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Take a tour of Bavaria with Dave and Deb of The Planet D. Germanys Bavarian Alps are beautiful and we travel from Munich to the Alps, through Nuremberg and Franconia. See all the things to do in Bavaria! ►Subscribe: and click the bell to the right for new video notifications each week For more things to do in Germany check out the Germany Tourism Website: ►Like our travel video? Read our blog at: The Very Best Things to do in Bav...!
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Thanks so much for 60 thousand subscribers, everyone! In this video we take a brief look at the history of Bavaria as a region, kingdom and state. Business Contact: [email protected] Help keep these videos going by donating on Patreon: Thanks for watching, remember to subscribe to catch future videos!...!
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Günther Hochhäuser is a passionate marksman who fights to maintain the traditions of his homeland, Upper Bavaria. The Christian Social Union, who has been in power here for decades, could get a drubbing in upcoming elections -- to Hochhäuser’s dismay. Marksmens clubs stand for everything Bavaria is famous for: folk costumes, cultural lore and tradition. Their chairmen include illustrious public figures, such as former Pope Benedict and Prince Max, Duke in Bavaria. Marksman Günther Hochh...!
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Click to join the Lingoda Language Sprint: Promo code: JOIN97 In this video I compare the Bavarian dialects of Bavaria, Austria, and South Tyrol with Standard German. Special thanks to Robbie for his Standard German samples, and Simon Bun and Robert Kalem for their help with Bavarian samples! And thanks to others for their suggestions, including Benedikt Peter. These amazing people support Langfocus at : Nobbi Lampe-Strang, Amate...!
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How Powerful Is Catalonia? - » Subscribe to NowThis World: After the success of Brexit, Bavaria, Germanys conservative southern state, wants its independence. But is an independent Bavaria possible? Learn More: The Huffington Post: Why Bavaria Rivals Texas in State Pride The New York Times: Political Shifts in Bavaria, Land of Tradition, Could Hav...!
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Welcome back to Germany everybody! After visiting this beautiful country last year we have been planning our return trip - this time to German Bavaria to chase mountains and lakes Where we stayed Haus Sonnenschein: Our journey started in Bratislava, Slovakia where we boarded a bus to Vienna Airport, caught a flight to Stutgart, Germany and drove across the country towards Eibsee Lake - big travel day but so worth it for the views of Zugspitze Mountain. After checking ...!
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The Best & Worst of Visiting Bavaria. From the Phenomenal People and Food to the Crowded Beer Gardens and Drunk Oktoberfest Tourists We Go Through the 5 Things You Will LOVE & HATE About Visiting the German State of Bavaria. filmed in Bamberg, Germany Copyright Mark Wolters 2015 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Germany 5 Things That You Will Love & Hate about Munich 5 Sausages You Have to Eat in Germa...!
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A compilation of Bavarian cities and landscapes. Check out: This is Germany: This is Baden-Württemberg: German castles: Activate subtitles to see the names of the locations. The songs are: Thomas Bergersen - Empire of Angels (Sun) Two Steps From Hell - Blackheart (SkyWorld) The footage is mostly from Bayern von oben Antenne Bayern, but also from other youtubers such as: cop...!
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As an American living in Germany, Ive learned that Bavaria (the state I live in) is a little different from the rest of Germany. Food, shopping hours, something called Goaßlschnalzen, and more! Here are 8 ways Bavaria is different from the rest of Germany. So my question for you is: What other regional differences in Germany should I know about? First Time in Germany: WHAT I THOUGHT: SUBSCRIBE: Thanks so much for watching!! Subscribe for m...!
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Bavaria à choisi de mettre en notre main un fourgon quasi FULL OPTIONS !!! Histoire de nous donner du fil à retordre, mais aussi pouvoir vous montrer de quoi la marque est capable !! Et cela donne un résultat plus quétonnant.... Installez vous confortablement et profitez de la visite !...!
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In this episode, everything revolves around the omnipresent alcohol. Because in Bavaria, you drink nonstop! Ailine visits a beer-brewing nun and liquor-drinking bar legends. In Munich, we chat with the guys from Crew Republic—a successful German craft brewery. Watch Next: MUNCHIES Guide to Bavaria - Punky Mountain Cheese: Subscribe to Munchies here: Check out for more! Follow Munchies here: Facebook: http://fac...!
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Bavaria 2020 Modellerini sizin için derledik. Bu harika tekneleri biraz daha yakından tanıyalım. Her yer Deniz olsun... Mutlu Kal kardeşim... Videolarımızı beğendiysen abone olur, bildirimleri açar ve de yorum yaparsan çok mutlu oluruz. Bizi diğer sayfalarımızdan da takip edin. Konserlerden ve etkinliklerimizden haberdar olun. BLOG - WEB SİTE instagram: twitter: #heryerdeniz #ba...!
Channel Title : The Gastro Traveler Views : 10454 DisLikes : 3 Published Date :2017-05-01T09:20:17Z
The first video in a two part series of Food & Drink in Bavaria and Austria. In this video I munch my way around Munich, the Black Forest (I know its technically Baden-Wuttemburg and not Bavaria), Füssen and Lake Constance. Food included: Schweinshaxe - pork knuckle Schneider’s Aventinusbierbratl - beer-roasted pork belly Brezel - pretzel Obatzda - paprika cheese dip Wursts! Weisswurst - white sausages Käsespätzle - German mac n cheese Flädlesuppe - sliced pancake broth Currywurst - wurs...!
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That time we house-sat at a fancy hotel in Bamberg, Germany for 3 weeks and realized its probably the best town ever that no one in my life has ever heard of. Bamberg is so freaking beautiful, it has so much history, and is just a fantastic place to visit and to live! This video is a little guide to some of the places you can see there for FREE! Because we broke!! If you appreciate the work we put into our videos and want to put something in our virtual tip jar, or if you want rewards from us l...!
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In the first episode of the MUNCHIES Guide to Bavaria, our host, food blogger Ailine Liefeld of Aicuisine, visits Käs Karl—a.k.a. Carlos, a punk rock cheesemaker who produces insanely good product at the Kappeler Alp and makes her Kässpatzen, a cheesy spaetzle dish. After that, she takes part in a cattle drive in Bad Hindelang, which one could describe as a love parade for cows. Down in the valley, we find plenty fo hearty Bavarian food, and a lot of beer! Aicuisine: ...!
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In a world where cities roam the earth on wheels, youll need to get fuel somewhere... Watch this thrilling chase scene from visionary filmmaker Peter Jackson! Buy/Rent Mortal Engines! Amazon: iTunes: YouTube Movies: Google Play: Fandango Now: h...!
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A short video tour of the Neuschwanstein Castle and Munich in Germany. It was my first-time in the German state of Bavaria. In the winter it was like a snowy fairytale! #neuschwanstein #germany #bavaria --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys! Thanks for watching and subscribing! I’m Jenn M Choi, and I empower real humans to make BIG ASS changes and design the life + work they dream of. COACHING: Want to be empowered? You can book private 1:1 ...!
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Rick Steves Europe Travel Guide | In Munich, where locals specialize in good living, we visit boisterous markets and go-for-Baroque palaces, while office workers surf in the Isar River. Heading into the foothills of the Alps, we tour the fairy-tale castles of Mad King Ludwig, and climb to the highest point in Germany atop the Zugspitze. Then we cross into Tirol to conquer a desolate ruined castle. © 2002 Rick Steves Europe...!
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Learn German with Easy German: Dana asks people in Munich about whats typical Bavarian! If you wanna find out more about the adventure of living in Germany check out Danas Youtube channel: :D ► BECOME A PATRON OF EASY GERMAN: ► SUBSCRIBE TO EASY GERMAN: ► FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: ► CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE: ► EASY GERMAN SH...!
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In this video you can find seven little known facts about Bavaria. Keep watching and subscribe, as more episodes will follow! You can now support this channel via Patreon, by accessing the link bellow. Thank you! Learn, Share, Subscribe US States & Territories 206 Countries in One Series Social Media: https://twitter....!
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Cerveza: Bavaria (Holland) Cervecería: Bavaria Brouwerij (Royal Swinkels Family Brewers) Estilos: Pale Lager Alc. 5.0º Hecho en Países Bajos Precio aprox. $36.50 Venta: Supermercado Calificación: 7 Contacto: [email protected] Master of the Feast de Kevin MacLeod está sujeta a una licencia de Creative Commons Attribution ( Fuente: Artista: Achaid...!
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Bavaria in 4K - Aerial Drone Film Web: Blog: Instagram: Forgive me, Bavaria. Youre my home. And still I travel the world, forgetting all your places, hideouts, pureness, tranqulity... ➤ GET my FREE eBook: Essential Video Gear List: ➤ Follow Me: Facebook: LinkedIn: 500px:!
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Diamond Quest Bavaria Walkthrough Diamond Quest Walkthrough Playlist - Subscribe - Diamond Quest: Dont Rush! Download on Google Play - Download on iTunes - Be Aware! The most popular and addictive adventure ga...!
Channel Title : Easy Languages Views : 874149 DisLikes : 299 Published Date :2014-08-31T07:04:46Z
Cari speaks standard German, Franzi speaks Bavarian German. They recently met and recorded a few sentences for your to find out about the differences :D Easy Languages is an international project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews. We also use this format to expose our street culture abroad and create a more diverse image of our countries. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as we...!
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Bavaria C42 - это продолжение линейки С-яхт от верфи BAVARIA YACHTS. Яхта спроектирована в сотрудничестве с итальянскими дизайнерами из Cossutti Yacht Design и впервые была представлена на Dusseldorf Boat Show 2020. V-образная носовая часть и выступы в районе кормовой части повлияли на ходовые качества и п...!
Channel Title : Taste test QUE RICO SABE Views : 89475 DisLikes : 27 Published Date :2013-09-23T06:53:46Z
Un extraordinario documental del cineasta Julio Antonio Lamadrid que descubre las especialidades gastronómicas de Bavaria. Un viaje fascinante por los manjares más destacados de este estado alemán, develando los secretos de su gastronomía, dirigido a todos los amantes de la comida gourmet y a chefs, restaurantes e importadores, que quieren fortalecer su negocio e implementar nuevos productos y platillos. Dirigido por Julio Antonio Lamadrid en colaboración con alp Bayern y la Representaci...!
Channel Title : sheena garg Views : 29051 DisLikes : 27 Published Date :2017-09-17T16:56:46Z
This was our alpine roadtrip adventure in Bavaria and some of Tirol. See below for itinerary! ♥ Join me on Instagram - @sheena.garg ♥ Thank you so much for watching! Please make sure to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE to the channel for new videos :) ITINERARY 1. Garmisch, Partnach Gorge & Walchensee 2. Neuschwanstein Castle (Fussen), Aplsee, Plansee, Ettal Abbey, Oberammergau 3. Zugspitze, Eibsee 4. Mittenwald, Isar River (National Park) 5. Konigsee, Obersee Music credit https://soundclo...!
Channel Title : quer Views : 1205736 DisLikes : 2054 Published Date :2017-02-07T18:55:11Z
Mr. President, dont listen to what anyone says about Germany. This is the truth: Bavaria second! Zum Hintergrund: Die niederländische Late-Night-Show Zondag met Lubach unter Leitung von Arjen Lubach hat mit diesem Video auf Donald Trumps Parole America First reagiert. Mittlerweile sind viele europäische Sendungen aufgesprungen - in Deutschland unter anderem das Neo Magazin Royale mit Jan Böhmermann. Da durfte Bayern natürlich n...!
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Long version of Invest in Bavarias image film based on Bavaria – A magical journey about the life in Bavaria directed by Joseph Vilsmaier. Learn more:!
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An Board der CRUISER 56 mit Produktmanager Daniel Kohl. On board of the CRUISER 56 with Product Manager Daniel Kohl. For more information visit:!
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Lyrics by :Adnan Beats...!
Channel Title : Bosch Voyage Views : 83269 DisLikes : 48 Published Date :2016-10-01T01:46:15Z
Hiking around Bavaria and the Alps with friends during fest season. Lots of Bavarian beer, and awesome hikes. Map of all the locations I travelled to during the trip: TOP TRAVEL TIPS: *Since Bavaria is not the easiest place to get around, we rented a car. There are cheap options for car rentals! It was 143 Euros for 8 days, but insurance was 150 Euros for that time too. Having a car allowed me to see more though in the...!
Channel Title : ARTE Concert Views : 39042 DisLikes : 27 Published Date :2020-04-07T22:26:59Z
Am 18. März startete die Clubcommission Berlin e.V. und Reclaim Club Culture in Zusammenarbeit mit ARTE Concert die Bewegung United We Stream. Die Aktion ist eine Reaktion auf den Berlinweiten Shutdown aller Kulturorte, aufgrund des kursierenden Corona-Virus. Nun schließen sich weitere Städte und Regionen in Deutschland, Europa und der ganzen Welt an, um mit vielfältigem Programm auf lokale Funding-Kampagnen hinzuweisen. Diese lokalen Bewegungen werden bei ARTE Concert zu einer globalen Dime...!
Channel Title : Flying The Nest Views : 369627 DisLikes : 193 Published Date :2019-09-12T15:16:40Z
Welcome to the most beautiful spot in all of Germany - the Bavarian alps are absolutely breathtaking. Thanks to Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden Germany Bavarian Alps for the incredible stay: Honestly this is why you come to Germany - we have been absolutely blown away by the beauty of the Bavarian Alps. We were super thankful to be able to spend a couple of nights at the incredible Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden perched high up in the Alps. After taking it all in we wanted ...!
Channel Title : Views : 13574 DisLikes : 2 Published Date :2020-03-31T15:00:21Z
In de strijd tegen het coronavirus haalt Bavaria overgebleven bier terug uit de horeca om er desinfecterende handgel van te maken. De verdampte alcohol wordt gemengd met glycerine en waterstofperoxide om aan de richtlijnen van het RIVM te voldoen. Abonneer je NU op het YouTube-kanaal: is Nederlands grootste nieuwssite op het web en op mobiel. Snel, betrouwbaar en overzichtelijk: 24 uur per dag, 7 dagen per week. Ook op YouTube plaatsen we de belangrijkste vid...!
Channel Title : BAVARIA YACHTS Views : 81060 DisLikes : 16 Published Date :2015-02-25T10:06:07Z
Das neue Werftvideo von BAVARIA für Segelyachten! Deutsche Version. Weitere Sprachen werden folgen. The new yard video of BAVARIA for sailing yachts! German version. More languages will follow.!
Channel Title : Land.Schafft.Bayern Views : 31099 DisLikes : 7 Published Date :2016-11-28T12:21:11Z
The Alps form a cultural landscape shaped over the centuries by numerous generations. Bavarian mountain farmers cultivate our 1,400 alpine mountains and pastures with over 55,000 cattle, horses, sheep and goats - thus preserving and conserving this unique mountain landscape as a place of nature, recreation and culture. More information on mountain farming can be found here:!
Channel Title : Motor Boat & Yachting Views : 48060 DisLikes : 23 Published Date :2017-04-27T13:55:00Z
Jack Haines tests the Coupe version of Bavarias R40 in the Solent. Filmed by Paul Wyeth: Subscribe - Follow us - Facebook - Digital editions - Interactive edition (iPad only) -!
Channel Title : DW News Views : 29073 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2013-08-28T07:53:05Z
Over three million Germans live and work abroad - many of them are highly qualified. At the same time, there is a high demand for highly qualified workers in Germany. A new project in Bavaria wants to entice these Germans living abroad to return home. Made in Germany home page:!
Channel Title : Florian Silbereisen - Topic Views : 5453 DisLikes : 10 Published Date :2017-04-14T18:11:14Z
Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Die Bavaria · Florian Silbereisen Ein Lied für München ℗ 2003 montana Released on: 2008-10-01 Composer: Uwe Altenried Lyricist: Jutta Staudenmayer Auto-generated by YouTube....!
Channel Title : cbutchko Views : 28276 DisLikes : 18 Published Date :2016-10-29T01:14:45Z
This video is on the lighter side of my student trips. As you can imagine I show them culture in addition to the sites of the Holocaust....!
Channel Title : CAMPING CAR 69 avec CYRIL ET HEDI Views : 36588 DisLikes : 59 Published Date :2020-03-25T08:21:35Z
La série de printemps débarque en plein confinement de la population. Cela nempêche pas de vous montrer cette belle vidéo réalisée avant les mesures du gouvernements. Laissez vous porter par cette présentation dun nouveau venu dans la gamme Bavaria ;)...!
Channel Title : Rick Evers Views : 34589 DisLikes : 11 Published Date :2019-03-28T16:00:13Z
Koningin Máxima proost met een grote bierpul op het 300-jarig bestaan van het familiebedrijf van de Lieshoutse familie Swinkels. Ze krijgt een rondleiding in de brouwerij van Bavaria tijdens het jubileumbezoek in Lieshout. © Rick Evers, All Rights Reserved...!
Channel Title : Views : 91325 DisLikes : 20 Published Date :2018-01-22T18:06:16Z
Segelboote in verschiedensten Ausführungen zeigen die Aussteller auf der boot 2018 in Düsseldorf. Auf der größten Wassersportmesse der Welt können große und kleine Schiffe bestaunt werden, so z.B. die Bavaria 65C und die Oyster 745, die ein traumhaftes Segel-Erlebnis versprechen....!
Channel Title : Bayerischer Rundfunk Views : 179896 DisLikes : 65 Published Date :2016-02-24T19:15:57Z
Die Fastenpredigt von Luise Kinseher als Mama Bavaria beim Starkbieranstich auf dem Nockherberg 2016 war deftig. Hier in voller LängeWeitere Infos und Bildergalerien unter!

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