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Visit the feature page on RA: In cosy hideaways on snow-filled streets, a welcoming musical community....!
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Camille Charrière takes Vogue Paris on a tour of London to show us the best addresses for Christmas in the city. From the perfect gift at Fortnum & Mason to the ecclectic selection of decorations at Liberty London, tinsel hair to the famous Christmas tree at Trafalgar Square, these are the places that make London the most festive place to celebrate the holiday season. Special thanks to Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Charlotte Tilbury, The Braid Bar, Liberty London, Petersham Nurseries, The Lond...!
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Dublin – where history and heritage thrive, and good cheer abounds. Check out the top sights and stories of the capital city and start planning a trip of your own! When ready, browse vacation packages to Dublin: Despite a long and sometimes tragic history of invasion and resistance, this thriving business capital has poetry, music and literature percolating through its cobblestones. While #Dublin proudly honours its past, it i...!
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Visit the feature page on RA: Step inside some of Tokyos most elegant musical hangouts....!
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Your intro guide to the city of Melbourne, Australia. Ever been to a city and thought, Could I live here? How many cities are a YES to that question? Overnight is back and this time, Im going more in depth. Im spending a bit more time and energy to really show you the best of a city that I love, or learned to love. Heres Melbourne. This Melbourne travel guide is split into 5 parts to help you make the most of your stay in this coastal capital. Watch the whole series:!
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Check out all the recommendations from this video in our Google Maps List: Nous aimons, Paris! Discover places in Paris that are highly rated and reviewed by Googles Local Guides community, the people who share reviews, photos and more on Google Maps, as youre planning your trip. Look out for more City Guides by Local Guides videos for your favorite destinations. Subscribe to see more videos: Want to become a Local Guide? Click here:!
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Parisienne Jordane Crantelle took Vogue Paris on an exclusive green City Guide of Los Angeles. Visit her 7 top sustainable hotspots including her favorite vintage clothing store, vegan restaurant Plant Food and Wine, organic beauty shop The Detox Market and her go-to for a green juice. Director/ Editor - Thilbault Della Gaspera Lighting assistant - Lucas De Gastines Color Grade - Simon Meheust Mixage - Manuel Lormel Producer - NIkki Petersen Editor-in-chief - Jennifer Neyt Subtitles available...!
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Being Rome born and bred, Mariacarla Boscono knows the Italian capital inside out. So, who better to ask than the supermodel – who moved back to the city after a 15-year hiatus in New York – to show Vogue around? From go-karting in the Pincian Gardens to dining at the trattoria she’s been going to since the age of one, Boscono reveals how to best spend a day in the city. At night, she heads to the Campo de’ Fiori, one of the capital’s main squares, to soak up the atmosphere. “I come...!
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Embark on a journey around the world with the new Louis Vuitton City Guides and be inspired from the alleys of Beijing to the Venetian Canals. Visit Discover the new Louis Vuitton City Guides, now exploring Paris, New York City, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Beijing, London, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Miami, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, and Venice. ABOUT LOUIS VUITTON Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has placed fashion in the context of culture bringing unique design...!
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Find out the best places to get tacos in Mexico City. Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? ►► CONNECT WITH BON APPETIT Web: Twitter: Facebook: Google+: Instagram: Pinterest: Tumblr: The Scene: http://thescen...!
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Learn more about Bangkok:!
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Our Mexico City Travel Guide! This wonderful city is truly the star of one our best episodes ever. I have never fallen in love with a city quite as quickly as I fell in love with Mexico City. The Mexican capital is everything I want in a city; sprawling, loud, exciting, creative, friendly, and absolutely delicious. Our Mexico City guide is one of our longest episodes ever and I feel every second is justified as this city has so much to offer. The food section alone is packed full of delicious...!
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Visit the feature page on RA: Get to know one of Japans less appreciated cities with a musical maverick....!
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Time for my 2nd episode of my sustainable city guides: this time I’m going to London. Enjoy babes! #london #travelguide #sustainableshopping @USELESS_DK ► FOLLOW ME My blog: Instagram: Pinterest: ► FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO MAP Find my map on Google maps here: HOTELS The Zetter Townhouse (AD/gifted stay): Budge...!
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► Support the Channel: ► Subscribe Here: I have not made many beginner guides for skylines if you think this is helpful tell me in the comments below? ► Download this map here BEECH SHORES: ► Traffic Light mod : ► WATCH LIVE: ► TWITTER:!
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WATCH IN HD! READ ME: Hello and thank you for clicking on this video! Today were looking at the very affordable LV city guides in terms of practicality, design, content & more! So if you wanna find out my major PROs & CONs for these LV city guide, keep watching & enjoy! Dont forget to like, comment & subscribe! See you in my next video xx...!
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Visit the feature page on RA: Pizza, vinyl-cutting and go-karting in Kansai....!
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We travel to Seattle, WA, one of the most pet-friendly cities in America, to show you the best dog-friendly restaurants, bars, and activities you can enjoy with your pet. Alexis Hotel (dog-friendly hotel) Fremont Brewing (dog-friendly bar) Norms Eatery (dog-friendly restaurant) Magnuson Park (off-leash dog park) The Barkery (dog-friendly food t...!
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Curious City Guides EP 1 will help you when visiting the beautiful historical city of CAMBRIDGE. We talk about punting, Market Square, Cambridge University and the Curious History behind the most of them. Join us in our quest- GO TO BED EVERY NIGHT A LITTLE WISER THAN YOU WERE WHEN YOU GOT UP 🔥🔥🔥 New videos every Tuesday (at least). -- Our Gear: 🎥 Camera: 🎤 Microphone:!
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Your ultimate guide to an eco-friendly trip to Berlin! Enjoy loves! ADVERTS - DISCLAIMER Hotel is gifted/complimentary. #berlin #travelguide #sustainable ►Find my public Google map here: @USELESS_DK ► LINKS/PEOPLE/CONTENT MENTIONED *ADVERT* ►15% off Guldsmeden Lulu in Berlin with code: Signe_Lulu Read more about hotel guldsmeden here: *ADVERT* ►Get 10% off my jewelry brand by signing up to our newsletter: www....!
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City Guides makes its way west to Calgary, Alberta, to explore the citys historic sites and architectural styles....!
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I have been SO excited for the first episode in my new travel series called: sustainable city guides. LINKS AND DETAILS ARE BELOW. Enjoy babes! #copenhagen #travelguide #hygge @USELESS_DK ► FOLLOW ME My blog: Instagram: Pinterest: ► FEATURED IN THIS VIDEO MAP Find my map on Google maps here: HOTELS Hotel Skt. Petri (AD/gifted stay): https://www....!
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It’s easy to forget that a flight from New York to Dakar, Senegal takes as much time as one to Paris. Once there, hit the streets for lively beaches, world-class surfing, textile markets, fresh seafood, and—of course—mbalax, the city’s musical heartbeat. Still haven’t subscribed to Condé Nast Traveler on YouTube? ►► ABOUT CONDE NAST TRAVELER Expert travel tips, destination guides, videos, and the best of food, fashion, and design from around...!
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Thank you for watching this Athens travel guide! Watch my Greek food videos► Subscribe for new videos► Best of Athens Travel Guide! In this Athens travel guide video, youll find practical information and tips about the top things to do in Athens, some of the best restaurants I tried, accommodation tips, and transportation. ARRIVING: Athens International Airport Taxi - 38 Euros Metro - 10 Euros per person ACCOMMODATION: I...!
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Take on Art Deco in Shanghai with the new Louis Vuitton City Guide. See the full collection of Louis Vuitton City Guides now on © Louis Vuitton Malletier / Des Quatre ABOUT LOUIS VUITTON Since 1854, Louis Vuitton has placed fashion in the context of culture bringing unique designs to the world, combining innovation with style and uncompromising quality. Today, the Maison remains faithful to the spirit of its founder, Louis Vuitton, who invented a genuine “Art of ...!
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Catch a glimpse of the famous London town! Or more than a glimpse – we’ll show you through the whole city. When ready, browse vacation packages to London: A trip to #London might as well be a trip through history. This city is full of modern construction mixed with ancient buildings. Your London #vacation must include St. Paul’s Cathedral, one of its most well-known churches. You’ll also want to see the Tower of London,...!
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Chicago – From humble beginnings, this city has bloomed into one of the USA’s frontrunners. Check out the top sights in Chicago and start planning a trip! When ready, browse vacation packages to Chicago: #Chicago, once a small trading post on Lake Michigan, has grown into a true global city. Visit “The Windy City” and chow down on deep dish pizza for a truly unique #vacation experience. Follow “The Loop,” the city...!
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The City of Light glows as bright as ever as the most visited city in the world. Follow us on our journey through Paris and see why for yourself. When ready, browse vacation packages to Paris: #Paris attracts 42 million visitors a year, be one of them with a #vacation of your own. #Visit the Arc de Triomphe in the center of the city, one of a number of historical arches and landmarks peppering Paris. Head to the Champs-Élysées...!
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New York City Travel Guide: Everything you need to know . This is it. The Ultimate New York City Guide. Today this travel guide will give you all the information about Manhattan Brooklyn Queens the Bronx and Staten Island. Time Codes to the different chapters will be below! 40 DOLLARS OFF your first AIRBNB Stay! Make sure you use my link! Buy some fresh Clatt Merch! i have a patreon as well... https://www.patreo...!
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Learn more about Cape Town:!
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Learn more about Cairo:!
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Learn more about BA:!
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In this episode of Boozy City Guides, Allison Kave, co-founder and co-owner of Butter & Scotch, explores the city of cities - New York City! Challenged to find the best meal in town to pair with Kings County Distillerys Peated Bourbon, she invited her two colleagues from dessert and cocktail restaurant, Butter & Scotch, to hunt down the best dishes in New York City. From cheesy goodness to cauliflower-crusted pizza, the three ladies drink a respectable amount of bourbon before ending up at a spe...!
Channel Title : Views : 154265 DisLikes : 56 Published Date :2013-04-17T21:05:09Z On the banks of the river Seine in northern France, Paris attracts 42 million visitors a year, making it the most visited city in the world. Beginning at the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées runs along the Historic Axis. This grand avenue is where Parisians come to eat, drink, shop, enjoy the theater and celebrate life. It merges into the largest square in Paris, the Place de la Concorde. A short stroll away is the worlds ...!
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Updated live guide for this fight: This fight preview consists of Heroic and Mythic footage from Nyalotha, The Waking City raid instance from the PTR. Expect a full guide for this encounter when the instance hits live servers in a few weeeks. Check out our written guide on Wowhead: If you enjoyed this boss preview give us a like! ✶ Twitch --!
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For over 30 years, Zagat has helped folks find the best options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With our newly relaunched website, you can explore the best dining in destination cities, engage with Top 50 restaurant lists, and map the most delicious offerings around your location. Check out a preview in this video, and then dig into the new site at!
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Lisbon – Welcome to the capital of Portugal. Explore the hilly streets of this coastal city and take in the rich culture here. Check out the top spots to visit. When ready, browse vacation packages to Lisbon: From a Phoenician outpost to 16th-century trading giant, from the Great Earthquake of 1755 to its glorious reconstruction, #Lisbon has long been a city of shifting fortunes. On a #visit to the waterfront, find ...!
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We challenged Stu Bale, founder of co-working space for flavor hackers Crucible, to find the best meal in London to pair with Compass Box Peat Monster. He brought along Michelin-starred chef, Nurdin Topham and restaurateuse, Jo Nethery, on a boozy adventure through the city. With chicken wing hats to a secret location, all roads led to boozy pancakes at the end of the night. Special thanks to Star Slinger who provided amazing tunes for this episode. Check out his music at:!
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Paris - City Video Guide...!
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The French capital has long been synonymous with romance, fashion and food. Join Lonely Planets whistlestop tour to get a flavour of what makes Paris such a delectable destination. Visit for more information about Paris....!
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Lets get around Bangalore city with our Hosts Ritz Gautam and Champaka Ananth. Being Regarded as the best Bangalore City tour ever, this video will touch various sections of this amazing cosmopolitan city. See places to explore, shop, have food and relax in this happening city. Places like Iskon, Art of Living, Lalbagh, Cubbon park, Shopping destinations, food destinations - all are covered in this video. Presenting a mix of bangalore tourist places and not so touristy places, we at TGF, will l...!
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Frankfurt – Welcome to one of Europe’s most important trading capitals. Check out the best places to visit in Frankfurt and start planning your trip! When ready, browse vacation packages to Frankfurt: Today, #Frankfurt is home to the European Central Bank, the German Stock Exchange and an airport, which handles almost 60 million travelers a year. Despite its stature as a financial giant, Frankfurt remains surprisingly c...!
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Add City Guides and destination information from Travefys Library of over 620 destinations. In this tutorial: Adding City Guides Adding single points of interest Creating custom City Guides Start your free trial at Visit Support at!

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