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Code Geass Zero Requiem is greater than pretty much anything you can think of ngl... Episode 5 of my Anime Analysis Series discussing War Arcs in Anime; Code Geass (series will contain 8 episodes featuring Naruto Shippuden, One Piece Marineford, Seven Deadly Sins, Black Clover, Magi, Fairy Tail, Code Geass & Berserk with episodes daily for the next week) Edited By Jackisboy (grats on 1k subs): LIFE IS A WAR ARC MERCH:!
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I take no part in the creation of the video and all rights go to the creators of code geass. If you liked the video please think about purchasing the entire series....!
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So, you want to watch Code Geass huh? Well hopefully this video will convince you to give it a watch, as well as give you a bit of context about the series with minimal to no spoilers. Heres a quick synopsis of the show if you wanted some more context: The Holy Empire of Britannia conquered the country known as Japan and now call it Area 11. Its residents lost their rights to self-govern and are now called Elevens. The Empire uses powerfully destructive robotic weapons called Knightmares to ...!
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Code Geass Vs Death Note // Subscribe: // Dont miss WatchMojo LIVE on May 31st. Visit starting at 2 PM to check out all the action! These are two Anime Series that many associate with one another. But between Lights quest to become the God of the New World and Lelouchs Rebellion as Zero, which of these two shows stands out the most? Were looking at factors such as Story, Supporting Cast, Suspense, Animation, Powers/Abilities, and Protagonists to decid...!
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At last, we finally countdown 50 facts you should know about Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion! In this video we go over facts, trivia, and unknown knowledge about Code Geass! In this video we are talking about all kinds of different things relating to Code Geass or any of its spin off series, although well be mainly focusing on the anime! On that note, lets all get ready for Season 3!!! Lelouch of the Resurrection is coming!!! Make sure to like for a chance to get that Geass power. Make su...!
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DXs review of the horrible first part of Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion. An awful anime that fails at pretty much everything it tries, and then some. This undercover harem isnt safe from me. Support DX on Patreon: Follow DX on Twitter:!
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Don’t ask me which parts of this video were my genuine thoughts cause even I don’t know anymore. Spoilers for Code Geass in this video Patreon: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook:!
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This clip is from Code Geass Episode 3 - The False Classmate I do not own Code Geass If you have any requests on clips you would like to see please comment them Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringin...!
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* Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. • This video has no negative impact on the original works (It would actually be positive for them) • This video is also for teaching pu...!
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Code geass Opening 1 HD ... Esta serie la recomiendo =D es buenisimaaaaaa!!! califiquen con 5 estrellas o los mato! =D...!
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epic scene where lelouch rejects and ultimately causes Charles Zi brittanias death. episode 21 this is one of my 3 fave scenes...!
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After Euphies death at the hands of Zero, Suzaku plans to take his revenge at the first battle for Tokyo. However, before the battle, he calls Lelouch and seeks his advice. The subsequent conversation is just bursting with barely restrained emotion, and then finally, it explodes (almost literally) into what is probably one of, if not THE most epic Lelouch moment. Episode 23 of season 1. The song that plays at 1:55 is called Nightmare (a lot of people were asking). I should clarify that this...!
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المراجعة بدون حرق مع تقييم عام يوجد جزء في نهاية الحلقة اتحدث فيه عن بعض الأحداث التي تحرق القصه وسأقوم بالتبيه قبل البدء -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- نوع الأنمي: اكشن/دراما العمر المناسب: +١٥ سنة الإنتاج: ٢٠٠٦...!
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Nếu thấy hay thì like và Subcribe cho kênh youtube mình để nghe và trải nghiệm nhiều hơn nhé! Arigatou Anime: Code Geass Song: Victory - Two Steps From Hell ----------------------------------------------------------------- Link Fanpage: Link Group: Link Website: Link Youtube:!
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►Primeira abertura de Code Geass em Português (PT-BR) ►Opening 1 - OP 1 (Colors / Code Geass) ►INSCREVA-SE! Novos vídeos toda semana! ----------------------------------------- Versão em português (PT-BR) da Primeira abertura de Code Geass - Colors Original de Flow Regravada e Interpretada por: Projeto Remake ✱APRENDA A DESENHAR SEUS PERSONAGENS FAVORITOS DE ANIMES COM O MÉTODO FAN ART 2.0 Conheça clicando aqui: Code Geass Abertura 1 Cod...!
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Nesse guia expliquei a ordem ideal para assistir Code Geass e sobre a série de TV, os vários Filmes e OVA da série. ► Vire Membro e ganhe vídeos adiantados e lives exclusivas: ► Recomendação de mangás e Novels BR em promoção: ►3 Filmes de Code Geass resumindo a S1 e S2: ► 1ª e 2ª temporada da serie: ► Trailer completo: https...!
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Suzaku Discovers that Lelouch is zero....!
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分享圓桌武士之戰 非常帥氣的機體操作 GEASS中的對決 官方証實 魯路修 為了ZERO之鎮魂曲而死 謝謝魯路修 大無奉獻的精神...!
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Something I felt no one has done yet so I decided to do it myself. I used the actual Code Geass soundtrack to score the video to give it a more authentic effect. Also its heavily edited visually, so please enjoy. Code Geass Soundtrack Names: 1. I cant do it! 2. In Justice 3. Nightmare 4. Noblesse Oblige 5. All Hail Britannia!! 6. Bad Illusion 7. Stray Cat 8. Elegant Force 9. Devil Created 10. Final Catastrophe 11. Yuukyou Seishunka (TV Ver.) (ED) 12. COLORS 13. No Sentences 14. Cheese...!
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youtuber lelouch be like i order you to hit that subscribe button and comment what your least favorite thing about britannia is Donations:!
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Патреон - - ролик про ЛОР Код Гиасса. Поддержать рублем дважды - Поддержать рублём - Тимиа VK - VK канала - Запасной VK - - инстаграм ___________________________...!
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Code Geass R2 es un anime que no deja indiferente a nadie aunque su género sea de los curiosos mechas. Code Geass R2 es catalogado como un Mecha, sin embargo, no es ni de cerca la principal atracción que tiene esta serie, ya que tiene una de las tramas más complejas que he visto y además, cuenta con dos personajes increíbles como Lelouch y Suzaku, los cuales son los que manejan la historia de este sorprendente Anime, donde la política, el misterio, la estrategia y la moral se encuentran c...!
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Escute minhas músicas também nas plataformas digitais! Spotify: Deezer: Apple Music: Twitter: Instagram: Contato Profissional - [email protected] Instrumental, Letra, Voz, Mixagem, Masterização e Thumb: Enygma (@dillenygma) ...!
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Code Geass : สรุปเนื้อเรื่องทั้งหมดทั้ง 2 ภาคก่อนดูภาค [การคืนชีพของลูลูช] - Animeโว้ย!!#34 .............................................................................. สามารถติดตามข่าวสารเพิ่มเติมหรือพูดคุยกับเราไปที่ เเฟนเพสครับ!
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#CodeGeass #КодГиасс #Анимеза5минут #Анимеприколы Я тут новое видео подвёз) Скажу лишь одно, прошу прощения что сделал очередную хренотень...до зарубежных подобных видео за 5 минут мне ещё очень и очень далеко. Но я обещаю, что буду стараться) И не забываем подписываться на канал) ...!
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Soundtrack: (Unreleased) Contingency Plan. ☑ Main Channel: ☑ Twitter: ☑ Facebook: ☑ Patreon:!
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This is the scene where the Lancelot and the Gawain(I think thats how you spell it) take down the chinese federation. is my fav scene....!
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Y así rurush dominó al mundo al final de la serie, destruir para luego reconstruir xd...!
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Title: This Love Is Killing Me - Rolo Lamperouges Redemption Anime: Code Geass Song: Its Not Over Artist: Chris Daughtry Characters: Lelouch and Rolo Yandere little brothers are the best. Also, Im not going to bother with comments asking about whether or not this video is slash/yaoi/shounen ai/whatever, so please dont send them in. Bromolust jokes, however, are always welcome. The music at the end is Rolos theme from the anime, called If I Were A Bird by Hitomi. HQ link: http://www....!
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this scene was in episode 21 of code geass R2....!
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HotiiBeautii see if Geass affects AIs too. This is one HOT roster featuring exceptionally lean people. This is a memorable trip back to 2007, and its finally time to have my lovely AIs look at the Code Geass cast. They even see their own kind in the form of Mechas, so they are excited to gather data for the Knightmare models—especially for Kallens Guren. And of course, my childhood crush is scored. I included a semi-official portrait of her in the gallery because that image of her stuck with ...!
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Esse é um rap antigo meu, que eu não pretendia postar, mas acabei postando, eu não o considero muito bom, mas vale da mesma forma. Eu editei de madrugada então pode ser que tenha algum erro na legenda, me desculpe. Download (SoundCloud) : Contato Profissional: [email protected] Bora conversar ? Meu facebook : ----------------------UnionZ----------------------- Página da UnionZ: Playlist de Lançamentos: https://goo...!
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C.C loses her memories after the battle with Charles. She becomes innocent like before getting the power of geass. These are scenes taken from Anime Code Geass - Season 2 - Episode # 15 to 19...!
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Conheça meu segundo canal: ----------------------------- Considere se tornar membro do canal para ajudar na frequência de vídeos! ----------------------------- Contato restritamente profissional: [email protected] ----------------------------- Mais informações no comentário FIXADO. ----------------------------- Trilha sonora: hisohkah - school rooftop -------------...!
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I dont own this video. Credit goes to the real owner....!
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COLORS by FLOW Own Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion + R2 on Blu-ray/DVD 10/4/16! _______________________________ In the year 2017 of the Imperial Calendar, parts of the world are under the control of the Holy Britannian Empire. Japan is now known as Area 11, the proud people treated as lower class citizens. Lelouch Lamperouge was once a Britannian prince but when his mother was assassinated, he was sent to Japan and thought to be killed. But he survived. After gettin...!
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We are back with the B-side crew with Code Geass. Today we sit down and react to Episode 9 : Refrain. Things get Be sure to join us in the comments and let us know your favourite moments! Follow us on our social media! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Jaqueline Instagram - jaqueline_stone Twitter - jaquelinestone_ Danielle Instagram - waifuwatch.danielle Twitter - dan...!
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Vous abonnez est gratuit, et puis cela me ferais extrêmement plaisir que de savoir que dautres partage ma PA$$ION dOtaku ! 🔥 #CodeGeass #CodeGeassR3 Cover de lopening de Code Geass en fin de vidéo : Animé dans lintro : Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu, Tate No Yuusha No Niagari, Magi, One Punch Man, Full Metal Alchimist BrotherHood, Noragami, Log Horizon, Black Butler Twitter: (si vous voulez me parler directemen) ...!
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La secuela directa de la rebelion de Lelouch fue algo que la verdad no esperaba, ya que su cierre en la serie fue hermoso y épico, pero ¿Era algo necesario hacer esta entrega? #CodeGeass #LaResurrecciondeLelouch #Revive Si leiste la descripción y quieres realmente algunos spoilers más fuertes. Aqui te digo algo... Basicamente Lelouch decide no quedarse junto con Suzaku Y Nunally ya que el solo seria un estorbo en las vidas de todos, sin embargo decide quedarse con C.C., incluso se prop...!
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★// LINKS DOWN BELOW \★ ▷If you like the content and feel like helping out, Support me on Patreon Follow me on TWITTER▷ & on Instagram▷ TWITCH ▷ ▶ Buy Anime Merchandise at Tokyo Otaku Mode!◀ ☀ ☀ Bookmark this and use it whenever you buy from here, Id appreciate it. Thanks yo! ☀ ...!
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I own nothing in the video all rights go to Bandai Namco...!
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Por fin ha llegado la tan esperada serie al canal, ¡más vale que os guste y que apoyeis el vídeo para ver la segunda parte cuanto antes! Todos los 21 días : Links de interés general (o no) ► Compro mis juegos AQUI : Canal secundario : Mi tienda de ANIME! : ¿Quieres contactarme? : [email protected] Redes sociales ► Twitter : http://w...!
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Disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music of this video. All clips and music belong to their respectful owner(s). This video is for enjoyment purposes only. Artist: Kotaro Nakagawa & Hitomi Kuroishi....!
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Its been a long time coming - the most divisive scene in Code Geass has a lot of detractors, its fair share of snubs, it walks into the club and gets laughed at for wearing goofy shoes. Someone needed to come to its (partial) defense, and that means a heavy look at characters, themes, dramatic inspiration, an analysis of the scene itself, and its foreshadowing. 0:00 - Introduction 1:20 - Recap / Scene Analysis 6:37 - Issues at Hand & Thesis Statement 10:35 - Defense of Lelouchs Command 13:36 -...!

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