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#mobilehomedecorideas #claytonhomes2019 #manufacturedhomes...!
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Its finally time to show you guys the complete mobile home renovation project! It was a blast picking out all the interior design details and see this home renovation come together! I hope you enjoy seeing the before and after farmhouse home tour!...!
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Come along with us as we show you our NEW HOME! We sold our 4 bed, 2 bath split level home (check the link below for a home tour of that house!) back in November, and purchased this 3 bed, 2 bath mobile home in a neighboring town. It’s far from perfect, but I wanted to go ahead and share a quick home tour of all the future room makeover “befores”! If you are new, please make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell so that you won’t miss out on future room makeover and decor vide...!
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Yall. Can I say that I am super proud of this complete transformation???? I mean... remaking a WHOLE kitchen for only $200 is pretty cool. And in this video, Im showing you how I did it! LINK TO CABINET PAINTING BLOG POST: LINK TO BACKSPLASH BLOG POST: LINK TO PANTRY MAKEOVER: ** Hey y’all! Thank you SO MUCH for clicking...!
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In the year and a half we have lived in this mobile home, we were able to transform it from a dark 90’s box, to a light and airy, cottage-farmhouse-style home - all on an extreme budget! I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane as I take you on a final home tour, featuring shots of the befores and afters. I will link below my Mobile Home Playlist and my Room Makeover Playlist if you are interested in seeing more of the room transformations. I hope you subscribe and stay tuned for my next vi...!
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Today Im bringing you a video full of home projects that ive been wanting to get done for a while now and i decided to film it vlog style for yall 💕 I just found out that this trailer is a Heritage 1981 :) I did three coats of paint on the doors in my room and caulked my entire bedroom where there was a huge gap between the ceiling and the trim. I also scrubbed the skirting on our trailer. I feel super accomplished and even though I look a hot mess Im glad I shared this video with you bec...!
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Check out my 2019 updated mobile home tour Ive done lots of renovations ! 2019 mobile home tour before and after renovations!!
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Come along as I refresh and decorate my daughter’s bedroom in our mobile home in a sweet cottage style, on a budget of less than $200! I hope you enjoy the makeover and all the fun thrifted DIYs that we were able to incorporate! Thanks for watching! PINTEREST // INSTAGRAM // @domerhome * Follow me on IG stories for more sneak peeks of projects before they make it to YouTube! MY SHOP* | LIGHT FIXTURE* | The...!
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Mobile Home Decorating Ideas For Your Single Wide, Trending Mobile Home Decorating Ideas For A Single Wide...!
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Decorate with me as I add subtle touches of spring to our mobile home living room! I recently made over this room on an extreme budget for $89; I will have the original room makeover video linked below. Thanks for watching! PINTEREST // INSTAGRAM // @domerhome * Follow me on IG stories for more sneak peeks of projects before they make it to YouTube! PILLOW COVERS* | MY SHOP* | HEIDI SONBOUL | https://www.y...!
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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel todays video is a bathroom makeover on a $20 budget! ⬇⬇Items purchased on $20 budget⬇⬇ shower curtain $1 (dollar tree) mirror $8 (thrift store) glass bottle and flowers $3 (dollar tree) caulk $3 for three bottles at (dollar tree) metal flower hooks $4 (used as brackets for shelves) purchased at dollar tree as well. If you liked todays video and want to see more budget friendly makeovers please give this video a thumbs up and let me know in the ...!
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#americanfarmhouse #farmhousetour #hometour Come Visit this Adorable Antique Farmhouse Mobile Home with me! You guys Im telling you this home has decorating goals and beautiful decor! The style of Laura Jeans is very similar to Itty Bitty Farmhouse Tour which all the beautiful Antique Pieces and diys too! You are going to love it! Please share this with a farmhouse friend or try sharing it to a Facebook farmhouse group to spread the word! Thank you Thank you Thank you! 🎄 Christmas Candle T...!
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Today’s video is the highly requested mobile home tour, showing the exterior/outdoor updates we did on a $250 budget! As a disclaimer, this is not a *full makeover* video, but simply an update on what we have done so far. Also, I did purchase new windows and gutters, which are not included in the budget, however $250 is a great price for all the landscaping, plants, and furniture we added! I hope you all enjoy this mobile home exterior/outdoor update! And a huge thank you to Abba Patio for spo...!
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Are you excited to see our mobile home makeover?! Paint, windows, lights...its complete and looks amazing! Let us know what you think and SUBSCRIBE for more. Thanks everyone! More videos of us working on the mobile home ➤ PayPal ➤ Please leave a comment, thumbs up the video, and dont forget to subscribe if you enjoy our videos! Thank you! #makeover #mobilehome 💜 Our channel ...!
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This is the day our family has been waiting for, for over a year! We are finally home. Almost a year ago to the day this video was filmed we saw the house for the first time. Now the interior is finished and I am excited to take you on a tour of our newly renovated single wide mobile home. It is humbling to look back on this experience and feel all the emotions we have felt along the way. So much has changed in this past year (including my video skills). We are so excited to see what the next ye...!
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Sharing a surprise farmhouse bedroom makeover... from top to bottom including aaall the shiplap in this mobile home renovation for family. This room is full of texture, neutrals, painted taupe doors and trim and lots of greenery. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE Rad DIY + HOME DECOR: Big thank you to the sponsors who helped pull this room makeover off: Metrie, Emerson Fans, Wayfair Canada, and The Hazel Collection Mentioned in this video: T...!
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The wait is over! OUR HOUSE TOUR! We moved into a double wide trailer a little while ago and redid the WHOLE thing! Take a look at our newly remodeled home! A lot of blood, sweat, tears and hours went into this place to make it feel like home. We love our place and cant wait to make a million more memories here. Enjoy. & Thanks so much for watching! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Follow me on all my socials! Instag...!
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Our Vision At Living Hope Renovations: We renovate mobile homes to give low income families an affordable and BEAUTIFUL home! Subscribe to our mobile home flipping channel! LIVING HOPE RENOVATIONS INSTAGRAM FILMING EQUIPMENT Canon Rebel T5i My Lens My Lighting My Mic Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro Disclaimer: ...!
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Hey everyone welcome to my channel today Im showing you a tour if my moms mobile home she has decorated her home so cute and I couldnt wait to show you because its totally different than many of the styles I see on youtube she isnt into all the white and grey farmhouse decor so I thought that some of you would enjoy looking at something a little different 💕 so I hope yall enjoy . ❤ Thank you for watching and supporting my channel I really appreciate it !💕 VIDEOS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED ...!
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Hi everyone! Today I am showing you my kitchen and livingroom. We currently live in an 800 sq foot singlewide mobile home, so space is tight and we have to get creative with decor, but we love our space! I hope you enjoy!...!
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mobile home ideas and design decorating mobile homes decorating ideas for mobile homes mobile home decorating ideas single wide mobile home interior decorating ideas double wide mobile home decorating ideas mobile home ideas decorating decorating ideas for mobile home living rooms mobile home interior decorating mobile home decorations mobile home living room decorating ideas mobile home bedroom decorating ideas mobile home decoration...!
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Hello and welcome to my channel im so excited you came today to watch me transform this bathroom on a very tight budget ! Lindseys channel ( Domer home) I spent just under $50 ( INCLUDING PAINT) and the ultimate goal filming this video was to show you that you dont have to spend a lot of money to have or create a beautiful space. ITEMS: Paint: Pre mixed white Color place ultra paint and primer satin finish $19.98 Roller and brush: Do...!
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Hey all! I really hope you like this type of video and if so, let me know down below! Sorry there was no voice over in this letting you know where things were from. Having computer issues, but feel free to ask about anything and Ill get back to you! Thanks for watching! xo _____________________________________________ Watch these videos! Mobile Home Tour: Entryway Makeover: Follow me: Instagram!
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In this episode we take a look at the interior of our recently completed double-wide mobile home renovation. If you missed the tour of the exterior, go back and check that video out (E001). Link to E001 - Upscale Mobile Home Renovation - A Look At The Exterior: Thanks for watching. BC Renovation Magazine...!
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Renovation of 1978 mobile home, flip to rent for residual income. If you would like additional information on this project and others we have please visit our Husband and Wife DIY blog....!
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Just over one year of remodeling .Must say a lot has been accomplished !...!
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Hey everyone so my husband and I went to a mobile home store to figure out what we needed to do in order to purchase a new mobile home including the property we are on . AFTER a long talk and weighing pros and cons we came up with a great idea and im so excited to share it with yall when the time is right . I hope You enjoy todays video . Thank you for watching and supporting my channel I really appreciate it !💕 VIDEOS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED 👍 latest video : Living on one income! https://...!
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Hey Yall, welcome back! I hope you enjoy this tour of our new mobile home. We moved in a few months ago, and we love it! Our home is a 2019 Clayton Home single wide. The model is the Revolution 76A. We did order this home new from the factory, to customize all the colors, walls, etc. If you have specific home questions leave them below; I plan to do a home Q & A. I really hope you guys join me on my new YT journey of home and lifestyle videos! Let me know in the comments what videos youd like...!
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Welcome back to my channel in todays video im painting my living room. This room needed some fresh paint to help brighten it up a little bit and I needed to get rid of that flat paint asap especially with having 2 kiddos that happen to touch walls wayyyyy to much lol This is such a easy / cheap way to update any home and it makes a huge difference with some bright paint colors . I have so many ideas I want to do to my mobile home and Im taking you along with me I hope you enjoy! Please dont fo...!
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This is my Brand Spanking New Mobile Home that i recently just bought in 2015 of July 31st. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: Lets Talk Church- Evangelism -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...!
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Its HappyWorld again AnimalsWorld : Thanks for watching our videos and dont forget to subscribe :) 14-Year-Old Bought This Old Camper For $500 And Transformed It With Her Own Two Hands Check out this 14-year-olds incredible camper transformation Most teenagers spend their summer vacations playing at a camp, jumping into lakes, or getting into mischief with their friends. Really, who can blame them when they don’t have any real res...!
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You must know this info before you renovate your mobile home. Mobile homes are built a little different than a stick built house and knowing the structure can save you from making big mistakes. How much weight can you add to a mobile home? (Made in appreciation of our friend Kent who knows a lot more about mobile homes than we do and has helped us tremendously along the way. I hope everything I said was correct and it helps others who want to fix up their own mobile homes.) Send a Gift 🡲 h...!
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Hey everyone I hope you enjoy todays video it was a flash back to 2014-2017 😊. Thank you for watching ! TO ALL MY NEW SUBSCRIBERS: Hello my name is Karrie im married to he man of my dreams and im a sahm to two beautiful kids .I make all different types of videos and I always keep it on the budget friendly side :) I hope you subscribe and If you do please come say hello to me in the comments :) thank you for watching and ill see you in my next video ! music : PO Box 4...!
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Not your typical single wide mobile home! Flawless design and setup | Mobile Home Tour Hey everyone, we cant wait to show you this flawless single wide mobile home! Be sure to subscribe and like this video if you enjoy please! This single wide has it all! This is a 16x80 mobile home. The manufacturer for this home is Champion Homes, the model name for this home is the meridian. This mobile home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This home is complete drywall with a beautiful kitchen island. I ho...!
Channel Title : Rocky Hedge Farm Views : 26747 DisLikes : 30 Published Date :2020-01-24T23:35:24Z
The beginning process of our farmhouse style, double wide kitchen remodel. The plan for how we are rearranging the kitchen layout and replacing our kitchen cabinets. I am very excited to be writing about the remodeling process of kitchen. I will be sharing the process of the remodel throughout several posts as well as on my YouTube channel. Today, I am sharing the before photos of our kitchen and the current view. We have been in the process of remodeling our 2002 Clayton double wide mobile...!
Channel Title : Home Design Ideas Views : 6954 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2016-01-05T12:52:45Z
Channel Title : David Pikett Views : 23981 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2019-11-05T21:52:18Z
Mobile Home Before And After Pictures(double-wide manufactured).Bought double wide mobile home repossessed by a bank. Bought for under $50,000. Mobile homes are not always the most profitable. These before and after pictures will show the remodeling. Smokers lived here and smoked indoors for 20 years. Everything was yellow, greasy, and dirty. Must have not ever cleaned either. Mobile homes are tricky. The foundation has to be good. I working under the house many months to fix the plumbing and ma...!
Channel Title : Chances Mobile Home World Views : 185710 DisLikes : 232 Published Date :2019-12-02T00:45:02Z
Amazing how far single wide mobile homes have come! Mobile Home Tour that shows all. Hey Everyone, Mobile Home Masters here, back with another single wide mobile home tour video. Be sure to subscribe and like this video please! It is amazing to me how far single wide mobile homes have come! This is a 16x80 mobile home. The manufacturer for this home is Winston Homebuilders, the model name for this home is the Arley. This mobile home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. This home is complete drywal...!
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Our Vision At Living Hope Renovations: We renovate mobile homes to give low income families an affordable and BEAUTIFUL home! Subscribe to our mobile home flipping channel! LIVING HOPE RENOVATIONS INSTAGRAM FILMING EQUIPMENT Canon Rebel T5i My Lens My Lighting My Mic Editor: Adobe Premiere Pro Disclaimer: This video was n...!
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These 25 great mobile home room ideas will give you plenty of ideas for your own home decor or remodel! A style for every taste. Older mobile homes often come with paneled interior walls that are somewhat dark. Paint the strips of molding between each panel of wallboard. Mobile homes have several features that can make home decorating feel like a challenge. Learn to overcome some of these features to help turn your mobile home. You have just purchased your home, and it happens to be a mobile hom...!
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It was a hassle completing a beautiful decor with only 5,000!!! I struggled to the point I had to go back and work a shift in order to complete this rich look at a cheap price design....!
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Hi friends! In today’s video, I will share the updates we did to our 1989 singlewide mobile home from the livingroom all the way to the bedrooms! In this series, I will also share the exterior renovation and our master bedroom and bathroom addition. I hope you enjoy!! BudgetFam (Karrie) Channel: Livingroom Tour: Bathroom Tour: Instagra...!
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Todays video im going to be painting my living room. The brown walls had a ton of scrache and holes. this just opens up the living room and makes it really bright. Hope you enjoy stil need decor. used 2 cans of paint from walmart Instagram katies_simplelife...!

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