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The 2020 Chevy Corvette C8 is the hottest car of the year -- by far. Today Im going to review the new C8 Corvette, and Im going to take you on a tour of the new 2020 Corvette. Then Im going to drive the 2020 C8 Corvette and tell you what its like on the road. WEBSITE & MERCH! FOLLOW ME! Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - DOUGSCORE CHART:!
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2020 C8 Chevrolet Corvette Specs 495 hp; 470 lb-ft torque from a 6.2L pushrod 16-valve V-8 with aluminum block and heads and direct fuel injection 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission Curb weight: 3,535 lbs Dimensions: 182″ L x 76″ W x 49″ H MPG: 15 city / 27 highway Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S ZP, F: 245/35ZR-19 (89Y) R: 305/30ZR-20 (99Y) Exterior color: Shadow Gray Metallic Interior: Adrenaline Red MSRP: From $58,900; Price as tested: $72,075 -Need new tires? This is the best p...!
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After decades of anticipation we finally get to drive a mid-engine Corvette. Hallelujah! The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is a mid-engine supercar with naturally-aspirated 6.2-liter LT2 V8, an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission, a removable roof panel, and a zero to sixty time of less than 3 seconds when equipped with the Z51 Performance Package. As dazzling as its performance credentials is the new Corvette’s starting price under $60,000. How does all that automotive potential translate to...!
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Up until now, the only 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray we drove had a bunch of options and the Z51 Performance Package, which added nearly $25,000 to the car’s starting price: $85,000. Ouch. The mid-engine 2020 Vette was good even at that price, but what’s this car like at its shockingly low and much-touted entry-level price? We drove a 2020 Corvette 1LT, the base model, to review — and if you really need anything more than a $60,000 Vette. Learn more about the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette S...!
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The Chevy Corvette: Americas sports car. From humble beginnings as a design project to bonafide legend, the Corvette remains a defining American car. Join James Pumphrey as he tells the story of the Chevrolet Corvette. Some of our best videos ever are coming out soon, stay tuned so you wont miss a thing! Want a Donut shirt or sticker? Visit ►Subscribe here: Check out more Donut Media Videos:!
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During the Spring Event on Weeze Airport, I have filmed this amazing 700HP & 900Nm 6.2L V8 Supercharged Corvette C7 Z06 Convertible (aka Black Diva)owned by MF-RS750. You can see this Z06 in action on a closed airfield drag racing against other supercars. Follow MF-RS750 on Facebook: Liked the video? Click the like button, comment, and subscribe! Follow me: Subscribe: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: http://www.instag...!
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Lets review the all new 2020 mid-engine C8 Corvette and see what its like to drive!! 2020 C8 Corvette test drive, review and exhaust video! Lets go in depth with the new Corvette from Chevrolet! Todays video we take a full look at the all new mid engine 2020 Corvette C8! This is the hottest car hitting the market and was amazing to check out! The new C8 Corvette is fantastic to drive! Throttle response is amazing from the V8 engine and the 8 speed DCT is lightning quick! The handling seemed razo...!
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Check out for your chance to win a 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51 plus $20,000 and support a great cause. With its incredible reputation for straight-line acceleration, Thomas and James put the 2020 C8 Corvette up against the established drag race king: the Dodge Demon. The Demon costs a whole bunch more money and has a ton more horsepower, so this is insane. But hey, its YouTube. And things dont always go as predicted. Watch to find out. Subscribe! A massi...!
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Follow us on Instagram @ redline_reviews or Facebook Quite possibly one of the best sports cars money can buy, the latest Chevrolet Corvette Stingray has all the right ingredients: loud noises, stunning looks, and incredible performance to match. The C7 is simply a world class sports car and that can challenge the worlds best from Europe and Japan....!
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A few months ago, the 2020 #C8Corvette practically broke the internet with all the hype. By now, you should now the big story with this all-new #Corvette is centered around its new mid-engine design. #Chevrolet gave this car the architecture that enthusiasts have been begging for and the result is supercar that can accelerate to 60 in less than 3 seconds thanks to a new 6.2L LT2 V8 with nearly 500 HP and a quick shifting 8-speed dual clutch transmission. #ChevroletCorvette #C8 #ChevyCorvette...!
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Chevrolet’s Corvette Academy, the online learning center for the first mid-engine Corvette, has added 23 new videos to show owners how to get the most out of their cars. The latest videos will help educate consumers on various Corvette features, tips and how-tos from the engineers and experts that brought the Corvette to life. Thanks for watching Exclusive t-shirts for car fans: 👉10% discount with this code: STAYHOME Subscribe now to YOUCAR, a point of reference f...!
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Спасибо команде QWEEX за съемку и продакшн тест-драйва. QWEEX Creative Association!
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Check out for your chance to win a 2020 Corvette Stingray Z51 plus $20,000 and support a great cause. Thomas and James finally get behind the wheel of the much anticipated 2020 C8 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, with Z51 Package (performance exhaust, tightened suspension, larger Brembo brakes, and an electronic limited-slip differential) and a bunch of other added extras. At an MSRP of over 100K Canadian, could this be the best performance bargain on sale? ...!
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Today I check out the 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray! This has a full red leather interior, 7 speed manual and powerful V8 engine. Fantastic looking car with sharp exterior lines. Upscale interior with aluminum, leather and great fit and finish. Smooth shifting and has tons of power with a great sound! This is a fun car to drive and very driver focused! Its awesome that the roof can come off and be stored in the back of the car, that makes it that much more fun with the top down experience! Be s...!
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Life of Cars Bkk - ตามติดชีวิต 4 ล้อ ส่อง 2020 Chervolet Corvette C8 - นี่มัน Ferrari รึเปล่า ?! ขอบคุณทุก วิว ไลค์ แชร์ มากๆนะครับ ฝากกด สับตะไคร้ เป็นกำลังใจด้วยนะคร้าฟฟฟ *** ติดตามพวกเราได้ที่ *** โจ้ FB : (ตามติ...!
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► Subscribe: Thank you for watching! The music was provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Track: Itro & Tobu - Cloud 9 [NCS Release] Link: Tobu: ➞ Spotify ➞ SoundCloud ➞ Facebook ➞ Twitter ➞ YouTube Itro: ➞ Spotify https://open.spotify.c...!
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Conoce todos los detalles del nuevo Chevrolet Corvette C8 2020. Acompaña a Jaime Gabaldoni en su experiencia #ABordo del primer #Corvette con motor central. Su corazón es un V8 de 6.2 lts. Que puede producir hasta 495 HP y es ofrecido por un precio inicial de $58,900 en EEUU. 0:00 - 06:40 - Historia 06:40 - 10:33 - Desarrollo 10:33 - 12:32 - Diseño / Frente 12:32 - 16:07 - Interior I 16:07 - 19:00 - Diseño / Lado 19:00 - 21:40 - Interior II 21:40 - 23:18 - Diseño / Posterior 23:18 - 26:02 ...!
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Друзья, я решил воплотить в реальность давнюю свою мечту. Я купил под восстановление Corvette C3 1981 года. Купили его на аукциона онлайн, в слепую, смотрите как это было. И конечно не пропустите, что с ним будет дальше. Timon PVG он же Тимофей Основатель RDS и много много чего;) И просто ...!
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Chevrolet Corvette на AUTO.RU: Профиль владельца корвета: Почта для связи [email protected] Добавляйтесь в друзья!) Инстаграм:!
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Corvette БУ: Все о проекте из грязи в князи: Со штрафами помог Silverstone F1 Monaco Добавляйтесь в друзья!) Инстаграм: Cнимал...!
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Автоспот,лучший способ купить новый автомобиль!
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Precio del modelo base para EEUU: $58,700 USD Precio de modelo base para México: $1,990,000 MXN #CorvetteC8 #2020Corvette #Corvette 2020 Gracias por ver nuestros videos :) Te invito a que me acompañes a bordo de los autos que manejo en Instagram: @gabosalazar21 También acompáñanos alrededor del mundo para conocer más sobre la industria automotriz en las siguientes redes:!
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GO READ MY COLUMN! THANKS TO DHR STREETSPEED: Z06 REVIEW: The 2019 Chevy Corvette ZR1 is the ultimate Corvette. Today, I’m reviewing the new Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and I’m showing you around the ZR1 so you can see all the cool features of the new 2019 Corvette ZR1. FOLLOW ME! Facebook - Twitter -!
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4K POV Drive in a 2019 Chevy Corvette Stingray! With 455 Horsepower and 455 Torque, this Corvette is a lot of fun. 0-60 times come in just over 3.7 seconds. This thing is a rocket. I had lots of fun driving this corvette. Even though this was the base vehicle, it was such a great car. The 6.2L V8 sounds super good. Bose sound system comes standard, so great music. I would definitely love to drive this car again. Please like this video and subscribe to my channel if you would like to see my car d...!
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ссылка на приложение Авто.ру: поддержать проект: группа вк: канал телеграм: инста: #chevrolet#corvette#Weeknd музыка в группе: наутилус помпил...!
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Mafin – онлайн-платформа персональных страховых сервисов, с помощью которой можно оформить полисы КАСКО с учетом уникальных характеристик каждого автомобилиста. Заходите на сайт и получайте лучшее предложение! Все объявления по продаже автомобилей Chevrolet Corvette ...!
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Мастер-пена Валера - пенная раскоксовка двигателя: ------------------- Спасибо ребятам из музея М.О.С.Т. за предоставление машины. Это не реклама, у них действительно интересно! ---------- Chevrolet Corvette это спортивная машина, но...!
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Juegos Hasta El 80% Mas Baratos IG. Horario de los videos 16:00 y 20:00 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Directos En Tiwtch Canal Secundario Donaciones para Ayudar canal. =) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------...!
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#ChevroletCorvette #История #Эволюция На выставке Motorama в США в 1953 году посетители были заинтересованы необычным для их страны автомобилем, который впоследствии стал первым американским спорткаром. Имя той машины – Chevrolet Corvette. Стильный родстер с приводом на задние колеса и со стекл...!
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Объявления Chevrolet Corvette на Авто.ру: THANKS TO DHR STREETSPEED: Обзор Z06: Подписывайтесь на нашу группу вКонтакте Оригинальное видео: Колонка Дага на сайте Канал Дага:!
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This time I have filmed a head to head drag race between a 900HP Chevrolet Corvette Stingray and a 1000HP+ Nissan GT-R R35 with Switzer Performance R1K package tuned by Total Car Concept. Liked the video? Click the like button, comment, and feel free to subscribe! Click the 🔔 bell to join the notification squad! Follow me: Subscribe: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: http://ww...!
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I review the all-new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette with its mid-engine design and supercar performance. Its starting price of just $59,995 makes it one of the best sports car bargains the world has ever seen. With a blazing fast 2.9 second 0-60 time, and excellent handling, this standard C8 Corvette is already more performance than most people will ever be able to use on the street. Add in the dramatic looks and great sound, and you have a car that everyone else on the street will admire as well. What...!
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Мой Шеви Корвет на сайте BADVIN.ORG: Фотографии, цена продажи и другие похожие машины. ДРУЖИЩЕ! Жми КОЛОКОЛЬЧИК 🔔 — в нем СИЛА! Врывайся в инстаграм: Монтаж (Денис): @lobovdenis Мои текущие проекты: PANDARANK.COM — аналитика соцсетей. Пример — мои аккаунты:...!
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📮RECIBE gratis mi boletín👉 y se el primero en recibir contenidos, recomendaciones y más videos Prueba de manejo del Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2020 en español. 📮SÍGUEME en Instagram: 👉 📮SUSCRÍBETE al canal 👉 📮SÍGUEME en twitter 👉 📮VISITA mi website 👉 #corvette2020...!
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三一國際首度引進Chevrolet睽違67年全新打造中置引擎的Corvette C8 Stingray 跟著邢男的腳步一起來欣賞這輛全新採用MR中置後驅底盤的新世代美式肌肉跑車! #Chevrolet #CorvetteC8 主持人:邢男 邢雨龍 攝影:楊子見 敬請「訂閱」我們頻道,並按讚、開啟小鈴鐺喔! 「車水馬龍網」官方網站 「邢男 邢雨龍」FB粉專按讚 「車水馬龍網」FB...!
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Hi Youtube, tên của mình là Phương Trần. Mình đang làm về công ty vận chuyển xuất nhập khẩu về hàng hóa và xe hơi tại Mỹ Phương không phải là chuyên gia về xe, không phải MC chuyên nghiệp và cũng không rành về xe nhiều như các kênh Youtube khác. Youtube này được tạo ra để chia sẻ sở thích của mình về xe cũng như ghi nhận những điều và những nơi mà Phương đi qua trải nghiệm và chia sẻ cho c...!
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The new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 Stingray is re-imagined to bring customers new levels of performance, technology, craftsmanship and luxury. It’s lean and muscular, with an athletic sculptural shape conveying a sense of motion and power from every angle. The Stingray’s heart is Chevy’s next-generation 6.2L Small Block V-8 LT2 engine, producing up to 495 horsepower (369 kW) and 470 lb-ft (637 Nm) of torque. 0-60 mph under 3 seconds when equipped with Z51 Performance Package. The 2020 Ch...!
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Presentamos una vista rápida del nuevo Chevrolet Corvette C8 2020, sonido de escape. Precios de lista Junio 2020: Z51 Coupé: $1,999,000 MXN Z51 Coupé Performance Package: $2,200,000 MXN Más información: Precios sujetos a cambios sin previo aviso. Conviertete en un patrocinador del canal en: Deja tus comentarios. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: http...!
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Link do oferty: Po rewelacyjnym przyjęciu Corvette C7 postanowiłem iść za ciosem - zapraszam na test Chevroleta Corvette C6! Dla zainteresowanych: Film Jarka o C5 - Gitarowy kanał Jarka - Subskrybuj kanał Zachar OFF: Zobacz co testuję teraz: https://www.f...!
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Link do oferty: Tyle lat pomiarów na, a nigdy nie widziałem wyniku poniżej 3 sekund. Wtem... Linki zapowiedziane w filmie: #chevrolet #c...!
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Hello and welcome to Saabkyle04! YouTubes largest collection of automotive variety! In todays video, well take an up close and personal, in depth look at the 1994 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1. MSRP Pricing for this ZR1, back in 1994, was right around $68,900. During this presentation, we will take a 1st person look at what the vehicle is all about beginning with the start up, performance data, fuel economy, the occasional track data, and build quality. Also, I will teach you how to use most of the ...!
Channel Title : Autocosmos México Views : 86439 DisLikes : 112 Published Date :2014-12-25T19:16:57Z
Este nuevo Chevrolet Corvette Z06 es un auténtico mata Ferraris, tiene un V6 de 6.2 litros super cargado que entrega 650 hp. Para poner en contexto, produce 28% más torque que el V12 del Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Para saber más visita: Autocosmos te brinda información de noticias, lanzamientos, pruebas de manejo, comparativas y más para ayudarte a conocer tu auto ideal. Sigueno...!
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Объявления по продаже Chevrolet Corvette на Авто.ру Обзор ZR1 2019 Обзор Z06 2017 THANKS TO STICK SHIFT STUDIOS! Сайт и мерч Подписывайтесь на нашу группу вКонтакте Оригинальное видео:!

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