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what nobody tells you about freshman year // advice for high school freshmen although I’ve posted about what’s going on numerous times on my instagram, it feels weird to post anything “normal” on social media during such a tragic time. however, I am posting this video in hopes that it will bring you a sense of normalcy. in light of recent events, I cannot stay silent. there’s SO much I could say, but I’m sure you’ve seen and read many posts already, so I’ll keep this short... ...!
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Open me⤵ Instagram ♕ Snapchat ♕ VSCO ♕ Official Spotify Account ♕ Public Spotify ♕ P.O. BOX INFO HERE ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ ✉ Caroline Manning P.O. Box 19774 Austin, TX 78760 FAQ ➵ What do you film with? : Canon G7X Mark ...!
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SPAM THE LIKE BUTTON FOO! Instagram - Snapchat - Jordannnn_x3 • SoundCloud - *I do not take any ownership of music displayed in this video. Ownership belongs to the respected owner(s). Used under fair use policy.* Music used for entertainment purposes only....!
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HEY LOOK A PATREON: Freshman year is often times a scary and difficult period in any teenagers life. Not to worry, I gotcha covered. I present to you 100% raw, legit, cynical, condescending advice from a burned out senior. Those YouTube models dont have anything on me. Everything from pregnancy, vandalism, dating, showering, to even Disney World is covered in under 8 minutes. This is the last video you need. Use with care. FRESHMAN YEAR PLAYLIST:!
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jacket ~ tjmaxx necklace ~ forever 21 beats ~!
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subscr i b e guess whos late to all the school videos? yeah. is me. you guys like how everything is colored? lemme know if you do. how many references can you find in this video? theres a lot ill tell ya lol. follow me on social media bc im way more active on there anyway twitter - instagram - merch - have a good week everyone ily!!!...!
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GOOD LUCK YALL! YOU GOT THIS🤝 hair deets: follow me on my socials so we can be friends! insta: @nydollasign twitter: @najjaiman business inquiries? contact [email protected]!
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Lmk If This Helped. Good Luck To All Incoming Freshmen.💛 Trinkets Site Use My Code “10OFF” ALL BUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected] SOCIAL MEDIAS: IG @luxurytot SC @bankrolltot TWITTER @cousintot...!
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#dearfreshman #freshmanadvice #backtoschool Do’s 1. Be Yourself. 4:40 2. Do your work. 5:25 3. Meet New People. 6:40 4. Join a Sport or club. 9:25 5. Stay out of drama. 12:15 Don’ts 1. Don’t be a follower. 19:10 2. Don’t stress over little things. 19:50 3. Don’t bully or get bullied. 21:50 4. Don’t be ignorant. 24:45 5. Don’t date upperclass man...!
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welcome or welcome back to my channel! come & join the family by subscribing! ✰ LINKS ✰ middle school advice: school playlist: freshman grwm + vlog: ✰ SOCIAL MEDIA ✰ instagram: @emmyecamille twitter: @emmyecamille pinterest: @emmyecamille vsco: @emmyecamille tik tok: @emmyecamille apple music: @emmyecamille ✰ FAQ ✰ age: fifteen schedule: sundays & wed...!
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Since Im a graduated gal, I thought to share some high school advice on freshman year, things I wish I knew, and generally how to survive. These tips involve both classes and your social life, so get ready for some lit times (lol sorry). ♡ My Last Video: ♡ But wait…There’s MORE↓ ————————————————————————— ♡ Instagram - ♡ Twitter - ♡ Snap...!
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You finally made it – high school. And chances are, you’re feeling nervous, excited, and, let’s admit it, pretty scared! It’s ok, breathe, you got this! And if you’re looking for tips on how to kick your Freshman Year off right and keep it that way, this video is right what you need! In fact, your first year of high school is the best time to step out of your comfort zone because nobody is comfortable. That dude you see high-fiving everyone in the hallway between classes may seem like...!
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Whats up! First video on Youtube, ever!! 11 Tips for the Freshmen starting high school this Fall, and how to survive your Freshman year! (Songs used: 1- Chance The Rapper - Favorite Song (ft. Childish Gambino) - Acid Rap 2- J.Cole - Wet Dreams - Forest Hills Drive **NO COPYRIGHT INTENTED. SONGS USED FOR BACKGROUD MUSIC ONLY. I HAVE NOT CONTRIBUTED, NOR DO I OWN ANY RIGHTS TO THESE SONGS. ALL RIGHTS GO TO Chancelor Bennett, Jermaine Cole, Donald McKinley Glover, AND ALL OTHER RESPECTIVE OWNERS(...!
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the high school advice I wish I got. I just recently graduated high school and wanted to curate some of my top pieces of advice for you all :) love u guys xoxo ❤ shop my merch → vlog channel: SUBSCRIBE: socials: INSTAGRAM! ↠ TWITTER! ↠!
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Tpindell goes over some of the annoying things High School and College Freshman do. Like: Showing up to class super early, over shopping for school supplies, showing up to th wrong class and many more. Enjoy ANNOYING THINGS FRESHMAN DO. Be sure to subscribe for more videos and check out some of these other school related sketch comedy vids: 😅THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE GOING BACK TO SCHOOL! 😅First Day of School: EXPECTATION vs REALITY!!
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Hey guys! In today’s video, my good friend Myles and I decided to get together and give freshman in high school/college some advice on how to survive your freshman year! Make sure you check out Myles video!: Myles Channel: __________________________________________________________________ SUBSCRIBE TO MY GAMING CHANNEL: FOLLOW MY TWITCH: http...!
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Guess who isn’t a Freshman anymore... ME! For anyone starting high school, I know exactly what it’s like! I was just there last year, so today Ill give you my best 13 Top Freshman Tips & Advice on how to survive your Freshman year of high school! 🚨 GIVEAWAY ALERT 🚨 Win an exact duplicate of my school backpack + school supplies + iPad PRO {Rose Gold 64GB} by clicking HERE! ▶️ In this #highschool #Freshman advice video, Ill tal...!
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Follow these guidelines or else your highschool career is over _ CLICK THIS LINK AND COP SOME COLOGNE/PERFUME: _ Thank you so much for watching this video! Please like this video, subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell so my notifications are on and you can see my videos the second I upload them! _ FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: [email protected] _ Fol...!
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BLACK LIVES MATTER RESOURCES AND PETITIONS HERE! #Blacklivesmatter isnt just a moment, its a movement. Hey guys! In this video, I tell you all tips and tricks you need to survive high school. This video was split into sections, which are academics, social, self, in-person school, and online/virtual school. All these tips are coming from a high school junior, so I know what it is like to be a freshman. Let me know what you think in the comments! Be sure to watch th...!
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im going to start posting more often turn post notifications on to stay updated 🙂 free money for college : my social media : instagram : @reddoll.j // @thered.doll snapchat : @johnasia7_24...!
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Good luck future freshmen! Youve got this :) Videos I recommend ⋅ Top 10 studying techniques (basically how to study) - ⋅ How to stop procrastinating - ⋅ 9 ways to improve focus - ⋅ How to have a productive day - ⋅ How to plan for finals - ⋅ How to balance scho...!
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The legend himself (Extremely Cold Ice) gives real advice to high school students. Extremely Cold Ice - (Instagram) Johnny - (Instagram) Jeada - (Instagram) Beka - (Instagram) #freshmanadvice #highschooladvice #subscribe...!
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Some advice Id give for going back to school for high school Comment more videos yall want to see !! 👉Follow social media for daily Julian Barboza !! • Instagram - • Snapchat - Julian-barboza • Twitter - Curls for the girls merch : BUSINESS EMAIL : [email protected]!
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15 THINGS EVERY FRESHMAN NEEDS TO KNOW SUBSCRIBE TO JAYNAXS CHANNEL: BUY MY MERCH!: FOLLOW MY SOCIALS: Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: aliyahwut Spotify: aliyah._ ( Need to contact me? Here’s my email! (Business Inquiries Only) [email protected] FAQ: Name: Ali...!
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Instagram: @daddyciaa Snap: bellbyrd12 Email: [email protected]!
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IIMPORTANT ADVICE AT 3:40 I know the text is messed up but ignore it. sorry :( this video is all messed up 😂, but as long as y’all get the message :) Yall really need to watch the whole thing and listen, cause baayybaaayyyyy its sum serious. ❤Videos Weekly! If you enjoyed, SUBSCRIBE for more! Business only! email: [email protected] ☞Dont forget to follow ALL my social medias! Keep in contact! ❤IG: @SariaRaine ❤Twitter:@Sarii...!
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HEY Brats Dolls ! WATCH IN HD! SUBSCRIBE! LIKE! Click here to Subscribe! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ MORE Get Ready With Me vidssss ♡ * More Makeup vidsss ♡ * More Hair Tingsss ♡ * social media ...!
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MY LIPGLOSS BUSINESS: This video was highly requested and this is a disclaimer it is if we have school next year because we might not there’s a 50-50 chance but miss you take your notes if you guys wanna part two of this I can give you part two because there’s a lot more you need to know in high school but I did cut it down to be simplified so yeah let me know make sure you follow all my social media’s it’s in the beginning of this vide...!
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Hey beauties! In this new video, I share with you guys my advice about high school to high school students of all ages (mainly freshmen). Im credible because Ive been in school for 10 years and Ive been through the bad and good of high school. Thanks for watching! Subscribe and hit the bell notification so you dont miss out every time I post. Connect with me: Instagram: @amandavanng Snapchat: @omqqitsamanda Music: This Feeling by LAKEY INSPIRED:!
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SUB TO MY BRO ALI TV: About to be a freshman? No need to fear, Kyler is here. Heres my best advice for the hopeless class of 2023. CLICK ME! CLICK ME! CLICK ME! CLICK ME! CLICK ME! _ Thank you so much for watching this video! Please like this video, subscribe to my channel, and hit the notification bell so my notifications are on and you can see my videos the second I upload them! _ FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: [email protected]!
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I hope you enjoyed♡ Be sure to give this video a thumbs up! But wait…There’s MORE↓ ————————————————————————— Adriennes Video: Adriennes Channel: ♡ Instagram - ♡ Twitter - Business Inquiries - [email protected] FAQ: How old are you? - 15 What grade are you in? - Going into 10t...!
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open for more! hey guys!! in this video i shared with you some freshman advice! in this video i mention everything you should know as a freshman!! if you’d like more of these types of videos comment down below & if you enjoyed dont forget to subscribe and like this video! follow me on my socials!! instagram: lauren.ogene, editsbylaauren snapchat: lauren989 twitter:flawlesslauren_ tiktok: laurenogene sub count: 2032 sub goal: 2500 if you made it down here, comment your class! #classo...!
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heyyyooo so todays video is a freshman advice video to help you guys through highschool! i include tips and tricks that should make your school experience a little bit better! these tips work for middle schoolers and highschoolers and i really hope they help you! and if you have an advice for me whether its advice on how i can improve my channel, school advice, literally anything.. let me know down below! watch my other back to school videos:!
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Today I gave yall some freshmen advice I left out a couple things but yall get the memo! #Freshmenadvice #EJDaGoat #Highschool SUBSCRIBE IF YOURE NEW : Follow me on my Social Media to stay connected! Instagram : Twitter : Snapchat : Ernst.saucy Intro song : Outro song : https://soundcloud.c...!
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fuck systemic racism resources: thanks for watching 👋 243...!
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These are 10 secret college tips and tricks every freshman should know. These are the things I wish I knew before college, so high schoolers listen up! Find out what the first week of college is like: 📚 SUBSCRIBE & DING THE BELL IF YOURE A DREAMER LIKE US! Subscribe if youre a DREAMER too: ❗ ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM: Hey! My name is Hafu Go and Im a dreamer....!
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New to campus? Have a bunch of questions? Have no fear, two knowledgeable upperclassmen share seven tips that will make your transition to college smooth....!
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Read Below Follow my socials Instagram: VickiSoRare Snapchat: vickinicki11 Twitter: shhesvicki Need to contact me? Here’s my email! (Businesses Inquiries Only) [email protected] FAQ Name: Victoria Age: 15 Race/Ethnicity: African American Grade: 9th None of the music in this video is mine. All music belongs to the artists and rightful owners....!
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The whirlwind of experiences known as freshman year is exciting, confusing, sometimes overwhelming, so last spring we asked Terriers who’ve made it through that first year to share some tips with the Class of 2022. Hear what several of them have to say in this straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth video....!

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