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Hi teachers! We all know its super important to instill a love of reading in our students, and what better way than to have an amazing library? But building a classroom library can be tough when your budget is low. Check out my top 5 cost-effective ways to get amazing books for your classroom...without spending an arm and a leg! Feel free to leave a comment with any other tips you have used to get cheap or free books for your classroom! Please like and subscribe! Lets be friends on Instagram @...!
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MY AMAZON CLASSROOM WISH LIST: LETS BE SOCIAL... Snapchat: kimmadams Every Day Instagram: @kimberlyhuls Teaching Instagram: @ElementaryInTheMitten MAKE $$ SHOPPING: ^ (I literally use this website daily. It is fo sho Kim approved). FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Please contact me at [email protected] Remember that you are BEAUTIFUL and LOVED! - - Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed Proverbs 16...!
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Books are powerful tools for inspiring students to become engaged, motivated and skillful readers. Discover the specific benefits that classroom libraries have to offer. Connect with Booksource: SUBSCRIBE – YouTube: LIKE – Facebook: FOLLOW – Twitter: FOLLOW – Instagram: FOLLOW – Pinterest: FOLLOW – LinkedIn:!
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Classroom libraries are vital in the growth of readers. In this video I share a tour of my classroom library, explain how I organize my books, and I talk about how I label each book basket. Check out more classroom library videos here:!
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Hi everyone! I wanted to share some tips on creating, organizing, and maintaining your classroom library. Expect more kindergarten classroom setup videos starting next week as I go back to help my coworker out in her room. Thanks for watching! Instagram: _LearningwithLisa...!
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Michèle Dufresne provides helpful tips for classroom library organization for teachers of emergent and fluent readers. :15 Organization for early readers :30 Organizing by reading level 1:32 Book bins by theme 2:00 Helping students help themselves to new books 2:10 Building book boxes 2:40 Book introductions 3:30 Tactics for independent reading 4:15 Partner reading 5:00 Organization and tips for fluent readers...!
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In this video I give an updated and extended tour of my classroom library. I am a fifth grade teacher. If you have any questions about classroom libraries, please let me know. Game Changer! Book Access for All Kids: The Creativity Project edited by Colby Sharp (ME!) Places to find me: Website: Instagram: Twitter: I started a newsletter! Click below...!
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Managing a classroom library is tricky. Books are coming and going, and if you dont have an effective checkout system, you are probably going to lose a bunch of books. Ive tried a bunch of different systems over the years, and nothing seemed to work for my students. In this video I talk about the different checkout systems that I tried, and what we currently use. Check out my 2018 Middle Grade Novel Playlist: Check out ...!
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LibraryThing is an awesome online resource that I use for keeping track of the books in my classroom library. Additionally, TinyCat allows my students to check out books digitally from my classroom library on their own! In this video, I show the basics of how to set it up with your library and how it can be used with your students. Enjoy! LibraryThing: TinyCat: Music mixed by me, using the Music Maker JAM app on Android. SUBSCRIBE: http://www.yout...!
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Classroom libraries are seen as instructional tools where teachers can customize book selections to match student needs and interests. FCPS 2016....!
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Research affirms the power of culturally relevant literature and practice (Clark 2017), yet, the International Literacy Association (2018) reports that equity in literacy, diversity, and access to diverse content are the most pressing issues in K-12 schools, acknowledging that teachers are unprepared to address these challenges. This project addresses this preparation gap. Pre-service teacher candidates, working with classroom teachers, students, and community members will design classroom libra...!
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This is a tutorial on how to create a virtual classroom / virtual library using google slides and your Bitmoji app! Its a great way for students to access videos during distance learning!...!
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I am SO STINKIN excited to share this video with you! My students told me their *favorite* books, and I have to say, they did not disappoint! (All books are linked!) ♡ open to see more... ✰Shop ALL of my recommendations here! ✰ I am such a believer in helping my students become LOVERS of books, and I think that one of the best things you can do to support that is giving them opportunities to experience books. I asked each of my students what their favorite book was...!
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In this video, Ill show you how to link images of books to online texts or YouTube read alouds for your class. Adding your bitmoji personalizes your classroom library! If you havent created your bitmoji classroom scene, start here first:!
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Check out Clare and Tammys Its All About The Books by clicking on the affiliate link below: Check out the other videos in my One Question With Mr. Sharp series: If you’d like to purchase my book The Creativity Project from Amazon, you can do so by clicking this affiliate link: Places to find me: Website: Instagram: Twitte...!
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Letting children help creates ownership...!
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Involving students in the planning and management of classroom libraries, allows teachers to engage students interest. This clip was excerpted from Stenhouse Publishers Time for Nonfiction video....!
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Schuylerville Elementary School students are celebrating the addition of hundreds of new books to their classrooms. Hear from students and teachers about the new classroom libraries by clicking the video above. Music:!
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Please join me for a tour of my fifth grade classroom library....!
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Check out this tour of my intermediate classroom library and learn how its organized--and why! Visit my blog at!
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In this SOMOS Fun Club episode, Martina and Elicia take a tour of Elicias classroom library and discuss how and why she created one and how she manages it....!
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Explains how to make a virtual classroom library in Google...!
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Heres a list of the books I purchased for my classroom library. I forgot about the Notebook of Doom series, so I didnt talk about them in the video. Sisters/Smiles/Guts box set: Zita The Spacegirl box set: Victoria Box set: New Kid: Last Kids on Earth Book 1: Wimpy Kid Box Set: Monsters Beware: Dragons Beware: https:...!
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Classroom Booksource is an extremely beneficial tool in helping teachers organize their classroom libraries. It is an easy way to keep track of all of the books as well as for students to check out books....!
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Hey lovesss...... this year will be my first year teaching and I am super excited. I started preparing for my classroom in various ways. Tune in to see how I am building my classroom library on a budget! P.S. I will be teaching first grade 💗 Also, if you have any advice for first-year teachers please comment 😊 -Enjoy SHOP MY RESOURCES A Helpful Website www. F A V E ❤️ T E A C H E R ❤️ T U B E R S...!
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United Way Regina launched three Classroom Libraries - the first of their kind in Regina. Outfitting the primary classrooms (Grades 1 & 2) a Kitchener School with over 300 new books in each. That’s an injection over of 1,000 new books available for these classes and children to engage with on an ongoing basis. A Classroom Library is a collection of books organized for easy access in classrooms and play a critical part of United Way’s overall strategy to improve educational outcomes for R...!
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I am sharing how I am using booksource classroom to allow my students to view and checkout books without touching them when we return to school during covid. I plan on allowing students to browse through books using book source and then checking out their choices so that they can read and enjoy at home. I know this is not the ideal way but it will have to do while we are trying to stay safe during this pandemic. I use #booksource to organize by #classroomlibrary as a 3rd grade #teacher Thank...!
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Jena Simms | Wichita Collegiate | Wichita, Organize the books in your classroom so the books are easily accessible to students. Teach for Life is a global movement of people sharing knowledge to better educate our children and create hope for the world. Find more educational videos, learn more about the movement, or learn how to participate at!
Channel Title : Charity Preston Views : 3935 DisLikes : Published Date :2016-06-15T16:56:43Z = Visit for even more great classroom tips and tricks! Less Stress, More Effectiveness!...!
Channel Title : Danny Brassell Views : 17524 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2017-07-30T22:32:04Z How many terrific educators are we losing because we are indifferent, ignorant or inconsiderate of their efforts? How many great teachers and administrators leave the profession because no one took the time to recognize their greatness? Educators – teachers and administrators, alike – are hurting. We lose half of our teachers within six years and half of our principals within three. This constant turnover in education costs us financially, academically and em...!
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HISD Middle Schools receive books from all content subjects for their classroom libraries as part of the districts Literacy in the Middle....!
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A classroom library should always be changing and growing throughout the school year. We are about half way through the school year, so I decided that it would be a good time to take a step back and look at how my fifth grade classroom library has changed since the start of the school year. Places to find me: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Thanks for watching. Please me know if I can help you in an...!
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My classroom library is almost complete. Cardboard Schu loves sitting in the library. He keeps saying, Happy Reading! I think that means he approves....!
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Studies show that the number one risk indicator for dropping out of high school is a students literacy level. By providing books for all reading abilities in every elementary classroom, Tacoma Public Schools is intensifying efforts to make sure every child can read at least at their grade level....!
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Setting up a classroom library for the first time? Giving your current library a refresh? Kelli answers common classroom library organization questions and shares what she’s learned through the years. Connect with Booksource: SUBSCRIBE – YouTube: LIKE – Facebook: FOLLOW – Twitter: FOLLOW – Instagram: FOLLOW – Pinterest: FOLLOW – LinkedIn:!
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An educator panel featuring Lisa Stringfellow, Sarah Marie Alberti Jette, Jess Lifshitz and ​Julia E Torres ​Moderator: Rebecca Marsick, school literacy coach LINK TO INFOGRAPHIC MENTIONED IN VIDEO: Lisa Stringfellow, teacher and author Website: Sarah Marie Alberti Jette, teacher and...!
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Classroom Libraries...!
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VISIT OUR WEBSITE: This video is an easy way to manage your classroom library so that you can keep the books organized and not get mixed up. Classroom Library Labels from The Creative Classroom:!
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If a classroom library is important to you BUT you do not have a lot of money to spend on books. I am here to tell you how I filled my classroom library the first year of teaching without spending all my money on books. Many people will tell you that you do not have to have a classroom library the first year, but if it is important to you, it is possible. Thriftbooks Link for Referral from a Friend (again NOT sponsored at all, just love the website!)!
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My students share how providing time in class will help secondary English Language Arts students develop as readers. To further the discussion and see the rest of this presentation, please check out our Classroom Libraries prezi at!
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Clara shares a strategy she uses to organize her classroom library and get kids thinking about genre....!
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Welcome to a new series on my channel know known as building a classroom library! Through out these videos I will show you all the books i continue to buy to build my classroom library. Currently I am taking a break on buying and waiting out my grade level, I unfortunately still do not know if I am teaching second or fourth. Instagram:!
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Updated (added captions, doesnt move so quickly--easier on the eyes). A short video that shares pictures from our classroom library.!

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