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People from around the world travel to Bangkok, Thailand to see famed tattoo master Ajarn Noo Kanpai, seeking blessings and the spiritual powers of his sak yant tattoos. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Thailand #Tattoos About National Geographic: National Geographic is the worlds premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories t...!
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In Thailand, everything is connected to Buddhist culture, including their traditional tattoo, Sak Yant. Sak Yant given by monks or masters are believed to bestow mystical powers, passing down till today, it has become a combination of Buddhism and art. Modern Sak Yant improved by senior monks are said to offer benefits such as good fortune, power or charisma. We followed A Long, an amulet dealer from Guangzhou, to visit some Sak Yant masters, and then went to the annual Wai Khru ceremony whic...!
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I usually write in this box but todays video is an exception. I got pick up but a cab driver by the name of Nepan.. who now I can call my friend. We drove an hour and half out of Bangkok to a buddhist temple called Wat Bang Phra! I then proceeded to get a traditional Sak Yant Tattoo! This was thee craziest experience of my life and I am stoked to share it with you! MUSIC BY- http://scabbeatz.bandcamp.com FOLLOW ME ON [email protected] twitter- @austin_aug snapchat- @austinaugie...!
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I kind of still cant believe I did this! The SAK YANT tattoo is a traditional Thai tattoo, usually given by Monks. Its said to have mystical powers that can help guide and protect you in times of crisis. I tried it for myself with an Ajarn (tattoo master) in Bangkok. Heres what happened. A big shout out to Where Sidewalks End, who helped make this experience possible. WSE are a small travel company with a focus on sustainable and responsible adventures in off-the-beaten-path destinations. →...!
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(6 Jul 2009) Wat Bang Phra (Temple of the Little Buddha), Nakhon Pathom Province, Thailand, June 8, 2009 1. Senior monk applying tattoo on younger monks back. 2. Close of senior monks face as he applies tattoo. 3. Medium of senior monk applying tattoo on younger monks back. 4. Young monk who has just been tattooed pulling his robe over his head. 5. SOUNDBITE: (Thai) Phra Ajarnto Prasit Konjapak: It is the power of the Buddha. After they are tattooed, people will have faith in the Buddha ...!
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Be sure to head over to https://www.tattoouniversity.com, the first ever online tattoo masterclass where I teach you everything I know! Use the DISCOUNT CODE: DSTATTOOS to receive 60% off the price! Tattoo University has videos for beginners wanting to get into the industry, artists wanting to learn more about needle techniques and needle applications, as well as classes I’ve developed to help with your tattoo photography and social media skills! So if you want to start your journey towards...!
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Book a Sak Yant Tattoo Tour here: http://bit.ly/FaF-SakYant Yants are an integral part of Thai culture. You see these magical symbols everywhere; on amulets, in taxis, storefronts, and etched in skin. Sak means to tap, and Sak Yant tattooing is the process of getting any of the thousands of sacred symbols tapped into your skin with magical ink. In this Thailand travel vlog, a leave from Bangkok to travel north to Chiang Mai to join a Sak Yant Tattoo tour with Where Sidewalks End. This is a spec...!
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100 Buddhist Tattoos For Men...!
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Don’t forget to share, like and subscribe :) TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT : http://www.lilbtattoo.net IG: @lilbtattoo : https://www.instagram.com/lilbtattoo/?hl=en FB: @lilbtattoo : https://www.facebook.com/lilbtattoo/...!
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Tout y est un moine, un fidele, les aiguilles de tatouage, mais pas dencre, la magie du sak yant est transférée sans laisser de trace, mains avant bras front tour de la bouche tout devient chargé de puissance magique....!
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Watch Nick Hawk go through the entire Sak Yant tattoo experience as he gets blessed and a poke tattooed by a Buddhist Master at Revolt Tattoo in Las Vegas. https://www.thenickhawk.com https://www.instagram.com/thenickhawk https://wwwtwitter.com/TheNickHawk...!
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Half Sleeve Buddha Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo India. To watch tattoo tutorials online, visit: https://www.lila.alienstattooschool.com Sunny Bhanushali https://www.instagram.com/sunnybhanushali/ https://www.facebook.com/javagreen Learn It Like Aliens - Online Tattoo Learning Program https://www.onlinetattoolearning.com Aliens Tattoo School https://www.alienstattooschool.com Aliens Tattoo Studio https://www.alienstattoo.com https://www.instagram.com/alienstattooindia/ https://...!
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#tattoo #Buddha #Om Video Documented by Arijit Das Special Thanks to Bimalendu Maity ( Bappa da) For Any Business Enquiries : Email : [email protected] _________________________________________________________________ My Facebook Profile Link : https://www.facebook.com/sudhindra.podder My Instagram Profile Link : @sudhindra_podder _________________________________________________________________ Music Courtesy : [Non-Copyrighted Music] Chill Jazzy Lofi Hip Hop (Royalty Free) Ja...!
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For thousands of years, Thai culture has cherished the spiritual powers of mystical tattoos inked by Buddhist monks and masters of magic. The popularity has now filtered down to other sectors of the population with teenagers, construction workers, street vendors and even tourists opting for a second, magical skin. Using stainless steel needles, the monk inscribes the tattoos using ink made from cigarette ash, snake venom and herbs. Adherents believe that the tattoos are able to offer them protec...!
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Want to See the World’s Best Dharma Wheel Tattoo designs? Click here to visit our Gallery: https://nextluxury.com/mens-style-and-fashion/dharma-wheel-tattoo-designs-for-men/ Meditative divinity is strikingly encapsulated by the captivatingly understated details of a Dharma wheel tattoo. These exceptionally exquisite emblems are pathways to supreme spiritual demeanor that incorporates sublime metaphysics with ravishing fashion senses. To depict Eastern transcendence with symmetrical bliss, th...!
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Facebook: http://fb.me/brockintheworld Instagram: @BrockintheWorld http://instagram.com/brockintheworld Twitter: @BrockintheWorld http://twitter.com/brockintheworld I got a traditional Buddhist sak yant tattoo in Bangkok Thailand (called Yao Gord, for universal protection) Thanks for watching, and leave a like to support the new channel! More videos coming... thank you for your patience as I am dealing with some travel difficulties...! Ajarn Neng https://www.facebook.com/arjanneng.thaisakyan...!
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Not all monks are tattooing women, because it is forbidden for them to have direct contact with a woman. Luang Pi Nunn takes care not to touch this woman and he etches some traditional tattoos with invisible ink. First he starts with the inside of her forearms, then he tattoos her on the forehead and lastly on her tongue. For the blessing, he takes a candle and touches the woman with it, instead of taking his fingers. The monk Luang Pi nunn also tattooes magic Sak Yant Tattoos with invis...!
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Actress Angelina Jolie made the Thai Buddhist tattoo a sought after adornment but if you dont like the permanency of ink and still want the magical protection then you might want to consider a Sak Yan Oil Tattoo. The only way to truly understand what takes place during a sacred tattoo is to experience it personally, so I made my way through Bangkoks streets to meet Ajarn Rung, a former monk who now devotes his time to helping peoples luck turn and their wishes to come true. Sak Yant Oil Tattoo ...!
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Let Thai buddhist monk choose and do tattoo for us based on our own BODY AURA ? Nervous... the tattoos here are believed to give the wearer magic powers associated with healing, luck, strength, and protection against evil. Monks will choose a sacred design, also the location of tattoo based on the body aura. This sounded crazily amazing ! For hundreds of years, the temple has been a pilgrimage site for Thai people wanting to receive the protection and power of a magic tattoo. It’s also home t...!
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Buddha Zen Circle Tattoo | Xpose Tattoos in Jaipur | Time lapse The ensō is also a sacred symbol in the Zen school of Buddhism. In Zen Buddhist painting, it represents the infinite void, the no-thing, the perfect meditative state, and Satori (enlightenment.) Ensō symbolizes a moment when the mind is free to simply let the body/spirit create. Enso Zen Circle Of Enlightenment / Meditation Buddha icon for more info, Contact📞: +917568000888 Website: http://tattoosjaipur.com Address: 3rd floor,...!
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Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe Thousands of Buddhists participated in the annual tattoo festival at Wat Bang Phra, a large Buddhist temple near Bangkok on Saturday. Captured in a trance-like state, the devotees were seen impersonating animals, screaming, crawling and charging towards the temple to receive tattoos. I felt like I was in a zombie movie that was happening in the daylight. The crowd just kind of got into this mass hysteria, they just became hysterical, a US tourist, w...!
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Watch the full tutorial on http://www.learnitlikealiens.com/ This video is a part of an entire series of tutorials on a Buddha Tattoo done by Sunny Bhanushali, one of the best tattoo artists to make mythological tattoos and religious tattoos like Buddha. It is a very common mistake that tattoo artists make while making a Buddha Tattoo and that is considering the Buddha Hair or the Buddha Head as one single area which they can treat and render as one, but every knot or the snail on the buddha h...!
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Follow us; on https://www.instagram.com/thebudgetsavvytravelers/ on https://www.facebook.com/TheBSTravelers on https://twitter.com/TheBSTravelers on https://thebudgetsavvytravelers.com/ Music by: Joakim Karud - Great Days https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/great-days -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Recommended: S3 E17: Were going to be MILLIONAIRES! Ios, Greece Travel Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vDL4zwIuKE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...!
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We drove 2 hours up deep into the mountain of Chiang Mai for me to get my Sak Yant tattooed by a buddhist monk. It was one of the most incredible way to get a tattoo in Thailand. Its not just a tattoo where you can get at any studio. Also, the meaning of it and the history of Sak Yant itself made it even more special. This temple was located 2 hours away from downtown of Chiang Mai. If you do want to go then I reccomend to bring someone from the area along due to the road is pretty difficult to ...!
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Thai tattoos are known as Sak Yant (Yantra Tattoos - Mystical Tattooing): Sak means tattoo in Thai and Yant is short for Yantra, a sacred geometric design using Buddhist psalms and magical diagrams. Sak Yant is an ancient tattoo technique dating back thousands of years old and originated from Southeast Asia. Yantra tattooing is practiced by masters of wicha (magic), rishi (sages), and Buddhist monks. Yantra tattoos are traditionally inked using a long metal rod sharpened to a point. However, in ...!
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for more info, Contact📞: +917568000888 Website: http://tattoosjaipur.com Address: 3rd floor, Crystal Palm Mall, 22 Godam Circle, Jaipur Facebook👥: www.facebook.com/XposeTattoosJaipur Snapchat👻: phoenix_xpose 📧mail: [email protected] #xposetattoos #instalove #tattoo #tattoos #tattooist #tattoolife #instadaily #tattooed #tattooer #ink #inked #tattoodesigns #tattooedgirls #india #rajasthan #jaipur #tattooartistinjaipur #tattooinjaipur #tattooflash #tattooing #blog #tattoogirls #t...!
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Buddha, Pocket Watch and Roses Tattoo Tutorial - Learn Advance Tattoo Techniques from one of the best realism artists, Sunny Bhanushali, Aliens Tattoo www.alienstattoos.com...!
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Lord Shiva - Sati Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali and Allan Gois Sunny Bhanushali https://www.instagram.com/sunnybhanushali/ https://www.facebook.com/javagreen Allan Gois https://www.instagram.com/allan_f_gois/?hl=en Learn It Like Aliens - Online Tatttoo Learning Program https://www.onlinetattoolearning.com Aliens Tattoo School https://www.alienstattooschool.com Aliens Tattoo Studio https://www.alienstattoo.com https://www.instagram.com/alienstattooindia/ https://www.facebook.com/alienstattoomal...!
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SUPPORT THE FUN HERE : https://www.goldengarage.shop/ By far, the craziest day i had on this Bangkok Trip. Today i headed about an hour out of Bangkok, Thailand to a Buddhist Temple named Wat Bang Phra. This temple is know for their Magic Sak Yant tattoos given by the Monks. This process was awesome and a huge experience. For the cost of a pack of Cigarettes, flowers and a candle the monk choses where and what he wants to tattoo on you based on your Aura. A huge step of out of my comfort zone t...!
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Whilst in Cambodia we decided to visit the local Sak Yant practitioners in Siem Reap. Zac and Reed decided to get one of these magical tattoos for themselves. Read about the full experience: https://the-cheekytraveler.com/getting-sak-yant-tattoo-in-cambodia/ Follow me on Instagram @thebenjaminstone https://rebrand.ly/benjae8f9a Check out my Blog THE CHEEKY TRAVELER - http://www.the-cheekytraveler.com where I break down how I get to travel to amazing places for little to no money. Travel Hack...!
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The Buddhist symbols are powerful and important for every follower of the religion. Each of these symbols have specific meanings. They also hold wisdom and important teachings. Meditating on these Buddhist Symbols and their meanings will lead to spiritual wisdom and a deeper inner peace. Find out more about these symbols at: https://spiritualexperience.eu/buddhist-symbols-for-inner-peace/ https://spiritualexperience.eu/buddhist-symbols/ -----------------------------------------------------------...!
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My friend Ian was kind enought to invite me to watch him get his new Sak Yant Tattoo done and explain to us exactly what it is. If youre interested in getting one I highly recommend you go and check out Ians company. One of the best and most affordable ways to get a Sak Yant Tattoo in Thailand. Sacred Sak Yant Tattoo Experience: http://bit.ly/2sTu5sS Music By: https://soundcloud.com/engelwoodmusic SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/29StLvQ Get $35 Travel Credit on Airbnb with my code or $75 when ...!
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6 hours to tattoo an Asian Deity. Time. Starts. Now. Will the tattoo artists be able to tell a story with these Asian deities or make a mockery of Asian heritage? #ParamountNetwork #InkMaster Subscribe to Ink Master: https://bit.ly/2UnXF24Y Facebook.com/inkmaster Instagram.com/inkmaster Twitter.com/inkmaster pinterest.com/ink_master paramountnetwork.com/shows/ink-master...!
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This was a tattoo experience unlike any other. A buddhist monk outside of Chiang Mai performed the tattoo ceremony for two Sak Yant tattoos on my back. It was done with a traditional bamboo needle, which hurt far more than any other traditional tattoo Ive ever had - though it could also be that the area of the spine is particularly sensitive. It was an extremely emotional experience and at the end of the second Sak Yant I burst into tears. Ghost, a friend of a friend, was my guide for the day a...!
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This Lord Buddha Tattoo was done by our Tattoo Artist Mandeep at TattooInkFixers. Buddha Tattoos meaning and symbolism At whatever point you see a Buddha tattoo, some inquiry may emerge to yourself that what is behind this tattoo? what it implies? why somebody needs to have a Buddha tattoo plan on their body? Here is the thing behind Buddha tattoos. Buddha Tattoos essentially speak to the exudes a feeling of harmony and quietness. They speak to the image of your identity as an individual. Th...!
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You should always decide a tattoo according to birth date. Selecting a tattoo according to numbers shall help you decide best tattoos or the best tattoo for you. Because tattoos effect on mind. why tattoo effect ? Is Tattoo good or bad ? Why tattoos are bad or why tatoos are good? These are some of the questions about Tatoo formations that are being answered in this NumeroVastu Video revealing New Research in Numerology by our beloved master Nitin Gupta sir. Discover more interesting Tattoo tips...!
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(31 Dec 2017) LEAD IN: Despite the popularity of modern tattoos in Myanmar some are keeping traditional, spiritual ink art alive. U San from the Intha village in Inle lake is one such artist. He builds Buddhist scripture and Shan shamanism into his tattoos so they double up as protective amulets. STORY-LINE In a house on stilts, across the river from a grand Buddhist temple, 80-year-old U San starts his day by praying in front of a Buddha in the centre of his living room. As a devoted r...!
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Composition is tested when the artists have to create Japanese temple tattoos. Which artist is going to go “Sayonara” for this elimination? Ink Master: Grudge Match airs Tuesdays 10/9c on Paramount Network. #InkMaster #InkMasterGrudgeMatch #ParamountNetwork Subscribe to Ink Master: https://bit.ly/2UnXF24 Cleen Rock One faces off against Christian Buckingham to coach the nations best tattoo artists as they compete for a $100,000 prize and the title of Ink Master. Facebook.com/inkmaster I...!
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Please follow our other social media platforms & for more information please contact us via: LINE (eng/thai): https://line.me/ti/p/SOJxoCEMmz (QR CODE in picture*) INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/thaitattoos... LOCATION (Google Maps): https://goo.gl/maps/z6EwQybSVxnv9xog7 or please call us on: 089-749-4232 (thai) 081-948-3885 (eng) Thank you and hope to hear from you! #japanesetattoo #fudogtattoo #skulltattoo #tattoopattaya #pattayabeach #tattoo #beautifulgirls #walkingstreet #ร...!
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Sak Yant is a tradition with ancient roots in Southeast Asia. “Sak” means “tattoo,” and “Yant” means yantra. This mystical diagrams, found throughout Dharmic religions, draw inspiration from Buddhist, Brahman, and animist imagery, and incorporate sacred geometry and magical incantations (kata) written in the Khmer version of Pali Sanskrit known as Khom. In this video, I receive a Yant Sangwan from the great Arjan Nit Kanphai. Sangwan translates as a kind of necklace and it is said...!
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Visit Thailands world famous tattoo artist to see why the likes of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt travel so far for see this sacred master. Learn more about Ajarn Noo: http://bit.ly/2oeIECB Follow us! Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/travels.bb Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/imblackbuddha/...!
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Subscribe to Caters Clips: http://bit.ly/CatersClipsSubscribe Subscribe to StoryTrender: http://bit.ly/StoryTrenderSubscribe ----------------------------------------------- ID: 1481390 Thousands of Buddhist devotees have worked themselves into trances imitating the beasts inked onto their bodies at Thailand’s tattoo festival. The festival at Wat Bang Phra, about 80km from Bangkok, on Saturday saw crowds of monks descend on the temple to renew the magic power of their Sak Yant tattoos. ...!
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Om: a mystic syllable, considered the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. It appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit recitations, prayers, and texts. Shiva: Shiva is known as The Destroyer within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that includes Brahma and Vishnu. In Shaivism tradition, Shiva is one of the supreme beings who creates, protects and transforms the universe. Buddha: A Lord Buddha is a very holy person in Buddhism. The word Buddha means enlightened one in San...!
Channel Title : lily lu Views : 7862 DisLikes : 9 Published Date :2020-03-14T15:15:09Z
The holy and sacret tattoo from Thailand Buddhist monks ink the SAK YANT tattoo on the dirty floor of the temple. This so called sacred skin ritual is one of the most beautiful forms of traditional inked hand poked bamboo tattooing i experienced and it drives me back to the temple of wat bang phra every year. I made one episode a year ago but it was time for another visit and this time to document it in a much better way. This ancient thai tattoo technique have his roots in the white magic of r...!

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