D I Y Beaded Bracelets

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Hi everyone!! OPEN THIS TO SEE MORE :) I am so excited to share my DIY on these super cute VSCO bracelets with ya today!! Thanks for watching!! Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! Be sure to click the notification bell so you don’t miss any updates. LUV YA! WHAT I’M WEARING: Dress: She-In ♡ HOW TO GET A SHOUTOUT ♡ 1. Post Notification Shoutouts Have post notifications turned on and comment under my video #notificationsquad to get a shoutout in the beginning of my video 2....!
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In this weeks episode of Crafty Friday, I show you how to make a beaded charm bracelet. Learn how to work with bead stringing wire, crimp beads, a crimper tool, & clasps. You can use pearls & charms to make them even more elegant. They are stackable bracelets, but you can also wear them alone. Check back next Crafty Friday for a new how to video from SoCraftastic. Oh, and dont forget to subscribe! Please & thanks. :) Crafty Friday Playlist : http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjDw9StP1RXqYDA...!
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This diy beaded bracelets are the very easy jewelry making for everyone. The beading pattern can be done in less than 15 minutes . Its fun and you can combine many colors to get beautiful flower bracelets in no time. This is the perfect gift for your mom, grandmother, daughter , niece or friend. Give it a try and bring spring to your soul ! Happy beading girls!...!
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Learn how to make this cute and simple daisy chain bracelet, using seed beads! Perfect for beginners! Youll also learn how to professionally finish off your bracelets. Dont forget to upload a photo of your creations to Instagram with #TheCornerofCraft so I can see your work! Relevant social media links: Twitter: http://twitter.com/cornerofcraft Facebook: http://facebook.com/thecornerofcraft Instagram: http://instagram.com/thecornerofcraft Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/cornerofcraft Blog: htt...!
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In this video we will show you how to make a beaded elastic bracelet. Our first tutorial will show you how to finish you elastic bracelet using a overhand knot and how to hide the knot in your beaded bracelet. The second tutorial shows how to finish a beaded elastic bracelet using a crimp bead and crimp cover. All About Beads...!
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Learn how to make this simple beaded bracelet 2 ways -- adjustable or with a button closure. +INSTAGRAM | http://www.instagram.com/itsjoules +TWITTER | http://www.twitter.com/itsjoules2 +PINTEREST | http://www.pinterest.com/itsjoules +BLOG| http://www.asimplelifestyle.com/ +COOKING CHANNEL| http://www.youtube.com/simpledishes MATERIALS: beads, waxed cotton cord, tape, ruler, scissors, clear nail polish, buttons ***All materials can be found at Michaels. SQUARE KNOT VIDEO: http://youtu.be/zu4...!
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https://beadaholique.com/products/opelon-stretch-bead-cord-0-7mm-82-feet-1-spool-white - In this video you will see how to reinforce your stretch bracelets with strategically placed knots and glue to extend their life and wear. Designer: Kat Silvia You can find the supplies in this video at Beadaholique.com: Opelon Stretch Bead Cord, 0.7mm 82 Feet, 1 Spool, White SKU: XCR-2227 https://beadaholique.com/products/opelon-stretch-bead-cord-0-7mm-82-feet-1-spool-white EuroWood Natural Wood Beads, ...!
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Всем привет! Сегодня у меня вот такой красивый узор для плетения браслета. Буду рада лайкам и подпискам. Не забудьте нажать на колокольчик, чтобы не пропустить новые видео. Желаю успехов в творческих делах! Здесь купила эти биконусы: Ссылка на магазин Золотые ручки: http://goldhand...!
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Hi there! Todays video is a bit different, but if youve followed my channel for a while, you know that I used to do lots of tutorials and DIYs, which I miss a lot. So here is a DIY bead bracelet. I made a free printable with some pattern suggestions that you can find here: https://www.amandarwright.com/blog/diy-beaded-bracelet I also just finished Inktober last month, and have all the original artwork for sale on my webshop: https://www.amandarwright.com/shop/ You can also find me here: Insta...!
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Heres a classic and fun bracelet using beads, leather cord, and silk beading thread. Open description for more info ⬇️ Full tutorial: https://www.instructables.com/id/Beaded-Wrap-Bracelet/ my free Jewelry Class: https://www.instructables.com/class/Jewelry-Class/ beads: https://amzn.to/2HfyZFH leather cord: https://amzn.to/2xqdGuS beading cord: https://amzn.to/2YusLHZ beading needle: http://amzn.to/2t8srPQ Becky Stern is a maker living in NYC. Making and sharing are her two biggest passion...!
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↓read me↓ watch in 1080p :) thank you so much for clicking on this video! in this video, i will be showing you guys step by step on how to make these very easy VSCO inspired beaded bracelets. hope you enjoy!ツ if you make any of my diys, please post on instagram and use #gabrielledawndiy - i will repost it! __________________________________________________________________ ☆ about my channel ☆ i upload diy + lifestyle videos every single sunday. ☆ other videos you might like ☆ ...!
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DIY 14K AND DIAMOND BEADED BRACELET, 14k Solid Yellow Gold and Diamond Beaded Bracelet are handcrafted with the Highest-Quality Heavy Weight Gold Beads and 14k Diamond Accent Round or Rondelle (diamond points vary depending on selection) on a durable elastic cord making them easy to slide on and off. These classic bracelets are destined to be a wardrobe staple. These are beautiful, elegant, and modern pieces. They are great for stacking or wearing alone....!
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Show how to make beaded bracelet in two styles with bicone crystal beads and gold seed beads 展示如何制作这两款水晶串珠手链,使用的是菱形水晶和金色米珠。 My course on Beads Jewelry Making For Beginners: https://skl.sh/2zslwJH My Instagram: greta_is_me Materials used: 产品信息: FireLine Beading thread串珠线: http://amzn.to/2DwCB0T Beading needles串珠针: http://amzn.to/2Bkh52F Gold plated magnetic clasp 镀金磁铁扣 https://amzn.to/2zgiacj S...!
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Thank you for watching and for supporting my channel! I could have never imagined more than 5,000 people making bracelets with me 💗 I really hope you guys find the tutorial helpful! If there are any jewelry projects you would like to see next, please comment down below! Hope you all are staying healthy and safe during this time 💗💗💗 ------------------------ SEND MAIL TO ------------------------ Knack for Knots PO Box 52567 Coquitlam Centre PO Coquitlam, BC V3B7J4 Canada Blog pos...!
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#beadsart #beadsbracelet #diy Beads bracelet is great accessory in trend. Bracelet can be made with precious stones, spiritual stones, plastic beads, glass beads. Many technique to make bracelet with wire, elastic and eye pin and threads etc. Charms are added to add elegance to bracelet. I made simple glass Stone wire bracelet with crimping beads. Hope you liked this bracelet tutorial,if so hit like button and share your comments. For more interesting videos please SUBSCRIBE TO CURLY CLOUD...!
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Simplicity bracelet DIY. Quick and easy to make beaded jewelry MATERIALS: - seed beads 11/0 - pearls 3mm - bicone beads 4mm (2 colors) - toggle clasp - beading needle #11 - beading thread Materials information: https://bit.ly/simplicity-bracelet ---------------------------------- Hello! Welcome to my channel ❤️ On this channel you can find understandable tutorials on making beautiful beaded bracelets, pendant, necklaces, earrings, rings and much more ! Every Tutorial on my channel is m...!
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Hey y’all, surprise surprise I posted twice in one day lol ! Hope this video was detailed enough for you all to understand how to make these bracelets! Ⓢ Ⓞ Ⓒ Ⓘ Ⓐ Ⓛ Ⓜ︎ Ⓔ Ⓓ Ⓘ Ⓐ ✰ IG: Symone0421 ✰ Lipgloss IG: GlossBrattCosmetics ✰ Website: https://www.glossbrattcosmetics.com FAQ Age: 18 Filming Equipment: IPhone 11 & IPhone 7plus Editing Software: IMovie **none of the music belongs to me all music Credit to the creator Thanks for watching ;))) ✨email spr...!
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Автор - Натали Амапола Еще не подписаны? ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN_8yFM4W9j31phzb97dB7w?sub_confirmation=1 МОЙ ИНСТАГРАМ: МАТЕРИАЛЫ ДЛЯ ДАННОГО БРАСЛЕТА Я ИСПОЛЬЗОВАЛА СЛЕДУЮЩИЕ: ЗОЛОТОЙ №17050 https://melodiabisera.ru/biser-cheshskiy-preciosa-kruglyy-100-17050-zolotistyy-serebryanaya-liniya-vnutri-2-sort-50g/?promo_id=565156 https://melodiabisera.ru/bi...!
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˗ˋˏ materials ˎˊ˗ …✩……✩……✩……✩ ……✩ (18cm) φ0.23mm*140cm nylon monofilament fishing line 111 seed beads 8/0 41 seed beads 11/0 8 round beads 6mm(SWAROVSKI#5000) 1 round bead 8mm 27 bicone beads 4mm(SWAROVSKI) Its OK to make a double knot in an unnoticeable place, at the end. (全長約18cm) テグス2号×約140cm 丸大ビーズ…111 丸小ビーズ…41 6mmラウンドビーズ(動画ではスワロフスキー#5000)…8 8mmラウンドビーズ …1 4mm...!
Channel Title : CbyS Paracord and More Views : 280570 DisLikes : 172 Published Date :2017-06-28T15:34:02Z
We present you a basic version of Shamballa Bracelet. Nano cord is used! Enjoy! #cbysparacord How To Make A Shamballa Style Bracelet-Nano Cord-CbyS Paracord and More @https://youtu.be/_FR7j7oHshw ✿Creationsbys on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/cbysparacordandmore/ ✿Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/cbysparacordandmore/ ✿Pinterest-https://www.pinterest.com/creations_bys/ Ambiment - The Ambient by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creati...!
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Knotted Bead Bracelets Cord Knotting Tutorial: DIY Knotted Bracelet In this video, Ill show you how to make beaded bracelets with knots in between the beads. Youll learn step-by-step how to create a knotted bead bracelet, including a sliding knot that will make your bracelet an adjustable size! Youll also see some of my best cord knotting tips and tricks, including how to get the knots to land right where you want them, and how to prevent the ends of your cord from fraying. Visit http://je...!
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If you are a beginner beader this beaded bracelet pattern is for you. If you like this beaded bracelet tutorial dont forget to subscribe so that you can get notified of my upcoming designs. Happy beading my friends and dont forget to share and subscribe to my channel, thanks....!
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comment what youd put on your bracelet for a shoutout! Supplies I used: Thread: https://amzn.to/2MHzfSO Letter beads: https://amzn.to/2EVW3rv Hey guys! In todays video I will be showing you three super easy ways to make friendship bracelets! These bracelets can be made with or without beads, and they all took less than 30 minutes to make. Ive been seeing friendship bracelets everywhere lately, but truthfully I dont have the time or patience to make some of the more complicated ones. I real...!
Channel Title : Bead Spider Views : 19350 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2019-08-10T01:30:28Z
This tutorial video from Bead Spider demonstrates how to make a peyote stitch bugle bead and seed bead bracelet. This same design is easy to turn into a DIY wrap bracelet by making your bracelet twice the length! You will learn peyote stitch with bugle beads in no time! Products to make Single Bracelet is here: https://bit.ly/2ZP4EVo Seed beads are here: https://bit.ly/32UIh2I Bugle Beads are here: https://bit.ly/2KFPJWW Mono- filament thread is here https://bit.ly/2MQ6Zvr See other Bead Spide...!
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In this video tutorial from PotomacBeads, Allie teaches you how to make a simple beaded slip knot bracelet. Click here for complete bead & jewelry-making supply lists: USA➡️ https://www.potomacbeads.com/Simple-Beaded-Slip-Knot-Bracelet-Tutorial-s/5703.htm EU➡️ https://potomacbeads.eu/collections/project-class-2000-simple-beaded-slip-knot-bracelet Enjoy using this jewelry-making bead tutorial video to help you become a more creative and happier beader!...!
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How To Make Bracelets At Home Handmade Jewellery Ideas macrame bracelets tutorial Beaded Bracelet friendship bracelets how to jewelry making at home DIY Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ranjana_3489/ #diy #bracelets #handmadejewellery #macrame #macramebracelet #friendshipbracelet #threadjewellery #handmadejewellery #handmadecraft #jewellerymaking #jewellerymakingathome #handmadecraft...!
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A no glue, professional and easy technique to make a beaded elastic bracelet. Using fine beading elastic doubled for strength, to easily make the perfect elastic bracelet. No glue necessary. See other Bead Spider jewellery tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/BeadSpiderCoUk Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/BeadSpiderCoUk?sub_confirmation=1 Our website: https://www.beadspider.co.uk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beadspider/ #jewelrymaking #diyjewelry #elasticbracelet #bead...!
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❤ ❤ ❤ Спасибо за подписку!!! =* ❤ ❤ ❤ Блог: http://anchik.net Инстаграм: http://instagram.com/miss_anchik Группа вКонтакте: http://vk.com/clubbeads Паблик вКонтакте: http://vk.com/anchik_studio Твиттер: https://twitter.com/miss_Anchik Пинтерест: http://www.pinterest.com/anchikm Фейсбук: https://www.facebook.com/AnchikStudio Композиция 12 Mornings принадлежит исполнителю...!
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DIY Easy 10 Beaded Macrame Bracelets for Beginners: 1) 00:10 - Beaded Party Bracelet 2) 03:05 - Alternating Shamballa 3) 05:23 - Simple Wave Bracelet 4) 06:23 - Beaded Wrap Bracelet 5) 08:45 - Beaded Sunny Bracelet 6) 12:07 - Cool Wave Bracelet 7) 16:15 - Triple Shamballa 8) 17:21 - Daisy Flower Bracelet 9) 19:32 - Beaded Bracelet Easy 10) 20:01 - Drinking Straw Bracelet ◆ You can also watch Full Bracelet Tutorials in playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvEwzzlTrsR9eKXYFJuDXRBf2...!
Channel Title : Huong Handmade Views : 139263 DisLikes : 57 Published Date :2020-04-14T19:15:02Z
Tubular netted bracelet with only seed beads DIY. How to make beaded bracelet MATERIALS: - seed beads 11/0 (2 colors) - lobster clasp - chain tab - jump rings - beading needle #11 - beading thread Materials information: https://bit.ly/tubular-netted-bracelet ---------------------------------- Hello! Welcome to my channel ❤️ On this channel you can find understandable tutorials on making beautiful beaded bracelets, pendant, necklaces, earrings, rings and much more ! Every Tutorial on my...!
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↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ☟ TOUTES LES INFOS : MATERIEL, LIENS ...☟↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ B L O G : http://www.byisnata.com Dans ce tuto je texplique comment créer des bracelet en perles miyuki ou perles de rocailles que tu pourras mettre et retirer à ta convenance... bref cest parfait pour la plage ! Alors ... prêt pour ce arm candy ? ↓ Liste du Matériel sur mon blog↓ Lien : http://www.byisnata.com/2016/08/diy-bracelets-en-perles-miyuki.html Tuto fermoir macramé : https://youtu.be/AomqX6uC11E...!
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Making a stretch bracelet is creative, fast and fun. This demo takes you through simple steps to create and accessorize with stretch cord bracelets. SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/SubscribeMichaelsStores About Michaels: Want to create something unique, get DIY tips, or add some sparkle to your life? Michaels® is here to inspire you! Take your creativity to the next level with new ideas and step-by-step techniques using on-trend materials, tools and technology for experienced makers and beginners t...!
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Website https://www.eosdesignsstudio.com/?fbclid=IwAR1twCSSu2DbPLQ4xOUiVAo1L51sssYeh1Y_gLQs9eL1BBd4yvHf8cI-fE8 Materials G-S Hypo Cement Glue: https://www.eosdesignsstudio.com/collections/tools/products/g-s-hypo-cement Bead Stopper: https://www.eosdesignsstudio.com/collections/tools/products/bead-stopper-4-4-combo Opelon Cord: https://www.eosdesignsstudio.com/collections/elastic-cord/products/opelon-beading-cord Wire: https://www.eosdesignsstudio.com/collections/coppor-core-wire Howlite Be...!
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Для заказа украшений WhatsApp +380509741313 (ТОЛЬКО СООБЩЕНИЯ!!!) Автор - Натали Амапола Еще не подписаны? ПОДПИСЫВАЙТЕСЬ! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN_8yFM4W9j31phzb97dB7w?sub_confirmation=1 МОЙ ИНСТАГРАМ: https://www.instagram.com/natali_amapola https://www.instagram.com/amapola_natali ГРУППА ВКОНТАКТЕ:https://vk.com/nataliamapola ПОДДЕРЖИТЕ КАНАЛ: ♡ Матер...!
Channel Title : Knack for Knots Views : 103265 DisLikes : 47 Published Date :2016-05-05T23:35:37Z
How to make 3 different waterproof wax string friendship bracelets! I hope you guys like the tutorial! ***Quick reference to each of the 3 styles I show*** (1) Braided 0:22 (2) Connector Charm 8:24 (3) Platinum Beaded 12:32 ! Check below for where to purchase the waxed polyester cord ! ------------------------ YOU CAN SEND ME MAIL :) ------------------------ Knack for Knots PO Box 52567 Coquitlam Centre PO Coquitlam, BC V3B7J4 Canada **Where to Purchase Waxed Polyester Cord** **** Assorte...!
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Hi friends....Welcome to my channel . If you like my Video Remember to Subscribe,Like & Share If you would like to donate some money for my free Tutorials ..... My PayPal account link is below https://www.paypal.me/sonysreecreations Dont forget to Subscribe, like & comment for more videos ❣️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2t5n3zdgHMVtYq3FC_wtA Connect with me on :- Instagram ❣️ https://www.instagram.com/sonysree_creations/ Facebook ❣️ https://www.facebook.com/SreeCreatio...!
Channel Title : beading tutorials Views : 117120 DisLikes : 65 Published Date :2017-11-02T10:52:48Z
Learn how to bead by follow this beading tutorial , very instructional tutorial for on jewelry making .Grab some beading supplies and your favorite beads and diy bracelets for Christmas gift . The beaded pattern is very easy . Create jewelry by following all my beading videos ....!
Channel Title : The Corner of Craft Views : 64598 DisLikes : 39 Published Date :2016-05-29T15:02:48Z
In todays tutorial, learn how to make these cute and stackable seed bead bracelets!Use any colour scheme and theme that you like, I just chose to go for a whimsical tea party with my colours and charms. These are so ideal for beginners as theyre super easy to make and a great path into jewellery making :D If you enjoy my channel and you would like to support me and my content, check out my Patreon page for access to behind the scenes and exclusive content: http://patreon.com/thecornerofcraft D...!
Channel Title : Crafty Owl Cafe Views : 139371 DisLikes : 97 Published Date :2015-01-11T12:19:20Z
I mostly use a 0.8mm elastic thread for my bracelets unless the beads are heavy and/or have a large hole (in which case I use a 1mm thread). Note that freshwater pearls usually have a hole size of about 0,6mm so youll need a thinner cord if you have these beads in your project. Find more tutorials and diy craft inspiration at: http://www.craftyowlcafe.com/...!
Channel Title : Şenay Tasarım Views : 5562 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-06-18T15:57:11Z
Herkese merhaba. Kübik Raw tekniği ile yapılan zarif ve şık bir bileklik modeli👌 aynı tekniği kullanarak farklı boyutta boncuklarla daha kalın ya da daha ince bileklikler tasarlayabilirsiniz👍 ben 10 numara kum ve 2mm kristal ile yaptım. Yan boşlukları 11 no kum ile tamamlayarak farklı ve bütün bir görüntü oluşturmak istedim. Dilerseniz tamamını 11no kum ile yapabilirsiniz 👍4mm kristal ile yapacaksanız 8 no kum kullanmanızı tavsiye ederim ❤🎀 umarım yapmak i...!
Channel Title : Sonysree Creations Views : 311026 DisLikes : 151 Published Date :2018-10-31T15:54:09Z
Hi friends....Welcome to my channel . If you like my Video Remember to Subscribe,Like & Share If you would like to donate some money for my free Tutorials ..... My PayPal account link is below https://www.paypal.me/sonysreecreations Dont forget to Subscribe, like & comment for more videos ❣️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2t5n3zdgHMVtYq3FC_wtA Connect with me on :- Instagram ❣️ https://www.instagram.com/sonysree_creations/ Facebook ❣️ https://www.facebook.com/SreeCreatio...!
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how to make bracelets with beads handmade jewelry ideas thread bracelet diy jewelry diy bracelet with beads Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ranjana_3489/ #diy #bracelet #macrame #macramebracelet #threadjewellery #handmadejewellery #handmadecraft #jewellerymaking #jewellerymakingathome #handmadecraft...!
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If you like this bracelet dont forget to subscribe so that you can get notified of my upcoming designs. Please like and share, thanks....!
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These delicate bracelets look lovely stacked, or worn alone, and since theyre so easy to make, youll want to make dozens for all your friends! I included some packaging ideas in this tutorial so you can wrap up a few to surprise a friend or two! {Open for links} My blog: http://stellaireblog.blogspot.com Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/stellaireblog/ Tumblr: http://lesetoilesscintillantes.tumblr... Instagram: http://instagram.com/stellairestellar Music: Fleet Foxes Blueridge Mountains (Fla...!
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DIY floral bracelets and wear them all the time even in the winter you will feel in the summer time. The pattern is so easy and you can choose your preferred color of beads. If you liked my tutorial don t forget to subscribe....!

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