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Hey there, my name is Krystal Everdeen & I make crochet tutorials on my channel! If you are a crocheter interested in receiving free crochet tutorials, or someone who is interested in learning how to crochet, make sure you click that Subscribe button & that little bell icon so you can be notified every time I post a new tutorial! Welcome to this amazing crochet community! Crochet Top Tutorials: Crochet One-Piece Swimsuit Crochet Skirt Crocheting ...!
Channel Title : Amanda Love Santos Views : 118377 DisLikes : 52 Published Date :2018-03-25T18:00:03Z
This video is a DIY tutorial on how to crochet bikini bottoms for any size. I’ve designed these crochet swimsuit bottoms to fit well even after they get wet (which is rare for crochet bikinis). It has elastic built into it, a cute cheeky fit, and quality pattern to make it last. My first pair has held its shape even after 3 summers of use in chlorine pools and salty oceans. This is my go-to bikini. I wear it all summer ever summer. And whenever I wear it, people always ask me where I got it...!
Channel Title : Naomi Marie Views : 140138 DisLikes : 109 Published Date :2018-08-30T13:57:57Z
Comment below what you guys would like to see next!!!! written pattern: ch 6, block off and chain an additional 3 and insert a dc into the 6th ch you were blocking off make a total of 6 rows just 7 dc (Front of bikini) when you finish up the last row beginning your new row you’re going to increase for 13 rows cut off and fasten your ends (Back of bikini) reattach at the crotch area, and begin increase from there out, i did a total of 21 rows increasing the front and back of the bik...!
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Hello Everyone, in todays video I will be showing you guys how to crochet a really nice and cute red crochet bikini bottom. Hope you guys enjoy!!!!! Dont forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos! :) I also have a gaming channel if you guys are interested, here is the link: Important information for sellers and YouTubers: If you guys wish to use this project in your business, feel free to do so, you can always ask me if you...!
Channel Title : Amanda Love Santos Views : 111972 DisLikes : 48 Published Date :2017-07-04T19:17:41Z
Here’s a DIY tutorial on this multi-colored crochet bikini top that I love & wear so much. This is my favorite top that I’ve made so far because it fits so well even after it gets wet (which is rare for crochet bikinis). It has adjustable cups, supportive straps, and quality pattern to make it last. I put lots of LOVE into this crochet top design so hope you guys enjoy it! ☼ I will be making a video on how to crochet the matching bikini bottoms & I’ll be uploading new videos each week!...!
Channel Title : What About Yarn Views : 32152 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2020-02-01T13:26:46Z
The matching Bikini Top can be viewed here: Here I will walk you through the simple process on how to make this crochet bikini bottom. I am demonstrating for size XXS (which means it is the smallest of all the sizes available). If you are of different size you will still be able to follow me and adjust the stitches to fit your own size! HOW TO ADJUST THIS PATTERN TO FIT YOUR OWN SIZE OR YOUR CUSTOMERS? Click here: Subscribe to m...!
Channel Title : krishtun Views : 79110 DisLikes : 39 Published Date :2015-05-30T16:47:54Z
An easy tutorial on diy crochet swimsuit for beginners. This crochet bikini top can also double as a crochet halter top or be a great foundation for a crochet bralette. DIY | How To Make A Crochet Bikini Bottom: Snapchat: @krishtun Instagram: Tumblr: Facebook: Items used: - crochet hook (5mm) - scisssors - yarn (Red Heart in off white) **...!
Channel Title : Sirins Crochet Views : 5391 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-07-25T20:00:05Z
In this hot summer days you can use a handmade bikini for sunbathing or swimming. You can use mercerized cotton, cotton or acrylic yarns and make it any size you want. Support me by joining to my channel; Website: Instagram; Pinterest; Facebook; Hello to everyone. On my channel you can f...!
Channel Title : Esperanza y Ana Celia Rosas Views : 1480307 DisLikes : 1588 Published Date :2018-01-17T12:30:01Z
Un básico para el verano... top modelo bikini tejido a crochet 😍 Lo tejimos en color beige para que lo combinen con todas las prendas playeras ☀️ Pueden personalizarlo ya que les damos la opción de tejer las copas y el borde de abajo del busto en 3 tamaños 👍🏻 ••• Suscríbete a nuestro canal aquí: Visita nuestra página web Tejiendo Perú y encontrarán muchos tutoriales más: En las redes sociales nos encuentras como @teji...!
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Easy beginners crochet pattern, learn to make your own bikini top! FREE Written Instructions (Includes sizes A-D Cup) - ADD FREE PDF download -!
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COMO TEJER UN BIKINI A CROCHET EN TODAS LAS TALLAS FÁCIL Y RÁPIDO REF. #02 Hola [email protected], en este nuevo tutorial les enseño el paso a paso para tejer a crochet este calzón/panty/bikini de traje de baño…Espero les guste 😍 Los materiales a necesitar son: - No más de 50gr de hilo de cualquier color, preferiblemente hilo de algodón del nro. 2 - Gancho de crochet del número 2 - Tijera - Conocimiento para realizar este Bikini: - Cadenas - Punto deslizado - Punto Bajo - Punto Alto - P...!
Channel Title : Oh Mami! Views : 103650 DisLikes : Published Date :2019-07-24T09:04:22Z
Hola [email protected]! En este tutorial os enseño a hacer este bikini en todas las tallas. Está realizado en hilo de algodón y aguja de 3.00 mm....!
Channel Title : T CD Views : 23381 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2019-05-08T17:00:11Z
This was a serious case of I can crochet that. I saw a similar bikini online and fell in love, but wasnt willing to spend $100+ on it. 😂 So here we are. Hope yall love this as much as I do. As always, if you have any questions or requests let me know in the comments and share with your crafty friends! 🥰 Crochet High Waisted Bikini Pattern: Tools Used: Hook Link: Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton (Jade): Popular Uploads: C...!
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Hey Friends, I finally filmed underwater video wearing Coração bikini and also vlog to share with You my current based which in Thailand at the moment. I answer questions from our members on Facebook group. This underwater video is my first time shooting, so its not that great, but I have so much fun making it. I will be making more of the underwater video wearing my crochet bikini so You can see that its actually water resistant as many of You still dont believe ahahahah! The yarn I used f...!
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How do you adjust a pattern to fit your own size while working with the given gauge? In this short video I tried to simplify the answer for this question using the pattern for this lovely crochet garment, the Easy Like Sunday Bikini Bottom. Watch the Full Video Tutorial of this bikini bottom here: Accompanying FREE Written Pattern of this bikini bottom can be found on my Blog here: Nee...!
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Hola amigas bienvenida a un nuevo video de crochet dónde en cada vídeo podrás aprender a realizar un nuevo proyecto ya sea una blusa en crochet, un bikini en crochet , vestido en crochet, un pantalón en Crochet , un punto en crochet, todos mis vídeo son elaborados con amor dedicación y mucho sacrificio. si eres tan amable de dejar un like un comentario y suscribete me haría muy pero muy feliz. RECUERDA QUE EN FACEBOOK TENEMO UNA Página DONDE COMPARTIMOS MAS DE CERCA. TAMBIÉN TENEMO N...!
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☆.。.:*・°☆.SOCIAL MEDIA ☆.。.:*・°☆.。 INSTAGRAM BLOG Crocheting for Beginners How to Crochet a Cup!
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INSTAGRAM - SNAPCHAT - kadiilove888 MY WEBSITE ❤️- FACEBOOK - Email- [email protected] Age-20 Height - 5ft Shoes size-4.5 Shirt size- Small to medium Pants size - 8...!
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Hey crochet lovers,I’m back with another tutorial showing you how I made these high waisted bikini bottoms. I used a 3.5mm hook Enjoy 🧶 Top tutorial Link Let’s stay connected Instagram Facebook!
Channel Title : Brunaticality Views : 30754 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2017-01-18T13:54:10Z
Hello Everyone, in todays video I will be showing you guys how to crochet this cute crochet bikini top. I hope you guys enjoy! Dont forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos! :) I also have a gaming channel if you guys are interested, here is the link: Important information for sellers and YouTubers: If you guys wish to use this project in your business, feel free to do so, you can always ask me if you want. I am here to he...!
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Je vous présente comment réaliser un top ou haut de bikini au crochet. Prochainement je ferai un shorty assorti. Jespère quil vous plaira. Nhésitez pas à commenter, mettre un pouce en lair si la vidéo vous plait ! Merci :) Pour ceux qui souhaitent avoir des trames en PDF voici le lien : Page web : Instagram : abcfacileafaire Pinterest : Facebook : abcfacileafaire...!
Channel Title : Brunaticality Views : 2498 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2020-06-19T21:23:37Z
Hello my loves! 😍 Today I am going to show you how to crochet a super cute flower bikini top, a lot of you requested this one so I am very excited for todays video and I really hope you like it! Feel free to share with me your DIYs and creations you do following the tutorials here from the channel, I love seeing everything you do. I really hope you enjoy todays video ✨🌹✨ I am selling my creations at: 🧶🧵Things you will need: 2 different yarn ...!
Channel Title : Vyva s Crochet Views : 18711 DisLikes : 5 Published Date :2020-04-11T12:37:35Z
❤️ Xin chào mọi người! Video hôm nay mình hướng dẫn móc Bikini cúp ngực viền ren. Chúc mọi người làm thành công và có 1 sản phẩm đẹp nhé! ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ----------------------------- ❤️ Thông tin của video hướng dẫn móc Bikini cúp ngực viền ren gồm nguyên liệu và dụng cụ như sau: - Kim móc 2.25mm. - Sợi cotton vn 1mm (chập đôi). - 3 hạt nút đường kính 1,2 cm. - Kéo. - Kim khâu. -----------------------...!
Channel Title : Realza Crochet Views : 25249 DisLikes : 26 Published Date :2020-02-17T15:00:13Z
👙hola amigas, en esta oportunidad les traemos el paso a paso de este bikini o traje de baño a Crochet ganchillo con indicaciones para todas las tallas. 👇🏻Facebook👇🏻 👇🏻Instagram👇🏻 🥰 HOLA HERMOSAS TE ESPERO AQUÍ EN MIS OTRAS REDES SOCIALES, LAS ESPERO BELLAS 🥰🌈FACEBOOK 🥰🌈INSTAGRAM!
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Hey loves, I hope you enjoy this tutorial! its a super simple design, but it matches the halter top in my previous video and is really cute and comfortable. Im sorry the end of the video is garbage, I did end up getting more yarn and doing 2 more rows of the square pattern. feel free to repeat that as many times as you want to get the length you need. And for the ties on the side, I tucked in the extra string into the side of the bikini so the strings wouldnt hang down. I used: 5mm hook with w...!
Channel Title : Knit and Crochet with Jeanette Views : 49223 DisLikes : 23 Published Date :2018-07-16T15:00:32Z
In this video tutorial you can learn how to make this beautiful bikini....!
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Feel free to CONNECT with us on our social medial platforms for more inquiries; INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TWITTER:!
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Channel Title : Brunaticality Views : 55190 DisLikes : 24 Published Date :2016-09-01T00:24:02Z
Hello Everyone, in todays video I will be showing you guys an easy way to sew in lining into your bikini bottom. I hope you guys enjoy the video! Here is the link for my crochet bikini top: and also here the link for my crochet bikini bottom: Yarn: Double Knit Special by Stylecraft Shade: 1029 Copper 100% Premium Acrylic Dont forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos! :) I also have a gaming...!
Channel Title : Dana B Views : 542184 DisLikes : 223 Published Date :2016-05-20T04:28:58Z
DISCLAIMER: Im not a crochet expert, this is just the pattern I came up with and use. I posted a photo on my Instagram of a bikini top I made a received ALOT of inquiries to start selling them. Unfortunately I dont have time to put into creating a bikini business, so I thought the least I could do was share how I make them. Follow me on Instagram @pudding_cup__ Thanks for watching! xx...!
Channel Title : Tracy M. Crochet Views : 9850 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2019-08-10T21:51:20Z
Hello tout le monde! Voici un tutoriel qui ma été beaucoup demandé. Jespère que cela vous plaira ! I add a few english subtiles but only in the first 12 minutes. I think you can keep going with the image. Enjou =) Matériel: - 1 pelote de Phil Detente - 1 crochet 3,5mm - 1 bas de maillot de bain en modèle Si tu veux savoir comment faire ce crop top à ta taille regarde cette video :!
Channel Title : Tally Tally Views : 1295 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-04-25T17:33:48Z
Hey Guys Welcome Back !! Today I will be showing you how I achieved my crochet bikini bottom ! The style and pattern is included and will be included in the comments soon ! Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more ! The link to my crochet palette will be linked in the comments ! For any questions or feed back leave a comment down below ! What should my next video be on ? Stalk me !! Insta - @GiftedByTally Twitter - @Alliahswindle Love you guys 🤍 See you soon I DONT OWN COPY ...!
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Witaj Lato jeszcze nie minęło, więc przedstawiam wam super proste w wykonaniu i szybkie przepiękne bikini, a raczej jego górę. Ja uwielbiam tą górę już od samego patrzenia. Czekam również na twoja pracę na facebooku, bądź Instagramie. szydełko 2 mm yarn art rapido If you want this tutorial in English with subtitles please write some comment :) p.s. Jeśli podobał ci się film daj lajka, jeśli chcesz więcej nowości subskrybuj kanał. :) * Wyzwanie nr 1:!
Channel Title : Ahuyama Crochet Views : 904517 DisLikes : 372 Published Date :2015-06-03T11:00:00Z
(NOW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES! how to crochet a halter top) Cómo tejer un bikini a crochet paso a paso. Aprende a tejer este halter top, tendencia verano 2015 tejido a crochet o ganchillo. Segunda parte del tutorial: Patrón en Blog EFIM: Descubre más super tutoriales paso a paso en: Nos vemos también en... Facebook: Instagram: @ahuyamacrochet Twitter:...!
Channel Title : Rainbow Warrior Views : 175197 DisLikes : 61 Published Date :2015-05-07T20:01:16Z
How to crochet the cups to create a bikini, bra, or top! In this tutorial I will show you one way to create cups. It is very simple & can be adjusted to create for any size boobs. Pattern- I plan to use this tutorial as a base for future patterns. I am using these cups to create lots of different fun & unique tops for the spring/summertime! Leave requests, comments, questions down below or find me on the web: Website - Facebook - http:/...!
Channel Title : Crochet FeLIZ Views : 53580 DisLikes : 22 Published Date :2016-09-09T11:18:49Z
Bikini Neón a Crochet - Ganchillo :) Hermoso Traje de baño que realizamos con tela y Crochet paso a paso. Todas las tallas Recuerda que las tallas del vestido de baño pueden variar según la contextura de la mujer, en el vídeo te dejo tablas de las tallas pero si deseas y con mayor precisión también te puedes tomar la medida tu misma (También te muestro Cómo) :D ya que el patronaje de medidas o está homologada y cambia según el país. :) Estoy realmente contenta de compartirles el v...!
Channel Title : Brunaticality Views : 147756 DisLikes : 81 Published Date :2016-10-25T17:36:23Z
Hello Everyone, in todays video I will be showing you how to crochet a pink bikini top with adjustable cups, I hope you guys enjoy the video! Here is the link for my Copper crochet bikini top: and also here the link for my Copper crochet bikini bottom: Hook: 1.6 mm Yarn: Patons Shade: 2723 100% Cotton Dont forget to subscribe to my channel for more videos! :) I also have a gaming channel if you guys...!
Channel Title : szydełko Views : 43016 DisLikes : 19 Published Date :2016-06-25T05:56:29Z
Kolejny film z serii na lato, a konkretniej na basen lub na plażę. Pokazuję jak zrobić na szydełku strój kąpielowy bikini. Kostium kąpielowy pokazuję tak żeby każdy mógł wykonać rozmiar na siebię. Użyta włóczka: bawełna Zużyłam około 400m włóczki. Użyłam szydełka 3mm. Czas wykonania około 15 godzin. Zapraszam na facebook: i Pinterest:!
Channel Title : itscrochet ph Views : 4794 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2019-10-29T08:13:51Z
Hello everyone! Today, I just finished filming for my 2nd video tutorial - DIY | HOW TO CROCHET BIKINI CUP | EASY TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNER. This is Part 1 of my next video for DIY CROCHET HALTER TOP so, I hope you guys will support my crochet journey as I will be exploring more and will continue learning for new ideas. I will post the link of my Youtube Channel below and please SUBSCRIBE for more videos. Thank you and love you! ♥️...!
Channel Title : T CD Views : 30287 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2018-06-29T07:12:17Z
This adorable cheeky rainbow bikini is the bikini you need this summer! I was loving the square neck tops and I wanted to make it into a bikini so here it is. Tools Used: Hook Link: SugarN Cream (Cornflower): SugarN Cream (Hot blue): SugarN Cream (Hot Green): SugarN Cream (Sunshine): SugarN Cream (Hot Orange): Bernat Handicrafter Cotton (Red Poppy): h...!
Channel Title : Móc Len Crochet Views : 8661 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2018-05-29T07:40:53Z
Channel Title : Beautiful Crochet Stuff Views : 1703 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2020-04-17T13:31:27Z
Please click the link for more information (written pattern and size) Thank you for watching! Please like and subscribe to my channel! If you need to slow the video down, just click on the settings on the bottom right corner and adjust the speed...!
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This is another easy crochet tutorials and beginner friendly. Cup Measurements: Cup A - 12 chains Cup B - 14 chains Cup C - 17 chains Cup D - 18 chains All the terms used is in US terminology. Feel free to leave a comment! Share this video in Facebook/Twitter/Google+ and show to your friends! Happy crocheting and feel free to subscribe 👌 More Crochet Tutorials 👉 Music Credits; 🎵 Track Info: Morning Lights by Niwel!
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Hey loves, I hope you enjoy my easy tutorial on how to make this simple and unique crochet bikini cover INSTAGRAM -!

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