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here are some of my opinions on what to spend ur money on if ur shopping for brandy clothes! obviously these are just my opinions so u might like something I dont like, vise versa love u!! P.S. Im doing a BIG giveaway when we hit 10k, theres gonna be 10 winners so im super excited to do that for you guys! thanks for watching angels xoxo lets be friends on socials: insta: @cleojamison twitter: depop: Tiktok: cleojamison #bran...!
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#BrandyMelville #BrandyUSA #Brandy #haul 🦋Hello everyone! I hope you like the video! Comment some more video ideas you want me to film! ✖️CHECK OUT MY DEPOP 🦋 MY LAST VIDEO: 🦋 SONGS Music by VALNTN - Mona Lisa - 🦋FAQ Q: How old are you? A: I’m 21 Q: How tall are you? A: I’m 5’5 Q: Where are you from? A: I’m from Californi...!
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hiiii hope you enjoyed this video! it was super fun to make and edit :) dont forget to leave some video suggestions in the comments below & subscribe! SOCIAL MEDIA: ⚡️instagram (personal): amayahmeas ⚡️instagram (fashion): amayahsinspo ⚡️applemusic/spotify: amayahmeas ⚡️depop: amayahmeas ⚡️vsco/pinterest: amayahmeas disclaimer: I do not own any of the music in this video LAKEY INSPIRED: - Doing Just Fine - In My Clou...!
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made this out of boredom 😎 ~~ Instagram Depop ~~ Music - prod. pandrs ____________ Outfit 1 Cora top Genevieve skirt White headband Outfit 2 Connor tank Shannon sweater Logan shorts White headband Outfit 3 Connor tank Juliette skirt Athelia knit top Belt White headband Outfit 4 Daniela turtleneck Billie sweater Cara skirt White headband Outfit 5 Faye ruffle tank White Carpenter pants Zelly t...!
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a back to school try on clothing haul + some outfit ideas ♡ how i style brandy melville & pacsun clothes into cute outfits! ~ subscribe & turn on notifications so you dont miss any new videos! ✧ more try on hauls/fashion vids: ✧ makeup tutorials: ✰ instagram: ✰ twitter: c...!
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HOW TO STYLE BRANDY MELVILLE CLOTHES / BRANDY MELVILLE OUTFIT IDEAS / WHAT’S NEW AT BRANDY MELVILLE / SPRING OUTFIT IDEAS / 90s INSPIRED OUTFITS / BRANDY MELVILLE TRY-ON HAUL / WHAT TO WEAR Brandy Melville is one of my favorite stores, and a lot of you guys wanted to know how to style their clothes after I posted my What’s New at Brandy Melville try-on haul earlier this year! So today I’m showing you how to style Brandy Melville clothes in a what to wear lookbook video! I have 6 differen...!
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I decided to treat my self and buy a bunch of clothes from Brandy Melville for summer! This is my first clothing haul and it was so fun to film & edit! Btw my uploading scheduling is every Sunday and if I have time, Wednesday! ★follow me★ instagram: @carli.colvin snap: @Carli.c3 pinterest: @CarliColvin tiktok: @CarliColvin vsco: @carlicolvin music♫ i do not own any of the music in this video. Q&A q: how old are you? a: I am 15 years old q: whats your favorite color a: purple subscriber...!
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rip my bank account :( retail therapy makes me happy though :))...!
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Ok I guess this is the start to my Brandy Melville obsession. Like what took me so long?! Sharing tons of tank tops, cropped graphic tees, and the infamous sweatpants! Perfect for back to school, casual street style, and lounging. Love! I hope you enjoy!! xx, carissa L A T E S T U P L O A D BEST DENIM SHORTS & HOW TO STYLE FOR SUMMER | 2020 → VLOG: working from home, going to the beach & mini haul → S O C I A L S → Instagram | ...!
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a video essay part 2: this video was NEVER monetized in fear of copyright strikes even though this is 100% protected under fair use. STILL, a bigger creator copy rightstriked and removed my video for using 10 seconds of her footage. She also falsely accused me of using her image in a negative way. I used her footage transformatively, to provide a visual of Brandy Melvilles store. Which is protected under fair use. The video has nothing to do with he...!
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another outfits of the week video! i wore only brandy melville for the entire school week and broke my schools dress code in the process... enjoy loves! xoxo ————————————————— hey! I’m lauren and I love making youtube videos based on fashion and teen lifestyle! thank you for watching and supporting my channel and remember that you are amazing! have a wonderful day :) check out my other videos! ⤵︎ iPhone XR Shopping: Back To ...!
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hey everyone! in this video im unboxing 2 brandy melville packages! hope you enjoy it! :) WHERE THE ITEMS WERE FROM: brandy melville- SOCIAL MEDIA: instagram: @alyssadarland tiktok: @alyssadarland snapchat: @alyssa_darland MUSIC: Tomppabeats-- Far Away No Vacation-- Beach Bummer disclaimer: i do not own any of this music comment what types of videos you want to see next! like and subscribe if you want ;)...!
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In this video my friend Keira and I try on (one size fits all) outfits from Brandy Melville to show how their clothes fit on different body types/sizes. If you enjoy make sure to like and subscribe :) Keiras channel: sub count: 406 🧚🏼‍♀️other socials instagram: @fionagrac3 vsco: @fionagrac3 pinterest: @fionagrac3 email: [email protected] (business only please) 🧚🏼‍♀️discount codes postmates: TWYDM glossier: h...!
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trying to find cute outfits for summer 2020? todays video is how to style brandy melville: outfit ideas for summer 2020! i hope you enjoyed this video and got some cute outfit ideas from it! if you did, make sure to like this video & comment down below or dm any videos you would like me to film next! subscribe to see new content EVERY TUESDAY & FRIDAY (11 AM PST), and turn on the bell so you dont miss an upload! i really do appreciate it :) lets be besties! instagram - @ytazaleahan vsco - aza...!
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I definitely need more outfit inspiration so this was actually really fun, tell me which outfit was ur favorite :) thanks so much for watching angels👼🏻xoxo ~lets be friends on socials~ insta: @cleojamison twitter: depop: #brandymelville #style #outfits...!
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welcome to affordable brandy melville outfit dupes! tank tops, midi skirts, cheetah print, sweat pants are all included :,)) outfit deets below!! like, subscribe, and follow me on Instagram @_sophiaxu_ outfit details: blue tank: cheetah tank: midi skirt:!
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I went shopping at Brandy Melville and vlogged my entire experience. It was a lot of fun. I will show you guys the haul in my next shopping video... Stay tuned. I love Brandy Melville. #ShoppingVlog #BrandyMelville #Trendy My first single is out!! IMPERFECTLY PERFECT...... ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ IMPERFECTLY PERFECT - MY FIRST SINGLE IS OUT Available on iTunes & Spotify! were all imperfectly perfect... ✘◎ -𝒮...!
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hiii! thank you so much for clicking on this video, hope you enjoy it 🤍 this video is a HUGE summer brandy melville, shein, and zaful clothing try on haul! s o c i a l s instagram: snapchat: @kristyyyy_baee twitter: @kriistybae spotify: depop: @kriistybae tiktok: @kristysbae vsco: @kristybae pinterest: @kriistybae email for business requires only- [email protected] dis...!
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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! I wear Brandy Melville employee outfits for a week! I am kinda testing how the employees will treat me. There are a lot of videos on how rude the Brandy staff can be. BUT really this video is about wearing 5 outfits inspired by Brandy Melville employees. Tell me what you think in the comments. NEW BRANDY GIVEAWAY: Watch this new video for details on my new Brandy Giveaway: I spend $2000 at Brandy then give it all way t...!
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hiii :) welcome back to another video! These are my brandy essentials that I am so excited to talk about! I hope you enjoy. insta: tiktok: kaylacortezz...!
Channel Title : Cleo Jamison Views : 56127 DisLikes : 42 Published Date :2020-06-02T19:15:55Z
here is another video to share which brandy items I think are worth your money and which ones arent, and answering ur questions! ~please sign the petitions I have linked below, and donate if you can, this is a time for love and change and I am here for all of you always... https://bla...!
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another video essay (i dont mean to say basic as a bad thing) if i ever say/do anything wrong, let me know, call me out. Always open to change! if u havent seen part 1: Petitions to sign: it only takes a minute!
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In this video, my friend Keira and I try on outfits at Brandy Melville! Keira is a size 0, and Im a size 6, so this video shows how Brandy Melvilles one size fits us differently. Dont forget to watch our other Brandy Melville videos! Part 1: Part 2: Keiras Channel: Keira’s hoodie is kennedy walsh merch My green/blue jacket is thrifted ...!
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SUBSCRIBE TODAY! I wanted to see if I could find affordable Brandy Melville dupes on Amazon. I love Brandy clothing & style so I am trying Amazons Brandy dupes to see if they are any good and worth it. Some dupes are more size inclusive than Brandy. SHOP FRILLIANCE My makeup like designed specifically for teens and teen-prone skin. Naturally happy, beautifully bright, teen-prone skin. FRILLLIANCE ALERTS: Text heyfiona to 498-82 and you...!
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✰ THANK YOU FOR OVER 12 THOUSAND VIEWS!!! my goal was to get to 1K by the end of july, but you guys completely surpassed that goal. thank you! i’ve been planning this it for so long so make sure to share it with friends and family🥰 socials :) ✰ insta: aylahgrappo ✰ pinterest: aggrappo ✰ etsy shop: aylahspresets not sponsored :)...!
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#brandymelville #clothingtryonhaul Hi beautiful people, todays video is a Brandy Melville clothing try on haul. Personally, I love binge watching clothing try on hauls so that is why I decided to bring you guys one today. If you love this video, you will love the upcoming videos for the next couple of weeks so DONT FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE;) I ❤️ guys, see you soon! *What I need from you guys* Ask me anything! Subscribe hehe. Comment your favorite thing about this video,if you enjoyed it. Tell...!
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heyyyy!! this video is showing my brandy melville try on clothing haul!! thank youuu for watching!! Social media :) ✩ instagram: @kkayleelauren ✩ tiktok: @kayleelaurenn ✩ pinterest: @kkayleelauren ✩ snapchat: @klahijani9 ✩ music - I do not own any of the music ✩ sub count - 6.22k ✩ love youuuu - Kaylee :)...!
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hi everyone! i hope youre all doing well and staying safe! im hoping my uploads can help you guys take your minds off of everything crazy going on in the world right now. ❤️ i wanted to link some of the pieces for you guys but unfortunately the brandy melville website is shut down due to the virus :( ✩ SOCIAL MEDIA ✩ instagram: @mckennasalazar tiktok: @mckennasalazar vsco: @kennamariie pinterest: @kennamarie0...!
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BRANDY MELVILLE TRY ON CLOTHING HAUL! hey guys! for todays video i am back with another clothing haul, except all the clothes im showing you in this haul are from brandy melville! all these clothes were purchased over the past 3 months during my summer vacation. this summer i went to several different cities including new york, san francisco, and los angeles and all those cities have HUGE brandy melville locations so i ended up buying a lot of clothes! im not trying to brag or anything like th...!
Channel Title : Kate Li Views : 219876 DisLikes : 107 Published Date :2019-09-02T18:06:09Z
ISSA (way too) HUGE BRANDY HAUL! I worked at brandy Melville this summer and went absolutely crazy after every shift. Here is the result. Please enjoy and comment to lmk if you like this style of clothing haul?? Btw any questions you have about me working at brandy - please DM them on Insta to me @kkateli! Why I Quit Working at Brandy Melville *THE TRUTH* WORKING AT BRANDY VLOG - 🍰 SOCIALS 🍰 ✧ Instagram: https://instagram...!
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hey guys! hope u enjoyed the video! xoxo sara Depop: Saraxjoy Link: Insta: snap; @sarajoy131 VSCO: saraxjoy tik tok: sarajoyy Pinterest: business inquiries [email protected] music DJQuads Missing Someone Joakim Karud- Lets go surfing DJ Quads Every Morning...!
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some outfits for Spring :) insta: depop: _________________________________________ outfit #1 Black Kyran dress (Brandy) Elizabeth sweater (Brandy) Purple zelly top (Brandy) Doc Martens 8053 outfit #2 ...!
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since yall loved the last one, welcome to another cult meeting!!.....…i mean……..another brandy inspiration video :) brought to you by me and my roommate’s closet ____________________________________________________ →instagram: →twitter: →vimeo: →music creds:!
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OH WELL THIS IS TRAGICALLY FUNNY for reference my measurements are 35-27-37 *social media instagram: vsco: pinterest:!
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so THIS is where my money goes... ha.. ha... follow me on instagram! shop my NEW merch collection that i designed just for u :,) more of me: vsco- (@sydneyserenavsco) never thought I’d be saying this but ... here’s my tik tok- my vlog channel- twitter- add me on s...!
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hi friends! today im trying on my brandy melville collection! hopefully, you were inspired! thanks for watching (: ↣ in need of prayer? dm me on instagram @addyowls ! ----------------------------------------------------- ✰LETS BE FRIENDS: instagram: @addyowls photography/videography: @aer.vp spotify: adelyn roekle pinterest: addy roekle ✰ATTENTION COMPANIES: for business inquiries only, feel free to email us at [email protected] thank you! ...!
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here are a few outfits to show how I style my brandy melville collection, lmk which outfit was ur favorite and if u wanna see another video like this in the future, luv u!! lets be friends on socials: insta: @cleojamison twitter: depop: #brandymelville #styling...!
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hello hello!!! 💗 hope you enjoy this little work vlog! this basically sums up my day at brandy from start to finish. had so much fun making this one!!! xo 💓 insta: @evameloche 💓 depop: @evameloche song used: ~ Blushes - DJ Quad FAQ 💛 ~ how old are you? 16 when this is posted (my bday is august 23rd woohoo) ~ what language do you speak when you arent speaking english? french!!! my dad is french canadian and my mom is american (which is why im biling...!
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heyyy! These are the links for the items i showed in this video (all in order)♡ Christy Georgetown Hoodie- Genevieve Skirt- (colour out of stock) Zelly Tank- (colour out of stock) Bella Heaven Sent Top- Cara Ruffle Skirt-!
Channel Title : Emily Mariko Views : 258510 DisLikes : 257 Published Date :2019-07-26T02:27:44Z
$500 brandy melville try on haul for summer! brandy melville clothes for summer 2019! featuring jeans, dresses and skirts! 90s outfits and style, plaid, denim skirts, halter tops, embroidery, yeezy style sweat sets, and many many tiny floral prints! THE ITEMS ⤷ purple plaid dress: ⤷ pink plaid top: ⤷ blue dress: dress ⤷ leopard skirt: ⤷ floral skirt: ⤷ green skirt: http://bit...!
Channel Title : Cleo Jamison Views : 5130 DisLikes : 6 Published Date :2020-01-18T01:07:51Z
how I try to not look as basic as I truly am... thanks for watching angels ~xoxo~ lets be friends on socials: insta: @cleojamison twitter: depop: #brandymelville #tryon #outfits...!
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Hey cuties! Hope you guys enjoyed the video! I’m gonna be posting every Tuesday now! Thank you guys so so much for al the constant support. I can’t thank you guys enough. Like literally you guys have helped me get through a lot. I’ll see you guys next week! Follow all my social media’s to stay updated! ♡ social media’s ♡ Snapchat: vvictowia Depop: victowia_ Dote: victowia USE MY CODE: H6IX for $5 off...!
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A huge Brandy Melville Spring/Summer haul! Super casual and simple. Love the pieces I got, great basics but still cute and very wearable :) ► S O C I A L S Instagram Tik Tok Poshmark Pinterest Business Inquiries [email protected] ► I T E M S green tank white cropped hoodie floral tank bl...!
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heyyy! i hope you enjoyed this weeks video, make sure to comment below if you shop at brandy! love you all, make sure to subscribe THANK FOR 1K SUBBIESSSS MWAH FOLLOW MY SOCIAL MEDIAS Wanna collaborate? Email us! [email protected] Mariana is a 14 year old teen youtuber that is just starting off her channel called Mariana Alexis. On her channel she does challenges,Vlogs,style,Diy,beauty, and tons more! Stay Tuned for more videos! - X...!
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in conclusion: im basic →instagram: →twitter: →music creds: →background creds:!

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