Chinese Art

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Maxwell Hearn, the new head of Asian Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, demonstrates the ancient art of understanding and appreciating Chinese scroll paintings. Related Article: Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free and get a handpicked selection of the best videos from The New York Times every week: Subscribe on YouTube: Watch more videos at: ------------------------------...!
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Traditional chinese painting - Class painting Chinese painting - first lesson Material recommend Chinese Traditional Paper Ripe Xuan Paper for Chinese Japaness Painting Chinese Calligraphy Brush Ink Writing Xuan Rice Paper Handmade Watercolor Chinese Calligraphy Xuan Rice Paper *Chinese Ink : *Chinese Traditional Watercolor Brush :!
Channel Title : Bloomberg QuickTake Originals Views : 672070 DisLikes : 418 Published Date :2017-01-31T08:00:05Z
Sun Xun is one of China’s most talented and ambitious young artists. He experiments with drawings, traditional ink paintings and woodcuts, and then uses new technologies to transform them into his artistic trademark – black and white animations. Born in 1980 in Fuxin, his works often explore and question what is known about Chinese history. In 2006 he founded his own animation studio called Pi and produces large amounts of work each year. In just under 10 years, Sun Xun has held over 30 solo...!
Channel Title : CCTV English Views : 32911 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2017-06-05T08:07:25Z
At the 2010 Christies Hong Kong Autumn Auction, a pair of imperial cloisonne incense burners made during the Yongzheng Emperors reign in the Qing dynasty were auctioned for HK $129.5 million, breaking the international record price for an enamelware auction item. Cloisonne. The artform of cloisonne combines traditional Chinese bronze-casting, ceramic-making, water and ink-painting and engraving with Western filigree enamel techniques. It has a history of nearly 1,000 years. Subscribe to CCTV on...!
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This young little girl have a given talent at drawing Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel....!
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Landscape Chinese Art Painting Material recommend Chinese Traditional Paper Ripe Xuan Paper for Chinese Japaness Painting Chinese Calligraphy Brush Ink Writing Xuan Rice Paper Handmade Watercolor Chinese Calligraphy Xuan Rice Paper *Chinese Ink : *Chinese Traditional Watercolor Brush :!
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Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: An art school in Beijing in China has attracted millions of followers online for sharing videos of its students “pranking” teachers with their realistic drawings. Follow us on: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin:!
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Avant Garde (2009): Meet the Chinese artists who have taken the art world by storm. For similar stories, see: Beijing Olympic Fever You Wont Believe The Models That John Cox Makes The Japanese Millionaire Helping the Elderly Through Art Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads: For downloads...!
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Chinese Ink Painting - Quick Draw by Ink | Art Trick Like and subscribre my channel for more painting video: Facebook: Twitter:!
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Chinese art painting : Pink Lotus Flower and Stork...!
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mohammed agbadi finds the best digital painting tutorial from china. GET TUTORIAL HERE : FOLLOW AN AMAZING ARTIST LIVIA PRIMA Join the Discord ; You should checkout my patreon. -------------------------------- FOLLOW ME↴ -------------------------------- ▶ DAILY VLOG: ▶ ART Instagram+IGTV: https://instagram...!
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Today were seeing insane Art from Tik Tok. These are phenomenal tik tok compilations from Tik Tok China. Its a tiktok art compilation that shows different tiktok artists. It was one of the top tik tok art videos we found and it shows painting, drawing, as well as other creative types of art such as chalk art. Very artsy. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ★ F O L L O W C A N T O M A N D O 😊 👍🏼 S U B S C R I B E: 👕M E ...!
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Get CuriosityStream & Nebula for free to watch thousands of documentaries: Use the promo code KENTOBENTO to get 31 days free. Official Kento Bento Merch: Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: Business Inquiries: [email protected] *the narrative of the implication of the Chinese government was made popular by Alex Palmer of GQ in...!
Channel Title : Great Big Story Views : 382288 DisLikes : 39 Published Date :2016-11-15T14:49:33Z
To balance on a single piece of bamboo on the water requires exceptional balance. So does ballet. Combine these two athletic arts and you have “ballet on the water,” an impressive variation on single bamboo drifting. Once a mode of transportation, single bamboo drifting originated in China’s Guizhou Province and requires a person to stand or sit on a single piece of Mao bamboo while performing graceful movements. It’s a performance you’ve got to see to believe. This Great Big Story wa...!
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[Eng Sub] Chinese Art Studen pranking their teachers with realistic drawings, Teachers: do I need to be proud or frustrated?. Support me directly: Donate: ♛ Please leave a like if you enjoyed and tell me what you think in the comments! ♛ Dont forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe! Because your support give me spirit to make more videos. (^▽^) Thank you for watching (^▽^) ~~~~~~~~~ QING is a channel that will upload douyin videos with included En...!
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The show features the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibition Cinnabar: The Chinese Art of Carved Lacquer, 14th to 19th Century. It explored thousands years Chinese lacquer art tradition. Many art pieces on view were works created as birthday gifts, these gifts represented peoples good wishes, its symbolic meaning and its culture background were also discussed. For example, peaches and pine tree leaves symbolized longevity; melon and pomegranate symbolized many kids and family prosperity, drag...!
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Pretty amazed by her drawing like no others. This young little girl have a given talent. Hope you enjoy the video! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks you :*...!
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The first 1000 people to use this link will get a 2 month free trial of Premium Membership: ------------------------------------------ Accented Cinema - Episode 40 2018s Shadow seems like a film overlooked by many. I personally found it to be a fairly good film, and believe it to be Zhang Yimous best blockbuster yet. Over the years, I feel like Zhang has been judge rather harshly, especially by general audience. In this video, I want to talk about Shadow, and t...!
Channel Title : Boston Herald Views : 27987 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2015-01-05T06:10:01Z
Boston MFA Exhibit : Court Ladies or Pin-ups Chinese Art Paintings. Highlights include Court Ladies Preparing Newly Woven Silk (1082–1135), one of the MFA’s great masterpieces of Chinese paintings, as well as 18th century erotic paintings, turn-of-the century hand-colored photographs of courtesans, a 1930s advertisement poster, and 20th-century propaganda posters of female factory workers....!
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A very traditional Chinese folk art which is really rarely seen nowadays....!
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Chinese Art Paintings : Plum painting by Gu Chengxi...!
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#painting#howToDraw TIK TOK CHINA NEW PAINTING COLLECTION 2019😍PART-03 Enjoy the video..! We want your support! Help us reach 1000 subscribers. please subscribe my channel: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Like,Hit & leave a comment! Dont forget to subscribe! Turn on the bell to be the first to see to new painting videos! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- please subscribe guys! TIK TO...!
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Check Out This Amazing Artists: 奕霖私人定制 Bilibili: This incredible crafter will show his process into the creation of metal accessories. From bracelets to lighters, he shapes them using traditional techniques. Have youve seen this techniques before? Submit your art video to get featured on our channel at: [email protected]!
Channel Title : Now Ive Seen Everything Views : 26206 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2018-11-10T10:54:08Z
Check out this beautiful compilation of delicate brush painting using a traditional Chinese technique by Nan Rae. Nan Rae has published her artwork as greeting cards for about the past twelve years. Her large paintings are scanned and re-sized for the cards. Because her work is open, light and impressionistic, the results are stunning and well received. Nans art is now being used for greeting cards and a wide variety of upscale stationery products produced by Ling Design for England, Ireland,...!
Channel Title : yanghaiying Views : 84754 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2013-08-11T13:44:43Z!
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Explore The Story of the Western Wing....!
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New videos DAILY: Join Big Think Edge for exclusive videos: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT BIG THINK: Smarter Faster™ Big Think is the leading source of expert-driven, actionable, educational content -- with thousands of videos, featuring experts ranging from Bill Clinton to Bill Nye, we help you get sm...!
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Lu Jie, Director, Long March Space, Beijing Sylvain Levy, Founder, DSL Collection, Paris Chen Yang (Chaos Y. Chen), Co-Founder and Director, WiE Kultur, Berlin Moderator | Zheng Shengtian, Managing Editor, Yishu, Vancouver Date | Friday, June 12, 2009...!
Channel Title : cunytv75 Views : 2101 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2017-06-23T15:51:11Z
The program gives a brief overview of the Qin and Han dynasties, the most important dynasties in Chinese history. By using the unearthed art objects at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts exhibition Age of Empires, the program reveals the life in China 2000 years ago. With more than 160 objects (sets) from 32 museums in the People’s Republic of China, the exhibition took 5 years for the Met to complete. Chinese Art Curator Dr. Zhixin Jason Sun gives the audience an informative tour, almost ever...!
Channel Title : China Art Ranger Views : 10381 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2017-11-19T12:33:19Z
Amazing Chinese Art- Bamboo Weaving in Zhenjiang/Bamboo-weaved artworks We went to Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu province, to take videos for Mr.Gen. As a master of bamboo weaving, he got lot of awards of handmade artworks. We were amazed by his artworks and masterpiece when we got there. He started doing bamboo weaving since he was 8 years old, and he is 70 already now. Once we got there, Mr.Gen introduced his new artwork that he has been working on recently, which you can see from the video. The ...!
Channel Title : South China Morning Post Views : 26849 DisLikes : 22 Published Date :2018-11-21T06:00:02Z
Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: A solo exhibition by Chinese contemporary artist Cai Guoqiang has opened at the Uffizi Galleries in Florence, Italy. Before the opening, Cai put on a colourful fireworks display inspired by Renaissance art and its great masters to honour the city. The piece is entitled “City of Flowers in the Sky”. Read more:!
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Traditional Landscape Painting in Chinese Art Part 1/2...!
Channel Title : TRT World Views : 7728 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2017-10-13T07:54:34Z
The Guggenheims latest exhibition, a sweeping look at Chinese art, was already making headlines long before it even opened to the public. Activists protested against several works, which featured live animals, leading the museum to take the unexpected step of removing pieces from the show in their original format. But as Jade Barker reports, the curators hope attention will now be on the works themselves and the impact theyve had in the contemporary art world. Subscribe:!
Channel Title : PBS NewsHour Views : 27934 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2012-12-12T22:17:12Z
Ai Weiwei has spent his career creating art with a direct social and political message. His photos, sculptures and installations highlight issues like Chinese censorship and corruption. Jeffrey Brown reports on Ais artistic career and According to What?, an exhibition of his work at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington....!
Channel Title : Library of Congress Views : 1212 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2018-08-21T16:59:39Z
In this lecture about emotion and visuality, Anne Burkus-Chasson discussed her research on Chinese paintings and illustrated books and offerred an in-depth look into the paintings of Chen Hongshou, which delineate a narrative event and elicit an emotional response from its viewers. She also referred to themes that engage self-representation, theories of vision and ways of seeing, as well as the interrelationship between words and images, painting and print. For transcript and more information, ...!
Channel Title : cunytv75 Views : 1138 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2019-07-19T02:45:00Z
This show explores China’s thousand-year-old tradition of landscape painting. This is the last round of the two year exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, named Streams and Mountains Without End (4 rounds total). Asian Art curator Joseph Scheier-Dolberg(Full title: Oscar Tang and Agnes Hsu-Tang Associate Curator of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy) leads a guided tour through the galleries, highlighting the works of Chinese landscape art from the Song dynasty (one thousand years ago) to tod...!
Channel Title : Bonhams Auctioneers Views : 4409 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2013-11-04T11:39:51Z
Sale highlights introduced by Colin Sheaf An important and extremely rare wucai fish bowl Longqing six-character mark and of the period A magnificent and rare Imperial blue and copper-red turquoise-glazed dragon moonflask, bianhu Qianlong seal mark and of the period (1736 - 1795)!
Channel Title : ChineseMasterpieces Views : 14192 DisLikes : Published Date :2017-05-20T19:36:00Z
Authenticating Chinese Ancient and Archaic Nephrite Jade Carvings for more information go to my website!
Channel Title : Art Documentaries Views : 75212 DisLikes : 17 Published Date :2013-10-24T00:51:29Z First broadcast: 23 Oct 2013. The ancient art of Chinese painting is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in history. Kate Bryan, former Hong Kong resident and the Fine Art Societys head of contemporary, travels to China to find out more about this tradition, a journey which coincides with a once-in-a-lifetime exhibition at Londons Victoria & Albert Museum, Masterpieces of Chinese Painting. In China, Kate learns...!
Channel Title : Contact Cmap Views : 249 DisLikes : Published Date :2019-03-21T21:05:49Z
When Xu Zhen established MadeIn Company in 2009, he announced the dissolution of his own artistic identity; later he asserted that Xu had become a corporate brand. In the six chapters of this videotaped conversation with Yu-Chieh Li, Xu discusses his practices in relation to MadeIn’s operations, which, from research and production through marketing and sales, serve Xu’s projects. (The company’s newly opened gallery in Shanghai will also represent other artists.) What are the implications o...!
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A look at some nice offerings at Christies ONLINE!! (See link below) Also how things did on eBay this past week from the Bidamount News Letter page and listings from Catawiki. Good Chinese silver, early porcelains, Ming through 19th C. porcelains, a dandy little carved wine cup, and other news. Christies ONLINE SALE Visit Us At : Fun fact, most active eBay users, who buy and sell on the ...!
Channel Title : CCTV English Views : 18785 DisLikes : 4 Published Date :2017-07-06T03:09:05Z
The Filigree Inlay, also known as fine gold technology, is a century-long Chinese traditional handicrafts, mainly used for the production of royal jewelry. The abundant use of precious stones and the perfection of the gem mosaic process is the most important contribution of the Ming Dynasty silk inlaid jewelry to the traditional Chinese jewelry. It rewrote the tradition of Chinese jewelry crafts which had been emphasizing ornaments while bellitling gemstone. Beijing tassel mosaic represents the...!
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Subscribe Now To Our Network Channels The NewsHour Debate : ET Now : Times Now : Social Media Links :- Twitter - Facebook - G+ - Also visit our website - India and China on Wednesday (September 17) held a flag meeting to discuss the situation in Chumar sector of Ladakh where troops of both the sides are engaged in a face-off situation. The Brigad...!
Channel Title : Peoples Daily, China 人民日报 Views : 1841 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2018-11-01T04:24:38Z
Chinese artist brings goldfish to life by painting 3D goldfish layer by layer, forming a stunning 3D creation....!

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