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Hey art friends, grab those markers and follow along with us. Austin and I are learning how to draw a bike today. After youve finished following us, be sure to also add more details and change the color of your bike. 🎨 ART SUPPLIES 📺 SUBSCRIBE to our channel here 👨‍🎨 BECOME an ART CLUB MEMBER 📷 POST your childs artwork to: FACEBOOK!
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A couple of close friends asked me to make them an art piece for their office, and it needed to be inspired by their passion of bicycling. Using an old bike they provided along with some other bicycle parts I salvaged along the way, this video shows how I put this sculpture together using the salvaged parts along with a small DC motor in order to make it move. This was a long project and required a very detailed, precise eye in order to make everything move smoothly. AND - if you would like a c...!
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If you enjoyed this video, please subscribe :) #bmx #ourbmx While Mason Ritter is known best for his unique jumping combos, his GT Globetrotter build is truly one-of-a-kind with the ornate hand drawn designs Mason does on his frame and Profile hubs. Peep the ride and learn about the craft of this upcoming rider, because youre sure to be hearing a lot of Mason! WHAT IS OUR BMX?! In short, we are the Ride BMX staff out...!
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how to draw very easy bicycle for kids _easy drawing tutorial Easy step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw a cartoon car, pause the video at every step to follow the steps carefully. Enjoy ;) and don`t forget to subscribe for more video used pencils: Staedtler Luna Aquarell ABS Water Color Pencils - Box of 24 colors Follow Us on Facebook: Twitter: Google+ :!
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Follow along and learn how to draw a dirt bike! 🎨 ART SUPPLIES we love 📺 SUBSCRIBE to our channel here 👨‍🎨 BECOME an ART CLUB MEMBER 📷 POST your childs artwork to: FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM 👴🏻 👩🏻 👦🏻 👧🏻 👦🏻 👶🏻 Learn mo...!
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Ellen welcomed Viola Brand, one of the best artistic cyclists in the world. The German native chatted with Ellen about how she watched the show to improve her English, and she also displayed her incredible skills on the bike. Little did she know that she entered the 1st Annual Ellen DeGeneres Artistic Bicycle Competition, and ended up winning a big prize, thanks to Ellen’s friends at Shutterfly! For more Shutterfly moments, go to: Brought...!
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Easy step by step slowly drawing on how to draw motorbike, you can pause the video at every step to follow the steps of drawing carefully and you can enjoy with coloring as well. Happy Day :) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Jelly Colors Art: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you liked this video, please Like, share with friends on social networks and leave your opinion ...!
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How to Draw a Motorcycle or a race bike | Jelly Colors Art ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to Jelly Colors Art: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you liked this video, please Like, share with friends on social networks and leave your opinion in the comments ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- EMAIL A PHOTO OF YOUR ART: thong...!
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How to Draw a Yamaha Sports Bike / Easily Step By Step Dont forget to Subscribe & Like Background Music Credit : If you enjoy this video, Help Like, Comment, and Share This Video. And If You want to get more videos with me, Please kindly help subscribe my Channel and visit us as following; Please Follow Me On: [+] Like, Share & Subscribe our channel....!
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Nicole Frýbortová competes for Slovakia in the World Championships of Kunstrad, or Artistic Cycling, a competitive sport popular in Germany and other parts of Europe where people perform amazing bike trikes, it has been described as ballet on fixed gear bikes. Got a video you think we should feature next month? Submit your Video at: Like our Facebook page for new videos every day: For business and licensing enquiries co...!
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Activité Pumptrack de la société BIKE ART. Plus dinformations sur:!
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In this video I show you how to make a miniature motorbike. Using just some newspaper and Asian Paints TRUGRIP CR-8 Glue make something SO COOL and grunge-y that people won’t believe it’s made out of paper. A table top piece which will be everyone’s envy. Super happy with how it turned out. #RobSqaud hope you enjoy watching the video and if you do, tell me in the comments below what you think. Dont forget to tag me on my social media when you upload pictures of your makes: Instagram - ht...!
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How to Draw Cute Bike Step by Step Learn Drawing a Bike Very Easy and Simple for Kids.This is a Bike Drawing Video for Kids...!
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You want to know how to do detailed graphics on your bike. I show you how you can paint stunning designs with airbrush on your bike. All materials I use are in the descriprion. Check also my daily stuff on: Instagram: Facebook: Colors and airbrushes: Airbrush I use: Airbrush Colors I use: Clearcoat: Maskin Film: m...!
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This video is an update on the new shop. Heres the original shop build video: STUFF IN THE SHOP Full Park PK2 Bike Toolkit: USB Outlets: Retractable power cord: LED Strip: Foam Flooring: (I needed 240 square feet) Park Bike Stand: Cordless Blower: Inflator: Projector:!
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look hard and you can see my brain pumping ..what a flicking job.. i like to say thanks to my friends and subscribers...!
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A local bike shop held a special event Tuesday, allowing children and their families to express themselves through art.on...!
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I get asked the question Do you think trail building is an art? quite often, and on one hand I think no. Its not something that generally causes powerful emotion just by looking at it, but on the other hand I could say yes. Something like this build here brought ME so much joy to make and now everytime I personally look at it there brings about some powerful emotions. So maybe I wont be so negative next time I answer that question! haha. Did you know I cut every piece of wood in this video wit...!
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Daily Challenge #36 / Acrylic / Bike with Flower Basket ► Support me in making great content for Art: ► ► Donate: ► SHOP: If you choose to support me on Patreon or you are helping me to keep on creating these paintings and videos. I am following my dream of living as full time artist and together with your great help we well be able to create the beautiful paintings ...!
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Art Papazyan wins over $100,000 in the first 60 minutes of what is perhaps the single greatest performance in Live At The Bike! poker history. March 16, 2018 - $50/$100/$200 No Limit Holdem Commentators: Ryan Feldman, Alex Faynshteyn, Winopoker/Kayla Monday - Friday at 6pm PT / 9pm ET Watch. Play. Win! Download this video and hundreds more at Live at the Bike! is the first and onl...!
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In this video, I will show you How to make Amazing DIY Bike at home in an easy way. This Toy motorcycle is very easy to make. you can easily make this Coca-Cola motorcycle at home and show it to your friends. You can also make this for your science project. This DIY Bike looks very attractive. Simply follow the video and you will learn how can you make it. #DIYBike #CocaColaBike #ToyMotorCycle If you Enjoyed This Video, Then Please Give it a Like and Share This with Your Friends. To Stay...!
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How to turn Number 125 into a Cartoon BIKE ! Drawing Art For Kids My Art Supplies: Sharpie Markers : Winsor & Newton ProMarker : Koi Coloring Brush Pen Set : HELLO KITTY Colored Markers : How to turn Number 125 step by step into a Cartoon BIKE , If you want to see your favorite Word/Letter/Number turn into cartoon do comment please 🙂 Subscribe : Social Media: -----------------...!
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One Love Jam 2017 was awsome! This is just a trailer. I do all this work with a really old slow laptop and a phone, which every once in a while decides to crash. So stay tuned for the whole edit! Follow me here and on instagram @bene_bmx for more bmx art....!
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Visit our site For a free week, use promo code: poker We’ve partnered with 3Bet! Be the first to rock our new Live at the Bike t-shirts! Get 25% off your first purchase using promo code: Bike STREAMING LIVE ♠ MONDAY - FRIDAY ♠ 6pm PT / 9pm ET CLICK SUBSCRIBE then click the bell icon to get notifications when we go live and post highlights. In this video: $50/$100 No Limi...!
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STREAMING LIVE ♠ MONDAY - FRIDAY ♠ 6pm PT / 9pm ET CLICK SUBSCRIBE then click the bell icon to get notifications when we go live and post highlights. Visit our website and subscribe for $19.99/month or $199.99/year for access to the largest archive of poker content on the internet. If you’re a poker player, Live at the Bike enables you to see how all types of players play in the same types of games that you play, which mak...!
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An easy time lapse sketch of a honda sports bike (pencil sketch)....!
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I do my own interpretation of Picassos famous Bulls Head sculpture using a salvaged/recycled bicycle. I like to make things, and remake things. Here are some tools you’ll frequently see in my shop, and affiliate links to buy on Amazon: Milwaukee 18v Drill and Driver combo: Milwaukee 18v Circular Saw: Ryobi Cordless Brad Nailer: Dewalt Router: 3M Respirator: Safety Glasses: http...!
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only 1 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: HERO HONDA SS 1997 MODEL INTO HARLEY DAVIDSON -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-...!
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Extended discussion about bicycle wheel weather vanes, and the issues that affect how they turn in the wind. Plus a sneak peek at my new projects using 3D printed parts! Happy 50th Big Goob!...!
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In this talk, Akshai Varde, the founder of Vardenchi Motorcycles talks about blurring the lines between Engineering and Art and using a combination of the two concepts to find the inspiration for the best possible design. He talks his growth as an entrepreneur and what he learned during this journey. We live in an age where most of the products are produced in bulk and while mass production has its own benefits; it often takes away the individuality and beauty that each product is capable of. A...!
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Fridays at Live At The Bike! mean high stakes poker, and last Friday the game was particularly big as they played $50/$100/$200, which youll see in the first hand in this video, as well as several orbits with a $400 straddle, which youll see in the second hand. LATB legend Art Papazyan played a couple huge pots with big pocket pairs. Stay tuned to the end of the video to see how it all played out. February 23, 2018 - $50/$100/$200 No Limit Holdem Commentator: Ryan Feldman Monday - Friday at 6...!
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A Moving Art original short. John Yacobellis: At the time I did this profile, Yac was the acknowledged King of the New York City Bike Messengers. Anyone who does ANYTHING as well as Yac does is great in my book. - Louie!
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Check out the full article here:!
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Jeremy Sycip was in art school when he first started thinking about making his own bikes. “I was into riding so I rode my bike a lot. A bunch of friends were racing and I was like you know what I don’t race, I’m not competitive at all and I like working with my hands so I started calling around to different bike companies and I found a guy in Santa Cruz (Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster) and he kind of took me in.” SyCip dropped out of art school and started building frames and finally opene...!
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.was ordered so i just couldnt say no ..some times i wish i had of because this was a right brain lmao its just the art of baring ..wait till you see the out-takes boy oh boy..i like to say thanks to my friends and subscribers...!
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Bike Vector Art | Vector Art Illustrator | Adobe Illustrator CC Video creator : Hello Friends, You can subscribe my channel using this link : Hope you are doing well, its me Sayal Rubel again make a video for you. Its amazing tutorial for you. Hope you will learn somthing new about Photoshop different kinds of tools like brush, eraser, layer, clipping mask, gradient, selection, layer style, cropping, resize, color effect, Photosho...!
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Check out the full article here:!
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Incredible Bike Art in New York SUBSCRIBE: New York bike artist Josh Hadar is putting his own spin on bicycle art and design with his weird and wonderful homemade bike art creations in New York. The 44-year-old New Yorker builds eccentric bikes from his workshop in downtown Manhattan. From gleaming choppers to sleek tricycles, Joshs bike art work wows bystanders as he cruises round the Big Apple. The unique New York bike art creations range in price from £7,000 to £45,00...!
Channel Title : Gravel Cyclist Views : 2258 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2019-03-05T13:36:31Z
Jeremy has been building custom bikes since 1992. He started Sycip Designs with his brother Jay over 20 years ago. Their love for the sport and culture of bike riding lead them to create one of a kind, custom bikes that are known world wide for their quality, creativity and craftsmanship. In 2008 Jay was forced to resign due to over eating company profits. He is now at Chris King Components and enjoys the Portland life and their in-house chef. - Sycip Bicycles In this video, Gainesville, Florid...!
Channel Title : Arts Cyclery Views : 1651074 DisLikes : 345 Published Date :2010-03-10T18:04:36Z
In this video with Luke Gamache and Arts Cyclery, you can learn how to do a basic bike fit so that you can feel right at home and avoid physical strain on your bike. Watch more How To videos here: Although nothing is set in stone and personal preference always plays a role in bike fit, Luke gives you the basic guidelines on how to appropriately fit your bike to you. Sign up for the Arts Cyclery mailing list to get the latest sale inform...!
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Helping a bike project of my friend. We went to Quiapo Manila a bike haven of the Philippines. Cycle Art is one of the trusted bike shops and it has been doing this business for quite some time. You can also contact me to refer you to them....!
Channel Title : Pinoy Bikepacker Views : 213 DisLikes : 0 Published Date :2019-07-21T14:59:13Z
Dropped by Celeste Cafe & Cycles for a cup of Joe. Barista Guellan Bagnes made the Latte extra special for a bikepacking enthusiast. The art is a bit rough but you can make out a frame bag and a saddle bag. The barista promises to make a better one next time. Celeste Cycles is a bike shop filled with Bianchi stuff. Located in Circulo Verde in Quezon City, Philippines. #pinoybikepacker #celestecyclesph #latteart...!
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Click here to subscribe ► We believe that there’s a real art in blending all the ingredients of a mountain bike tour, some of which you may not even notice, but together they harmonise like the soundscape of a movie, heightening the senses and enhancing your experience. These trips are never just a ‘biking holiday’ for me. They are life altering experiences, that not only make me a better rider, but a better human as well. Thats the Art of Adventure Subscribe to...!
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