Copper Wire

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Want to know first hand scrap prices? Subscribe to my channel for updated information on ferrous and non ferrous scrap prices in New Jersey....!
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⚠️🛑ATTEMPT AT OWN RISK 🛑⚠️ Simply Showing How WE Strip Our Copper Wire, Not How To !! We Plan To Get Wire Stripper Soon 😃Be Safe Always ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 To Donate to Channel leave a tip : 👍Subscribe For More Scrap Yard💲 Videos Dumpster Diving Trash Picking Videos Thrift Stores And So Much Mores LOL 😃 💲Make Money From Surveys We Make Mone...!
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Hello my friends Copper Wire Recycling Important Things You Should Know About Copper Cable Recycling Copper is a non-ferrous metal, meaning that its a metal that is not derived from iron. It is commonly used in electrical wires and pipes for plumbing in its purest form, without any other metals or alloys. Demand for copper is increasing, commensurate with its usage today, thus, recycling copper can generate profit for you. The price youll receive for copper will be based on what the copper was u...!
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Hey everyone, Thanks for watching my videos. Be sure to comment, rate and subscribe Also check me out on Facebook and Google + Facebook pages cdnbadass fan page - Youtuberzz group - Google+!
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This is a method of stripping copper wire that my brother and I came up with. It worked great for us so we thought we would share. We made $670 with 3 hours of work!...!
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Welcome To Amazing Tech! Now i want to show about Experiment Free Energy Generator With Copper Wire 100% For New Ideas 2019 Thank you for watching , like , share , comment !...!
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HOW TO GET COPPER WIRE AT HOME || COPPER WIRE KAHA MILTA HAI || COPPER WIRE Is video mein maine aapko copper wire k baare m btaya hai... like, share, subscribe...! Copper wire kaha milta hai Copper wire kaise banta hai Copper wire kahan se nikale Copper wire kaha se nikale Copper wire kis mein nikalta hai Copper wire kaise nikale Copper wire kaise banaye Copper wire kaise banate hain Copper wire kaise banti hai कॉपर वायर कैसे बनता है How to get copper at...!
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New video !!! simple electric train How to make an electromagnetic train? its very easy. You only need these three parts. 1. copper wire raw 2. battery ( AAA, AA or C ) 3. and two neodymium magnets ( it must be larger in diameter than battery ) if you have all the components so fun can start. INSTAGRAM : #MrMichal #eletrictrain #simpleelectromagnetictrain...!
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Hello Everyone! Welcome to my channel. My channel talking about Dont forget to subscribe, like, and comment my video. I will upload a creative video every day. Thanks for watching. This video talks about Free Energy -free energy -how to make -free energy generator -light bulb -dc moto -new technology -how to -ideas info -science projects -magnet -motor -electricity -diy -generator -energy -experiment -project -electric -magnet with fan 100% -experiment project 2018 -do it by yourself -How...!
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Flower pendant - easy jewelry making from copper wire This flower reminds me of The Seed of Life. With large size you can make the circles overlap to be The Seed of Life With this pattern you can use any wire type and wire size you have, as well as any tool you have. wire size to make pendant diameter 3cm 19 gauge ( wire diameter 0,9mm) : 40cm( 16 inch) 28 gauge ( wire diameter 0.3mm ) : 20cm( 8 inch) TIPS : - Before doing, Always be sure to straighten the wire for a more beautiful product - ...!
Channel Title : Jeff Reisetter Views : 317361 DisLikes : 237 Published Date :2015-08-19T21:06:17Z
A short video demonstrating why I strip almost all the copper wire I get including Christmas lights. I do not do scrapping full time as I have a full time job. So I scrap in my spare time or between jobs as filler work. The prices I used were from Sept. 2014. At that time low grade ins. wire was $0.20 / lb and bare bright was $2.60 / lb. Prices have fallen since then so they would need to be adjusted for todays price. The wire stripper I use is the WS-001 Scrap Wire stripper from RBF Products. h...!
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Scorpion :D How to make Scorpion - Wire Jewelry Lessons - DIY - handmade jewelry tutorials - Wire art Want to create beautiful jewellery? Wire jewellery is simple and gorgeous but like everything its only simple if you know how! I have created and taught the art of wire jewellery for many years and now I am loving producing tutorials for youtube!...!
Channel Title : Easy Ideas Tech Views : 986431 DisLikes : 1820 Published Date :2019-01-06T08:06:06Z get free energy generator with magnets and copper wire 100% Real New Technology Ideas for more information please visit other videos and dont forget to subscribe how to make free energy generator at home with magnet and Fidget Spinner make free electricity at home from magnet and copper wire how to make free electricity generator make with capstar and copper wire how to make fr...!
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Hi friends! In todays video I want to show you how to make solar cell from copper wire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music By NCS: Track : Defqwop - Awakening [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- #sloracell #freeEnergy #solarpanel...!
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Here is the best wire tester technique in which I discussed and show how to check purity of copper at home in urdu/hindi language or how to check copper wire purity or how to check copper wire quality in just few seconds. There are many types of wires used in house wiring and in electric board wiring and many materials like copper wire aluminum wire and silver wire etc but nowadays there are many cheap quality wires are selling out in market. So in this video Ill show you a best and simple meth...!
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Our Best Dumpster Score Yet We Hit The JACKPOT !!! You Are All Awesome ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 SMASH The Thumbs Up 👍👍 For More VIDEOS Thank You Everyone So Much For All The Support ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜❤️ Leave Us A TIP : And THANK YOU 💛 💚 💙 💜❤️ 🧡 To All That Have 👍Subscribe For More Scrap Yard Videos, Dumpster Diving Trash Picking Videos, Thrift Stores, And So Much Mores! LO...!
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Tutorial twisted copper ring - How to make wire jewelry Torsion ring with bracelet. The original is the bracelet, customers request more rings, so this model was born. This is a simple template but very popular with customers. Can be used for both men and women Can be replaced with silver wire or gold wire and gemstones for jewelry more valuable Or simply use cheap material like copper wire to make gifts for friends, family or for yourself Rings: Bracelets: https://goo....!
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Quick video on how to make Homopolar Motor from a battery, a neodymium magnet and a piece of wire. Any electrical questions, please comment and subscribe; I may do a video for the answer....!
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How to twist copper wire for beginners. Type x2, x4, x8 copper wire In this twist, I was simply twisting and twisting them. But with each twist, the difference between clockwise and counter-clockwise. We will have different designs to create more unique products. The professional tutorials have been posted on youtube, I want to make simple videos to help new members. If there are any difficulties please comment so that I can best support you....!
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This is birth video of worlds simplest electric train. Thank you for watching from around the world. (Run outside the coil) - (Speed Battle) - (How to make) - This “Train” is made of magnets copper wire and a dry cell battery. Please enjoy watching this simple structure electric train (electromagnetic train). - Previous title - Worlds Simplest Electric Train 【世界一簡単な構造の電車】 【St...!
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You are Watching Video.. How to Build your electric Magnet with Copper Wire - Easy Life Hacks ====================================================== PLEASE--- LIKE✔ SUBSCRIBE✔ SUPPORT✔ SHARE✔ COMMENT✔ *Thanks for watching* ====================================================== || Subscribe our Channel for More Updates & Click on the Bell icon for Notification || ********************************************************************* Youtube:!
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Double Braided copper wire Bracelet - unisex jewelry - wire wrap jewelry making There are many ways to braided wire into bracelets. This double braided wire makes the bracelet thick look stronger. Unisex style bracelets can be used for both men and women With simple steps and simple tools Anyone can make their own accessories With creativity you can change some details to create your own style wire size to make bracelet diameter 5,5cm (can + a few centimeters to depreciate) 20 gauge ( wire di...!
Channel Title : Raza Electronics Views : 38713 DisLikes : 52 Published Date :2020-03-23T08:59:37Z
dosto is video me all ceiling fan ka winding data copper and silver wire me bataya gaya he i hope ke is video ko dekhne se ap ke knowledge me izafa hoga ,video achhi lage to isse like aur shear zaroor kare aur mere channel raza electronics ko subscribe karke bell button press karde thanks for watching ,,,,,,,,,,,,, my whats app number 00923103237250 counter meter installation pedestal fan connection in urdu hindi pedestal fan windin...!
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Simple spiral ring - How to make jewelry from copper wire by Lan Anh Handmade The length and diameter used depends on the size of the ring you want to make. This ring only uses one wire, so it is necessary to use large diameter wire to ensure the hardness and durability of the product, most suitable is the diameter of 1.1 - 1.3mm ( 18 - 16 gauge) You can cut diagonally wire to wire finish getting smaller In the video I use : 16 gauge ( wire diameter 1,3mm ) : 9cm (3,5 inch) Ring diameter 1.7cm ...!
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Dosto maine aapse share kiya haiy ki copper wire kaha pe use hota haiy and aluminium wire kaha pe use hota haiy ummid haiy ki ye video aapko jaroor pasand aayega subscribe gyan gyan center ... Follow me INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK TWITTER!
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Wuxi Jintong Furnace Co.,Ltd is located at Wuxi, copper machines manufacturing zone. We are specialized in making copper rod continuous casting machines, brass rod continuous casting machines...!
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With Millberry Copper Wire Scraps, You can produce copper rod through copper melting, casting and rolling process. We supply the Copper Rod Upcasting Machine, no matter you have millberry scrap or copper cathode. Your yearly production capacity is between 3000-12000Ton. For Details, please contact at Email: [email protected] Whatsapp: +86 137 8362 0467...!
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Copper wire stripping test of standard PC power cables to determine whether stripping the cable is worth the effort or not. Big copper cable is why I bought the wire stripping machine and that what I have fun doing, little wires are too time consuming for me. Wire Stripper Australia Wire Stripper USA Scrapping tools, safety gear, wire strippers, metal melting furnaces, crucibles and ingot moulds that I use or recommend.. https://ww...!
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Please Subscribe to watch more Thanks for watching!...!
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Report Scrap Prices: - Download the iScrap App: Free iPhone App: Free Android App: - Visit our blog for prices & news: - US State Scrap Metal Laws: - Join our iScrap Metal Forum: - Get news delivered to your inbox: - Buy an iScrap App T-Shirt: Facebook: https://www.facebook...!
Channel Title : The Range Views : 91756 DisLikes : 37 Published Date :2016-03-22T14:25:59Z
The Range - Copper Wire (Official Audio). Copper Wire is taken from The Ranges new album Potential - out now on Domino. Watch the album trailer: SUPERIMPOSE is out now. Watch the documentary on the people and sounds of Potential: Footage taken and directed by Daniel Kaufman - Vocals by Kruddy Zak: & by Lisa Bello Lyrics...!
Channel Title : mbmmllc Views : 57571 DisLikes : 22 Published Date :2016-04-22T21:36:43Z
In this video, we show the progress made on our newest project. Our goal is to be able to take whole transformers and process them through the hammer mill and zig zag to get clean copper wire. We are in the very early stages of testing this line so we have a little ways to go to get clean copper, but we are really excited by our results and wanted to share our progress so far. Contact us! Email: [email protected] Phone: 360-595-4445 Website: Facebook: https://www.faceb...!
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Please LIKE, your LIKE encourages me very much. Thank you! Copper recycling activities | Producing copper wire and products from copper...!
Channel Title : uberism81 Views : 30665 DisLikes : 44 Published Date :2017-01-05T22:06:56Z
Alternative method for stripping insulated copper wire. Its hammer time! Ask 30 scrappers how they strip copper wire and youll get 30 different answers. I learned this method a while ago and thought Id share it with the YouTube community. If you like the the content please consider a modest pledge to our Patreon: Twitter: eBay Store: Facebook:!
Channel Title : bigclivedotcom Views : 151393 DisLikes : 88 Published Date :2017-12-23T23:57:08Z
This video is about repairing the very common low voltage (3 to 12V) LED strings based on insulated copper wire with LEDs soldered across them and dipped in resin. The guide is not suitable for traditional mains voltage LED strings. I like the copper-wire LED strings. Its a simple parallel circuit of voltage matched LEDs that are quite rugged and water resistant by virtue of the LED and wire connection points being dipped in resin forming a strong bead on the wire. It is possible to snap the ...!
Channel Title : Popnicute Jewelry Views : 4703 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2018-02-07T02:48:48Z
How to solder copper wire to Kharisma Ruffles with an EZ torch is what Im going to demonstrate today. Soldering copper jewelry is different than plumbing. We use hard solder that we have to melt with an open flame instead of a soldering gun. EZ torch is a step up from a butane torch. Its simple to use and only use one gas tank, propane. There are a few soldering hurdles with Kharisma ruffles. First and foremost, its not a flat piece. Its quite challenging but Ill show you how in this video. ...!
Channel Title : Lan Anh Handmade Views : 29736 DisLikes : 24 Published Date :2018-04-07T13:00:00Z
Couple twisted bracelet with copper wire and stone without holes - DIY wire jewelry - handmade copper jewelry This bracelet applies twisting technique of video 336 and the viking knit technique of video 340. So this bracelet can be used with the same set with pendants 336 or 340. Have no stone for mens bracelet, and similar have stone for womens bracelet. Apply the same technique to make rings and earrings to form sets. With simple steps and simple tools you can do it yourself. Can be replaced ...!
Channel Title : Lan Anh Handmade Views : 31562 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2018-10-21T13:00:00Z
Cross pendant - jewelry ideas for Christmas - How to make jewelry from copper wire Can do the same with ring, bracelet and earring to make sets With this form you can use any type of wire or wire size you have. Smaller diameter wires are easier to handle, but they are less durable than larger wires. With simple steps and simple tools Anyone can make their own accessories With creativity you can change some details to create your own style In the video I use : 19 gauge ( wire diameter 0.9mm ) ...!
Channel Title : Holy Moly Recycling Views : 41336 DisLikes : 64 Published Date :2017-05-11T22:24:07Z
Simple and fast method of stripping copper wire....!
Channel Title : Self Sufficient Me Views : 1764493 DisLikes : 571 Published Date :2019-11-02T10:14:16Z
In this video, I experiment with copper wire through the stem of a tomato plant to see if this prevents blight and other fungal diseases and to test if this method is a myth or does it work! Support me on Patreon: Help support the Channel and buy a T-shirt/Merchandise from our Spreadshirt shop: or Teespring (below the video). Shop on Amazon for plants: Shop for plants on eBay Australia:!
Channel Title : LyThong Art Views : 110337 DisLikes : 41 Published Date :2017-01-13T22:48:29Z
[Bonsai Handmade] Mini Bonsai tree it was created by 300 pieces of copper wire and 500 pieces mini gemstone....!
Channel Title : Electric Multi Works Views : 34479 DisLikes : 98 Published Date :2018-08-29T17:03:30Z
Mobile Charging Free Energy Copper Wire With Magnet And Mobile Charger Awesome idea 2018 For More Information Please Visit Our Website!
Channel Title : Lan Anh Handmade Views : 14487 DisLikes : 12 Published Date :2019-07-12T13:00:07Z
Square pendant inspired Gods eye craft - Handmade jewelry from copper wire and abacus crystal by Lan Anh Handmade Can do the same with ring, earring and bracelet to form sets. You can use any stone you have. You can use multiple colors wire to highlight the details, or change some details as you like With this form you can use any type of wire or wire size you have. Smaller diameter wires are easier to handle, but they are less durable than larger wires. In the video I use : 19 gauge ( wire di...!

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