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This screencast will show you how to create a choice board with clickable links using Google Docs....!
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Hi there! In this video I go over how I make my Google slide lessons more engaging using interactive choice boards. I go over two ways you can create and use choice boards. I also go over how you can use and edit the free template included. To access the free template please visit this link: If you found this useful, please give this video a big thumbs up!...!
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TPT Store: Watch this video to learn how to create a choice board using Google Slides. This is a great way to provide students with an agenda or choice of activities. I post my agenda choice board at the start of each week....!
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This was a Facebook Live I did about using DIGITAL choice boards/menus in the classroom!...!
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Video 1 of 2...!
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Ignite Choice Board: Digital Choice Board:!
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A quick video with information for using a Choice Board in your world language class. Visit to download the FREE!...!
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If you are creating Hyperdocs or Choice boards for students consider creating a Google Classroom assignment and linking to the assignment. This lets you force a copy and gives you access to the copy....!
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Bring student choice, differentiation, and creativity to your classroom by using choice boards! Your students will LOVE being able to choose how to show what they learned and know. Go to to find out more!...!
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Students perspectives on using Choice Boards in their classrooms....!
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This video shows you how to create a choice board using Stephen Morriss template and adapted to be submitted in Schoology....!
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This new template for Google Slides for education is for you to use for daily activities or to create a choice board for your students. Choice boards have been a life saver for me, I am not an educator myself, and sometimes I run out of ideas or activities for my daughter to work on during this very particular time where we are confined home. And I must give a HUGE shout out to Karly Moura because, among a million things, she created the eLearning 4 everyone site, filled with goodies for educa...!
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A simple way to create choice boards for your students. Choice boards can be used for independent work, review, extensions, and more!! I used them in my ELA class (I called it a Menu), with must do items and can do items. Im using them in science as review/extension for those that complete work faster than the others or a way to review in class or at home....your creativity is the limit!! :) Watch more instructional videos by going to!
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How to make a clickable choice board in Seesaw This video shows you how to create a clickable choice activity on Seesaw between pages. This is handy for young students or learners that like following along to complete their work. Check out my website here: Want to know more? Visit and subscribe for tips, tricks and resources sent to your email inbox! Search Mrs Priestley ICT on Facebook @Jordan_priestle on Twitter @mrspriestleyict on Ins...!
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Video 2 of 2...!
Channel Title : Scott Watson Views : 612 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2020-06-08T13:51:25Z
An interactive virtual classroom can be a fun, educational online tool for K-12 (and older) students! In this age of online e-Learning, they are especially relevant. In this tutorial video, Dr. Watson shares the steps for creating your virtual classroom using Google Slides. The same steps presented for creating a virtual classroom can be used to create an interactive choice board. Dr. W explains that as well near the end :)...!
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Learn how to create interactive slideshows in Google Slides by adding internal links. This trick is especially useful when creating digital choice boards & other interactive presentations to support distance learning! LEARN MORE ON THE BLOG: GRAB FREE TEMPLATES HERE: HOW TO CREATE INTERACTIVE GOOGLE DOCS: ...!
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Using a choice board can both help a child learn how to talk and reduce a familys frustration. Here is a how a choice board can help your family and how simple it is to make and use one! Enjoying these videos. Check out our other free content? Http:// to give a one minute tip about Autism to help your family while having her morning coffee. You an catch the replays here on Youtube, her website Http:// or her IG @HopeEducat...!
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Create an interactive choice board using Google Slides for a student-centred learning approach! You can add your favourite Bitmojis and attach your choice board on your learning management system or embed it into your class website! This is great for projects or for everyday lessons. DOWNLOAD MY CHOICE BOARD 👇 TIMESTAMPS 👇 Intro: (0:00) Choice Board ideas: (0:18) Creating a Choice Board using Google Slides: (1:21) Embedding a Choice Board into Google Sites...!
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Music Crew Virtual Conference 2020 This session will explore how to set up a Padlet to use as a student choice board in virtual learning. Session handout can be found in the Free Resources section of my TpT store.!
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Learn more about Choice Boards, including navigation, instructions and grading information. / Aprenda más sobre las Tablas de Opciones, incluyendo navegación, instrucciones e información de calificaciones....!
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A choice board in Seesaw provides a series of activities for students to complete, and can be created for any subject or grade level. This workshop shared and built on a fantastic and longer (69 minute) video about creating choiceboards from Seesaw PD in Your PJs. Slides for this workshop are available:!
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In todays vlog I would like to share with you my version of stations. If you love giving your students choice my smart stations are a perfect fit for your students. If you are curious and would like to hear more about it you are in the right spot too! Don’t forget to hit the LIKE button, COMMENT down below, SUBSCRIBE, and hit the NOTIFICATION bell so you don’t miss any future videos. Your feedback and love is greatly appreciated from me! MENTIONED AND/OR USED IN THIS VIDEO: News room arti...!
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Need to create an engaging, student-friendly digital choice board with Google Slides? In this fast-paced walkthrough you can watch again and again, learn how. You’ll see how to “hide” slides that you can link to and create a hyperslide deck....!
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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create an interactive choice board using Google Slides. The Slides all link to assignments in Google Classroom....!
Channel Title : Chirp Views : 694 DisLikes : Published Date :2017-02-24T17:09:08Z
In this video, I show you a visual tool I use to help students calm down. This strategy is especially useful for kids who dont respond well to the Red Alert plan. Red Alert plan (especially good for kids on the Autism spectrum): Social-Emotional And Sensory Support For Your Child: Social-Emotional Skills: Staying Calm: Negation And The Dinosaur Brain: https://w...!
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What is a Choice Board? How do I use one? How many activities do I have to do?...!
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In this video Laurain from the Wandsworth Autism Advisory service talk about using choice boards, a selection of pictures showing a child what they have available to choose from. #LocalOffer #ASD #Autism...!
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In this video Wil Page, Instructional Technology Coach at LAUSDs Thomas Starr King Middle School goes over a Google Slides Presentation and connected Website to help you expand student voice and choice in your assignments....!
Channel Title : The Watson Institute Pittsburgh Views : 801 DisLikes : Published Date :2016-06-17T18:39:13Z
This is a strategy to teach students to make requests and initiate communication. For more information visit!
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Learn how to create a choice board in Google Slides that includes image backgrounds with bitmojis, text boxes and hyperlinks. Add it to Seesaw or Schoology to Share....!
Channel Title : Brooke Brown Views : 2258 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2020-03-25T22:19:04Z
Tons of ideas for simple engineering projects for elementary students using the following STEM Bins® materials at home: *PAPER ROLLS *LEGO *MINI CUPS *WOODEN PLANKS *PLAYDOUGH GRAB YOUR FREE CHOICE BOARDS BELOW: Learn more about how to implement STEM Bins in the classroom setting: Purchase ready-made STEM Bins kits from hand2mind: Visit my website: Follow me on Instagram: https://www.insta...!
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In this tutorial, I show how to create a choice board on Google Slides. Its actually very easy to do. Check out my blog post about it over at and be sure to subscribe to gain access to the Choice Board template that Ive created for you. You can find it in the Bespoke ELA FREEBIE LIBRARY! Heres the link:!
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Sometimes we want to give our students options in how they complete a project or assignment. Choice boards are a great tool to use for these. Here we look at how to create a Choice Board inside of Canvas. Get more from the Community: This is a support group for those educators who are now using Canvas as their learning management system (LMS) and are looking for tutorials on how to improve their courses....!
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Creating using Bitmoji and images a class activity choice board or classroom that looks great but is very functional. Lots of tips on hot keys and quicker ways to work and be efficient. Roll up with your cup of coffee and Click on the following link for the Companion Resource with images and backgrounds to make it quicker for you. See Google Class online at:!
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Math choice boards are a great way to bring differentiation, creativity, and student choice to your classroom! Your students will love being able to choose the way to share what theyve learned! See it here!!
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DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: Choice boards...!
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3rd Grade Choice Board...!

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