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Hi Friends! I have struggled so hard to find jeans for years. I never felt they looked good on me, it wasnt just a struggle physically but emotionally. I am so happy to say that I have had a total shift! I realized I am a curvy petite girl and there are jeans that are made to highlight my curves in the right way. If you are like me, dont be discouraged! I hope these jeans make all your denim dreams come true! xo AE NE(X)T LEVEL CURVY HIGHEST WAIST JEGGING Cobalt Jewel: ...!
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Instagram: @naomiboyer Super excited to be collaborating with Niki Sky!!! To Watch Nikis video on the 10 Things Tall Girls Should Avoid, click here: SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE! #FashionMistakes #LookTaller #LookThinner HOW TO ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY: 1. Subscribe to Naomi and Niki 2. Follow us on Instagram @naomiboyer @nikiskyyy 3. Leave a comment on this video ...!
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It’s been a hot minute since I shared some petite fashion inspo, so here it is! Following up on my last styling tips video, today I’m sharing some new advice that I’ve come across over the past year. I’m sharing which stores I love shopping at as a petite, what types of clothing are most flattering on petites and even a few outfit ideas! #petitestyletips #petitefashionadvice ♡ like & subscribe: ♡ personal instagram:!
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Hey loves! Here is another ASOS PETITE try on haul!! This one is a little different because I usually only show you the things I plan to keep, but this time I am showing you some of the items that did not suit me so that if you have a similar body type, you know what to look out for! I try to be prescriptive as to why I think something is flattering or not, so I hope you enjoy that! As you know, I am a petite person! So if you are petite and curvy like me, check out the sizing I listed below ...!
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Hey loves! In this video I am showing you a week in outfits! These are work outfits that I wear often. My office is pretty relaxed so my version of business casual outfits may be a little too laid back for some, however I did try to mix it up so that you can find some fall outfit ideas for work regardless of the culture at your office! Lastly, I want to mention that my outfits are petite and curvy friendly but also work for many other figures :) Outfit 1: ASOS last year Outfit 2: Top: ASOS l...!
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Hi Guys! Today Im sharing an Express Summer try-on for you. I have some flowy Summer dresses, some basics as well as a jumpsuit and some super fun overalls! ↓ ↓ SHOP ITEMS BELOW ↓ ↓ EXPRESS 4th of JULY EVENT § Promo: Up to 50% off ALL Non-Clearance + 60% off Clearance § Dates: Tue, 6/30 thru Sun, 7/5 § Channels: online and in stores -------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­------------------- 💲EBATES 💲 How I make money shopping on...!
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HEY LOVES! Here is the ultimate scoop when it comes to my go-to denim / jean selection! As you will see in the video, I find THE BEST jeans for petite and curvy women at TOPSHOP! (and no this vid is not sponsored, I WISH HAHA) Anyway, for a long time I struggled so much to find jeans that I found perfect for petite women like me! When I was younger I used to walk around with ridiculously long pants on and one time I even stapled my jeans... (yes, with like a stapler ahha) Anyway, finally one ...!
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Im super excited about this weeks Summer Trend Guide video because I have a special guest! My fabulous plus size blogger friend Kristina Zias is joining me to show 6 ways to wear a maxi dress for summer. Whether youre petite, tall, curvy or plus size, this is a fashion trend that works for everyone! After youre done watching, head over to Kristinas channel to see how to wear a romper 6 ways for petite and curvy girls: Give me a thumbs up if you like this video an...!
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Petite & Curvy / H&M Haul Summer 2020. In this video, I will show you fabulous summer looks for the petite and curvy body type. I love the H&M collection at the moment and I hope you will get some inspiration from this haul! #petitestyletips #curvystyle #shortgirlfashion #hnm #curvyblogger #petiteandcurvy Here are the links to the items I wore in the video: Tops: 1) White Eyelet/ Broderie Top: 2) Orange Printed balloon sleeve top:!
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Hi cuties! In today’s video I am sharing 10 petite girl styling tips all about how to dress for a petite body type and how to use these tips to look taller. 💛These tips are all based on my own personal experience, things that I like to do to style my petite frame, elongate the appearance of my lil legs, and look taller. Items shared: - ‘Trouble’ Grey Embroidered Tee: - Champagne All Day Tank (Sold our- Similar Option): - Red Whi...!
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How To Wear Full White Outfits For Short and Curvy Women. Click SHOW MORE for links and sizes to the items shown in this video. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE FASHION VIDEOS: IG: @thesselyjuliet ► As a reference | Height: 5’0” or 153 cm Weight: 126 lbs or 57 kg ► Body measurements: Bust: 31.5inch or 80cm Waist: 26.4inch or 67cm Hips: 41.3inch or 105cm We all know that black is a slimming color and that white does the opposite. So what are dopy ways for short ...!
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How To Look Taller For Petite Women. These are my style tips for petite women. Since I am 5 foot tall and I have a fairly curvy body shape I started this series to address specific topics that girls like me face every day. If you are confronted with any issues (fashion-related) as a short, curvy, and juicy woman, let me know so I can cover it in this series specially made for us petite girls. I’ll use my platform to bring some awareness to this topic and to little by little challenge the fas...!
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This video is sponsored by Petite Studio NYC. (Use code “studio8610” for 10% off your order) SHOP OUR BRANDS ☛ vntgca | ☛ Hlub Jewelry | ☛ Follow Hlub Jewelry on Instagram | ☛ Like Hlub Jewelry on Facebook | FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM ☛Bao | ☛Sheng | BUSI...!
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White Jeans are easier to style than you think! As a curvy woman, Ive always hesitated to wear white jeans, but not anymore! Showing you how you can wear white jeans that flatter your curves! I teamed up with Sydne to show you that you can wear white jeans no matter your size or shape. On Sydnes channel we are styling denim shorts 6 ways! Check it out! Dont forget to follow along! Website: Instagram: https://instagr...!
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In this weeks Summer Trend Guide my fabulous plus size blogger friend Kristina Zias is back to help me show 6 ways to wear denim shorts for summer. Whether youre petite, tall, curvy or plus size, we have casual and dressy outfit ideas for everyone! After youre done watching, head over to Kristinas channel to see how to wear white jeans 6 ways for petite and curvy girls: Give me a thumbs up if you like this video and make sure to subscribe for more!!
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Are you short and chubby like me ? Have you spent countless hours searching your wardrobe for something that makes you look slimmer and taller ? I am 52 (156 cm) and weigh 57 kg (125 lbs) and I know the struggle. After years of researching and experimentation, now I know my body shape well and can style decently. It is all about body proportions !! In this video, I have shared some tips that you may find useful. You can read a small teaser below on what the video is all about. Tip 1 - Chubb...!
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Thank you for watching! Make sure to join the lazzzy fam : 😀 Contact: [email protected] Follow me on Instagram for more outfit inspo: LikeToKnowIt: Blog - Hey guys! Sharing some bottom pieces that surprisingly look good on pear shape bodies! These are the pieces that I feel people normally have misconceptions on and that only tall and skinny people could...!
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Hello hello! Sharing with you all today the bottom wear must haves every girl should own! Me and Mahi are also showing you how we style them and how every style can rock this! Check out Mahis Video: HOW TO STYLE TEDDY COAT | STYLES FOR EVERY SIZE Check out Mahis Channel: Check out Mahis Instagram: Outfit 1: Ridhi: Trousers - Myntra, Top - H&M, Faux Fur Coat: Shein Mahi: Top and Trousers - She...!
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You have all requested that I style different body today Im sharing how I styled Anna, a music teacher in Telluride. She is wearing Size 14 in all the pieces. HUGE thank you to JCPenney for sponsoring this video. All opinions are my own. Thank you so much for watching. Your support means the world to me! ~Erin xo ===== SUBSCRIBE TO NEWSLETTER ===== Get TWO FREE Wardrobe Basics Checklists, Weekly newsletter and FREE lookbook full of style and beauty tips! ...!
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Hey loves! Thanks for clicking on my video! I wanted to show you what I typically wear in a work week! I work in a VERY relaxed space as you will notice! However, I do love to mix up my looks for work! Here is what I wore Monday to Friday of this week to work! My office wear! Work outfits! Keep in mind that I am a petite person! So if you are petite and curvy like me, yay, styles might suit is similarly! I am so so so happy and excited about this video and I hope you enjoy. I am open to your ...!
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It’s the age old question- how do I dress my petite body in clothes that won’t make me look like a hobbit? Are there styles and looks that can accentuate a petite person? The answer is an enthusiastic yes!!! Take heart ❤️ because there is a style for you! In this video I go over some of the styling tricks to show off a petite body and help you look your best. Good things come in small packages, and I’ve got some tips to make that small package look like a very good thing! ..... D...!
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Today I’m talking about petite plus fashion tips to look slimmer and taller. If you’re short, you can have a tough time figuring out what to wear to make you look your best. I’m sharing my petite plus size fashion tips that I’ve used to help me look slimmer and taller. I hope you enjoy, and as always thanks so much for watching! If you’d like to hang out, subscribe so you won’t miss our next chat! 💖 Binge watch my last 3 videos! Classic Wardrobe Essentials | What You Need and...!
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Hi friends! I hope you enjoy my latest fall try on haul! I am a curvy petite girl who definitely has a hard time finding clothes. My pants are in a size 6 short and my shirts are mostly small or medium. Majority of these pieces are new and should still be in stores. Let me know if you have any questions about each piece! Thanks for watching :) xo...!
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Hey babes! In todays video Im sharing 15 tips on how to style a petite body type, how to balance an outfit to look flattering, what things look good, not so good, and why; what types of things to shop for, tips for a petite busty frame, and how to find the best fit and style for you. :) Thank you so much to Petite Studio NYC for sponsoring todays video, links to everything is below!! ♡ ★ Check out Petite Studio NYC: ★ ☆ daisy midi dress: ...!
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Today I have a Walmart Summer TRY-ON for you featuring some gorgeous bikinis, swimsuits, skirts, Blouses, dresses and culottes perfect for this warmer weather! ↓ ↓ SHOP Walmart ITEMS BELOW ↓ ↓ -------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­------------------- OUTFIT #1: Yellow Blouse $14 (M) White Skirt $34 (M) Sandals $22 O...!
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Subscribe for more videos like this! 3 Style Rules EVERY Short Girl Should Know // I’m 5’1” (155 cm). Not all clothes fit me off the rack, and not all trends are made for my petite frame in mind. Here are my 3 rules I live by when picking out an outfit. // Socials // INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.c...!
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Hey guys! Jess here. Welcome & welcome back to my YouTube channel. Todays video is all about OUTFIT IDEAS FOR PETITE & CURVY GIRLS like me. I am sharing with you guys 7 Outfit Ideas to flaunt your sexy & curvy figure. Please dont forget to SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE BELL to be notified with my every upload. If you recreated any of my outfits, please comment it down. I would love to see you in your sexy & lovely outfits Instagram: Twitter: https://mobile....!
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Today I share some styling tips and outfits for curvy and petite bodies! Join me and my girl Laura for this episode of Styled by Chriselle ✨ PREVIOUS EPISODES Styled by Chriselle | 5 Work Looks ft. Candice 3 Minimal Looks for Spring Short and Tall Lookbook w/ Jen Fromheadtotoe Style Swap with Jenn Im 4 Ways to Elevate Your Look WHAT IM WEARING 1. Wrapped Up Top - Za...!
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What to wear if you are short? Here is 7 must have summer outfits for petite women! First, I walk you through what looks good on a short girl, and more importantly WHY, so that in the future you know how to choose the right clothing for petites . Then , I walk you through the 7 summer items most flattering for short women, because they make you look taller and make your legs look longer. They will stay in your closet year after year and they are the classic silhouettes that every short girl s...!
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I know it may seem pointless to be buying clothes during this time, especially spring clothes but I couldnt help myself! Thank you so much to PINK BLUSH for collaborating on this video with me. They have so many cute pieces for all occasions, be sure to check it out! I tried to link all the pieces down below. Let me know what you think! xo Black Shirred Long Sleeve Top: Fuchsia Cable Knit Puff Sleeve Sweater: Black Popcorn Knit Pullover Sweater: htt...!
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Karen won me at an auction forn Maggies charity - which provides free practical, emotional and social support to people with cancer and their family and friend - It was a pleasure to dress Karen and I hope she can give some inspiration to all the petite ladies out there....💝💕 Karen is wearing LIP LUXE in Swainy by TrinnyLondon!
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In this video, you will learn how to find well-fitting clothes, where to pay attention to and what outfits will complement your petite nature. As an example, I’ve also curated a capsule wardrobe for the petite body type, just in case you want to see how it works in practice. 15 best petite fashion brands and shops: This method will save you money and make you look your best. - while saving the planet - Make the mos...!
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Download WooPlus now and find the one you’ve been looking for: //WHAT I WORE// Black dress (similar): Pink Duster | discount code: crystalchanel Grey Jeans | discount code: crystalchanel Black Tube Top: Silver Duster| discount code: crystalchanel Midi Pink Skirt: Midi Green Skirt:!
Channel Title : Petite Dressing Views : 17966 DisLikes : 19 Published Date :2020-03-15T15:00:02Z
Midi length is a challenge for petite women to pull off, because midi dresses can potentially make your legs look cut off. If you are short, watch this video to make sure you are doing it the right way. In this video, Ill go over the best tips on how to wear midi dresses f you are short. First, you need to find the best length. Second, the fabrics are important Third, there is several designs that look the best on petite women. I will talk about the specific styles you should be looking for. To...!
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Curvy Girl Outfit Ideas to flatter your figure! These are the best outfits for a curvy body type! Justine Leconte is taking curvy girl fashion to a new level by sharing new style hacks to make these outfits even more flattering for plus size or curvy girls! ❤ OPEN ME! Justines video: Justines channel: Hey babes! I hope these style tips on how to dress a curvy body help you to feel confident and flatter your figure! These curvy ou...!
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If you are busty and struggling with some cute outfits for your holiday shenanigans, Ive got something for ya! I am an Odyssey Creator! These articles will give you LIFE. Articles: Check Out My Patreon page to enhance my content! M...!
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Hello and welcome to my channel! This video should show how easy it is for anyone to put together these outfits as they only require 3 things! I do choose to wear shorts underneath and normally they don’t show but I didn’t want anyone to assume we don’t have modesty here because in fact, we do! 😉 LINKS: Long Sleeve T-Shirt Boots Denim Shirt...!
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How to dress a plus size body is an essential question if you identify with this body type. This video includes outfit ideas for curvy girls, the types of clothing that work well, examples from celebrities and my own thoughts on the definition of a plus size body shape. My Pinterest board for more inspiration: Instagram accounts mentioned: iambeauticurve Gabi Fresh More bloggers who are plus-size: Give this video your two thumbs up… and subscrib...!
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Ever wanted some simple tips so you can figure out how to be stylish? If you are a fashionista who is short and curvy then this video Is Perfect video for you. Time for a new style video What I’m wearing today *ps I wear a size US 8 in all clothes or a Medium ⭐️Jacket - SHEIN - Medium ⭐️ ⭐️Belt - Riverisland - BAG - Michael Kors- ⭐️ALTERNATIVE Bag - ⭐️Layered Necklace - https://shopstyle...!
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Hello Gorgeous. ► Have you seen my latest video? TWITTER| @ladylohrey SNAPCHAT| @ladylohrey FACEBOOK| LittleLadyLohrey INSTAGRAM| @ladylohrey BLOG | ⇢ For business inquiries such as company sponsorship or product reviews [ONLY] please feel free to contact me through email at [email protected] Thanks! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Discount Codes & Affiliate Links/Coupons! 〉〉LUXURY FOR PRINCESS:!
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Hey loves! Here is my second try on haul!!! All of these pieces are perfect for spring and summer! For this go round I have Forever 21, Topshop and ASOS! (Literally my favorite stores) I seriously love every piece. Keep in mind that I am a petite person! So if you are petite and curvy like me, check out the sizing I listed below as each piece varied for me. I am so so so happy and excited about this video and I hope you enjoy. I am open to your thoughts and ideas for improvement so please se...!
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How to Dress if You Are Petite and Curvy. If youre petite and curvy, you may find clothes shopping a bit frustrating. Fortunately, you can use a few tips to find good-fitting and flattering clothes. The best outfits will highlight your curves without making you feel top- or bottom-heavy. You can also use visual tricks to elongate your body, such as wearing vertical stripes. Method 1 Finding a Good Fit. Choose separates over dresses or jumpsuits. Because of your natural curves, you may have ...!
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Every body shape can look flattering if dressed right. Every Plus size body is different but this video will show you some easy follow Dressing and styling tips to look confident if you are a plus size woman. simple tips to Hide Belly fat, look slimmer, hacks to hide your problem areas and bring attention to your strengths are just a few problems solved in this Updated video. Do watch my old video on a similar topic. These tips are will be useful for a lot of women. please share it with your fri...!
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Hey Hey its May, Brought a few items from Boohoo from the Petite category, some of the outfits didnt fit right or look nice on my figure but thats what this video is all about haha I hope you enjoyed my first fashion haul. OH Btw...theres this white top i wore on the video but when i went on the website i was wearing it back to front hahaha FAIL Clothes featured!

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