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OPEN for more information... LIKE FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS? DIY Double Knot Bracelet -- DIY Striped/Solid Bracelet -- MATERIALS: embroidery floss, scissors, tape/clipboard MEASUREMENTS: To create a bracelet that is 8 strands wide (like the blue one I demonstrated with in this video)... + Cut 4 strands, 60 inches long each for a BUTTON CLOSURE BRACELET OR + Cut 8 strands, 30 inches each for a TRADITIONAL BRACELET (tie on, cut off) + 6 str...!
Channel Title : Jada Johnson Views : 7421581 DisLikes : 4827 Published Date :2018-08-04T06:00:05Z
Heyy!! these kinds of bracelets have been super trendy this summer and it seems like everyone was making them! when i was learning to make them, i had wished i could find a simple video like this, so HERE YOU GO! I love that these bracelets are customizable and they really dont take too long to do! These bracelets are in order from EASIEST → HARDEST THINGS TO KEEP IN MIND • you want to watch how much extra string you have as you are making your bracelet! • on the chevron a...!
Channel Title : kinsey b Views : 151556 DisLikes : 182 Published Date :2020-06-08T00:50:47Z
SIGN THESE PETITIONS: DONATE: **if you have anymore helpful links ...!
Channel Title : kinsey b Views : 811222 DisLikes : 341 Published Date :2019-07-15T21:23:55Z
*IMPORTANT* hi guys!!! id really love some feedback on what direction i should take my channel in. there is only so much i can do with bracelets, so id love to put out some different content for you guys. let me know what you want to see! (diy videos, hauls, bullet journaling, lifestyle, etc.) follow my socials! bracelet instagram: personal instagram: tik tok: @-kins- wattpad: ...!
Channel Title : Curly Made Views : 90053 DisLikes : 45 Published Date :2020-03-28T12:56:02Z
This style is one of the easiest bracelets that you can make, so heres a video showing you all the basics to create and tie this type of square knot friendship bracelet. BRACELET PLAYLIST ✂️MATERIALS ✂️ 3 meters of nylon cord, 0,5 mm thick 👋 SAY HELLO! Pinterest - Facebook - Instagram - 💙More Projects at - 💙 #macrame #frienship #bracelets #diy...!
Channel Title : Craftanatic Views : 1583877 DisLikes : 971 Published Date :2019-06-27T17:15:00Z
↓ HELPFUL VIDEOS FOR BEGINNERS ↓ ✶ The Four Knots: ✶ Beginners Guide to Bracelets: Threaded loop: I like to buy DMC brand embroidery floss, but there are a lot of good craft threads out there (at Wal-Mart or Michaels/any craft store, or even on Amazon) that are cheaper than DMC and are worth trying out! Heres the closest pattern (it adds an extra small step in t...!
Channel Title : Creation And You Views : 2658423 DisLikes : 1231 Published Date :2019-08-24T05:08:21Z
How To Make Macrame Bracelets Handmade Jewellery Ideas Thread Bracelet Instagram : #macrame #macramebracelet #diy #threadjewellery #handmadejewellery #handmadecraft #jewellerymaking #jewellerymakingathome #handmadecraft...!
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I have a new intro again! Hope you like this tutorial and I hope it made sense haha....!
Channel Title : Jessii Vee Views : 1131639 DisLikes : 863 Published Date :2020-05-20T21:15:00Z
In todays video we are going into the history of friendship bracelets and Ill also be telling you some very creepy experiences people have had with them... Narwhal Plushies: My Vee Vlogs Channel: Moot’s Channel: My Sister’s Channel: My Mom’s Channel: https://ww...!
Channel Title : Lauv Views : 7601216 DisLikes : 776 Published Date :2018-05-24T12:59:43Z
Lauvs debut album, ~how im feeling~ is available now: I met you when I was 18. is a collection of songs, a story. about making a big move, falling in love for the first time, and figuring out your own identity while being with someone else. listen to the entire playlist at: Bracelet available now: Pre-Save on Spotify: Subscribe to Lauv’s channel:!
Channel Title : simpleDIYs Views : 6690677 DisLikes : 2514 Published Date :2013-01-23T07:19:08Z
Learn how to make multi-colored stackable square knot bracelets. Got a question? OPEN FOR MORE INFORMATION... Want to learn how to add spikes to this bracelet? Watch the tutorial HERE: +INSTAGRAM | +TWITTER | +PINTEREST | +BLOG| +COOKING CHANNEL| SQUARE KNOT TUTORIAL:!
Channel Title : Vianney Moda Views : 188546 DisLikes : 73 Published Date :2020-06-02T00:10:00Z
Hey everyone in today’s video I will show you guys how to make this super easy bracelet that is outer banks inspired! If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like comment and subscribe 💗 Outer banks ✰ DIY candy stripe friendship bracelet ✰ ✰adjustable bracelet | how to ✰ I do not own any of the music in this video all music goes to the rightful owners...!
Channel Title : Macrame School Views : 59070 DisLikes : 23 Published Date :2020-03-14T11:50:40Z
Leaf bracelet tutorial by Macrame School. Great leaf pattern for everyday wear or even for a special occasion for a wedding. To make this elegant bracelet, you only need a cotton cord and our step-by-step tutorial :) Please watch more macrame bracelets here: Here you will find 280 bracelet tutorials for free! ◆ More Jewelry & Macrame Craft Tutorials: - Macrame Necklaces: - Macrame Earrings: ◆ Macrame Projects:!
Channel Title : Creation And You Views : 22090 DisLikes : 8 Published Date :2020-07-27T11:31:15Z
Macrame bracelets how to make bracelets at home handmade jewelry ideas thread bracelet friendship bracelets diy jewelry diy bracelet with beads Instagram : #diy #bracelet #macrame #macramebracelet #threadjewellery #handmadejewellery #handmadecraft #jewellerymaking #jewellerymakingathome #handmadecraft...!
Channel Title : Pink Cloud Views : 5396000 DisLikes : 4812 Published Date :2017-06-19T10:44:47Z
Summer is around the corner. A time when we all manage to catch some time for ourselves and get creative. So watch and learn how to make this beautiful Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet which is absolute hit every summer. You can make them in any color combination that you like. I have chosen these fluorescent rainbow colors because they look best on my hand when my skin gets a little darker in summer and with the contrast they make they look great and facetiously on the hand. You can swim with it ...!
Channel Title : SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art Views : 19126651 DisLikes : 6658 Published Date :2014-09-15T00:08:07Z
DIY friendship bracelets! In this easy friendship bracelets tutorial I show 5 beautiful, easy friendship bracelet designs and projects, perfect for beginners. I love bracelet making and today youll learn how to make friendship bracelet - a fishtail bracelet, rope bracelet, striped friendship bracelet, spiral bracelet and a threaded chain friendship bracelet. All these 5 bracelet projects are DIY bracelet with string, in the last one I pair the string or thread with a chain. A cool DIY fashion tu...!
Channel Title : muumuu Views : 991410 DisLikes : 420 Published Date :2019-07-27T10:15:00Z
這次試試看使用玉線~簡單的編法,適合初學者!成品呈現很特別的效果~ 你也可以試試看搭配不同顏色!創造專屬的配色! 新手沒問題!書局、手工藝品店、網路搜尋就有材料,一起動手做給自己、身邊的好朋友吧! -------------------------------------------------- 【Material】 tijeras, regla, encendedor, alambre de nudo chino de 1,5 mm. 【Longitud de la línea】Púrpura 1x40cm (15.75 pulgadas). Rosa 1x40cm (15.75 pul...!
Channel Title : Megan Morris Views : 303643 DisLikes : 345 Published Date :2019-07-19T14:00:09Z
A newer and clearer version of my old tutorial on how to make a seamless bracelet with plastic lace. YOU WILL NEED: - Plastic Lace (Gimp, Rexlace, Scoubidou, boondoggle etc.) - Scissors - Safety Pin / Needle...!
Channel Title : Arty Crafty Views : 14006083 DisLikes : 8636 Published Date :2014-01-10T08:56:47Z
There is also a faster version: This bracelet require 2 looms. You can also do it on one, and add an extension. Or invite a friend that has a loom, and share the looms :) Rubber band list: 11 neon green 6 yellow 6 neon orange 6 orange 6 red 6 pink 6 fuchsia 6 purple 6 navy blue 6 ocean blue 6 turquoise 6 dark green 25 glow in the dark NEED RUBBER BANDS KIT? Please watch my latest video...!
Channel Title : Emily Hill Views : 12390711 DisLikes : Published Date :2014-01-09T16:13:28Z
This video shows you how to make the Rainbow Loom Infinity bracelet. This bracelet only requires one loom, hook, rubber bands, and a c-clip. Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved. This content may not be published or remade without permission. ...!
Channel Title : Soto Caro Views : 10342 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2020-07-14T07:47:36Z
Tutoriel pour apprendre à faire un bracelet brésilien ou bracelet de lamitié Modèle Arc en Ciel ajouré (avec des trous) Multicolore Bleu, vert, violet, jaune, rouge, bleu Niveau intermédiaire Bracelet le plus facile Rayures : Bracelet Chevrons : Lien affilié vers le fil que jutilise :!
Channel Title : Melanie Locke Views : 554501 DisLikes : 402 Published Date :2019-08-16T17:00:00Z
Hey guys! A lot of you guys like my first friendship bracelets video and were asking for a tutorial on some more advanced patterns, so here ya go! I know that these are pretty complex, but practice really does make perfect! Hope yall have lots of fun friendship bracelet making :)) Subscribe! WHERE TO FIND ME: Instagram: @melanie_locke Poshmark: @melanie_locke VSCO: @melanielockee Snapchat: @melanie_locke Twitter: @mela...!
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像不像連續愛心❤️❤️❤️做法其實很簡單!很有特色的一款手環,適合平時配戴的幸運繩! 也稱為攀緣結、一品結。 你也可以試試看搭配不同顏色!創造專屬的配色! 新手沒問題!書局、手工藝品店、網路搜尋就有材料,一起動手做給自己、身邊的好朋友吧! 完成美麗的手環,配戴效果簡約優雅, -------------------------------------------------- 【Material】 Tijeras, regla, encendedor, 1...!
Channel Title : Whats Inside? Views : 11899732 DisLikes : 10105 Published Date :2016-01-09T15:00:01Z
Is there REALLY water and mud in the Lokai Bracelet?? We CUT OPEN 5 Lokai Bracelets to find out for ourselves! We were SHOCKED at the results! These were purchased directly from Lokai’s website and opened within a few weeks after arriving at our home. They were never worn or taken out of the box until this video. We did not alter them in any way and the results of our experiment were authentic. There was no movie magic that made the results appear what that were not. While the results are d...!
Channel Title : Lempreinte animale Views : 870340 DisLikes : 681 Published Date :2016-06-21T22:06:31Z
Voici comment faire un bracelet brésilien facilement A partir de 6 ans Twitter: Facebook:!
Channel Title : Creatif Loisir Views : 591751 DisLikes : 550 Published Date :2017-02-12T22:31:13Z
Dans ce tuto, nous vous montrons comment faire pour créer un bracelet bresilien de 2 couleurs. Ce bracelet est tres simple a fabriquer. Rendez vous sur notre chaine pour pleins dautres tutos sur les bracelet bresilien, mais aussi sur les scoubidou, les paracordes et rainbow loom. Rejoignez nous sur facebook: creatif loisir...!
Channel Title : Useful & Easy Views : 246207 DisLikes : 156 Published Date :2020-07-10T04:37:02Z
Easy Friendship Bracelet//How To Make Thread Bracelet// Useful & Easy hi there so today i am gonna show you how to make easy friendship bracelet or friendship band at home for this coming friendship day its a thread bracelet making easy step by step tutorial for beginners you can make this friendship bracelet pattern with macrame cord or wool so make this simple handmade band and gift it to your friends in friendship day i hope you love this idea Materials we need: pearl beads (8mm) golden...!
Channel Title : Artkala Views : 147430 DisLikes : 126 Published Date :2020-07-04T05:41:37Z
Hey Guys, If you always wanted to be a jewelry designer – this is your special moment! If you learn to make jewelry yourself, you can make some cool thing for yourself anytime, and also youre never mixed up when it comes to making presents! bracelets– now you can learn to make em all! Topic Covered 1- bead bracelet 2- paracord bracelet 3- wire bracelet 4- jeans bracelet 5- glue gun hacks 6- silk thread craft 7- wool craft 8- safety pin craft Subscribe for Free = D...!
Channel Title : soDIY Views : 107810 DisLikes : 46 Published Date :2020-01-11T06:51:43Z
😄재료에 대한 문의가 많아서 영상아래 더보기란에 재료구입처와 재료사이즈를 올려드릴께요 재료구입처 사이트 링크 -포리매듭끈 1mm(민세사) -샤이닝끈 1mm -샤무드끈 3mm -링!
Channel Title : muumuu Views : 1124563 DisLikes : 494 Published Date :2019-05-17T19:51:25Z
簡約好看的款式,黃色的祈福手環,容易上手的左右編即可完成!你也可以試試看搭配不同顏色、加上吊飾!新手沒問題!不用半天即可完成的幸運手環! 一起創造專屬的配色!書局就有材料、時間好短,一起動手做給自己、身邊的好朋友吧! -------------------------------------------------- 【Material】 tijeras, regla, encendedor, alambre de nudo chino de 1,5 mm. 【Longitud de la línea】2x40cm (15.75 pulgadas...!
Channel Title : muumuu Views : 223097 DisLikes : 131 Published Date :2020-03-07T22:00:00Z
超美的蕾絲手環 雀頭結變化款,這也是雀頭結?看不出來吧! 真的很簡單的款式,只要順序正確,你也一定可以成功! 原來雀頭結編得出來蕾絲的感覺呢!一起試試雀頭節變化款! 你也可以試試看搭配不同顏色!創造專屬的配色! 新手沒問題!書局、手工藝品店、網路搜尋就有材料,一起動手做給自己、身邊的好朋友吧! -------------------------------------------------- 【Material】 Ti...!
Channel Title : SaraBeautyCorner - DIY, Comedy, Makeup, Nail Art Views : 18350430 DisLikes : 8305 Published Date :2014-12-23T18:45:24Z
Rainbow loom! Rainbow loom bracelets are colorful DIY loom bands that we all love. In this DIY rainbow loom tutorial I show five beautiful band bracelets designs. These loom bands are easy, simple and fast to make but look so cute! These are all loomless bracelets, which means that we can make them without a rainbow loom. In this loom bands tutorial I show how to create a simple rainbow loom using pencils, an eraser and a nail polish. If you would like to see easy DIY rainbow loom charms in my n...!
Channel Title : Craft Factory Views : 17976923 DisLikes : 6501 Published Date :2018-08-24T16:00:10Z
Friendship bracelets are as old as time, so get some colorful string and get crafting some of these beautiful DIY bracelets to give to all your friends. ____________________________________________________________________ Craft Factory will teach you how to DIY - from upcycling old clothes to transforming food into pretty designs, we have it covered. Subscribe to our channel Like us on Facebook: Craft Factory - Follow us...!
Channel Title : Natalies Outlet Views : 2453078 DisLikes : 1249 Published Date :2019-09-26T20:31:18Z
For todays video I decided to do an experiment and shock myself with the Pavlok Electric Shock Bracelet that claims to fix bad habits. Will it work? Find out as I shock myself for an entire week to help fix my sleep schedule. Thumbs up if you enjoyed! Subscribe ➜ Want to see another #sleephack video? How to Wake Up EARLY & Be Productive! ASMR Triggers To Help You Fall Asleep! More information on Pavlok: h...!
Channel Title : muumuu Views : 365856 DisLikes : 137 Published Date :2019-10-08T22:15:01Z
漸層配色,這款手環像不像輪胎側面呢?雖然看起來很複雜,但其實很簡單容易上手喔!手環完成後比較厚實、扎實!非常有特色的一款手環!一起玩玩看吧! 你也可以試試看不同材質、不同顏色,創造專屬的手環~ ------------------------------------------------- 長度/數量 Length的部分,顏色錯誤,修正如下: 黑色 Black、深藍色Navy、藍色Blue、淺藍色Light blue。1x90cm(35.43inches) 白色 White...!
Channel Title : Bijou MadaМe Views : 349113 DisLikes : 202 Published Date :2019-04-19T04:00:00Z
Hello everyone. Today I want to show you 10 easy macrame bracelet ideas for beginners, using only square knots. All the bracelets are made with Korean waxed polyester cord. 1. Basic square knot bracelet 0:22 2. Hemp square knot bracelet 4:46 3. Shamballa bracelet 14:37 4. Alternative shamballa bracelet 19:23 5. Zig Zag square knot bracelet 25:50 6. Bollywood macrame bracelet 32:40 7. Double face macrame bracelet 36:15 8. Square knot flower bracelet 42:53 9. Multi-row square knot bracelet 46:36...!
Channel Title : muumuu Views : 169380 DisLikes : 89 Published Date :2020-06-06T22:00:27Z
超美的桃花手環,平結、雀頭結、輪胎捲捲變化款! 真的很簡單的款式,只要順序正確,你也一定可以成功! 原來不同編織技巧搭配後可以編出花朵的感覺呢!一起試試! 你也可以試試看搭配不同顏色!創造專屬的配色! 新手沒問題!書局、手工藝品店、網路搜尋就有材料,一起動手做給自己、身邊的好朋友吧! -------------------------------------------------- 【Material】 Tijeras, regla,...!
Channel Title : Chanel Westbrook Views : 675 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2020-08-05T16:39:41Z
#pandorabracelet #haul #storytime Hey loves ! Welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel. My name is Chanel Westbrook, if you didn’t know now you do. I’m 21, love traveling & all things beauty. Subscribe to get to know more.🥀🥂👒🗺 KEEP UP WITH ME -Facebook -Instagram- Thank you everyone so much for watching!...!
Channel Title : kinsey b Views : 525599 DisLikes : 612 Published Date :2019-07-24T00:17:35Z
how to start and end bracelets PLUS the different kinds of knots: follow my socials! bracelet instagram: personal instagram: tik tok: @-kins- wattpad: 💗💗💗...!
Channel Title : Creatif Loisir Views : 1397283 DisLikes : 1656 Published Date :2015-01-07T09:04:52Z
Ce tutoriel vous explique comment faire un bracelet tressé en scoubidou....!
Channel Title : HelenaDaydreamer Views : 76574 DisLikes : 81 Published Date :2020-06-13T11:07:18Z
So I have decided to make a bracelet spontaneously following a ring tutorial which didnt exactly go to plan. I ended up making 3 rather pretty bracelets, but how did the jewelry making process go? Was it a fail or win? Either way, you can try and make them too. They are really not difficult at all and you will not need much to create these diy bracelets. I hope you enjoy this slightly unusual video tutorial and let me know your thoughts. To make these bracelets I used the following materials a...!
Channel Title : Masha Knots Views : 6620 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2020-08-08T21:49:45Z
Hey guys! In this video I walk you through the process of me knotting this alpha bracelet. Subscribe to my socials below! ----------------------- MY SOCIALS ----------------------- 🔸 PATREON: SECOND CHANNEL: INSTAGRAM: TWITCH: TWITTER: BRACELETBOOK: ------------------- VID...!
Channel Title : Angelynn Views : 6029748 DisLikes : 4596 Published Date :2014-01-03T16:30:02Z
Channel Title : Coralie DIY Views : 541670 DisLikes : 432 Published Date :2015-11-24T13:17:48Z
Salut à tous, aujourdhui on apprend à faire le noeud macramé, cest le noeud que lon utilise pour faire un shamballa par exemple. Instagram : coralie_diy_yt...!
Channel Title : soDIY Views : 248730 DisLikes : 111 Published Date :2020-06-15T09:45:00Z
🤗재료구매처 경림상사 1mm 비즈뱅크 0.5mm(여기서 1mm는 사지마세요! 끝이 타버립니다) 사이즈/Size *0.5mm 매듭끈/ 0.5mm Polyester cord *진분홍/Dark pink 180cm(70inch) x 1 30cm(12inch) x 1 *검정/Black 45cm(18inch) x 2 소중하고 멋진 음원 감사드립니다^^ Kevin MacLeod의 Hammock Fi...!

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