ---------------------Materials Used--------------------- - 4 x 8 1/2 Pine Plywood Sheets ( 5 Sheets) - 1/2 Overlay Hinges - 1 x 4 x 8 Furring Strip - Handles - Pocke...!
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My Merch - Welcome to the Ultimate Dream Garage Build Series! I will be showing you the entire process of transforming my plain garage into a motorcycle build oasis! Ill cover parts needed, supplies, installation how-to, but most of all having fun showing you the choices I make to set up the perfect motorcycle garage and man cave. In this episode (Part 3), I went to work on the walls and the storage cabinets. When we moved, the garage walls were just painted over dry...!
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Get plans to build these cabinets: I partnered with Minwax to show how to build wall cabinets for your shop, garage or even kitchen. There are 5 different storage options to increase your shop organization and customize your shop cabinets to fit your needs. #woodworking #diy #cabinets BLOG: ➤Thank you to Minwax: for sponsoring this video! ➤Tools/Supplies Us...!
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You must get used to the ideas of maximizing rooms in your house. After all, not many of us can afford to have the six rooms’ houses. You can still make your house look nice if you can make a great arrangement and be creative with your arrangements. Many people now are combining kitchens with laundry room with just a curtain to separate the two areas. Although the idea may see a little bit off, but in fact this idea turn out to be a clever one. Imagine that now you can actually do two things a...!
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I needed to organize my mess in my garage and I wanted to keep the sawdust off everything. In this video I show how to build cheap cabinets, about $25 each, with quick and easy methods. This DIY project can be built in any size cabinets. Just make sure to build larger than you think as you will always find more stuff to put in them. I did not sand these, nor did I stain or finish them. They are for the Garage not a fashion show, for Petes sake. I added a special feature to these french cl...!
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Client wanted nice cabinets for his garage. We chose IKEA cabinet, rugged countertop, soft closure doors and drawers. Super nice garage. Client is happy. We are happy. Enjoy !!...!
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After purchasing our first home, my fiance and I completely remodeled our garage. We spent a lot of time finding the perfect products to help us with our workflow and staying organized! I wanted to make this video to share our garage tips and ideas on how we built our dream garage! We got all new my reel rack rod storage racks, new age garage cabinet system, new led lighting, pegboard, garage insulation and an epoxy garage floor! Below are links to all the products we used or coupon codes to hel...!
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Check out our garage set up with our new age cabinets and husky tool box. Get your own cabinets here!
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A close up look at the New Age Products Bold Series garage cabinetry and work bench. From caulking in light valances to electrical wiring, Ill show you configuration ideas, tips on accessories and installitation options to make the product even better. I ordered from Sams Club and NAP directly. I added bamboo accessories that match the worktops perfectly. Maple backsplash trim on the worktops really finish the look. Lastly, see a custom corner desk fabricated from NAP worktops and custom brac...!
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How to make a quick cabinet for a workshop or garage. Plans for this project will be available on my website as soon as they are finished: To see what Im working on now, find me on Instagram: Tools used in this video: Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System: Kreg Shelf Pin Drilling Jig: Kreg Concealed Hinge Jig: Milwaukee M12 Drill: Milwaukee M12 Driver: htt...!
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ROUSSEAU METAL GARAGE CABINETS AND TOOLBOX! An in depth review of my garage storage cabinets along with an expert from Rousseau Metal. My garage is 15’ wide by 21’ t deep, for a total of 315 sq.ft. ►►SUBSCRIBE and LIKE today’s video & Turn On Notifications for New Videos - ►►Here is the link to the Rousseau Metal cabinets: ►Click here for a full tour of my garage:!
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Work Bench: Subscribe: | Merch: Watch next, “ What Every Shop NEEDS | How To Start A Mechanic Business”: How to setup a heavy duty 10 ft steel workbench with roller bearing slides for drawers in your garage. Follow Deboss Garage: Website Instagram Twitter Facebook!
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More details on this project here: Making the plywood door for my old shop:!
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Soon the American Made line of Moduline garage cabinets will be available at!
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SUBSCRIBE to RetroWeld: This is an INTRODUCTION video for the Garage Cabinet series. This is not a build video. This series will show you how I build out each section of the shop cabinets. I will be making some pretty cool stuff to hold my tools. I will be using drawer slides and casters on the lower cabinet. Im trying to get my garage cleaned up so I can film more woodworking videos. I plan to film both welding and woodworking videos for my chann...!
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So we got some cabinets for the garage at my parents house awhile back, and they werent exactly being utilized very well. The floor ones were never secured to the wall, a top was never built (allowing things to just pile up), and the drawers and cabinet spaces became unusable. So, while house sitting, I decided that I would fix it. I got all 4 of the floor cabinets secured to the wall, added a 2x6 kick-plate under each one of them cabinets, and then added a 3/4 tabletop with a hard maple edge...!
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Todays garage flooring and storage cabinet installation using our UK made pvc interlocking floor tiles. All of our products come with our 10 year manufacturers warranty and are 100% chemically resistant. Contact us today for more info and don’t forget to like & subscribe 🙌🏻🏁 [email protected] 01707 229 800 @garagestyleltd...!
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example of Mannys Organization Station, Garage cabinets, open shelving system,and interior view of units.520-825-3025...!
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This week I start the Garages cabinet build....!
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I ordered the Particle board with cutting and gluing the edge, since I dont have the right tool. All the rest I did myself. Welcome to Mr.Vereshchak channel: On this channel you can see: ▶ Woodworking ▶ Work with metal ▶ Homemade ▶ Awesome ideas ▶ DIY ▶ Instagram: ▶ My email: [email protected] ▶ Previous videos - ▶ Subscribe on my channel -!
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Some cabinets i have build for my garage all in 3/4 plywood and 5/8 MDF....!

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