Cheer Stunts

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The DDSS cheerleaders show off some of the basic stunts you learn when you first start cheerleading. They tell you how/what to do, and weve even slowed down the stunts so you can get a good look! Enjoy...!
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Like us on Facebook! First show of the season! CHEER San Francisco debuts its high-flying 2015 Pride Routine in the state capital at the annual Sacramento Pride Celebration. CHEER For Life Fund proceeds benefit the Sacramento LGBT Community Center. #pcaROCKS For more information on CHEER San Francisco, visit our Facebook page (and Like us) at Find us on Twitter & Instagram: @CHEERSF Visit our website at http:/...!
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Cheerleading is one of the most competitive sports. Check out these HIGH FLYING cheerleaders that stunned the judges on Got Talents around the world! Subscribe for Amazing Auditions ▶︎!
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The Jus Cheer Elite Allstars are at stunt practice and Mylasia gets hurt! Find out what happens today!!! #cheerleaders #cheerleading #epicfail...!
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**PLEASE READ THE WHOLE DESCRIPTION BEFORE COMMENTING ABOUT THE PLACEMENT OR CONTENT** Follow us and contact us! Instagram(s): @cheerallstars1 @celebritycheerunlimited Snapchat: cheeraboveall Email: [email protected] - The placements of teams in this video is NOT my opinion! The results were voted by my followers from Instagram and Twitter totaling over 700k. If there is anything you would change, or if you have a different opinion, please comment NICELY what t...!
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For information on purchasing this entire video, go to: This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive high school stunt instruction available anywhere! With demonstration from members of the 2009 National Champion North Laurel (KY) cheer squad, University of Kentucky Head Coach Jomo Thompson shares expert instruction for 15 stunts. Jomo builds each s...!
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Hello all and welcome to episode 8! We are excited to bring you this episode :-). You will find out what type of stunts Jus Cheer Elite Allstars are bringing to this table this season and how the are at fundraisers! A lot of people have been asking so here is the camera I used to record these videos:!
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Basic Load ins used for cheer stunts. There are more but these are the basic ones....!
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@Cameryn Loves Cheer. More videos are soon to come every week! Make sure to subscribe! Comment below an idea for next weeks video, Ill pick one and make it!...!
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ATTENTION: this stunt group has all graduated high school! WE DONT STUNT TOGETHER ANYMORE. thus, your constructive criticism doesnt help us... maybe others who watch this and want to learn from it... but not us. :))) my stunt group just messing around. these are all the stunts we could think of at the time of filming. some were a little wobbly, but it was mostly because we were being too giggly and goofing around. enjoy :)...!
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Roland Pollard and his daughter, Jayden, wowed the internet with their jaw-dropping cheer routine. Subscribe to GMAs YouTube page: Visit Good Morning Americas homepage: Follow GMA: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Watch full episodes of GMA: #GMA #pollard #c...!
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... the title says it all!...!
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Gabi and Friends have some fun as they attempt beach stunts and tumbling. Some hit..... Some dont! Subscribe! -- Subscribe to SkitzTV -- Visit My Online Store for My Cheer Bows, Tank Tops and Sports Bras! Follow Gabi on Social Media: twitter - instagram - facebook - http://facebook....!
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🍑Subscribe to #peachy: 🔔Turn on ALL notifications🔔 Did you watch Cheer on Netflix? I know I BINGED it. Cheerleaders deserve more respect for all the crazy stunts and tumbles they do! I wish I could be a tumblr or even flip or be at the top of the pyramid! Cheerleading is harder than it looks, and these funny videos prove it! These funny fails are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Cheers to these amazing athletes, I wish I was as flexible and strong as as che...!
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these are some stunts from last year! i would put this years up, but my coach would get mad =) enjoy! we are never doing these again, so no need for critique....!
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Fun and easy stunts for beginners stay tuned for part two...!
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Gabi Butler and the cast of the hugely popular show Cheer on Nextflix race around a small Texas town for a frantic 30 Minute Photo Challenge. Coach Monica challenges them to do a cheer stunt or gymnastics dare in 5 selected locations around town. If they complete the task in 30 minutes, they all make mat!! At the end Monica reveals an exciting new member of the team, so make sure to stick around! SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THAT BELL: See Gabi’s BTS video of ...!
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Can we teach Maggies boyfriend, Sam, how to stunt?! Make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn on post notifications! Like this video if you enjoyed it, and comment video ideas that you want to see! Also join the TC2 Crew by subscribing! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Website/Merchandise Shop: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ TheCheernastics2 is a channel all about fitness, beauty, and l...!
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These arent the best bc theyre from a couple of months ago. We all have recently joined high school cheer teams and allstar cheer teams so we have gotten ALOT better....!
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Examples of cheerleading stunts from levels 1-5. This is not intended to be an instructional video, but a resource for athletes, parents, and coaches who would like to see the progressions of stunts level-by-level. By no means is this an exhaustive list of skills. These are only the basic skills that make up the core of each level, but coaches and choreographers often go far above and beyond what is shown here. These stunts should never be performed without the supervision of a skilled and ...!
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The famous Jus Cheer Elite Allstars take a break from practicing the routine to go over tumbling drills and cheer stunts! We are almost at competition season! Are you ready for Jus Cheer Elite to compete? Instagram: Jus_cheer...!
Channel Title : National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) Views : 211881 DisLikes : 101 Published Date :2014-07-18T15:44:58Z Stunting is a popular part of cheerleading and probably the fans favorite part of watching cheerleading. This video will go over safe stunting practices and basic stunts you can do with your youth cheerleaders, even if you dont have previous stunt experience. Related Links National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NAYS) -!
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Central High Varsity Cheerleaders perform a few stunts at 2 games & a pep rally at the beginning of football season. Geaux Wildcats! September 2014...!
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I deliberately titled this video *MY* top 10 favourite stunts, not *THE* top 10 stunts. Thats because this list is not meant to be objective. I am human and have my own preferences and biases. If you disagree with any of the placings, I would appreciate a CIVIL discussion in the comments. Thanks for watching! My other channel: Instagram: @winniewearsthecrown @cheerlynning @_princess.luciana...!
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NO mean comments we worked on this for about 5 weeks 3 days a week!!! :) Twitter:!/143Barbies...!
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We love stunting!(: Sorry for swears!...!
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Just a random video... I was over GiGis house and we always base her little sisters Martina and Montana. But were flyers too so we wanted to get a chance in the air. so tha litte jungle gym and the chairs were our bases. were both all star cheerleaders btw. so enjoy, subscribe, comment, rate, check out my other videos. PEACE OUT ************************ p.s I dont own this music...!
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Pre-save Annies new song UTOPIA! 👇GO GET YOUR ANNIE LEBLING BRACELET NOW!! CLICK HERE👇 Our Store is open!!! Subscribe! Its free, ya know! See Annie’s channel See Hayleys channel Our Official Links:!
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A few rewinds, fullups, and other stunts while wearing a go pro. I swear at one point. Sorry....!
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Ahoj, dnešní video je sestřih z tréninků, tak doufám, že se vám bude líbit 💛a omlouvám se, že některá videa jsou točená na výšku 😅 FOLLOW ME 💚 [email protected] Tik Tok- @kutkacka 💛Je mi 16 let 💛Dělám cheerleading (asi 7 let 💕) Spřátelený kanál- TheMagdaGym...!
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us doing some fun,easy,cheer stunts!...!
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The DDSS Raiders show off their more advanced stunts they do during the season. The team competes at an all girl intermediate division. If youre new to the team - pay attention to your position and learn the basics so youre ready to give it a try at practice!...!
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FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: Produced by Kyler Holland. | - MUSIC - | I spent a little over 10 Hours editing this mix you are listening to. These are the base songs, however, there are various other sound effects used. Post Malone - Rockstar ft. 21 Savage (Crankdat Remix) Big Sean - Bounce Back (Vanic Remix) Ellie Goulding - Lights (Nitti Gritti Remix) Post Malone - I Fall Apart (Renzyx Remix)...!
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This is our second two person stunts video! We came up with a lot of new stunts after our first one that we wanted to share with you all. Please like and subscribe and comment below any video suggestions you have. Thanks for watching....!
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Navarro College Cheer’s Monica Aldama even shared the cheer cutie’s stunts! Subscribe to GMAs YouTube page: Visit Good Morning Americas homepage: Follow GMA: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Watch full episodes of GMA: #GMA #Squad #Plano #Cheerleading #N...!
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[rate] a bunch of out-of-the-ordinary stunts. different teams....!

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