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I have been selling my work at craft shows for years now and I do over 15 shows a year. Lately I have had a lot of people wanting help getting started with shows so I decided to show how I set my booth up and give some basic info about craft shows as well as tips and tricks. I hope this video helps you out and if you have more question that could be another video topic ask away. EzUp tent: The Green Woodworker Podcast Episode 017http...!
Channel Title : Amy & Tanner Skrocki Views : 17798 DisLikes : 13 Published Date :2019-05-09T16:25:19Z
#craftshow #craftbooth #displayideas Ikea hacks and DIYs for craft booth display ideas for craft artists and artists who do art, craft and trade shows. From display cases to lighting to craft booth display ideas this video has loads of inspirations for your next booth setup. These DIY Ikea suggestions will hopefully get your ideas flowing about how to display your art or craft and all the unexpected places you can find inspiration for displays for your booth setup. Prefer to stay at home inst...!
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In this video our Store Designer Erika Bruns will show you how to make the most of your both space that can be used to display products for a trade show or craft show for under $300 dollars! Erika will explain the layout, set up and merchandising tips for your booth. All of the display products and fixtures used are listed here with links to our website. **************BOOTH SETUP COMPONENTS ********************** (8) 2 x 6 foot Black Wire Grid Panel!
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I bring you along with me to my craft show! See part of our set up process, my display, and also my products! ***************************************** * F O L L O W * M E * F A C E B O O K: I N S T A G R A M: B L O G: E T S Y: T W I T T E R: ************************* I N Q U I R I E S: TheDail...!
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Craft Show Success Tips | make more money selling | Craft Show Tell All | How to sell more at your show Join me while I create DIY farmhouse/boho decor on a budget! Perfect wall art for farmhouse or boho style. Trash To Treasures, thrift shopping, treasure hunting, wood working projects & more! Join me on my journey! This video I visit a local dump to save items from the landfill to turn trash to treasure! I use all up-cycled and thrifted materials to furniture flip & restore items into trendy h...!
Channel Title : Bourbon Creek Crafts Views : 4716 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-04-24T15:34:57Z
Hello and thanks for watching! Today Im giving you a quick tour of our craft show booth! My husband and I have a craft business together, that combines both of our loves. My husband is a woodworker and made all of our display units as well as our check out stand. The bins I have picked up from various places but have tried to stick with a rustic theme. Please let me know if you have any questions about our setup, our display pieces or any of our products. You can also find me at: Face...!
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*CLICK TO EXPAND FOR FAQ* Connect with me: Blog | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Email | Info (at) FREE GUIDES: Want to learn how to sew? Get my FREE 3-Step guide on learning how to sew your own clothes: Want advice on starting your own sewing business? Sign up for my FREE 5-day email cour...!
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Ever wonder what it takes to set up a booth for an art & craft show? Watch this video and find out:) You may wonder if all the work I did is worth it? If you want to make $4000-$8000 in a weekend at one of these shows then yes it is! You only have 7 seconds to impress shoppers walking by in hopes they will enter your booth. From there it’s on you to sell your art. I have over 27 years experience of selling my watercolors at shows, and love it! I find art & craft shows are still the best wa...!
Channel Title : Taylor Lynn Views : 20363 DisLikes : 16 Published Date :2018-09-03T17:43:06Z
This is my process of setting up my market space for craft fairs and markets. I am a crochet/knitwear seller, but other types of crafters will benefit from this video as well! I talk about a lot of different products in this video like tents, mannequins, signage etc so instead of giving you tons of links, I made a amazon list with all the of the most important things on it for you all! Check out that list here:!
Channel Title : CuriouserCreations8 Views : 16811 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2016-09-19T19:19:53Z
A great way to prepare for your craft show is to practice your set up and display! More Craft Show-Related Videos: My single table set-up for a Vintage Market: My DIY Craft Show Packaging: Craft show tips and ideas: Follow me: Etsy Instagram Facebook!
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#craftdisplay #displayideas #craftfair #tradeshow Hi everyone! One of my passions is setting up our booth at small and large craft fairs and trade shows! My second favourite thing to do is go shopping for new ways to display the items my wife and I make and design. Hopefully this gives you some ideas for setting up your own booth :) Want to see our recommended list for booth display and design? We have a curated Amazon list for you to check out! This includes several items that we found loca...!
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This is a REPLAY of a live video that happened inside the private Facebook group- The Happy Ever Crafters. You can find and join that here: In this video, Amanda Cockburn of @freewheelingcraft walks us through all of her best advice for applying, planning, setting up, pricing, marketing & overall NAILING your booth at a craft market! If youre thinking about entering and getting a booth to sell your handmade goods at a craft market or show, t...!
Channel Title : Elysia English Views : 17608 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2019-01-11T14:42:36Z
Join me as I journey through growing and operating my handmade dream! Building INSTRUCTIONS & SUPPLIES: (These instructions build 2 4x6 foot walls) 4- 2x4x8 18-1x3x8 2.5 inch screws wood glue brand nailer or nails & hammer white paint sand paper paint brush measuring tape mitre saw drill with bits Cut 2x4x8 into 4- 6 foot tall posts Use the 2 foot ends you cut off for the bottom base Create a 45 degree angled support for the back based on your dimensions Attach the shiplap slats to the two...!
Channel Title : Steve Carmichael Views : 85518 DisLikes : 25 Published Date :2013-10-22T11:38:22Z
See the projects I prepared for my first woodworking booth at a festival and craft fair. I share some of my experiences and recap some tips that would be helpful for anyone who is thinking of trying this for the first time. Visit my website - -------------------------------------------------- Recommended Tools (affiliate links): - SawStop Table Saw - Craftsman Sliding Miter Saw - Dewalt Pl...!
Channel Title : Amy & Tanner Skrocki Views : 5107 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2019-05-20T22:37:41Z
If you are preparing for your first craft show or even your hundredth a checklist of what to bring is important. When we first started we needed a first time craft show check list, this check list is for all of you who want to test out your hobby at a craft fair to see if it is something you would like to do! Amazon links to craft show items! 4 foot adjustable height table (important if you want to raise your work closer to eye level) - 6 foot adjustable height table ...!
Channel Title : PotomacBeads Views : 4234 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-06-08T12:00:00Z
In this episode of Better Beaders, Allie talks the essentials needed for setting up a jewelry display at shows and also goes through a slideshow from members of PotomacBeads Beading & Jewelry Making Facebook group. This is amust see for anyone considering selling their jewelry at craft shows! Beading and Jewelry Making Facebook group: Click here for complete bead & jewelry-making supply lists: USA➡️!
Channel Title : Amy & Tanner Skrocki Views : 17398 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2018-08-14T20:05:16Z
Thanks for watching our video on how we set up at outdoor shows! The end of the video shows the various displays and all our items. We hope you enjoyed seeing the behind the scenes of our booth set up and found it informative if you have your own booth. This booth display set up works well for our items we make and features several custom displays we made, but we hope it will give other makers some booth display ideas for their work. This set up was for the St. Albert Farmers’ Market in St. Al...!
Channel Title : thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich Views : 26741 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2013-12-14T22:03:03Z
To find out how I did in todays craft fair read my update here: Hello friends! Today I sold my arts and crafts at a craft fair and before the doors opened I shot this video show I could show you my booth and frugal display ideas as well as offer tips on how you can make money selling at a craft fair! Tips! If you make jewelry, clothes or knits wear them! I got a commission to make a wrap like I ...!
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In this video I make a Display rack for a Craft show, using a Pegboard, lumber and hinges. I ripped the pegboard down to 6 foot x 2 foot lengths. Added boards with hinges. Thanks for Watching YOU CAN ALSO FIND ME ON THE FOLLOWING: PINTEREST: INSTRUCTABLES : INSTAGRAM: LUMBERJOCKS: Carefr...!
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Easy DIY Craft show booth ideas...!
Channel Title : Ox In The Shop Views : 1287 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-10-23T07:34:06Z
Plans available: I have been doing craft show for 6 years now and I have finally got around to making this video on how I make my display. Depending on what you are making and selling this a great shelves and easy to build in a day or two. I started with two tables and these shelves and now I have built the inventory and found out that the more I have out the better I do so now I have 4 tables and shelves total. Let me know if yo...!
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Come with me to see how I made my banners and amazing tablecloth for my first comic con! The banners and tablecloth featured in this video were created by BannerBuzz ➠ Subscribe instantaneously! ➠ Ambient music ➠ Music ➠ Ricardo Alvarez ( Check out the main site ➠ Follow me on Instagram ➠ Follow me on Twitter ➠!
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Thank you for Watching, dont forget to subscribe for weekly videos! Blog: Facebook: Twitter:!/melanieham Pinterest: Instagram: Snapchat: MelanieKHam...!
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I just recently had my best craft show ever, and I wanted to share with you the 5 things I did to succeed! Follow me: Etsy Instagram Facebook!
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FREE PLANS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!!!!! This short video takes a look at the Downeast Thunder Creations portable booth, intended for short duration shows and events. Makes a great information booth or as a craft fair vendor booth. The booth in this video was designed specifically for Gateway Milbridge to use in their non-profit fund raising efforts, T-shirt sales, and so forth. The booth is very light, as it was designed and constructed using PVC plastic and lightweight cloth skirts. It assemb...!
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This video is about making Display Shelves for Craft Shows New & Improved! See an update to this at: To see previous videos on making these shelves, see: Woodworking Techniques & Craft Show Display Shelves Updates (3rd) - - - Plans and other information PDF sketch of plans LINKS: Links to Amazon products that I use and recommend. www.Amazon....!
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Here is some info on how I setup my booth for the 2016 Craft show Please like and Subscribe. Follow me on facebook - Chris Demetrick...!
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Hey Everyone! Dont forget to subscribe and comment on any video to be entered for a chance to win the Snow White & 7 Dwarfs giveaway for this Friday night at 8:00 pm CST. The link to see them is here: This video is a quick video of a Craft Show I did in April 2016 that I found today and thought Id share it with you all. As always, if you have any questions about anything, please let me know :)...!
Channel Title : Diana Keefe Views : 12541 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2015-04-09T20:53:15Z I like to see how everyone else sets up their craft show and farmers markets displays.....some great ideas ............I post them on my Pinterest page...!
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Craft Show Success | Largest Show | Holiday Handmade | Make more money selling handmade If you want to help support the content on this channel!? ORDER STENCILS & SVGS Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel! You don’t want to miss any upcoming videos! I reply to ALL my social media comments and questions! Comment on my videos with any comments or questions & I will personally comment back! LET’S GET SOCIAL www.facebo...!
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Craft Fairs and Trade Shows are challenging in SO MANY different ways. I go over my top 5 things to avoid when selling your handmade goods in person. These tips so apply to working any retail or customer service related job. ▼▼▼MORE INFO BELOW▼▼▼ Have you had any weird experiences when vending at a craft show? Do you have any words of wisdom for me? Id love to hear your thoughts. Please let me know if you have any questions for me! I love to hear from you. Motivates me to make m...!
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BLOG at: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: FACEBOOK: COURSES: ----------------------------------------------------------- In this video I am doing a mock setup of my 16 x 8 booth space for my next market coming in March. I set mostly crochet and knitwear items. I hope you guys enjoy this video! ----------...!
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How I did at my recent craft show and a checklist of items needed when preparing for a craft show. Subscribe to my main channel for weekly woodworking projects: SUPER SUPPORT / EXTENDED VIDEOS / GIVEAWAYS SHIRTS, STICKERS, PLANS AND MORE! PROJECTS, PLANS AND TUTORIALS FOLLOW ME:!
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There are craft fairs all year round, but when it gets warm everyone starts to come out! Here are my few suggestions for when you are thinking of doing a craft show! Part 2: What to Pack for a Craft Fair Shop New Moon Paper: IG: Support me on Patreon: Visit My ETSY Shop: 日本語のチャンネルはこちら(Japanese Channel): My Etsy Shop: ...!
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How to set up a 10 x 10 Art Show Booth using Pro Panels...!
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Hi Sweets~ While at the One Of A Kind Show, I wanted to show you all how I adapt my craft show set up on a larger scale. I hope you enjoy my video. ♥Dont forget to subscribe! ☆Did you make your own? Id love to see it! Share with me photos by using the hashtag #candiwarehowto and @candiware on Instagram and/ or Twitter! ★New to Etsy? Here is a $5.00 off coupon when you buy for the first time ☆Want to open up your own Etsy Shop? Get 40 free ...!
Channel Title : Amy & Tanner Skrocki Views : 8882 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2019-11-15T19:33:53Z
Are you wondering what kind of items that sell well at craft shows or are you are planning to start selling your crafts and don’t know where to start? we have put together a list for you. After doing hundreds and hundreds of shows these are the crafts to make and sell I have seen do extremely well! Join our Instagram---- to see our work. Amys personal Instagram to ask questions, BTS photos, Amy and Tanner Skrock...!
Channel Title : Eartherella Soap & Candle Co. Views : 285 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-11-13T16:51:55Z
This is just a quick video showing you my setup for my last show of the year - at Christkindl in Canandaigua NY. This is before we put up my banners & signs, we put them up the morning the event started. I also still had a few more products to put out - such as my shower steamers on the table in front of my bath bombs. I also had white lights throughout the top of both of my tents but I forgot to take the video with them on. My booths never look exactly the same twice - always have to adapt...!
Channel Title : FindingKellyAnn Views : 556 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2013-12-10T14:52:11Z
Highlights from my craft show experience. I have an Etsy site where I sell all of my wonderful homemade goodies. Check it out! Im addicted to Pinterest. Come see my inspiration­­­­­­tes/ Looking for someone fun to follow onTwitter? Tweet me! @DixieDebutantes If you want to stay up to date with me then follow me on Instagram. I post new photos all the time Dixie Debutantes...!
Channel Title : Olivia Hayward Views : 49716 DisLikes : 68 Published Date :2017-04-03T16:00:05Z
I take you on my 3-day journey of how I prepared for Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. This is my general process for getting my handmade small business ready to sell goods in person. Lots of organization and time goes into getting Mane Message and myself to Renegade! MORE INFO▼ ----------------------------------------­­­­­------------------------------------­-­- ▼▼▼ MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO ▼▼▼ Vintage Barrettes: Re...!
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Well since I thought I had uploaded this video this morning and didnt, Ill give a quick update... We were successful, had fun, and meet some great people!...!
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What is the Smithsonian Craft Show? Join Smithsonian Women’s Committee members, craft show artists, and patrons to learn why it’s so special. Find out more about the Smithsonian Craft Show at!
Channel Title : Ox In The Shop Views : 930 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2016-04-26T22:13:52Z
So this past weekend I was in South Pittsburg Tennessee for the National Cornbread Festival. This video is just some of the footage I got while I was in Tennessee, it was just so busy I didnt have a lot of time to film. I love doing craft show because you get to meet a lot of great talented artist and people that come in your booth. The money is a plus too lol. As you can see in this video my booth is called Oxford Woodturning. I started this a little over 2 years ago and I mostly do woodturned ...!
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10x10 booth display of Paparazzi Accessories....!

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