Decorating Small Spaces

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Do you live in a small space just like me? Hopefully now you are more equipped with some ideas to help you survive and thrive in your small space. Dont forget to comment below if you rent or own your place! Sweater Im Wearing: Jeans Im Wearing: || VIDEOS I MENTIONED || Alisha & Ashley’s Entryway Reveal: Alisha & Ashley’s Office Reveal: Elena’s Apartment (One Room, Three Purposes):!
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☆ Shop Lone Fox (Home Decor, DIY Supplies + More!): - Follow Lone Fox on Instagram: @lonefoxhome - Follow my personal Instagram: @Imdrewscott Today I wanted to share a few tips + hacks on decorating and furnishing your space if its on the smaller side. These ideas can make your apartment feel brighter, more inviting and all around larger! Let me know which tip was your favorite? E L S E W H E R E + Fashion Youtube Channel: + Instagr...!
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Check us out on Facebook! - Credits: MUSIC Licensed via Audio Network...!
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Step inside HGTV designer Alexandra Hutchisons 640-square-foot main floor, which includes her living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Get her decorating tips for creating a cohesive look from one room to another, adding unexpected pops of colour and designing practical built-in storage. In this video youll see before and after shots of her home renovation. In the entryway, Alexandra used bold blue paint to add interest to the space, and applied the same blue paint to the living room ceiling...!
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More details related to 10 Small Living Room Makeover Ideas: Full version: ---------- Highlight : 10. Use Multipurpose Furniture 9. Choose the Right Furniture For The Right Spot 8. Let the Natural Light In 7. Paint the Ceiling 6. Use Light and Neutral Colours 5. Go for Larger Windows 4. Larger Pieces are Better 3. Add a Huge Mirror 2. Invest in Floating Furniture 1. Match Your Furniture with The Walls ---------- music by Blur - Ryan http...!
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#1. Paint the Ceiling #3. Create Space between Furniture and Walls #8. Use Stripes to Lengthen Your Space 18. Add Mirrors!
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It doesn’t matter how small your bedroom is. If you are ready to put in some time and heart into making your small bedroom look bigger, you will....!
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Its finally here! Our first official home tour in our condo. March marks one year since weve moved in. I share how I made the most of our one bedroom condo and my favorite furnitures pieces and how its all laid out. You can live in a small space with big style! I honestly love our cozy home! Our color scheme is neutral grays, beige and taupe with pops of white and earthy wood and greenery accents. Please watch the other suggested videos below for more of our condo in detail and the organizing pr...!
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Culla 4 Drawer Dresser in Oak: Gabriola Lounge Chair in Ivory Boucle: Suto Rug 8x10 in Powder White: Timber sofa in Charme Tan In todays video I share my top 6 tips and tricks to decorating a small space to appear bigger. I hope you find it helpful in creating a more spacious open feel in your own homes/apartments. Thank you Article Furniture for collaborating with me on todays video. Shop My Amazon Favor...!
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click to never miss a DIY: Today we show you 11 hacks to make your teeny space feel big + look like a magazine! Check out the blog post here: THINGS WE MENTIONED // DESKTOP PLUG: HOLE SAW DRILL BIT: CHALK PAINT: COFFEE TABLE: WALL BRAKCET: HINGES: SIMILAR MIRROR:!
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For English subtitle, click CC / closed caption. :) Decorating 101: Small Space Ideas, Tips, and Tricks Here are some tricks I learned on how to make your space look bigger and how to maximize storage in a small space. :) P.S. I will discuss paint colors in another video! I have a lot to say baka sobrang humaba to. :D _________________________ Subscribe for more videos on before and afters, budget makeovers, DIYS, and tips on decorating! __________________...!
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More detail related to our small house decor video: 20.►0:32| Set Some Green Plants to complete your interior design ideas 19.►1:01| Show Off Your Collection 18.►1:33| Provide Shelf Desk 17.►2:02| Apply Beige Tone 16.►2:37| Hang Drapes 15.►3:07| Cover the Stove 14.►3:41| Built Vertical Dresser 13.►4:00| Cover It Beautifully 12.►4:31| Mix Pattern in One Place Only 11.►5:02| Put Floating Shelves 10.►5:29| Use Lightweight Furniture 9.►6:00| Install Mirror 8.►6:31| Make Ev...!
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Sign up for the DESIGN SESSIONS here: Visit the Kinwoven Website: || Do ALL the Subscribing || Subscribe to This Channel: Subscribe to Sharrahs Channel: Follow Rebecca on Instagram: Follow Sharrah on Instagram: Follow Kinwoven on Instagram: Interior Design, Tiny Apartment decorating, Interior Decorating Ideas, IKEA, Tiny Spaces, Small Ap...!
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Decorating small spaces can be quite challenging. However, with proper planning; you will be sure to arrive at an end result that you will love. In this video I share 7 essential tips for decorating small spaces, studio and efficiency apartments… Looking for inspiration? You have found it… What are you waiting for? Click here…. Budget Breakdown: Sofa $550.00 Lamps {All} $110 Pictures $60 Pillows {All} $70 End Tables {Both} $80 Chair + Desk $175 Trunk $130 Black Rug $30.00 R...!
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In episode 407 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visits Crystal and her daughter Madison. The family purchased their first home, which was a dream come true. Crystal thought she would have the house decorated quickly, but after six months, she has struggled to get started. She wants everything to be perfect, from the paint color to the furniture. Crystal and Madison’s favorite room in the house is the living room, but one of the challenges was the hand-me-down furniture. The couch was to...!
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This has been the month of small spaces for me. Several weeks ago I redesigned a small nook on my second floor, and this week I tackled the other small matching nook in an attempt to create a complementary space. I used metal wall hangers to elevate the houseplants and to create the illusion that they are floating in mid-air. Also, I find that using small-sized furniture in small spaces to create the feeling of a much larger space. And finally, I used easy care indoor plants that require med...!
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Hey you guys welcome back! (PRERECORDED) Like, Comment, Subscribe INSTAGRAM SHOP MY HOME!
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Sometimes we have the right furniture but because of the limitation of our space, we have difficulty in how to fit and arrange them in the room that it looks good and functional. Here are 5 layouts you can try in your room and see what is best for your bedroom size and daily routine. Join the giveaway: Shop the look: Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Instagram & Twit...!
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Chatelaine Home editor Alexandra Gater shows you how to transform those awkward spaces in your home using her 5 no-fail styling tricks: light, art, rugs, plants and re-imagining pieces you already own. In this Home Primp episode, she updates a long entryway in a Toronto condo for only $200 by adding art, additional storage, lots of light and a statement plant. Products Featured: Floor Lamp: Art Prints: ...!
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What did you think of the Tiny Home?! Thank you to Cost Plus World Market for sponsoring this video! Start shopping pieces from this video now by clicking here: I hope you are able to apply some of these tips to your own home, even if it isnt a tiny home! || Do ALL the Subscribing || Follow Me on Instagram: Follow Rebecca on Instagram: Follow Kinwoven on Instagram: Subscribe to My Channe...!
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Theres still a lot of things that could be done to your tiny living room! Check this video out to see the Mandaue Foam furniture that are space saving. MAKE SURE TO WATCH OUR MAKEOVER OF THIS MAKEOVER! SHOP THE LOOK: a. Jimbo L-Shape - ₱24,550.00 Order: b. Shawn Coffee Table - ₱10,200.00 Order: c. Levi Bench - ₱8,100.00 Order:!
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Over the past few months ive been working on my BEDROOM MAKEOVER and I thought itd be fun to take you all along with bedroom isnt very big, so if you have a small bedroom or dorm this video will hopefully give you some decorating ideas! SUBSCRIBE: Check out my website: [items in this video] Bowman Metal Platform Bed, wayfair: KNOPPÄNG black frames: VITTSJÖ glass shelf: http://bit...!
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Interior designer, Nike Onile shows us an office space that needs some improvement. See how her tips can help you feel more productive in your home office. Subscribe to Cityline on YouTube - Follow Cityline online - Follow Cityline on Facebook - Follow Cityline on Twitter - Follow Cityline on Instagram - Follow Cityline on Pinterest -!
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Hey guys Dont forget to subscribe :-) Thank you for watching this video. Below is the link of where I purchased most of the furniture. Sofa- Dunelm Armchairs- Picture frames -äng-frame-with-poster-set-of-8-black-art-00422076/ Shelving unit -ö-s...!
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The Design Sessions were created to help you make your home beautiful. It doesnt matter if youre just getting started, or are well on your way to becoming an expert, the Design Sessions will give you everything you need to decorate and design your home with confidence. Once you join, you will have access to 50+ in-depth training sessions. Sign up for the Design Sessions here: Instagram: | snapchat: sharrahrobeson || Life after gettin...!
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In Episode 212 of IKEA Home Tour, the Squad travels to Detroit, Michigan, to help two newlyweds who are in dire need of a living room makeover! Jonathan and Tiphany Walker are loving married life and expecting their first child together. They would love to entertain in their home, but the only space suitable is their tiny living room with outdated furniture and limited seating options for their guests. The Walkers dream of a comfortable and flexible living room where they can watch TV, host fri...!
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Decorating a small living room can be a difficult task. However, using ingenious storage solutions, clever furniture placement, and other “tricks”, such as a light color palette, you can make your room to look more spacious and elegant. Good choice of furniture - lightweight sofas and charming coffee tables. Tasteful decorative accessories - small and beautiful rugs and decorative pillows complement the decor. Get inspired watching this video. Clever decorating ideas for a beautiful small l...!
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For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected] Mind Warehouse ►!
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Start your 2-month free trial of Skillshare: — ☀️ MY CAMERA GEAR: ☀️ SHOP MY APARTMENT: ☀️ SHOP MY BALCONY: — My guided meditations are now available for signup! SIGN UP HERE: Those who sign up will gain access to 30 thoughtful videos guiding you towards a more abundant life. I have very carefully planned the guided meditations to ...!
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Designer, Nike Onile takes on a big challenge with decorating a 464 sq foot condo from bottom to top. Check out the dramatic transformation. Subscribe to Cityline on YouTube - Subscribe to the Cityline Newsletter - Follow Cityline online - Follow Cityline on Facebook - Follow Cityline on Twitter - Follow Cityline on Instagram - Follow Cityline on Pinter...!
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Here are our top tips on how to decorate small spaces. Visit our blog for more fun life hacks - Stay connected with Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:!
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Designer, Nike Onile shows you 7 ways to decorate a small space to make it seem larger....!
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Hey Family, This is a small bedroom makeover within a budget. This is a rental-friendly makeover so you do get to choose from a lot of ideas I shared here. If you liked this video please share with your friends and family Products I used in this Video 1. Photo Frame - 2. String Lights - 3. Curtains ( similar ) - 4. Tissu Paper - Big Basket Other Videos from my Budget home Decor Series - Yo...!
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This is a Diy Video on How To Use Regular Brooms to make a Unique Shelves and Lighting for Small Spaces. This is a How To Video on How Easy and Inexpensive it is to Make a 2 in 1 Lighting Unit with Shelves That looks High End on a Budget Using Brooms and Family Dollar Boards. It is a Small Space Decorating idea 2019 for Craft Lovers and a Home Decor idea that adds Uniqueness to the overall Presentation in the Home. This is an Inexpensive yet sophisticated Diy that Shows Style and Elegance that...!
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#2. Create Shelve Over Your Door for More Spaces #3. Take Advantage of Spaces under You Bed #4. Save Great Spaces through Ottoman Bed #5. Convert the Spaces under Your Stairs into Great Space Idea!
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At American Furniture Warehouse they have everything from couches to dining tables to fit any design style in your home. They give us advice on designing for a small space....!
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Step inside this elegant, yet playful city condo designed by Alicia Sass of Harrison Fae Design. See how eye-catching wallpaper and pops of green, teal and ivory took this small space from builder-basic to bold and beautiful. In the living room, a patterned sofa, gilded accents and floor-to-ceiling windows make the space a covetable place to entertain, while silk pink bedding and botanical wallpaper in the two bedrooms master the hotel chic aesthetic. Plus, find out how Alicia worked around the ...!
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To get started with 8 free meals (that’s $80 off your first month of HelloFresh!)… be sure to head over to or use this link and enter “METZ80” now! You know it’s been a dream of mine to start to makeover other people’s spaces so I am pumped to announce I’m starting with my friend Alie’s place! This was a first for me but my main priority was to involve Alie every step of the way to empower her - not to surprise her and do all the work. Thank...!
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Moving in together means combining two homes into one. How do you fit everything in without having to compromise? Try using two chaises lounges in the middle of the room instead of a sofa along the wall. Its one simple way to free up space for more storage and it creates a cosy little nest where the two of you can relax and do your own thing, together....!
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Having a small space doesnt mean you cant get in the Christmas spirit. Debbie Travis is here to show us how to make even a small home Christmassy!...!
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Small Apartment, Tiny Space Decorating Ideas, Small Space, Small Bedroom, Design Trends. Follow us on Instagram: We wanted to make a video with detailed tips on how to really make the most of your budget and small space when moving into an apartment or small house. My daughter Sharrah has a ton of DIY tutorials on her channel How To: Live Your Style on different decor pieces and organizational aids in her apartment! Watch those tutorials by clicking on ...!
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How to design small spaces, is the most popular question when its come to interior design. In this video I show you 10 tips and tricks to transform your small apartment and make it appear bigger! Hi! I’m Zahira Cury! I’m an architect, interior and lighting designer, founder of D.Signers! I want to help you to Re-organize your small spaces with these 10 different interior design hacks to trick your mind into thinking that the room is bigger than it actually is! I break down the best ways fo...!
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With the help of designer Jeffrey Fisher, transforms this small space into an organized and stylish setting....!

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