Door Knobs And Knockers

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Traditionally made hooks, knobs and door knockers for the period home. New casts from antique originals this vintage door furniture is perfect for older houses, cottages and restoration projects. - created at!
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Please watch: 60 Crazy Weird Shoes That Are Bizarre But Also Kinda Cool --~-- One way of adding a bit of character to your home is by changing the door handles. These are a part of the home that are regularly ignored and only changed if completely necessary, with many people thinking, “It’s only a door handle”. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and here a few examples of wonderful and wacky door handles that could really add some flair ...!
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Funny Club Presents Most Creative and Unusual Door Handles and Door Knockers. If you are love to creativity and always love to make a different thing or different looks for your home than it’s the first step to describe the people how much you are creative. Its can start form your doors. People are really amazing to see the Creative and Unusual Door Handles and Door Knockers in front of your home. Here are some group of the most creative, shocking, amazing, a...!
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The Carlisle Design Doctors Knocker is Ideal for use in combination with the rest of our items in this range, such as Letter Plates, Door Knobs and Bell Pushes, for a classy and unified look to your Front Door. These knockers were popular in Victorian times, reportedly used to easily identify doctors’ doors in order to generate custom. Made from highest quality Solid Brass, this item carries a 25-year mechanical guarantee. Supplied complete with strike plate, bolts and screw covers. Delive...!
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This tutorial shows you how to spray paint hardware, specifically door knobs, for a lasting, durable finish. Rachelle takes an old bronze knob and turns it into a farmhouse inspired, matte black knob. To purchase the products used in this tutorial visit: To read the blog post & see the cost breakdown & shopping list:!
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How to Dress up:!
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Click Here To Buy Now DOOR KNOCKER ON BACKPLATE CARLISLE BRASS M46 A Door Knocker on Backplate, Ideal for use in combination with the rest of our items in this range, such as Letter Plates, Door Knobs and Bell Pushes, for a classy and unified look to your Front Door. Slim Backplate to suit most applications. Made from highest quality Solid Brass Delivery Times: DESPATCHED SAME-DAY (on orders placed before 12noon) ...!
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With the new door in place it was time for some finishing touches. CONTACT US [email protected] OUR SOCIAL NETWORKS YouTube - Twitter - Instagram - OUR BLOG Music!
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Talking Door Knockers...!
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Door Hangers VS Door Stickers? Here is the difference! Roofing Insights The Voice of Roofing Communities ============================ Lets Connect: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Tumblr: ============================ #New #Video #RoofingInsights ============================ C...!
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Daily Vlog of Dad building a dolls house during coronavirus lock down in Shrewsbury, UK....!
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Required Materials Cardboard Ring/Old bangle Tinsel stems/ Pipe cleaners Hot glue gun/ Any white glue Bells Glitter Ribbon Scissors Hi all, in this video am showing how to make Christmas themed door knob/ door knocker decoration. I am using Christmas colors for this project but you can use any of your favorite colors so that you can use it for any season. You can use use this decor as wall decoration also....!
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Our Favorite Method To Clean and Polish Small Brass, Silver, Copper and Bronze Metal Items. Easy and Fast DIY Method! Products used in this video: 0000 Steel Wool:!
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DOOR KNOCKERS | DOOR KNOCKERS AT LOWES | DOOR KNOCKERS ANTIQUE DOOR KNOCKERS | DOOR KNOCKERS AT LOWES | DOOR KNOCKERS ANTIQUE DOOR KNOCKERS | DOOR KNOCKERS AT LOWES | DOOR KNOCKERS ANTIQUE door knockers australia, door knockers argos, door knockers amazon, door knockers and bells, door knockers antique, door knockers at lowes, door knockers advertising, door knockers auckland, door knockers and numbers, door knockers another name, door knockers brass, door knockers bl...!
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Polish brass using buffing wheels and polishing compound...!
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Today I am showing you how to update dated brass hardware, I am updating my doorknobs from brass to oil rubbed bronze. This is a quick and easy update you can do to any hardware around your house. What I used: Rustoleum Oil rubbed: Clear Coat: Dont forget to follow me on Instagram: @theburnbungalow - for all things home updates and decor @emilyburn01- for my everyday life Check out my blog: www.emilyburn.c...!
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My Blog Plans for the Door Knocker!
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Our Door & Gate Latches are a traditional device with a new, simple design that you can count on. We have 2 latch models in assorted sizes, for both swinging doors & gates and sliding doors & gates. Theyre strong & reliable with unique, horseshoe-shaped handles that provide smooth, user-friendly, operational movement. They are versatile, mulit-purpose, and designed for interior or exterior use. Great for residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes! Our Door Knockers are designed in the sa...!
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There is an updated video to this that better explains it here, You find yourself in a strange place with 2 doors. One door leads to death and the other to your destination. The doors are guarded by two guards. One of the guard always say truth while other always lies. You dont know which guard is which, nor what door leads to your destination... You can ask only one question to go out from there. What should you ask?!
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Our cast iron door knockers are very versatile for all kinds of projects besides doors. Here, we used it as a decorative element on a wall decor piece and added Decor Wax to bring out the details beautifully....!
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Click Here To Buy Now DOOR KNOCKER - VICTORIAN URN CARLISLE BRASS M38 The Victorian Urn Door Knocker. Ideal for use in combination with the rest of our items in this range, such as Letter Plates, Door Knobs and Bell Pushes, for a classy and unified look to your Front Door. Available in two sizes. Made in Solid Brass with the superior quality expected from the Carlisle Group. Delivery Times: DESPATCHED SAME-DAY (o...!
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Instagram : the_hand_e_man Professional grade tools I use every day table saw Impact gun Tape Measure Tool Vest Utility Knife Mini nail puller PVC pipe cutter!
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Im making a gothic door knocker for the 150 mm challenge. This is part 1. Gothic Door Knocker Part 2: ************************************ Want to SUPPORT what we do here at Christ Centered Ironworks Blacksmith Channel? Visit my channel: Stop by my website: Get some merch: Shop my Amazon Influencer page for shop tools: https://...!
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Most Creative Door Handles | Most Creative Door Knockers | unusual Design of door handles In this video, we will show you the photos of so many different doors handles, door knockers with so many different design ideas you have never seen before. Every one of the door handles, and the door knockers have a different story to express. We present you gripping old door handles and the most creative door knockers that you will surely like. Every time we walk through an old, abandoned house, we have ...!
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be creativo Subscribe today and give the gift of knowledge to yourself or a friend 40 Unique Door Knockers To Add Drama To Your Entryway 1 : Celtic Green Man Door Knocker: 2 : Antique Tuscan Door Knocker: 3 : 4 : Cast Iron Green Man Door Knocker: 5 : Skull Jaw Knocker: 6 : Hand Door Knocker: 7 : Chinese Lion Door Knocker: 8 : Dragon Door Knocker: 9 : Wolf Door Knocker: 10 : 11 : Fox Door Knocker: 12 : Bulldog Door Knocker: 13 : Horse Door Knocker: 14 : Antiqued Finish North American Moose D...!
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In this lengthy video we work through each key part of the design and create the components that form the complete models for the handle, the base shape and the face shape. Download a FREE trial of Vectric software and try out all of the tools for yourself TODAY, visit: Interested in learning all about CNC? Visit:!
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A fitting video explaing how to install the Fab & Fix face fix door knocker. This process is the same for the victorian urn, slimline and lions head knockers. Please refer to other video for removal instructions....!
Channel Title : Views : 4740 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-10-09T18:00:02Z - (VID-PN-0037) - This is a DIY “How To” video tutorial on how to build a pneumatic automated Halloween prop. In this video, we cover the basics on automating a haunted door with moving Lock, Door Knocker, Handle, and Mail Slot door with skeleton hand. We cover the basics of how you can build an automated prop using AutomationDirect pneumatics and CLICK PLC’s. This video shows how we built and programmed this prop with AutomationDirect’s FR...!
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In this video, I forged an anchor themed doorknocker. Whether for Fathers Day or for yourself this is a great project whether youve been forging for a week or youve been doing it for years this one, in particular, is being shipped to Australia music:!
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Speaker Knockerz Trained To Go Playlist Speaker Knockerz Lonely Available Now: Spotify: SUBSCRIBE to Speaker Knockerz record label Talibandz Entertainment Youtube Channel for more original music and videos: Started out with nothing I was hungry, Now I got a couple niggas bitches on me, Fuck nigga I dont wanna be yo homie, I ...!
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My first video made for my blog!
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A novel door knocker for your home, toilet or office. Pull the chord and the hummingbird taps his beak into the flower. Made with lead free pewter and wood with Tasmanian oak veneer. By Shasa Bolton Buy here!
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Create a lasting first impression with these killer coloured door knockers! Designer Tiffany Pratt shows you just how easy it is to transform a door knocker with colourful Krylon spray paint....!
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Wonderfully simple in design this classic door knocker has been made from solid brass and has a charmingly antique finish. The delightfully decorative piece of door furniture has a small back plate and a unique knocker. The door knocker is available in a choice of stunning finishes and is supplied with four pre-drilled holes for easy installation. DK065/AB...!
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Ornate cast iron door knocker in black cast iron available from black country metal works.!
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This a slideshow of the photos from the door knocker I made from beginning to finished product. I am sole owner of the photos featured....!
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Please find this product at This video is to bring you a closer look at the Baldwin 0102 colonial entrance door knocker, this is the knocker as shown in the 112 finish, which is venetian bronze. You can get an idea of the venetian bronze finish here at the edge where you can see a bronze tone come through or a copper tone come through a little bit, otherwise its a very dark uniform finish, but being solid bronze it will age over time. Three bolts are included to match for ...!
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I made this door knocker for a book cover, and I thought it could also be used for the fairy doors, it is made of polymer clay (fimo/cernit) - in 1:12 Thanks for watching :-) ----------------- My 3D print files: look for: DRNbabyz Or: look for: Daniela mini Instagram @DRNmini Facebook: Find more miniature on my homepage: Stop motion by DRN:!
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ORDER HERE ----- This amazing prop can be used to simulate someone knocking on a door, pounding on a wall or banging against any solid surface! And best of all? NO AIR REQUIRED! This prop is completely electric and does not require any air! Perfect for Escape Rooms where the effect of someone knocking in a specific pattern is required. Hide it behind doors, walls or inside cabinets....!

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