College Care Package Ideas

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OPEN FOR MORE INFO!! Big special thanks to my lovely Mom who was kind enough to send me this amazing care package!! I am not trying to brag at all and hopefully you got a lot of ideas of what to put in a college care package! Thank you for watching and dont forget to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE!! Lets be friends!! Insta// @_JustJordyy Twitter// @_JustJordyy...!
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Are you missing someone who went to college? Check out these college care package ideas! Great to send for Exams or Holidays or ANY day! And make sure you watch Part 2 here: U.S. Postal Service Shipping Website Dorm Tape by Mavalus Video: How to Add Items to Lilly Pulitzer Agenda!
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College Related Content: Videos: -Dorm Tour Video: -College Move in Day Video: -Why I Dropped out of Rush Video: -What I Wore for Rush Video: Blog Posts: -What I Took to College: -What you Need for College: -What you Do Not ...!
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Popular Lifestyle & mom blogger Jenny Ingram, from Jenny on the Spot has creative box ideas for every occasion...or just for fun!...!
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Lifestyle expert, Shoana Jensen shares seven care package ideas that university students will love, from essential oil diffusers to homemade cookies....!
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How to plan, shop for, decorate, and pack care packages that will remind your friends of how lucky they are to know you 😉 In all seriousness, though, physical mail is so underrated 💌 its so special to receive something in the mail, whether its a handwritten letter, a thoughtful package, or a postcard that traveled halfway around the world to get to you. In this video Ill be showing you ideas for what to put in your care packages, tips for mailing them, and ways you can decorate them to m...!
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Thank you so much to my cousins in New York for putting this together for me! Love you guys lots! Dont forget to like, comment, and subscribe!...!
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Are you missing someone who went away to college? Pack and ship a college care package with me! See Part 1 of this series, How to pack one for a girl, here: U.S. Postal Service Shipping Website Dorm Tape by Mavalus ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Lets be...!
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DIY Care Package Ideas! How to Make a Care Package for friends! How to plan, package, shop for, decorate, and create care packages that will show your friends how much you love them for their birthday, a surprise gift, when theyre away at college etc. My favorite moments in college, or even when I was far from home, was receiving a care package from my mom, that she individually wrapped, assembled, shopped for, and took time to make. Physical mail has slowed down over the years, so this video...!
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my family sent me some items as I get ready to head back to school :)...!
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Let me know in the comments if you have any more ideas for things to put in care packages :) Ellen & Me: Herman Cake Recipe/Instructions: SUBSCRIBE for more videos Website: Tumblr: Twitter: @aithinne Instagram: rowans_room Help us caption & translate this video! Support me on Patreon: https://ww...!
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Send off your favorite high school grad to college with this fabulous DIY college care package featuring products from Hallmark Gold Crown Stores. Shop All Graduation: Signature Shine Card: Adventure is Calling Mug: Hand Creme: Framed Print: Tote Bag: College Survival Guide: Subs...!
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hope everyones staying healthy and safe in lockdown! If youre missing one of your loved ones or friends, you can make them a quarantine care package full of goodies! sending packages like this to your loved ones can help everyone feel more connected during this time! CHECK OUT MY MAKEUP ROUTINE: ✰ SOCIAL MEDIA ✰ Instagram: Etsy: songs used:!
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Today I’m sharing an easy DIY gift idea: a box of sunshine! This is a great gift for a friend or family member whos going through a tough time, is in mourning, or could just use a little pick-me-up! -MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO- *contains affiliate and referral links -Little Book of Sunshine: -Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Candle: -Grove Collaborative Free 5 Piece Set: -Yellow Pen...!
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These are some things Im putting into a college care package for my sister. Other Places to Find Me INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: TWITTER:!
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Today, I unbox a college care package while radiating chaotic energy. Basically. And I fangirl over food cuz that’s all Yalies think about apparently. I really hope it made you laugh / smile / reflect on the fleeting construct of time. If ya wanna subscribe for more college/Yale videos and leave a comment, that’d be awesome. Feel free to share this video with anyone who might benefit from this ground-breaking content. And lemme know below what you’d like to see next! :) Thanks, and stay ...!
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Care packages are a great way to let the people you love know that you are thinking about them. This is one video in my series of care package videos where I overview the care box that I made for my daughter. All my care packages use the same sized box and I save a link to a FREE printable for the care package in my blog post. The blog post is linked at the bottom of the description. These make great care packages for a friend, are great college care packages, and also make great military care p...!
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Supply information, PO box address and more ⬇ Huge accordion folder tutorial: Letter writing paper subscription: Read my little updates or support me on Ko-fi: My favourite supplies: Etsy Shop: Vivians Vlogs: 📰 https://www.thepaperlet...!
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Hey Everyone, Thanks for checking out his video! This is a care package for a child with a color theme of blue. You can change it up with any items and for any age. Hopefully Ill have more colors in this series soon!...!
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Make your special someone a care package they will never forget!! In this DIY video Ill share with you some ways to make your care package beautiful! You can make a care package for anyone…a college student, military loved one, a family or friend that lives far away. My daughter is studying abroad in London. We really miss her and she misses us too. So I decided to send her a little gift package of some goodies from home. We love you LILY!!!!! Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT for you...!
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Channel Title : TetherBox Views : 56077 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2016-06-25T16:38:50Z Monthly college care packages. Send a college care package every month to your favorite student. Great care package ideas! The TetherBox college care package subscription box is the perfect way to let your loved one know you love and miss them while they are away at school. Every college student loves getting a care package from home and now you can send them one every month! Every box contains unique items hand picked by our student ambassadors. That means college kids...!
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#christmas #christmasgifts #collegecarepackage Hi friends! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are now full swing into preparing for Christmas. With all the festivities around me, I am missing my son who will not be coming home on his Christmas break. So, we decided to visit him and I want to share with you the care package that I have put together for him. The food and snacks are basically from the grocery store, while the socks and Eau de Toilette are from Marks & Spencer’s. Dis...!
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DOLLAR TREE DIY | HALLOWEEN CARE PACKAGE (COLLEGE STUDENT) #DOLLARTREE #DOLLARTREEDIY #CAREPACKAGE Shop my Fall CraftyGirl Merchandise here: THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING MY CHANNEL! Current Holiday Playlists: My Fall Playlist: My Halloween Playlist: R A K U T E N (formerly eBates) https://www.ebates.c...!
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bring some positivity with a quarantine care package! come see how to make care packages for your friends to let them know you miss them. so fun to share care package ideas for a quarantine care pack. hope you enjoy! want more videos like this? Subscribe! xoxo, Julz Follow my Socials: Instagram : twitter: Pinterest:!
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Thank you for stopping by today. All items except for the Bigelow Tea, I purchased at Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree has a lot of great items to put a care package together. Hand soaps are hard to find but maybe we will see more in stock soon. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Please don’t forget to support small channels. Don’t forget to subscribe, like and leave a comment. Thank you 🌻🌻🌻 #DollarTree #Share #CarePackage...!
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OPEN ME AND ENJOY!!! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS IF YOU ARE NOT! Hey guys!!! If there is a video you guys want me to do let me know. LOVE YA!!!!! SWITCH TO HD FOR BETTER QUALITY settings - Quality -1080p or 720 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Created with Wondershare Filmora -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...!
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Ali Holman crafts a healthy college care package to send to your favorite student....!
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What to put in a College Survival Kit for your friend or loved one graduating high school. Supply list and blog post: Visit me on my blog at!
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My boyfriend and I are long distance now, he lives in Atlanta and i live in southern California. Before sending this, i watched a ton of girls care package videos and decided to make my own! Hopefully you guys find this helpful! Nothing was broken or had melted and it got to him in 2 days! If its your first time sending a care package i recommend getting a flat rate box from the post office. They come in small, medium, and large. I got a large box and paid for it online which was $2 off. I pai...!
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WHATS UP GUYS!! A while back I sent my brothers these care packages while they were going through their camp! This was my first time doing this, but definitely not the last! Enjoy! Follow me on all social media @Brittleyh...!
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Instagram: Facebook: Blog: DOLLAR TREE HAUL PLAYLIST!!! Dollar Tree is on IBOTTA !!! . . *Affiliate Links:* ----------------------- *Earn money for shopping online at your favorite stores! Like Target, Amazon, Walmart, Old Navy, etc.! . *Need quality name labels to put on kid...!
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↓↓↓ THERES MORE ↓↓↓ I hope this video gives a little insight into ideas for what to send in a care package to a service member! XOXO, #SwanFam . . . . . We would love to hear from you guys! :) PO Box #892215 Temecula, CA 92589 . . . . . Business Inquiries: [email protected] . . . . . Have you seen our last video? Draw our life/relationship video... Saying goodbye to Bryn...!
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Here is some inspiration for a care package to send to a friend! Social Media~ laercouture on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!...!

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