Child Delivery

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Complete series: Anastasia, 26, is preparing to give birth for the first time. She can’t wait to meet her daughter and is also excited about going through the experience of labour and giving birth. She sees it as a privilege rather than an ordeal. Although her husband won’t be present during childbirth, Anastasia says his love and support help her immensely. Meanwhile, 36-year-old Elena is expecting her second child. She has a daughter and is ...!
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Wow! I cant believe how long it has taken me to get this vlog edited. It was so emotional getting to relive this special day. I had such an amazing experience. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me to check in on our family. I took a nice long break to enjoy having this sweet baby and I am finally feeling able and excited to get more video content to you all! Thank you always for your love and support. If you want to check out my other birth vlog here is a link. It was a completel...!
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UPDATE: Watch an updated version of this animation here: License this video for your hospitals health literacy or marketing initiatives: This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, shows a time lapse view of labor and delivery during normal vaginal birth in a simplified form with only the mothers skeletal structures and the baby in the uterus. Also shown i...!
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Channel Title : MedFreelancers Views : 142144 DisLikes : 92 Published Date :2017-06-24T06:44:08Z Lower Segment Cesarean Section - LSCS (Surgical Delivery Video of Baby) 👶 Caesarean section, also known as C-section or caesarean delivery, is the use of surgery to deliver one or more babies. A caesarean section is often performed when a vaginal delivery would put the baby or mother at risk. This may include obstructed labour, twin pregnancy, high blood pressure in the mother, breech birth, problems with the placenta, umbilical cord or shape of the pelvis, and previou...!
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Expecting twins, Jasmines life changes dramatically when a rare condition threatens her babies. After 12 weeks in the perinatal special care unit at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women & Newborns in San Diego, Dr. Lorraine Stanco and Dr. Philip Diamond decide its time to deliver Jasmines girls. To learn more about pregnancy and childbirth services at Sharp HealthCare in San Diego, visit Visit our website: Find a doctor at Sharp:...!
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Complete series: Vitalia can’t wait to give birth. She is a week overdue and because of a difficult pregnancy has to spend time in the pathology department. Her boyfriend talked her into having a baby together but their relationship didn’t work out. Vitalia made a decision to leave him. Now the future father shows no interest in having the baby and Vitalia is preparing to become a single mom. Luckily her mother Tatyana is by her side, ready to ...!
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Many parents-to-be ask to see the inside of St. Lukes Birth Care Center operating rooms. Since it is a sterile environment they are not allowed -- so a mom and dad graciously allowed us to video their babys birth so others in a similar situation may see what it would be like. Many thanks to the family! To take a tour of St. Lukes Birth Care call 319-369-8129 or register at!
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UPDATE: Watch an updated version of this animation here: License this video for your hospitals health literacy or marketing initiatives: This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, depicts a normal vaginal birth using a time-lapse effect. Strong uterine contractions push the fetus (baby) forcibly through the birth canal during labor. Concurrently, a pi...!
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By Global Health Media Project. Download link: This video shows current best practices for a solo birth attendant throughout a woman’s labor, birth, and immediate postpartum. The intended audience is frontline health workers in the developing world. Copyright © 2015, Global Health Media Project...!
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License this video for your hospitals patient education or marketing initiatives: This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, shows labor and delivery followed by vaginal birth. It includes the three stages of labor: early and active labor when your baby pushes lower into your pelvis, delivery when your baby exits the birth canal, and finally delivery of the placenta when your placenta separates from the uterine wall. ANH11041...!
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We finally did it! Baby girl is here. ✨💗 ♡INSTAGRAM: ► BIRTH STORY…coming soon I realize there are some gaps in the birth vlog, I tried to fill in the holes but it was a crazy day (and a crazy past 2 weeks)! Thank you so much for joining in on our journey so far xoxo ► MY PREGNANCY VIDEOS Finding Out I’m Pregnant: Telling Our Family We’re Pregnant: Telling My Friends I’m Pregna...!
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Katie and Charlies journey began with a surprise ultrasound filled with four tiny, beating hearts. Sharp HealthCare helps Katie through a high-risk pregnancy with quadruplets. Learn about pregnancy and childbirth care at Sharp HealthCare in San Diego: Visit our website: Find a doctor at Sharp: Subscribe or see more videos from Sharp HealthCare: Like...!
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On Wednesday, January 16, 2019, Justin and Sarahs lives are changed forever. This is the story of how their first-born child made her way into this world. Follow them on this unforgettable experience, as they welcome their baby girl through an unmedicated natural delivery. The pregnancy ends at 40 weeks & 5 days, but the beginning of the rest of their lives begins. Please follow us on instagram @justinsarahpark Our PO Box address is: PO Box 27019 Tuscany PO Calgary Alberta T3L 2V0 Canada...!
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I cant believe this is my sisters live birth vlog! It was such an emotional live birth, and changed my life forever. Her water broke first then live active labor began. It was the most natural and beautiful birth of my sisters first baby. Newborn bliss is magical and I know you guys will love this little guy so much! Enjoy his emotional live birth and official name reveal. Thank you for always supporting me, and being my biggest fan! I LOVE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO BE A SUNSCRIBER: https://www.youtub...!
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Do you want to have a baby WITHOUT an epidural? On June 25, 2015 I delivered Eloise Marie Hover without any medication and I thought it would be fun to tell you about my experience and share tips in case youll be doing it one day too! I pretty much knew nothing about natural labor before it happened so anything Im sharing is strictly from experience but I hope it can be helpful for you! Here are some of my tips for a natural labor. Stay connected with us! Instagram // Snapchat: @jess_hover @s...!
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Don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to follow our babes as they grow ❤️❤️ Our beautiful twin baby girls made their debut Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018!!! I was 36 weeks and 5 days. I was induced and after 17 hours of labor and an AMAZING epidural our girls were born vaginally only 7 minutes apart. We experienced so many tender mercies and little miracles helping to make everything so smooth. Our birth story was beautiful and our experience was a true treasure. We were truly surrounded ...!
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We are thrilled! Our baby boy is here! This is the offical labor and delivery of baby Oliver Rhett! Link to NEW single A Little Like Me Text us! +1(310) -299-9154 SUBSCRIBE TO Kyler and Mad! Follow our Instagrams for a SHOUTOUT on our next video! @taytumandoakley @kylerstevenfisher @madisonbontempo @itskylerandmad @oliverrhettfisher Intro Music by Jordyn Edmonds!
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This video discusses the benefits of delivering your baby at Lucile Packard Childrens Hospital Stanford and amenities offered in our Labor and Delivery and Maternity Units. Please visit and to learn more. Video production by Shoulder High Productions, LLC (!
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Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is delighted to present our Antenatal Education Class, a patient information video. We hope that the following short videos and slides will help answer some of the questions you may have about the changes that happen to your body in pregnancy, the labour stages and pain relief, and what happens once the baby is born. Please note: Simulation dolls have been used in some areas of this video. This information will assist you to make birth choices...!
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CafeMom Studios is Motherhood as we see it. We feature authentic voices, compelling stories, and topics moms care about. Subscribe now to CafeMom Studios so you never miss an episode!!
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I tried to find out how much my son’s birth would cost before it happened. I failed. Subscribe to our channel! Childbirth is a really common procedure in the US. Around 4 million women will go to a hospital this year. And most births are relatively uncomplicated. But even for the most common medical procedure in the US, the price for labor and delivery is almost impossible to find out before it happens. I decided to try it out--to see if I could get a number of how much ...!
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NEW: The Positive Birth Company Digital Pack is the worlds most affordable and accessible online hypnobirthing program: - Buy it today and make your birth better! ................................................................................................. In this video I explain how to do Down Breathing. This is a hypnobirthing breathing technique you can use once your body starts to push. This is a more gentle way to birth your baby r...!
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This midwife delivered a baby in a parking lot. » Subscribe to NowThis: » Sign up for our newsletter KnowThis to get the biggest stories of the day delivered straight to your inbox: In US news and current events today, after she went into labor, Susan Anderson and her husband Joseph rushed to Natural Birthworks in Margate, Florida. Susan took only a few steps towards the building before giving birth right there in the parking lot,...!
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Full Playlist: - - Watch more How to Handle a Medical Problem videos: You can see the baby’s head but there’s no doctor in sight. First, calm down. Then follow these instructions. Warning When delivering a baby, do not try to pull out either the child or the umbilical cord. Step 1: Put down some sheets Put down some sheets, towels, clothing, ...!
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This video shows a fantastic story of premature delivery of Mrs Jagriti, who was diagnosed with umbilical cord prolapsed in the 8th month of her pregnancy. Umbilical cord prolapsed occurs when the umbilical cord comes out of the uterus with or before the presenting part of the fetus. It is a relatively rare condition and occurs in less than 1% of pregnancies. Thus, through an emergency delivery, the baby was born. At the time of birth, the baby weighed only 1.4 kg and was immediately admitted to...!
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welcome our baby Londyn to the family I showed u guys the whole process didnt want to make you guys wait because yall are family to us as well! hope yall enjoy this heart warming baby delivery!! IG: IG: Business Contact➡️: [email protected] Lets get this Video to 20,000 LIKES...!
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Choosing to keep the placenta is becoming common among parents in Arizona....!
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Welcome to the home birth vlog of our newest addition to the family. Watch the gender reveal video here: (Alena) Since Ive given birth to 5 children, I thought I knew all I’d ever know about birthing. However, this time was so different. Our baby came into this world in under 2 hours from the first birthing wave to the time the baby was born. This wonderful phenomenon is known as a precipitous birth, or rapid birth. It happens in just 3% of births and may be contri...!
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Nacimiento del bebé. By Global Health Media Project. Download link: This video shows how to assist the mother to safely birth her baby and minimize tearing of the vagina. The intended audience is frontline health workers in the developing world. Copyright © 2015, Global Health Media Project....!
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Not every woman undergoes a traditional vaginal delivery with the birth of her child. Under conditions of fetal or maternal distress, or in the case of breech presentation (when a baby is turned feet first at the time of delivery), or if the woman’s first baby was born by cesarean delivery, a procedure called a cesarean section may be required. credit : touch surgery #Cesarean_Delivery #Caesarean_section #Csection...!
Channel Title : TED Views : 2698012 DisLikes : 984 Published Date :2011-11-14T20:07:50Z Image-maker Alexander Tsiaras shares a powerful medical visualization, showing human development from conception to birth and beyond. (Some graphic images.) TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the worlds leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas...!
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Today I show you how to quickly & safely deliver a baby in an emergency. When it comes to delivering a baby its extremely important that you remain calm and follow these steps. This technique will show you how to have a quick, safe, relatively pain free labor. This is the exact same procedure that doctors follow each and every day. This technique will ensure that your baby is born healthy and as quick as possible. Theres no need for a hospital or a trained doctor! Anyone can do this - you dont n...!
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To watch or download this film for free, visit MEDICAL AID FILMS: 200+ films in 20 languages about womens and child health - for health worker training and community education!
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By Global Health Media Project. Download link: All small babies are at risk of problems after birth. This video shows how to classify a small baby to determine further care. The intended audience is frontline health workers in the developing world. Copyright © 2017, Global Health Media Project...!
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Watch how the blood flows through the babys circulation and compare it to what happens in the fetus. Rishi is a pediatric infectious disease physician and works at Khan Academy. Created by Rishi Desai. Watch the next lesson: Missed the previous lesson?!
Channel Title : Real Families Views : 69907 DisLikes : 37 Published Date :2018-01-01T18:00:04Z
Unlike other baby shows that gloss over the birth and boil it down to a few short seconds of pushing, this series tells it like it really is, focusing almost entirely on the birth and first few days at home. As no baby’s birth is the same, the series presents a wide range of dramatic, tension-filled and incredibly moving journeys, each show presenting a uniquely intimate and truthful portrait of giving birth, with every one resulting in an incredible emotional journey. Real Families is the ne...!
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This is a brief video on normal labor, or ordinary childbirth occurring in four stages at 37-42 weeks of gestation. I created this presentation with Google Slides. Images were created or taken from Wikimedia Commons I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor. ADDITIONAL TAGS: Stages of normal labor: Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 “Stage 4” Postnatal By OpenStax College - Anatomy & Physiology, Connexions Web site., Jun 19, 2013., CC BY 3.0, https://comm...!
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Hannah’s goes into her delivery with a specific birth plan - only to watch it all unravel. What would you do? Follow Hannah on Instagram: Get the latest Mom In Progress merch! Shop our UK ( and Germany ( merch stores too! Credits: Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedVideo!!

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