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Shop Rosanna Pansinos Baking Line: Stay Sweet, SUBSCRIBE: What is fondant? Learn how to use fondant, how to color, how to store it and pick up some clever tips and tricks on using it decorate cakes with Rosanna Pansino. Want more tips? Subscribe: PRODUCTS SHOWN - Wilton White Decorator Preferred Fondant: - Wilton Blue Decorator Preferred Fondant: - Wilton Black Decorato...!
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Our friend Elise from MyCupcakeAddiction came all the way from Australia to give us some fantastic tips for how to work with fondant. Please go and subscribe to Elise here... Shes awesome: Ready to live the ultimate food lifestyle? Come and join the Sorted Club to make use of the smart tools that connect millions of foodies around the world and help you create your ultimate food lifestyle. - Simplify midweek cooking with smart meal packs and a...!
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Stay Sweet, SUBSCRIBE: Fondant is a pliable sugar-based dough that can be formed into various shapes or rolled out for covering cakes or making beautiful decorations! Watch this video and learn how to knead, roll, and store fondant properly. This is good information to learn especially if youre new to fondant decorating. Find more decorating techniques, tutorials and inspiration in the kit How to Decorate with Fondant Shapes and Cut-Outs! New ...!
Channel Title : Bluprint Views : 114847 DisLikes : 17 Published Date :2016-01-28T00:06:13Z -- Follow this link to shop the supplies you saw in this video to use fondant without the stress! You can also find more online videos from Craftsy with the worlds best cake decorating instructors to learn the skills you need to make professional-quality cakes! Follow Craftsy! ----- About Craftsy -------- Craftsy is an...!
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Stay Sweet, SUBSCRIBE: Watch the updated video here: Learn how to cover a round cake with fondant to create smooth, flawlessly finished cakes using these simple steps. TOOLS & INGREDIENTS 10 in. Cake Board: Tilt-N-Turn Ultra Cake Turntable: Roll-N-Cut Fondant Mat: Red Fondant: 9in Fondant Roller: Easy-Glide Fondant Smoother: http:...!
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One of the things I really struggled with in the beginning of my cake decorating career was how to cover a cake in fondant and get a clean finish. How to get super sharp edges, get that cake board edge covered up and basically look like a professional! In this tutorial Im going to show you all my tricks I have learned over the last 11 years of cake decorating and everything I wish I had known when I was a beginner. RECIPE ►!
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Stay Sweet, SUBSCRIBE: Are you having some trouble covering your cake with fondant? Are you coming up too short or having issues with your fondant cracking or tearing? Watch and listen to this video as we walk you through each step to successfully covering a round cake with fondant! Find the written instructions here: 1:44 - Measuring your fondant 2:08 - Preventing fondant from sticking from the surface 2:38 - Rolling fondant evenly 4:16 - C...!
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Da click aquí para suscribirte: Visita: para mas ideas y recetas Síguenos en facebook en español: El fondant es una masa flexible a base de azúcar que se puede moldear en varias formas, extender para cubrir pasteles o hacer hermosas decoraciones. ¡Checa este video y aprende cómo amasar, extender y almacenar fondant correctamente! Utensilios: Video de la receta de galletas de mantequilla ht...!
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Check out my new cake designing software called Cakenote - -------- Sugar flowers have always been one of the most common decorations used in cake decorating so as a cake decorator, we need to learn how to make sugar roses. In this tutorial, I show you my way of making quick and easy, realistic fondant roses. Once you get the hang of it, you can use this method to make a single fondant rose in just a few minutes! The sugar rose techniques in this tutorial can also be us...!
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*****(NEW ONLINE CLASS BEING OFFERED! PLEASE READ INFO BELOW!)***** THANK YOU for watching our tutorial everybody! Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE HERE: ******************************************************* We’re having an ONLINE “Icing Cakes Class”! Enjoy LIFETIME membership when you join. 🤩 If you struggle with your icing technique 😩 this class will be a GAME CHANGER for you! 💪🏻 Learn how to professionally ice cakes from start to finish ...!
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Stay Sweet, SUBSCRIBE: If youre new to decorating cakes and desserts with fondant, it can be a little tricky to learn the best consistencies and textures to work with. Checking and knowing your fondant’s consistency is key to making successful decorations for all types of desserts! Watch this video for a quick guide to understanding fondant issues and how to adjust accordingly. Find more decorating techniques, tutorials and inspiration in the kit How to Decorate w...!
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SUBSCRIBE HERE: Get the Cupcake Addiction Recipe Book HERE: Make Easy Marshmallow Fondant at home, then learn how to store it and colour it for best results and longevity. STORAGE: Room temp - 2 weeks, In the fridge - up to 1 month, wrapped tightly in a double coat of plastic wrap or stored in a zip lock bag. This video is part of our FOUNDATIONS Series, showing some of the basics of fondant, baking tools and chocolate melting & colouring....!
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Fondant can really be challenging. It looks so easy when you watch someone cover a cake on video, but actually doing it is another thing totally. Well, this post is filled with all of my best tips for covering a cake in fondant. See the blog post with more details here: Other videos mentioned: How to Ganache a Cake: Link to Cake & Buttercream Recipes:!
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In this video I will show you how to dry fondant faster so that way you can you stand up a fondant figure. *Affilaiate Link / Tools Used* Tylose Powder- Fondant- Corn Starch -!
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Some tips on working with fondant. Using cookie cutters and stencils for the Jurassic World Fossil cake. See some examples of what you can do with fondant for some inspiration. Link to making marshmallow fondant video :!
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Fondant tools: Wilton Blade: Thank you for watching! Hope you liked this video. If you want more content, heres where you can find more-- Instagram: Facebook: https://www.faceb...!
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I always coat cakes with fondant straight after removing them from the fridge, because the ganache/buttercream is set harder, and makes it easier to coat and work with. The downside of this is that because the cake is cold, it starts to get wet due to condensation, and this can cause many problems when decorating the cake. So today I want to share with you, an easy and practical way to help prevent condensation on the fondant surface after coating cold cakes, which is especially useful in humi...!
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Minette Rushing answers some frequently asked questions we get about working with fondant....!
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All the details Related to Fondant & Its Decoration... Round Shape Plastic Cutter Embossing Letters Silicon Flower Moulds Silicon Alphabets Mould!
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Barb Gardner of Let Them Eat Cake shows helpful tips and techniques for working with fondant....!
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Learn how to cover cakes with my basic fondant techniques using LMF fondant Full recipe on the blog:!
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Want to learn how to cover your layer cakes with sugarpaste and get perfect, professional looking finishes? My mate Sally (Head of the Crumbs & Doilies kitchen) is here to show you her tips and tricks to ensure you get it right every time! What youll need: 4 layers of sponge (we used Madeira cake) Buttercream & Jam Sugarpaste/Fondant White chocolate ganache (check back next week for recipe!) Palette knives (big straight and small off-set) Piping bags with large round nozzle Cake scraper Cake ...!
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Thank you guyd for tuning in! If you would like to join me in the face to face class happening in Melbourne Australia, please click here: Have a suggestion or livestream request? Leave a comment below or over in our community section and I will do my best to answer it and include it in our fortnightly livestream. Have an amazing week guys! I will catch you next time ❤...!
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El fondant que usamos para nuestras figuras, flores, cubiertas de pastel y hasta el super pegamento. Todo lo enseñamos en este video y esperamos les sirva mucho mucho 💖 NO OLVIDES SUPER SUSCRIBIRTE! ❤❤❤ SÍGUENOS AQUÍ ❤ Instagram: Facebook: #Fondant #Howto #CupcakeKingdom...!
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In this weeks tip, I will show you another pattern you can do using my sliced fondant pattern technique which I showed in a previous tutorial.This time it will be a bouquet of roses! Dont forget to like and subscribe to stay tuned to Yeners Cake Tips! New video every week! Downloadable Course Material Join Yeners Way today and get a 1 DAY FREE TRIAL! Thats full access to ab...!
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Title says it all, but I just want to add I am not a professional, so far this is just a hobby of mine, although I plan to go professional once my little ones are a little older. Also, forgot to mention that I have heard some people keep their fondant refrigerated. I never do, and have never had any problems not doing so. Properly sealed, I find I can use it for up to about 6 months after making it (I sometimes make colors I dont use often, and dont throw them out if its still good, as there is ...!
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Fondant haters, you HAVE to try this Marshmallow Fondant! Viv uses it to make the CUTEST farm animals 🐷💕 Have a tip you want Viv to cover? Let us know in the comments!! Catch the next episode of Vivs Tips next Saturday! Follow Viv: Subscribe to our channel to fill up on the latest must-eat recipes, brilliant kitchen hacks and content from your favorite Food Network shows. Stream full episodes and more : Like Food Network on Face...!
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Hi! I’m Chaleese and I love baking! I’m here to help you create beautiful cakes, cupcakes and all things sweet! I’ll have a new video up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! So don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! Let’s get baking! Today, were talking ALL THINGS FONDANT! How did I get those FONDANT BUNNY EARS TO STAND UP? Im going to TEACH YOU! FONDANT can be a little scary, but its actually SO EASY, you just have to get in there and get YOUR HANDS MOLDING and WORKING THAT FONDANT!...!
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In this tutorial, Serdar Yener will show you 2 different methods to coat a cake with rolled fondant....!
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In this cake decorating video tutorial I show you how to make a quick and easy miniature fondant chocolate bar model, these are great little cake toppers and go really well on cupcakes too. I show you here how to make a bar of chocolate out of fondant or gum paste to decorate your cakes with, I also show you how you can use a cutter to make a bite mark in your fondant chocolate bar, or how to slice some bits off to make it look like smaller pieces. You can see my other fondant miniature toppers ...!
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In this free tutorial, Serdar Yener will show you his methods for rolling fondant....!
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Yeii! Hola hoy les muestro cómo preparo mi Fondan para Cubrir y Decorar Pasteles, Cupcakes, Galletas, etc. 🥳 Sabes que Suscribiendote, Comentando, Likeando, y Compartiendo me ayudas un Monton asi que muchas Gracias por hacerlo❤️ Preparaste alguna de mis Recetas? Enviame la Foto por 🧁INSTAGRAM🧁 y aparecera en los siguiente Videos 🧁🎀🧁🎀🧁🎀🧁🎀🧁🎀🧁🎀🧁🎀🧁🎀...!
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This video will give you a few tips and tricks to kneading a ball of fondant dough until it reaches the perfect consistency. It will show you how to check the texture of the dough and help you to know when this ball of fondant is finished. Getting it to the right consistency and texture is the hardest part to making fondant from scratch! This video will hopefully guide you and give you a few tips to help you out....!
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Dobro došli ! 😊 U ovom video možda nije toliko važna sama tematika dekoracije koliko su važni neki mali trikovi koje cu vam pokazati, a svakako su dobrodosli ako se zelite okusati u radu sa fondanom. Za sva pitanja molim da ostavite komentar ili da mi se javite na moju Facebook stranicu: Lajkajte, sherajte i pretplatite se na moj kanal ako vam se svidio video koji sam za vas pripremila 😊...!
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En este breve video Mónica Azuára nos enseña como logra la textura de madera en nuestros pasteles y así se vean más realistas....!
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This video is for the beginners who want to gain knowledge of sugarcraft, what is fondant, how to color etc. This is video is just introduction about the fondant concept--- Buy My Favourite & Recommended Products From Here: Products used in video: :: Visit Our Website For the Best Products and the Shopping Ideas for you: 1.Food Colors Used to Color Animals: 2.Buy Fondant Here:...!
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Buy the Spring Cake Kit: More Cake Boss products: Buddy Valastro, star of TLCs Cake Boss™ television show, shares tips and secrets to working with fondant like how to drape a dirty iced cake... its so easy! Put some spring in every step of fun and easy cake decorating thats made more enjoyable with the Cake Boss™ Cake Kits Spring Cake Kit. The cutters and tips are top-rack dishwasher safe, though handwashing the tips is recommend...!
Channel Title : Bluprint Views : 34971 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2015-10-06T17:01:30Z -- Follow this link to shop the supplies you saw in this video for cake decorating with stencils! You can also find more online videos from Craftsy with the worlds best cake decorating instructors to learn the skills you need to make professional-looking cakes!...!
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Subscribe Now: Watch More: Making dice with fondant requires you to start with a ball of white fondant and a few other materials. Learn how to make dice with fondant with help from a custom cake decorator in this free video clip. Expert: Amy Wetsel Contact: Bio: Amy Wetsel ran her own cake business for 7 years, and is now working at Swirly Girls as a custom ca...!
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How to Cover your cake board with fondant, I will teach here how to cover cake board with fondant,cake boards give a professional cake even a better look Facebook : FOLLOW ME ON THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES ************************ ?Facebook - ?Youtube - ?Blogger - ?Instagram - ?Twitter -!
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Secret tips revealed: for fondant....!
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Tutorial de cómo hacer una decoración con fondant tipo volantes y efecto ombre. Cómo hacer fondant de bombón (el que utilicé): Pastel de chocolate: o puedes hacerlo con bizcocho de vainilla:. y betún de mantequilla: ¡Hola! soy Karla y quiero compartirles todo lo que vaya aprendiendo en este camin...!
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Buy Cake Boss Fondant Supplies: More Cake Boss products: Buddy Valastro, star of TLCs Cake Boss™ television show, shares tips and secrets to working with fondant like how to roll out fondant... its so easy! Connect with us for special offers, giveaways, discounts and more!!

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