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Billie Eilish’s songs and videos have been streamed more than 15 billion times. She’s completed four sold-out North American tours with Finneas. In July, she put out a new version of her hit “Bad Guy” with a cameo from Justin Bieber, and less than two weeks later, she was nominated for nine MTV Video Music Awards. Yesterday afternoon, she released the official video for all the good girls go to hell. By nightfall, it had been viewed over 5 million times. She’s the first number one art...!
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The covers. The harmonies. The beat boxes. #Pentatonixs pitch perfect drops have ushered in worldwide acclaim for all things a cappella, and left us with viral covers spanning Beyoncés digital drop and Christmas classics like weve never heard (https://www.youtube.com/c/ELLE/videos). But can the quintets musical chops best the Internets favorite game? Tune in to our latest episode of #SongAssociation to see how Scott, Mitch, Kirstin, Kevin, and Matt fare! Get PTXs latest EP, At Home: https://a...!
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Arianators, unite! Vocal powerhouse and perennial record-breaker Ariana Grande took time out of our August cover shoot to try her hand at #SongAssociation. The rules of the game are simple: we give Ariana a word, and she has ten seconds to sing that word in a song. Play along and see what tunes she comes up with — including a sneak peek of a new track, “R.E.M,” from her upcoming album Sweetener. #songassociation #arianagrande Read Arianas cover story on ELLE.com: https://www.elle.com/cu...!
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It was early March when #Rosalía recorded this episode of #SongAssociation for her first ELLE cover (https://www.elle.com/culture/music/a32289394/rosalia-interview-june-2020/). Of the experience, writer Carina Chocano shares: Once we arrive at the sound stage, she disappears into a back room to do her impressively operatic vocal warm-ups. After a while, she emerges in an oversize graphic tee and enormous thigh-high platform boots and perches on a stool to play an improvisational game of Song A...!
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Back in 2017, on the day she dropped her now-massive sleeper hit “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo felt so demoralized, both by the industry and by life in general, that she texted the song’s producer to say she was thinking about quitting. Lucky for us all, she didnt. In the two years since that fateful day, Lizzo has become a bonafide breakout star. Everything she does now earns attention, whether she’s strutting the Met Gala red carpet in head-to-toe pink or posting videos of herself twerking on...!
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When it comes to skincare, Draya Michele (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEJ6o_CfZjY) believes in being gentle. On todays episode of #WakingUpWith, #Draya walks us through the six products she uses to hydrate her skin in the a.m., and shares how shes upped her content creation game during this season of staying home. Go to Bed with Draya over on Harpers BAZAARs channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUxnaFZQPGs Check out her channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJsL6xuIyBbw7SMb4JmHUcg ...!
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Makeup maven. CoverGirl. Instant influencer. Could James Charles be adding singer to his repertoire, soon? Today, Charles—an avid #SongAssociation player whos known to dabble in a cover or two—tries his turn against the clock. Tune in as he sings bops from Bruno Mars and Disney Channel legends, shares who hed love to collab with when its time to release his own music, and asks the question we all want to know: Rihanna, wheres the new album, sis? Watch #InstantInfluencer on Jamess channel: h...!
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He’s the self-professed “King of R&B,” but does that mean he has what it takes to claim the #SongAssociation throne? On our latest episode — and first for 2020! — Jacquees tries his turn against the clock. Tune in as he sings Ella Mai, Dreezy, and a few tracks from his latest album, including “Verify.” Stream Jacquees’ new album, #KingOfRnB: https://music.apple.com/us/album/king-of-r-b/1486716753 SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bit.ly/SubscribeToELLE...!
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By now, youve read the story. You know well never get the Snapchat. Well never get a Formation World Tour documentary. And Beyoncé will never not bet on... #Beyoncé. For ELLE’s January 2020 issue, Mrs. Carter offered a rare opportunity for fans: Full access. In an intimate #AMA session with her Beyhive, the superstar opened up about motherhood, self-care, and her quest for purpose. In this exclusive clip, we get an even closer look at the cover, and the Queens highly-anticipated #IVYPARK x a...!
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Sélectionnez 720p pour une meilleure qualité Select 720p and Full Screen for best viewing experience Backstage photo shoot ELLE vietnam magazine in PARIS Contact : [email protected]!
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Follow me around at a day at Elle Mag! I am an intern and absolutely love it! I hope you enjoyed following me around!...!
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These models gracefully take a tumble on the runway with poise. SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bit.ly/SubscribeToELLE ELLE is the ultimate fashion resource for the fashion insider. Discover the latest hairstyles from the runway to the street. With a behind-the-scenes, how-to take on the fashion industry, ELLE experts are the people to trust for fashion news and inspiration....!
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Lupita Nyongo, Young M.A, Ayana Bird, Lacy Redway, Vernon François and more talk about braids and black hair culture in America. SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bit.ly/SubscribeToELLE Special Thanks to Alaska Airlines: http://alaskaair.com The Kimpton Everly Hotel: http://everlyhotelhollywood.com Kimpton Hotel Palomar Los Angeles — Beverly Hills: https://www.kimptonhotels.com/stay/hotel-palomar-la-beverly-hills Calpak: https://www.calpaktravel.com...!
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#ArmaanMalik has bragging rights. His single next 2 me reached #1 on Billboards Top Triller U.S. & Global charts. Hes sung over 200 songs across 10 languages. And, hes priming for what were sure will be an acclaimed stateside debut. Can he add #SongAssociation (https://www.youtube.com/c/ELLE/videos) champion to his list of accolades, too? Tune in to find out! Stream Control now: https://armaanmalik.lnk.to/Control Stream next 2 me here: https://ffm.to/next2mearmaan SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bi...!
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On the heels of their new release, Holiday, the ladies of Little Mix came ready! Tune into this episode of #SongAssociation as they sing Ariana Grande, Tina Turner, and discuss their first song to hit the Billboard charts. For more ELLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daHF42Izwkg&list=PLG8Rnf78qVIHl1VQOM8Q1ub55oU8NHvhB Stream “Holiday” now: http://lttlmx.com/Holiday SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bit.ly/SubscribeToELLE ELLE SHOWS: Song Association | Season 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...!
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SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/FashionTVSUB http://www.FashionTV.com/videos WORLD - Anastasia K from Elite Management Paris is ready to pose for Joel Dart, who is photographing her in bright hues, floral skirts, and other trendy high-end items (like a Louis Vuitton belt!) for Elle magazine. Photographer: http://www.joeldart.com SHOP http://shop.fashiontv.com CHANNEL http://youtube.com/FashionTV FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/FTV TWITTER http://twitter.com/FashionTV FashionTVs YouTube network ...!
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Hailey Bieber. Shes easy to love. For our March 2020 ELLE cover, we flew down to Miami and spent the day with Mrs. Bieber in her natural habitat: the beach. Get an exclusive look at how the cover shoot came together, and hear from Hailey on the women who empower her, what she hopes to accomplish in 2020, and the advice shed give her 22-year-old self. Read Haileys March 2020 exclusive cover story, where she talks married life with Justin Bieber, her love for Brazil, and her model-off-duty style...!
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전형적인 ENTJ, 대담한 통솔자, 자타공인 열정의 아이콘… 그리고 특허와 가장 잘 어울리는 연예인 1위에 빛나는 유노윤호! 발명이 취미인 그의 시선으로 보는 기발한 아이디어 상품 리뷰! ‘신박템’ 리뷰에도 진심인 유노윤호의 열정 가득한 미션 엘파서블! #발명가마음은발명가가알아줌 “윤호야, 할 수 있어, RG?” FILM 이은혜, 김석진 EDITOR 권민지, 이경진 + 엘르 코리아가 ...!
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Its a new year, and with it, comes a #SongAssociation thatll have you in your feelings all 2019. In our latest chanteuse-countdown-against-the-clock, we called on platinum-selling, R&B favorite, Ella Mai. Watch as she goes deep with Adele, does a little algebra with Beyoncé, and trips over her own tunes for a chance to claim the Song Association title from H.E.R. Ella Mais self-titled debut album is available now, and catch her on tour: https://ellamai.com/pages/tour. SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http:...!
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Miley Cyrus is more powerful than ever. At 26, Cyrus is taking stock of the different phases of her very public life and considering how to use her platform to raise awareness about the issues she cares most about, like climate change, abortion rights, and housing inequality. And, she wants us all to know that she is assuming control. My record is called She Is Miley Cyrus. ‘She’ does not represent a gender. She is not just a woman. ‘She’ doesn’t refer to a vagina. She is a force of na...!
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Gigi Hadid is many things: supermodel, friend of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin Bieber, daughter of Yolanda Hadid and Mohamed Hadid, sister of Bella and Anwar, and currently, on top of the world. Nina Garcia chats with the 23-year-old fashion star on the occasion of her first U.S. ELLE cover. Read Gigis cover story on ELLE.com: http://www.elle.com/gigi-hadid/ Buy our March issue, on newsstands on February 19. SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://bit.ly/SubscribeToELLE...!
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More MGK? Wish, granted. Machine Gun Kelly has been double the fun on ELLE these past two weeks, first with Thirst Trap (which you can watch, here: https://youtu.be/Zu-ESGnA7fg), and now, trying his turn at the Internets favorite game: #SongAssociation. Tune in to our latest episode where #MachineGunKelly talks through his Travis Barker x YUNGBLUD collab, revisits his favorite hometown rapper, and shares his affinity for air craps. Stream Big Time Adolescence on Hulu: https://www.hulu.com/movi...!
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Lauren & Cam sing a little bit for us. Then they get nasty on the classy magazine page lol....!
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By the time you finish this video, youll learn a few new things about Lucy Hale. She prefers her French fries with a side of buttermilk ranch. Shes aiming to be a cross-stitch pro by the end of the year. And, she has a special place in her heart for Elvis (her dog, of course). Tune in to another #stayhome edition of #AskMeAnything where #LucyHale shares what she loves most about her character #KatyKeene, where shes headed as soon as quarantine is over (hint: a country music capital), and the bin...!
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#미션엘파서블 #웨이션브이 #WayV #집콕게임 #威神V 🌿 웨이션 브이 식 ‘코로나 블루’ 예방법 하는 사람도 보는 사람도 모두 즐거운 웨이션 브이의 집콕 게임 미션. 과연 그들은 무사히(?) 게임을 마칠 수 있었을까요? 승자와 패자를 헷갈리게 만드는 ‘얼굴 몰아주기’ 폴라로이드 촬영까지⚡️ 1탄) 루카스 VS 윈윈 : 눈싸움, 손가락 씨름, 공깃돌 점수 내기 2탄) 쿤 VS 텐 : 끝말...!
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ลลิษา มโนบาล BLACKPINK Lisa is the Cover Girl for February issue of Elle Magazine. Blackpink Lisa graces the magazine with lots of different photos. Blackpink members Jennie, Rose, Jisoo and Lisa are not just Kpop Idols but they are Models too. Not just only Lisa but some artist also feature in tha magazine like Blackpink Jennie, Mamamoo Hwasa, NCT Jaehyun and also Beyonce. ลลิษา มโนบาล ลลิษา มโนบาล ลลิษามโนบ...!
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Gagner quelques centimètres de taille de cuisse grâce au yoga, cest possible. Voici les postures à faire pour allonger les muscles et affiner votre silhouette petit à petit. Abonnez-vous à la chaîne ELLE : http://bit.ly/YouTubeELLE À lire aussi : http://www.elle.fr/Minceur/Yoga/Maigrir-avec-le-yoga-3384914 Retrouvez ELLE, le magazine féminin de la mode, de la beauté et de toute lactualité des femmes sur : Elle.fr : http://www.elle.fr Elle Vidéo : http://videos.elle.fr Facebook : ...!
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There are many ways you could describe Camila Cabello’s life over the past year, but “regular” isn’t one of them. Since the rise of 2017’s radio smash “Havana,” she’s become Spotify’s second-most-streamed artist. She opened for Taylor Swift on the pop star’s Reputation tour, and headlined her own Never Be the Same world tour. She was nominated for two Grammy awards; her self-titled album went platinum; and she became a L’Oréal Paris spokeswoman and collaborated with the br...!
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Aussi appelé yoga dynamique, le yoga Vinyasa réveille vos muscles et vous permet de rester tonique ? Suivez le cours complet de Nathalie Fauquette destiné aux novices. Abonnez-vous à la chaîne ELLE : http://bit.ly/1OqoPPY Pour tout savoir sur le yoga dynamique : http://www.elle.fr/Minceur/Yoga/Yoga-dynamique-2934262 Retrouvez ELLE, le magazine féminin de la mode, de la beauté et de toute lactualité des femmes sur : Elle.fr : http://www.elle.fr Elle Vidéo : http://videos.elle.fr Fac...!
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Found this Elle Magazine doll at an estate sale. She is by Jakks. A Walk on the Wild Side doll series. Check out more of our reviews! http://bit.ly/1q5vfGu Check out Toy Fair 2016! http://bit.ly/1PJAnNm More of our Toy Hunts http://bit.ly/ZblFZZ More AniGame Friday reviews! http://bit.ly/1qbnkWp Check out our other BBMM! http://bit.ly/YqW0N0 Check out our other Fan Mail videos! http://bit.ly/1CvhbNh Want to send us mail? You can! The Doll Circle P.O. Box 521574 Longwood FL, 32750 Follow ...!
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All hail the queen. Four years after the release of her last album, Nicki Minaj has returned to reclaim her throne — and shes holding nothing back. Get an exclusive look at the making of her ELLE June cover, shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Then, read her interview, on everything from Chun-Li and abstaining from sex, to Meek Mill and what it was like recording her latest project, Queen: https://www.elle.com/culture/celebrities/a21239224/nicki-minaj-queen-interview-july-cover/ SUBSCRIBE to ELLE http://...!
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FASHION: When Peter Knapp launched his career back in the 1950s he was one the very first art directors. His prolonged spell at the French fashion and lifestyle magazine Elle enabled him to reinvent the codes of print layout....!
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In this episode of Waking Up With, we tap global style influencer Camila Coelho for her best morning beauty hacks and makeup routine during fashion week. Watch Coelho start her day with a quartz facial roller (before shes even peeled back her sheets), mix matte foundations to achieve her perfect shade, and sub jet black eyeshadow for liquid liner. Read about Camilas new lipstick collection with Lancôme on ELLE.com: https://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/a23008746/camila-coelho-launches-...!
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An American idol has landed! Fifteen years ago, Fantasia entered our living rooms — and charts — as the third winner of one of the most popular reality competitions around. Now, fresh off the release of her seventh studio album, Sketchbook, shes stopped by to grace our #SongAssociation stage. Tune in to our latest episode, where Fantasia sings Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, and reveals her dream (rock-n-roll) collab! Get Fantasias new album: https://fantasia.lnk.to/SketchbookTW Grab tick...!
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Machine Gun Kelly is … the thirstiest? The rapper/singer/songwriter/actor invites us into his DMs on this episode of #ThirstTrap. We learned he’d rather toss one back than reveal his wildest night out, but he has no problem airing the most annoying thing about his pal and co-star Pete Davidson. Tune in for even more, like what his biggest weakness is and how he managed to catfish us all. Check out Big Time Adolescence on Hulu now: https://www.hulu.com/watch/387ba517-ec86-4799-a952-a8c5848ed...!
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Tori Kellys rise to stardom is like something out of a fairytale. Her voice transcended the saturated world of YouTube, landed her on the American Idol stage, and cemented Grammy Award acclaim in both contemporary and, most-recently, gospel categories. Now, four years after her debut album, Kelly is making a return to R&B and pop music with her latest project, Inspired by True Events. Tune in as she sings a few tracks from the album, a cover of Ariana Grandes biggest hit, and does her best to to...!
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Toute lactualité sur http://www.bfmtv.com/ Le magazine Elle fête ses 70 ans avec un numéro spécial qui sort le 15 décembre. Le numéro anniversaire rassemble sur sa une les plus grandes actrices françaises. A l’intérieur, des pages reprennent les articles les plus engagés parus au cours de ces sept décennies....!
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Here is what it is like to intern at ELLE Magazine. I had my first internship as a freshman in college at ELLE Magazine in the Beauty department. OPEN FOR MORE INTERNSHIP VIDEOS How I Landed an Internship at ELLE Magazine as a Freshman: https://youtu.be/LN5HjS9b6b4 Learn how to get your first internship here: http://bit.ly/1st-intern ************************************************ Check out my college admissions book: http://bit.ly/YouGotIntoWhere *********************************************...!
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A short promo of the motocross shoot with Elle Magazine. Featuring Austalias Matt Moss, Luke McNeill, Brock Mcleary and Luke Thwaites. This issue was released in June 2014. Film Production : Aussie Adrenaline...!
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She used to do it like a dude but now she does it like a duchess. Go behind the scenes on ELLE Magazine UKs cover shoot with Jessie J and see her wear gowns by Giles and Elie Saab, as she explores her dramatic new look with ELLE. Read the interview and see the full shoot in the November issue of ELLE, on sale on Wednesday October 3rd....!
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Après une intervention chirurgicale qui se déroule mal, Charlène voit sa vie basculer. Aujourdhui, sur sa page Facebook Kangouroo Girl, elle milite pour faire changer le regard sur les personnes vivant avec une stomie. Allodocteurs.fr contient tout ce quil faut savoir concernant votre santé : anatomie, fatigue, stress, sexualité, contraception, cancer, VIH, dépression, douleur, … Michel Cymes Marina Carrère dEncausse Benoît Thévenet France 5 Retrouvez de nombreux articles inédi...!
Channel Title : Vogue Views : 1802656 DisLikes : 819 Published Date :2017-05-10T13:53:37Z
To mark the actress’s first-ever Vogue cover, we reimagined the rising star in a multitude of scenarios, from Elle Fanning fanning a rock to Elle Fanning fanning The Rock. We even caught Fanning sifting through a scrum of brightly colored fan mail—while dressed in the latest feathered and embellished Prada, no less. Watch this exclusive video for more. Directors: Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost A Supermarché Production In Association with Moxie Pictures Featuring Elle Fanning Fashion ...!
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Its been two years since her last album, and while were glad shes back, Tove Lo is Glad Hes Gone. Her newest single dropped on May 31, and to celebrate, Tove came by ELLE.com to christen our Song Association chair. Tune in as she offers renditions of Arianas Dangerous Woman, Duas New Rules, and Taylors Me! in a race against the clock. Stream Tove Los new single, Glad Hes Gone now: https://lnk.to/GladHesGone Watch the lyric video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1Tn1H7Sg8s And stay tuned for...!
Channel Title : ELLE Views : 1607144 DisLikes : 1069 Published Date :2019-08-19T19:28:15Z
A lot has changed since Grace VanderWaal entered millions of households via Americas Got Talent, ukulele in tow. It was 2016 when she made her debut on the show, captivated audiences and judges, and would go on to win the televised competition. Three years have passed, and since, Grace has toured with Florence + The Machine, been the youngest person to land on Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and is currently headlining her own show — the Ur So Beautiful tour — with stops in Nashville, Atlanta, Lo...!
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HEY #Swifties! As a BIG THANK YOU for all the support you have given me on this channel I am doing a GIVEAWAY of #TaylorSwifts #ELLE Magazine!! ENTER HERE: http://gimmyit.com/giveaway/taylor-swift-elle-magazine-giveaway/ HOW TO ENTER: 1. Enter your name and email address here: http://gimmyit.com/giveaway/taylor-swift-elle-magazine-giveaway/ MORE INFO - Open to all Swifties, from all over the world. -Must have parent permission to enter if you are under 18. - CLOSES ON APRIL 8TH 2019 AT...!

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