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15 Classic Books Everyone Should Read In Their Lifetime Part I | THE BOOK CLUB SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: Get PRIDE AND PREJUDICE Audiobook for free: Buy it on Amazon: Here are the books mentioned in this video: 1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen; 2. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde; 3. To Kill A Mockingbird by H...!
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Thank you so much for watching! Remember to follow me on social media (links below) to stay up to date on what Im reading! Get a free audiobook! If you buy some discounted books with free international shipping from this link, I get a small commission! Follow me! Twitter: @zoeherdt Instagram: zoeherdt Snapchat: readbyzoe Goodreads: Tumblr:!
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These are my recommendations on where to start with the English speaking worlds classic literary canon. In this video, Im roughly calling classics books that were published pre-World War I, with a few exceptions like Agatha Christie Lipstick: Wonderland by Urban Decay *~*~*~* Books Mentioned: All links are affiliate links to my shop; if youre looking for Penguin Clothbound Classics, here is my shop with all the ones I could find:!
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These are some of my favourite classic literature novels that i have read so far. If you have any recommendations for me please comment down below as i am always looking for new novels to immerse myself in. All of these books were purchased on amazon or found in second hand shops. CONTACT INFO: INSTAGRAM: nidaona E-MAIL: [email protected]!
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As promised, this is a bookshelf tour of all of the classics editions in my collection! Here are some timestamps for your reference if you want to skip to a specific section: Potential Issues with Penguin Clothbound Classics edition- 1:00 Which edition is right for you?- 2:23 Overview of main shelf- 6:13 Penguin Clothbound Classics (Regular, Philosophy, & Poetry)- 8:49 If youre looking to buy Penguin Clothbound Classics, here is the link to my affiliated shop that Ive compil...!
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Links to books I talked about in this video (These are affiliate links. If you buy through these links, I get a small cut): Peter Pan: Grimms: The Picture of Dorian Gray: The Outsiders: The Giver: WHERE TO FIND ME: ► My Website: http://www./ ► Twitter: ► Goodreads: ► Instag...!
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I share my favourite classics Ive ever read! ❗️ SUBSCRIBE: 📚 MY BLOG: 📱 MY TWITTER: 📸 MY INSTAGRAM: 📖 MY GOODREADS: ➤ MY BOOK, THE PAPER & HEARTS SOCIETY A YA novel about a book club, a literary road trip and the ultimate summer of friendship. Out in June 2019 in the UK. ADD ON GOODREADS → PRE-ORDER ON AMAZON →!
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My top 6 classic novels that I personally think are actually worth reading as well being good and easily digestible starting points. What makes classics so hard to read? Even though they are classics, why are they so hard to get into for most? These are extremely applicable for students in school and adults trying to get into reading. These are opinions only!! No need to leave drama in the comments please. All music provided by Like book reviews?? Check these out!!...!
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so you want to read a NOT boring classic? here are 8 of my favorites!! please let me know some of your favorites down below as i am always looking for reccomendations! my goodreads: instagram: // love always, callie 🌻📚...!
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Mike talks about the other side of classic books with 14 of them that he loved. 0:04 Introduction and Sensitive Content Warning 2:11 Book #1 3:25 Book #2 4:46 Book #3 6:21 Book #4 7:46 Book #5 9:15 Book #6 10:35 Book #7 12:32 Book #8 14:14 Book #9 15:57 Book #10 17:57 Book #11 20:12 Book #12 21:32 Book #13 23:48 Book #14 Follow Mike on his Goodreads page at Support us on Patreon: Join us on Discord https://disc...!
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CHECK OUT THESE BOOKS: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TWEET ME: INSTAGRAM ME: MY BOOK OUTLET LINK: Business Email: [email protected] Music: Youtube Audio Library Disclaimer: Thank you to BookOutlet for sponsoring this video...!
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I talk about the classics that I would recommend for people who are scared about reading classics or dont know where to begin! ❗️ SUBSCRIBE: 📚 MY BLOG: 📱 MY TWITTER: 📸 MY INSTAGRAM: 📖 MY GOODREADS: 📷 MY SNAPCHAT: lucythereader Jane Austen Tumblr post link: ➤ BOOKS M...!
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yes, i did accidentally call 1984, 1994 ~ for clarification, the books included in this video are books that I and others have considered classics ~ these are mostly my (subjective) opinions on these books based on my reading experiences with them [in light of some recent and past transphobic things the author has said, I’ll no longer be talking about HP or it’s author on this channel anymore] also i forgot Angelas Ashes takes place in America and then in Ireland. oops. its newer, but some...!
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i apologize that my uploading schedule has been crazy this week. recently started a new full time job so i dont get home till late + have school work, and im always exhausted. i filmed this video the other day & didnt get around to editing it to today because I was busy & then got sick, lol. please stick with me as I figure out my new schedule (: enjoy where you can find me when im not on booktube: → amazon wishlist: → beauty/lifestyle channel:!
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ALL THE CLASSICS! I NOW HAVE A P.O. BOX!! Samantha U P.O. Box 1400 Wilsonville, OR 97070 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now a BooklyBox partner! They have amazing monthly book boxes and you get to choose your genre! Use my discount code and youll receive 20% off each month!!! My Link: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...!
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hello lovelies! thank you so much for watching and let me know your thoughts in the comments :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- intro by// subscribe button by// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- social media: book depository affiliate:!
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Reading classic books can often seem daunting. Classic literature books within the English Literature canon come with a fair amount of cultural baggage and, because of this, many people are put off reading classics. Yet, since Ive started trying to read more classics, Ive been really enjoying the works of George Eliot, James Joyce, Charles Dickens and others. In this video, Reading Classic Books for Beginners, I wanted to share some of the tips Ive found helpful for how to start reading classic...!
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Do you remember when Brittany Wang and I did the Indie Book Store Crawl? Well, turns out I won the $800 worth of gift cards, so today is the day where I do my massive book haul! Check out the vlog from our book crawl: Brittanys YouTube channel: Canterbury Books Word Cloud Classics: →Newsletter, Free Downloads & Webinars: →The Book Launch Planner: MY SERVICES - - - - - - - - - - -...!
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another thrifted classics book haul - i found so many literary classics as well as so many classical studies related works :) 🌜Hi! Im Emma and Im a uni student studying literature and classical studies - I make booktube videos, writing vlogs, uni vlogs, and other random things! Feel free to subscribe or come chat with me about books! :) 🌛 you should read these!! https://www.goodreads....!
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hiii 🌟 hope this video finds you well - Im sending you all lots of love 🌸 today its time for me to show you my updated classics collection, which keeps growing because I adore classics so much! I plan to film one of these videos once per year, so I hope you enjoy it ^^ grab your favourite drink, get cosy and lets talk about there beautiful books! Id love to know your favourite classics, any special edition you might own, a classic thats been on your tbr for ages, or anything your heart wo...!
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Hey friends! ITS HERE ITS FINALLY HERE, the long anticipated classic recommendations video! It took me quite a while to film edit, and prepare for this video just because I had a lot of thoughts about the classic books that I have read. I hope you enjoy! ♡ ................................ ♡ Business inquires ♡ [email protected] ................................ ♡ Social Media ♡ ▸ Instagram: ▸ Goodreads:!
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Theres a quote attributed to Mark Twain that goes something like: A classic is a book which people praise, but dont read. And I think a lot of us feel that way -- the idea of settling down with all 1,200 pages of Tolstoys War & Peace is enough to make us give up before weve begun. But the classics are the classics for a reason, and any serious booklover will probably want to explore at least some of them. So weve made this list of Classic Books You Should Actually Read. There are countless w...!
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In which I struggle to find synonyms for beautiful (besides gorgeous). [ FIND ME ELSEWHERE ] Twitter- @hailsinbookland - Instagram- @haileyinbookland - Personal Instagram- @haileybeyondbookland - Goodreads- Snapchat- @hailsheartsnyc [ ABOUT ME ] Hi Im Hailey! Im a 21 year old Canadian bookworm. I spend my free time thinking about books, buying books, talking books, and, of course, reading books. I love...!
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Check out our featured song: Catch Hell For Comfort by Cultural Vultures! Top 10 Darkest Classic Novels Some of these much-lauded tales contain pretty bleak content. For this list, we’re looking at pieces of fiction with sinister or cheerless storylines and themes. We’re really honing in on novels, so plays and poems won’t be considered. That means no Shakespeare and no “Paradise Lost!” In terms of what we’re considering to be a classic, it’s more bas...!
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Original upload: Please, like, share, subscribe, and comment! Also, please, turn on your notification button/bell next to the subscribe button for the latest interviews and Jordan Peterson clips, videos, lectures and speeches. Jordan Peterson grants me Partial License. @TeamYouTube The intro song is Gymnopedie No. 2 Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons:...!
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15 Classic Books Everyone Should Read in their Lifetime Part 2 | Book Club SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: 15 Classic Books Everyone Should Read In Their Lifetime Part I: Get GONE WITH THE WIND Audiobook for free: Buy it on Amazon: Disclaimer: Signing up for Audible will result in financial compensation for Alux Inc which in turn helps the channel. ...!
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Today I decided to talk you through every book in my ever growing but already huge classics collection - enjoy! #classicsbooks FIND ME! Goodreads - Instagram - Twitter - Blog - Wishlist - ENQURIES! [email protected] MUSIC!!
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This list contains both old classics and modern classics. Enjoy! :) My Top 10 Favourite Literary Fiction Books: Find me on: Twitter: @HeleneJeppesen Goodreads: Instagram: helenejeppesen...!
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With these works of literature, authors turned inspiration into a lasting legacy. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Greatest Novels of All Time. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :) Special thanks to our users MikeyP, serendipity456, Spencer Blyton, Rihards R...!
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Im finally getting round to filming the #classicstag! What are your favourite classics? Let me know in the comments ❤️ My classic recommendation is Shirley by Charlotte Bronte: (affiliate link) Want to support my channel? Subscribe to my channel and tip me for just £1 at Buy books using my affiliate link: You...!
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Hello book lovers!!! This is a big list of BIG books which I am very excited (and scared!) to read!! #2020TBR This year one of my #classicscommunity #readinggoals is to read books with the mentality of quality over quantity!! I want to read the big classic books that Ive been putting off for years, simply because their size intimidates me! The fact that Im currently LOVING Anna Karenina has really motivated me even more to achieve this goal! While also making me and Emma (from her channel *em...!
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Mike talks about 5 literary classics that he doesnt get the hype for and the unpopular opinions attached to it. 0:04 Introduction and Rules 3:03 Book #1 4:21 Book #2 6:49 Book #3 8:41 Book #4 10:48 Book #5 12:17 Final Thoughts Follow Mike on his Goodreads page at Support us on Patreon: Join us on Discord Visit my Amazon Wishlist: Follow Mike on Twitter https://...!
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Thanks for watching & thank you to the Bookishly team for sending me this very cute, very little box :) : : : : : : : : : : Get your own #classicbookcrate here! - : : : : : : : : : : I have a book club! Its called the Story Atlas Book Club & you should totally join!! The Story Atlas Book Club (LINKS!) - GOODREADS: - TWITTER: @thestoryatl...!
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Classic Black Haul Im so excited that I got to gets these classic books from my local used book store. List of books: https...!
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❦ ★ Links and timestamps below ⬇ if you need them. Today’s episode reviews the gorgeous Chiltern Classics series – beautiful volumes with detailed cover designs and quality materials that hark back to the Victorian bindings of yesteryear. I highly recommend them! This video is a bit of a ‘sit back and enjoy the view while listening to some classical music’ affair, but if you’d like to know more about the contents of each book, I’ve got more detailed summaries of each one on my...!
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In a slight tangent from my usual content, I wanted to chat a little bit about classic books and my opinion on why we should read them. Ive got a few favorites! // TORIS LINKS // Website: Instagram: @vteckennovels Facebook: Goodreads: My Amazon Wishlist: Grab some new bookish goodies from Bookoutlet with my ref...!
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Here are 6 books I love. Books that have moved me. Books that have changed me. Books that have informed, educated and entertained me. I hope you enjoy them too. I recommend all of the classic books for improving your English. I indicate the suggested English level for reading each book. Some are advanced but others you can tackle at intermediate level. The Life of Pi UK/EUROPE US Hand to Mouth UK/EUROPE US!
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Hey guys 💫💫 im back with another book video wooooo!! in todays episode im recommending some books which I think EvErYoNe should have read!! Theyre also very useful to have read, in general, but particularly as a student, and most specifically as a comparative literature student. Im in my last year and can tell you these text have come up. a. lot. i love my degree 💗My Recommendations! 💗 - Iliad/ Odyssey - Homer - Aeneid/Metamorphoses - Virgil/Ovid - Divine Comedy - Dante - Hamlet ...!
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*edits out a full minute of my butt while Im looking for books on my shelves* Interestingly, Everymans Library and Modern Library arent related as Id thought. BUT, if youre looking for hardcovers Id recommend Everymans, and if you prefer a paperback and can find it in a Modern Library Edition Id go for that one. ✨  Editions mentioned -  Penguin Orange Classics: Penguin Deluxe Classics: Penguin English Library:!
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Hello people! How are you all doing? Hope you’re all good and safe and healthy. I have accumulated a couple of (umm, ok maybe more) books and I am sharing with you all the love and joy I feel regarding these spectacular finds. Hope you’ll enjoy this videos if you are all new to my channel, welcome! I am overwhelmed by all the love and positivity. Alhumdulillah! Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for commenting! Thank you for the silent subscribers. 🥰❤️ Reesha. 🧕🏼Wh...!
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I share some of the classics that Ive bought recently! This video contains a paid-for advertisement by Penguin Platform. ❗️ SUBSCRIBE: 📚 MY BLOG: 📱 MY TWITTER: 📸 MY INSTAGRAM: 📖 MY GOODREADS: 📷 MY SNAPCHAT: lucythereader Watch my New Year, New Books tag on Penguin Platform → ➤ BOOKS MENTIONED The links below are affiliate links, which...!
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Let’s share our love for Russia, shall we? :) Find me on: Twitter: @HelenTheBookowl Goodreads: Instagram: helenejeppesen...!
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Turn your Nintendo DS™ into a library of 130 classic childrens tales from some of the worlds best known authors. Featuring various genres from fantasy, detective, adventure to fairytales, get lost in a literary world of adventure on your DS™!...!
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CLICK HERE PLEASE: Dont let our world turn into more dystopian. Let us not have our voices go to waste! __________ Whats up? Im Aubrey! ✌️ Im back with a new video that Im not entirely sure why I did it. Hahaha. Let me know guys if there are other great classic books I need to read as well! 💕✨ Comment, Like and Subscribe if you somehow saw this enjoyable. lol (pls. comment, I dont bite...!
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