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Looking for a birth photography tutorial to learn how to become a birth photographer? This video has my top 5 tips for new birth photographers! Don’t forget to “LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE! _____ 💰 FREE HELP TO GROW YOUR BIZ How to make a full time income by specializing in birth photography | _____ 📚 RESOURCES Honeybook | My favorite way to set up payment plans for clients, digitally sign contracts and keep all my client info i...!
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1. Be prepared. Packing your camera bag for a birth story is very similar to a wedding day. Sometimes birth stories can take even longer than a wedding day. Pack extra memory cards, extra batteries, your phone charger, your camera charger, your back up body, snacks, and water. 2. Be on your toes. A birth story can be very slow, but it can also change in an instant. Have your camera out, correctly metered and ready to go at all times. Ive had moms that push for four hours and moms that push t...!
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Jaydene Freund is an award-winning birth photographer who has taken photos of over 150 births. Her work has been published in publications such as Midwifery Today, Click Magazine, People, Cosmopolitan, Vancouver Sun, and Canadian Family. Her documentary birth film footage has also been featured in Huggies commercials and documentary films. The main message Jaydene wants women to take away from her photos is that they are strong and capable of doing anything. Growing up, Jaydene was always inter...!
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I dont photograph how your birth *looks*, I photograph how it feels. Video footage credit: Stephanie Ralls Photography...!
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Are you struggling to get crisp, clear photos at births? Let me show you the 1 thing I use at EVERY birth to get high quality, crisp, grain-free photos ;) Don’t forget to “LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE! _____ 💰 FREE HELP TO GROW YOUR BIZ How to make a full time income by specializing in birth photography | _____ 📚 RESOURCES Honeybook | My favorite way to set up payment plans for clients, digitally sign contracts and keep all my cl...!
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Although Goldie was this familys third baby, she brought many firsts. This was their first home birth, moms first unmedicated birth, and their first time using Hypnobirthing to bring about a calm, peaceful birth. Their baby was born at home, with her eyes wide open. Featuring the midwives of First Coast Midwifery in Jacksonville, Florida. Video by Dallas Arthur Photography, a professional birth photographer in Jacksonville. Read baby Goldies birth story, as told by her mom, with images from he...!
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The beautiful day that Winter arrived to greet us all! Mom was incredible! She had a smile on her face even at 9cm dilated! Wow! Winter was born beautifully! Well done to a Super-Mom, baby number 8 and you birthed her like it was your first! Congratulations! Much love...!
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Unmedicated Delivery & Water Birth: Stunning Birth Photography Video Before I was ever pregnant I knew I wanted a waterbirth at home and an unmedicated deliver. When I found out I was pregnant a little over a year ago, I got excited to both create & experience the magic of birth. This video is the stunning images that tell the story of bringing our baby girl into this world (Photo Credit: Jayne Holyoke-Gauvin) I can honestly say I was excited to birth my baby girl. I knew I COULD do it, but ...!
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Ashley Diamond Siegert is a successful birth photographer from College Station and Bryan Texas who has been shooting professionally since 2011. A Certified professional photographer and master photographer craftsmen, Today she shares how she brings the world of portraits to telling the story of a birth though photographs!   In This Episode Youll Learn: How Ashley got her start in photography The hardest part of photography for Ashley to learn What a Master Photography Craftsmen is and how y...!
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The birth of Rainbow baby Lydia Carys at Meriter Hospital, Madison, Wisconsin....!
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Our sweet baby, Cora, was born on June 12th, 2013. She weighed 8 lbs 6 oz. and is perfect!! We are so blessed to have her in our family. =O) Songs: Marie Hines, In My Arms (Cinematic Version) Marie Hines, Forever Mine Licensed thru To see more videos from Eran and Aubs, visit or [email protected]!
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Want more information about birth photography in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area? New Creation Birth Photography ( New Creation Photography & Design (!
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Song Copyright - Ed Sheeran...!
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Thoughts from real clients who were nervous about hiring a birth photographer but are SO GLAD they decided to jump in. Fig-Mint Photography 111 E.27th St. Bryan, Tx 77803 [email protected] The Ultimate Birth Photography Resource!
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Baby August Born 8.15.15 Water Birth...!
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Ive always said that you cant just *tell* people about birth have to *show* them! Show them the sweetness of a laboring mom being encouraged by a supportive partner; show them the amazing alertness of a newborn taking his first breaths; show the breathtaking beauty of mother and child bonding skin-to-skin for the first time; show them the powerful love of a new family. This slideshow presents a collection of photos from 52 professional birth photographers (see http://www.jenn...!
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Baby E | Houston Birth Photographer | Lifetime of Clicks Photography...!
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International and National Award winning documentary photographer, Brisbane, Queenlsand. Australia. A professional photographer with a Bachelor of Photography (majoring in Photojournalism). Birth, Children and Family Photographer, Brisbane. Documenting births ethically and with style to share with your family, friends and your children when they start their own family....!
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Beautiful baby girl was born at Lucina Birth Center. Photos captured by Helga Himer Birth Photographer and Doula.!
Channel Title : Lindsay Hood Photography Views : 485 DisLikes : Published Date :2013-03-27T02:40:39Z
Welcoming baby Jackson into the world at this birth at the Royal Alex Hospital, Lois Hole Hospital for Women, in Edmonton, Alberta. Photographed by professional birth photographer Lindsay Hood.!
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“There is a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong.” ~ Laura Stavoe Harm All photos taken by Heather Sears Photography. If you are in the KC Metro area and would like to book your birth, follow the link below: (c) Heather Sears Photography Music: Welsh Lullaby (Suo-Gân) - Ryan Tilby & Steve Lemmon...!
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Brayden was born at 1:53 am July 12, 2016. A healthy boy born to a strong, beautiful woman, in her home. This is their story......!
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I loved being able to capture this super sweet families, Maternity, birth and newborn session and tell their whole story. It’s always a special day when I get to share a birth story with you all, but more so when I get to share another chapter in a family’s life! You may remember Cristina and Leo’s beautiful maternity session from last year! Well, today I get to share the birth of their second son.!
Channel Title : Helga Himer Views : 2640 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2013-11-12T18:12:01Z
Beautiful birth of Baby Stella at Lucina Birth Center in Edmonton. I had a privilege to photograph this birth at the beginning of August. Baby born in the water in the afternoon....!
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Lerissa has been a professional Birth photographer since 2015 winning Gold at the Admired in Africa awards 2018 for birth photography. She is also a Founding member of the Gauteng Association of Birth Photographers and was an affiliated remembrance photographer for Now I lay me down to sleep for years. She has been lucky enough to have photographed almost every type of birth under the sun. Building relationships alongside industry professionals has given her great knowledge when it comes to birt...!
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Photography by Lynnea Kalinowski Birthstory Photography Song Used Page CXVI I love the Lord Licensed via Musicbed...!
Channel Title : Helga Himer Views : 1400 DisLikes : 1 Published Date :2013-12-04T01:08:36Z
Very fast and controlled home birth of a sweet little boy. Photos captured by Helga Himer Birth Photographer and Doula.!
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Alasan mengapa orang menggunakan jasa dokumentasi persalinan dan tips-tips menggunakan jasa birth fotografi. Mohon maaf kalo berisik suara mesin bangunan krn tetangga lagi renovasi. Beberapa kali ada yg bersin itu anak saya 😁...!
Channel Title : Birth Photography Brisbane Views : 2276 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2015-05-16T03:09:46Z
Multi Award Winning Brisbane Birth Photographer Angie Petersen is there for the most incredible moments when Vienna MyFanwy goes earth side taking her first breaths. Dad was very emotional seeing his daughter for the first time along with older sibling meeting their younger sister for the first time also. Capturing these unforgettable moments is what Angie specialises in. Viennas Waterbirth was at Gold Coast University Hospital. Book in yours today at to find ou...!
Channel Title : Breathe In Essentials Photography & Mindfulness Views : 182 DisLikes : Published Date :2017-03-09T22:40:10Z
Breathe In Photography is located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada specializing in birth stories, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding images and baby wearing photography....!
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Merhabalar ; Bu videomda doğum fotoğrafçılığı nedir ? Doğum çekimi süreci nasıl işler bunu anlatıyorum . Bu tarz videolar için kanalıma abone olmayı ve videomu beğenmeyi unutmayın :)...!
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This is a sample slideshow of a birth of baby A. For more information about birth photography and my services please visit Thank you for watching....!
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This is a beautiful home water birth that I photographed in Edmonton. They already had 3 little girl and Dad was catching his 4th baby girl, while the other were watching him. It was magical. Helga Himer Photography - Edmonton Birth Photographer....!
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Brisbanes Birth Photographer Angie Petersen captures this emotional birth story of Jaxson Richard on the 21st February 2016 at Mater Mothers Hospital. Jaxson wasnt gonna wait for anyone as he was in a hurry to enter this world. To book your birth session please head to!
Channel Title : Lindsay Hood Photography Views : 318 DisLikes : Published Date :2018-07-23T16:11:29Z
Baby Claire is welcomed to the world via a scheduled Cesarean section at Grey Nuns Community Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. She is greeted by her mom, dad, two big brothers and a set of thrilled grandparents. Captured by professional birth photographer Lindsay Hood.!
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Join Angela as she answers some of your most asked questions! - Family in the birth space - Choosing a maternity care provider - Birth Photography costs - Vaginal Assessments - Alternative Methods to check dilation Submit a question to!
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Leilani Rogers is a birth photographer in the Austin, TX area. She travels to Cedar Park, Leander, Georgetown, Round Rock and Austin, TX. Visit for more information....!
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A beautiful black & white Birth Story told by Laura Lee Photography. Experience the love and joy as Lindsey & Luke welcome their son, Foxley, into their family and into this world with the help of their family, friends and the amazing staff at MGH. Laura Lee Photography Maine Lifestyle Photographer Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Children & Families Albion, ME Music: To Show You My Love by Mike Schmid...!
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When you meet your little one for the first time, you will meet a whole new kind of love. Photographer Contributors: Studio D Photography Miracle Moments Birth Photography Capturing LIFE - Birth Photography Mary Beth Miller Photography Cherish This Photography By Ashley Baby Bare Photography Indy Birth Photographer Santa Cruz Birth Photography Perfect Chance Photography Crowned Photography Hello World Photography + Birth Doula Jessica B photography Snap Life Photography by Megan Bowen Earthsid...!
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My handsome little nephew Cooper James Graham born on the 17th of April 2013 after a 38 hour labour. Photography copyright by Sarah Thorburn Photography 2013...!
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Newborn photos taken at birth in Saint George, Utah...!
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This is a sample slideshow of the beautiful home birth of Baby B. Please visit me at for more information about birth photography and my services. Thanks for watching!...!
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© | geboortefotograaf Evelien Koote Love & Little fotografie...!

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